Kylie Jenner Surpasses Mark Zuckerberg As Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

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The Real Daytime

The Real Daytime

Hace 5 meses

Real fam, do you feel Kylie Jenner’s billion dollars is self-made?

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Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 Hace un día
She isn’t self made lol 😂 Exactly fortune & fame.
B e l l a m i Lr
B e l l a m i Lr Hace un día
The brother was born into that platform as well and what did he do with it ? Nothing. None of them are billionaires so yea she build an empire off her platform.
Kim Shanique
Kim Shanique Hace 5 días
I never downplay a womans accomplishments but how many young women have cosmetic lines? She used her family's fame because there are a lot of deserving young people who get looked over.
V Hace 8 días
I know people who come from money but live off their family fortune and dont do nothing to expand it, I do understand where people are coming from & I agree with the self made term because Oprah & the lady who founded the spanx brand are in a whole other league butt its great that she became the youngest billionaire & we deff need to give her props for it
Colt Todd
Colt Todd Hace 21 un día
and the whore or her lack of soul ain't worth a dollar .
afstraffen die handel
afstraffen die handel Hace 24 días
Self made? Bitch whereeee??
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith Hace 24 días
False she wouldn’t be a billionaire if she wasn’t a Kardashian🤷🏽‍♀️
No. Hace 25 días
Well yes but actually no
rose rose
rose rose Hace 27 días
Self made ? Lol
River x
River x Hace un mes
Y’all are on the Kardashian’s payroll She’s not self made because her family was able to get connections due to her famous family.
African Treasure
African Treasure Hace un mes
You Go Kylie
Kayte Larsen
Kayte Larsen Hace un mes
Kylie's lifestyle doesn't show me how to get to heaven. So sadly if she doesnt get saved and delivered through Jesus...this life on earth is the best quality she will ever have. I don't want that for anyone.
ufuoma richard
ufuoma richard Hace un mes
Don't believe the billionaire story. Its just a stunt to cause buzz.
Vanessa Awada
Vanessa Awada Hace un mes
It’s so unnecessary to be a billionaire. There are people actually starving while others are flying on private jets and on yachts 24/7.
Crowns empire Entertainment
Crowns empire Entertainment Hace un mes
Adrienne lowkey shading to rob with :why isn’t everybody else a billionaire
G V Hace un mes
Son Los 5 minutes mas Perdidos de MI vida De escuchar gente ardida por el exito de los demas y de lo que no pueden lograr Alguien mas Cree que ha Perdido tiempo? Hasta escribiendo o leyendo esto? Me
Anna S
Anna S Hace un mes
Why doesn’t that Lady understand that’s it infuriating for Kylie to be showered with admiration when she had a huge amount of help and support, the money doesn’t matter it’s the fact she was already famous so of course she would make a lot of money when she has such a colossal following and supporters already! She’s the queen of instagram for goodness sake 😂
Connie Dudley
Connie Dudley Hace un mes
she is not self she did not start with nothing she said she used 250,000.00 of her own money to start the company
SA HipHop Insiders
SA HipHop Insiders Hace un mes
Mark is a multi-billionaire not just a billionaire lmao
dmaniax D
dmaniax D Hace un mes
If you are not giving back to society anything good it doesnt matter for me even if you are billionair. i will never respect you. She probably doesnt care about us though . But honestly she is destroying the society for young girl in my opinion.
sean chen
sean chen Hace 2 meses
The definition of self made is obviously unclear . It should just be if you inherit the money then you are not self made, if you didn’t not just inherit the money the you are self made! Even if you had a platform, you used it damn well. Good job Kylie, if you say the Kardashian’s name helped , why aren’t the others all billionaires ? Mark Z is amazing too but he has a good family to help him to Harvard and Harvard was a name and platform and so were the Winklevoss brothers, doesn’t that mane his accomplishments less impressive? Unless you just sat there and someone died and left you one billion, you are self made and you worked hard to make it. Kylie must be I credibly good at what she does , when most rich girls burn money , she multiplied it a million times over.
Richard Walker
Richard Walker Hace 2 meses
How do the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s make money. Everybody hates them like everybody hates Kylie products but they sell out in 4 mins. People must support them in secret
Harriet Mugambe
Harriet Mugambe Hace 2 meses
THIS IS ABSOLUTE CRAP! "She's been working sincr she was 9" ON A REALITY TV SHOW. She didn't lift boxes for hours at wakmart like most teens. Or spend all summer serving ice cream to little brats! The TRUTH IS! Kylie was born into a popular family and she took that created her own DEVOTED fan base. So the moment she released products that FAN BASE would buy it all. Whether they like it or not that fan base loves the image of Kylie. Pretty, rich, cool teenager. That was already enough aid. Yet, the ammount of drama she's always in through her Baby daddy and so and so she gainef more popularity. PEOPLE WORK HARD to try to get noticed. She was born OVERLY noticed. Did she work hard? Maybe (I wasn't there to see it, if so I would say yes) but that doesn't tske away feom the idea that she has privledge. She didn't have to work as hard as REAL self made people. The women seem so politicaly correct in the sense that they say forget HOW she got the money she just did. EX: I can spend my whole life stepping on others to get to the top, stealing ideas blah blah. By doing that I am not authentically self made. Snd the way I gog my money defines me as a person. Y'ALL REALLY TRIED IT! If you want a real self made, female bilionare at the age of 18 GO DO IT YOURSELF or FIND ONE. Instead of giving us this Fake one. There is another girl out there WOKRING HEE WAY TO THE TOP. And by your standards she can't get that tittle. Cause its taken by Kylie. THIS IS PRIVLEDGE. Yet non of can lie if we had what Kylie has we would capitalise on it too. She did what a lot ppl would do. Still doesn't mean her or anyone else who has or would do what she did deserves the tittle. I have a lot of love for her but SISTER you have privdleg and its not fair. You worked hard but maybe not as hard as others
Yuria Ashinah
Yuria Ashinah Hace 2 meses
I could be famous too if had fame like. Hers
Sean Whitaker
Sean Whitaker Hace 2 meses
But how many people have the MONEY from being on a TV SHOW (WHich btw is not real work) to the point where they can BUY REAL ESTATE AND INVEST IN REAL ESTATE, as a TEENAGER? Is that not the personification of being born on 3rd base?
Angshu Sarma
Angshu Sarma Hace 3 meses
Self made ...How come Kylie be a self made?
Big.Eyes.Beauty Hace 3 meses
The end had me cracking up
Chocolate Caramel
Chocolate Caramel Hace 3 meses
I don't believe she's a billionaire. They just trying to push the white girl ahead of the next two billionaires to come through. Supressing the any day fact that Diddy and Jay Z.
ahd ayad
ahd ayad Hace 3 meses
Kylie is not a self made billionaire, this is all cause of her name! if she was a nobody selling lipstick it would not have succeeded this way! this is all because of the kardasian/jenner name
Kennia Portillo
Kennia Portillo Hace 3 meses
“The dictionary never lies! ☝🏽” “All the Kardashian kids are doing things... well uhhh..” I swear, Tamera has the cutest, realest, most unintentional shade ever 😂😂😂
Darlenne Hace 3 meses
Kylie is not self made .. but she was smart enough to use her platform period!!
Dadria McGregor
Dadria McGregor Hace 3 meses
ppl just have problems with the self made part and forbes need to stop . they tried using their own definition on selfmade . no . nobody is hatin on kyle she does work hard to keep all this goin. hell she even did plastic surgery to make herself look better to get more noteriaty ( was a great job by the way should send her doc a gift every christmas) ....anyway ...just change the damn title. youngest reality star billionaire .youngest white woman bill... youngest child of a transgender father bill... whatever ..just make it accurate . cause in its inccurasy ( prob spelled that wrong) it is unintentionally taking clout away frm those who are by all definition SELFMADE. thats all.
Nyesha Brooks
Nyesha Brooks Hace 3 meses
Shut up tamera
Nyesha Brooks
Nyesha Brooks Hace 3 meses
She is not self made
Marcella Cella
Marcella Cella Hace 3 meses
Kylie cosmetics are everywhere
Sonia Siddiqui
Sonia Siddiqui Hace 4 meses
Kylie Jenner is a repulsive twerp gross looking
San Lee
San Lee Hace 4 meses
Reading through hate comments about Kylie and the Kardashians when Forbes gave her the title, it's not self proclaimed. Why do we belittle her and her family (Unsure why we are talking about the Kardashians) and compare her "work" to our "9-5" jobs to discredit her accomplishment.
xTesticules Hace 4 meses
Ppl are not hating because she's a woman...ppl are hating because she is NOT self-made.
Tammy Quintero
Tammy Quintero Hace 4 meses
I'd never buy her makeup. There name does not impress me and people have experienced bad experiences qoth jer makeup.
thoko madaza
thoko madaza Hace 4 meses
No one is really self-made
Qui3t Storm
Qui3t Storm Hace 4 meses
Self made deez nuts
Zachary Wilkins
Zachary Wilkins Hace 4 meses
Still doesnt mean she has a billion dollars exactly. Still gotta think about how much money goes into running the business itself
Zachary Wilkins
Zachary Wilkins Hace 4 meses
Didnt her mom help her start the business in the first place.
Queen B
Queen B Hace 4 meses
Love Kylie and she deserve it
Linet K
Linet K Hace 5 meses
Y'all are over here playing. If she wasn't a Jenner or had ties to the Kardashians, she wouldn't be a billionaire by 21. She was literally born into wealth so no - she's not self made. And also, the reason the title is important is because it separates her from the billionaires that really had to start from bottom. It gives them prestige and says much about their character. This is the definition of privilege - when you get included into groups that you didn't work to be in.
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Hace 4 meses
jesssicaaastarr Hace 5 meses
I love the response on lol
Roena Skates
Roena Skates Hace 5 meses
Getting your High School Diploma off the internet you can become a Billionnaire? Would that work for a Black Person?
Roena Skates
Roena Skates Hace 5 meses
Being a White Whore in America pays off!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
zinzi Williams
zinzi Williams Hace 5 meses
I think by saying she is self made means thats... before her lip kit business.. yes she were making thousands and millions but she wasnt no where near close to becoming a billionaire ... but with her own " EFFORT" , consistency and maturity... she manage to build a business on her own that is attached to her name... and from there she gain ..n capital grew n she became a young billionaire . I think thats why they use the term " self made" its pretty honest to me. Think about it.
zinzi Williams
zinzi Williams Hace 4 meses
@Diego Martinez i understand that but by the media and sources kim kardashian a billionaire ???? im not sure im asking a question here??!!! did they say her checks froms kuwth made her a self made billionaire combine with her lip kit. or was it that her lip kit made a billion dollars or sumn so?
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Hace 4 meses
she aint self made
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Hace 4 meses
She was born in a rich family so basically she was born into Wealth
Nico/HPTV Hace 5 meses
Let's see the bank statement.
Nicole Collins
Nicole Collins Hace 5 meses
The brand and the name, Kardashian’s. If she had a lip kit without being a kardashian, it may have not went off and succeeded as well.
_imyour parksoyoungg
_imyour parksoyoungg Hace 5 meses
Not a self made
KATT Hace 5 meses
Lmao the people really be insecure about everything. Sorry someone’s better than you, hun. LOL
K- Savage
K- Savage Hace 5 meses
What about Pat McGrath? I’ve been seeing a lot of her on social media commenting that she is a billionaire and is not acknowledged.
Lady T
Lady T Hace 5 meses
I agree with Adrienne there are plenty of kids from famous parents including her sisters and none of them are billionaires. She is just business savy and made connections. Her mom and sisters made her known, but she worked for that kind of money. Her mom or siblings net worth is no where near a billion dollars.
Nesza Salvador
Nesza Salvador Hace 5 meses
Kylie made her first money through Keeping up with the Kardashians and buying/selling real estate. Just your average 15 year old self-made unaided girl XD
Randy Moudoki
Randy Moudoki Hace 5 meses
Tamera's eyelashes and look are EEEEEEEVERYTHING!!!!! #yas
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez Hace 5 meses
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez Hace 5 meses
The people who are judging. Hopefully when your kids are successful, someone will belittle them, saying they had a lot of HELP to get where they are now.
Chelsea-Rae Dunham
Chelsea-Rae Dunham Hace 5 meses
Loni is a hater
Bethany Simms
Bethany Simms Hace 5 meses
She ain't self made smh
Butterfly86 Hace 5 meses
Not self made... even if her parents didn’t give her money, her name alone was marketable before she went into business. She also has contacts and advantages of people that could coach her in the business world. It’s not like she went to school for business or for her craft like most self made people.
Smeak !!!
Smeak !!! Hace 5 meses
Self made means unaided. She's been aided not financially but by her family's platform so she's not self made but I also wouldn't say that she's only a billionaire because of her family otherwise Kim would be a billionaire because truth be told she really put the Kardashian klan in the spotlight when the sex tape with Ray J came out
Shirley Garcia
Shirley Garcia Hace 5 meses
Let her be a billionaire and forget about her people are just mad because she is doing something with her life that she loves to do 💗🤞🏽
Shirley Garcia
Shirley Garcia Hace 5 meses
Am so proud of her 💗
Marie Hace 5 meses
Rich people wanna be seen so bad as people who came from poverty... it's exhausting 🙄 Even though she didn't directly get money from daddy and mommy,her family was still super rich and had a huuuuuge platform. So like it or not Kylie is not a self-made but that doesn't erase what she did. Becoming a billionaire at a such young age is incredible ❤
Xochilt Luna
Xochilt Luna Hace 5 meses
If she's "self made" then i'm the pope
Melisa Rose
Melisa Rose Hace 5 meses
Well she isn’t the first woman billionaire ... jennie
yao soho
yao soho Hace 5 meses
not self she got that money though
S Buford
S Buford Hace 5 meses
If it wasn't for the show and her following from the show no one would have hyped up her makeup the way that they did and she would have possibly had a slower rise. So self-made she is not.
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