Lana Del Rey - Doin’ Time (Official Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell - Out Now
Directed by Rich Lee
Contains a clip of “Harem Silks From Bombay” Performed & Composed by Les Baxter, Published by Bax Music (ASCAP), master used courtesy of UME.
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the last man on earth
the last man on earth Hace 3 minutos
Her legs is so fucking sexy 😩
Safira-Neo of Spartaka
Safira-Neo of Spartaka Hace 16 minutos
Thank you very much, Very TALL Beautiful Sister. :) Keep Going
Eder Hernandez
Eder Hernandez Hace un hora
cuida el ambiente plis
NorCal Rider
NorCal Rider Hace un hora
I like the original version better.
J Jimmy
J Jimmy Hace un hora
Lana Del Rey is 198.12 feet
Kolya Kolya
Kolya Kolya Hace 2 horas
Какая сочная мадам...
Shadow Gray
Shadow Gray Hace 2 horas
How tall I feel when I wear high hills..
mehmet evgul
mehmet evgul Hace 2 horas
,bugün etkileci sözlerim
Husein A. wiraradya
Husein A. wiraradya Hace 3 horas
Does the title change?
Alejo Delfin
Alejo Delfin Hace 3 horas
Summer Go
Summer Go Hace 4 horas
Hey, we filmed our vacation at the beach and use Doin' Time as backsound. Watch this 😁 thanks
EgoesBOOM Hace 4 horas
Lana, why the hell are you imitating the classic?
Diana Diana
Diana Diana Hace 5 horas
1:02 Pepsi cola...
Diana Diana
Diana Diana Hace 5 horas
1:02 StAnKy AnD fIsHy
enollat enollat
enollat enollat Hace 6 horas
Tu ma inspiré dans ma vie oh je ne suis pas un homme bien je respecte pas les femme j'ai joué avec elle et pourtant bourré je t'écoute surtout vidéo game
PETER RUIZ Hace 7 horas
Fuck her trying to be like sublime. Fuck her style. Shes a bitch i cant believe her fake as did a cover of this song.
Zaya L
Zaya L Hace un hora
and I don't know if your parents ever taught you manners, but it surely doesn't sound like they did. so, I'll tell you instead. it's not nice to call people names.
Zaya L
Zaya L Hace un hora
if you don't like it, then leave.
Lana Del Rey Videos
Lana Del Rey Videos Hace 7 horas
Only Lana can turn a song into magic...
Mamerto Tibalaw
Mamerto Tibalaw Hace 8 horas
Lana sit on my face!!!
thee4thdoctor Hace 8 horas
This video's been done before...and
#KEVIN FEIGE Hace 2 horas
Damn straight. The Rolling Stones is my SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!
Hevc Hace 9 horas
i am cool gurl
i am cool gurl Hace 10 horas
I don't know lana before don't call ne angel
Xenon Lite
Xenon Lite Hace 10 horas
1:03 and everyone look up
D Robinson
D Robinson Hace 11 horas
I really dont like how her eye liner is in this video
Alexisdls33 Hace 12 horas
Que Feas tus can ciones
Asalie Rayder
Asalie Rayder Hace 13 horas
*Godzilla could never. PERIODTTT* 😌
Fickle Fred
Fickle Fred Hace 13 horas
How did i not know this is out..!? Danm... i'm late
Sopla Hace 15 horas
1:19 When you use :size me 100 on roblox
Rafael modelismo RC
Rafael modelismo RC Hace 15 horas
I Love Lana Del Rey 🇧🇷 Brazilian por aqui 🤙
Mine Zeybek
Mine Zeybek Hace 15 horas
It looks like Nelly Furtado's Big Hoops.
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona Hace 16 horas
TIL that Lana Del Rey is hot as fire.
Frikin rip
Frikin rip Hace 16 horas
how’s the weather up there?
Rei do Adesivo
Rei do Adesivo Hace 16 horas
Clip bacana!
warley wendel
warley wendel Hace 18 horas
Giganta from DC is here
Sind Galvin
Sind Galvin Hace 18 horas
Que viagem maluco ...
betty bobi
betty bobi Hace 19 horas
attack on titan pretty version :E
Khieka Johnson
Khieka Johnson Hace 20 horas
“ It’s a no for me dawg......................”
Lucy Meltsmyheart
Lucy Meltsmyheart Hace 20 horas
Bad ass video.This is one of the best videos I’ve seen.Very well done.🤩🤩🤩
Cing Nu
Cing Nu Hace 21 un hora
I loooove the 90s effect
Emmanuel meric de bellefon
Emmanuel meric de bellefon Hace 22 horas
This is amazing, who said that pop culture didn't care about "old" music ? She took summertime and made a pop song out of it, and this is amazing !
Bj Bj
Bj Bj Hace 22 horas
lonewolf 92
lonewolf 92 Hace un día
This songs perfect
Riss728 Hace un día
The fact that everyone probably watched the part in the drive thru in its entiredy shows how hypnotizing lana is.❤❤❤❤
Big Simon
Big Simon Hace un día
Samara who?
ja-ba-haj Hace un día
!Norman Fucking Rockwell o m g her new album is incredible and very stylish! definitely my favorite work by her so far... It seems to me that she's less sad than she used to be :)
Andres Gadiel
Andres Gadiel Hace un día
Quien vino por tik tok? 👇
Andres Gadiel
Andres Gadiel Hace un día
Yo vinen por tik tok 😂
Robin Hace un día
Me while getting scrunched by her: "Hehe, I can see underneath your dress :D" - dead.
TwentyOne Hace un día
Jasmine Xo
Jasmine Xo Hace un día
*THATS MY MOM* ☝️☝️☝️
Created by Nemanja
Created by Nemanja Hace un día
This is how tall girl see herself
IMAPOTATOZ Hace un día
Today i learned that this is a cover...
schec1015 Hace un día
Her legs tho. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Hailee Morgan
Hailee Morgan Hace un día
Speed up to 1.25× for a great experience
Rulox Rodríguez
Rulox Rodríguez Hace un día
¿Cómo eres tan hermosa?
Sally Sandra Alvi
Sally Sandra Alvi Hace un día
The concept of this video is just EPIC. Periodt. A Queen I stan yet again.
shedeva campbell
shedeva campbell Hace un día
Adrita Manna
Adrita Manna Hace un día
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Beantown Kid
Beantown Kid Hace un día
everybody thinks they can sing. way too many talent shows on tv. this chick sucks.
hey mavis!
hey mavis! Hace un día
I love this spiritually
Sebastian Forero
Sebastian Forero Hace un día
Sebastian Forero
Sebastian Forero Hace un día
p e a c h
p e a c h Hace un día
fucking 15k dislikes 😑
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez Hace un día
Juan jose Albarracín.
Juan jose Albarracín. Hace un día
Melina Piquemal
Melina Piquemal Hace un día
Does this remind anyone of little Nemo (adventures in slumberland) ?
Matheus Hace un día
her smile at 1:07 makes my life better
g4zzauk Hace un día
Lana smiled...….the world is now a better place
Richie Hops
Richie Hops Hace un día
Had this on repeat for at least 20x... you can pretty much do anything to it but it's definitely a sunset or late night driving song.
Houda06 Hace un día
Didnt know this song was a cover :O
Isabelly Santos
Isabelly Santos Hace un día
Deve ser por isso que ela paro um tempo por causa dos haite de vcs
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