Kylie Jenner on Stormi's 'Perfect Mixture' of Her and Travis Scott

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In her first sit-down interview since becoming a mom, Kylie opened up to Ellen about her daughter Stormi, who is the "perfect mixture" of her and her partner, Travis Scott. The 22-year-old also talked about never imagining the huge success of her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and how becoming a billionaire has affected her life.

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Kris Jackson
Kris Jackson Hace 12 horas
I just love how Kylie treats Kris.
Ish Hace 19 horas
Ellen: I am here.. here i am.. 😂
Irving Alarcon
Irving Alarcon Hace un día
Emma Novita
Emma Novita Hace 2 días
Must be nice to be rich 😌 not having to worry about money
wa l
wa l Hace 3 días
sniffing to much coke
Sof A Loaf
Sof A Loaf Hace 4 días
She’s confusing Travis with the Migos
Kristal Price ford hernandaz
Kristal Price ford hernandaz Hace 4 días
I want the money wasted on are weave......
Anushree Roy
Anushree Roy Hace 6 días
I don't care if Kylie is a billionaire,like kudos to her for her extensive business establishment but one line she speaks and it immediately reflects how dumb she is.
Bass Country
Bass Country Hace 6 días
Ellen roasts Kylie and Kris like a boss.
Donata Hace 6 días
*Kris and Kylie showing each other love Ellen: here I'm.
michelle licea
michelle licea Hace 7 días
Kylie has the sniffles
ButterBean Hace 7 días
If you’ve done coke, you can tell it’s coke 😂😂😂 lol
Kpop groups and fandoms are family
Kpop groups and fandoms are family Hace 7 días
"I can't believe that you're my mom.......... sometimes" 🤣🤣🤣💀
MAX ZAFAR Hace 9 días
Kylie is so fake.. She has started to act like Kim..
Desiree Adkins
Desiree Adkins Hace 9 días
Lord have mercy she snorting sum sum
Mary Grace Basuel
Mary Grace Basuel Hace 11 días
I really love kylie talks. So soft spoken😍
Lydia Atiemo
Lydia Atiemo Hace 11 días
Is it me or Ellen is not too a big fun of Kris? Some underling comments
Amparo Correa
Amparo Correa Hace 11 días
Lookin like drew barrymore when she talks🤣🤣🤣
Amparo Correa
Amparo Correa Hace 11 días
Her face is like Drew Barrymore's but surgically altered
mkimmick61 Hace 11 días
Is that a long scar on Kylie's left leg?
Inna Anni
Inna Anni Hace 10 días
Alys tsengeg
Alys tsengeg Hace 11 días
kylie's instagram photo and real face so different
Martha Guevara-Romero
Martha Guevara-Romero Hace 12 días
RiSe AnD sHiNe
Melissa Eudave
Melissa Eudave Hace 12 días
Their faces look kind of scary...... they’re frozen
U R B A N L U N E Hace 13 días
I swear rich men dont get these same questions and judement
mar montess
mar montess Hace 14 días
Rae Navin
Rae Navin Hace 14 días
Kylie is Kris’s mini-me
Hey It’s Me
Hey It’s Me Hace 15 días
I think when parents have more than two kids they get it ALL mixed up😂😂 (the names)
nowonder Hace 15 días
somebody give her a tissue please
Ashley Bryant
Ashley Bryant Hace 15 días
Shes sniffing a lot🤔😂
Awesome Hace 15 días
I know I know.. Maybe she knows everything
melanies teddy bear
melanies teddy bear Hace 15 días
this girls worth a billion dollars but can't get a tissue
HI BYE Hace 10 horas
melanies teddy bear what is tissue
Dawn break
Dawn break Hace 15 días
Kylie looks awful
Trenicia Deville
Trenicia Deville Hace 16 días
My mom and grandma do that to this day! Call you everybody name but your own 😂then they say You know what your name is🙄🤦🏾‍♀️😂🤔but do you?!?!?😌😂
Freddy A
Freddy A Hace 16 días
“You’re starting to lose it” 😂😂😂
valia m
valia m Hace 16 días
money buys no class.. the worse family I have seen..tacky fake people..guetto hunters..trash
Stellar Star
Stellar Star Hace 16 días
So cute!! Kylie I FREAKING LOVE YOU❣️‼️🥰👏🏻🙌🏻😍🤩😊😇👼👸🏻💁🏻‍♀️✨💖👑💅💕
Riah Hace 16 días
we all know they are rich, y’all don’t have to write 5k comments about it
Simone Mamo
Simone Mamo Hace 16 días
Sniffing . A tad rude! Lol
Red Survivour
Red Survivour Hace 16 días
Kel Lex
Kel Lex Hace 17 días
Ellen sounds jealous that Kylie has more money!
P E R F E C T I S H Hace 17 días
StAp snifffinggg
Leya Randell
Leya Randell Hace 17 días
Kris Jenner is a goddess
Kaj Te Briga
Kaj Te Briga Hace 18 días
Well she's rich because everyone keeps looking and buying
প্রদীপা Hace 18 días
Can someone hand her a tissue?
markunci Hace 18 días
They should invite jeffree star on ellen
raluca nastase
raluca nastase Hace 18 días
Anne Hace 19 días
She has zero personality and is as thick as a brick. How this girl is a billionaire and there are intelligent people living on the streets shows what’s wrong with America
Anne Hace 17 días
Bless Roons 😂 point taken
Bless Roons
Bless Roons Hace 18 días
Anne Barnier please do more research about the family, she was born into it, it’s not her fault 😂
Haley Marino
Haley Marino Hace 19 días
One more sniff and I’m gonna say Kylie does coke.
faith Davis
faith Davis Hace 19 días
She's a billionaire, but she will be getting paid for her appearance on the Ellen show. More money.
faith Davis
faith Davis Hace 19 días
It's uncomfortable discussing her money.
Tina Jay
Tina Jay Hace 19 días
I love Kris laugh " ha ha ha"
Ankita Pandey
Ankita Pandey Hace 20 días
I can't believe that I have only 500mb left ......
Zora Baumann
Zora Baumann Hace 21 un día
Kris is soooooooooooooooo cuteeeeee♥️♥️♥️
Daniela Carmona
Daniela Carmona Hace 22 días
We need to re-evaluate and skill Kylie on this whole “Self-made billionaire” thing likeeee ASAP
Roberta Martinez
Roberta Martinez Hace 24 días
Okay... Kylie definately playing with that nose candy 😭😭😭
TerrenceIsNice Hace 25 días
Kylie :prize for having all kardashians/jenners on. Ellen:oh ok well just three more to go. Me:three? Wait khloe, kendall , kourtney and rob, hey wait ellen i count four, what about rob? Ellen:.....well, anyway Me:well dam ellen.
Vida de Jocy
Vida de Jocy Hace 26 días
Who else has a small channel with big dreams?!! Let's help each other grow!!!
Akram Ach
Akram Ach Hace 26 días
She’s hot tho
Sherry M
Sherry M Hace 26 días
Here I'm watching them talk about money money money while I'm trying to figure out how to arrange few dollars for my illness. Wish life was a bit kind :(
Jessica Flores
Jessica Flores Hace 27 días
Ellen is trying to get them robbed
Jacob Decker
Jacob Decker Hace 27 días
They were Born into a rich family. You can’t ask them If money has changed them when they were Born into it.
K L Hace 27 días
Everyone just wishing they were as rich as them. Yeah the money would be nice, but you’re only comparing yourself by income. I’m sure if you could have a scenario where you had her money but every other part of her life, you’d think twice about wanting it. How much money is worth not even having any privacy or time by yourself? The constant scrutiny. Always having to look perfect. Having a hard time knowing who wants to be your friend for who you are and not what you are. The list goes on...
Niko D
Niko D Hace 6 días
I’m glad someone said it
relaxwithme Hace 21 un día
Kiabania Hace 25 días
K L no I’d still want it
Mary Avalos
Mary Avalos Hace 28 días
Billionaire doing makeup lol. It's her name that made her famous
Kim Kardasim
Kim Kardasim Hace 29 días
Don’t get mad if they are talking abt money for so long I would too if I worked that hard !!!
waiwaisunshine 9
waiwaisunshine 9 Hace 29 días
RiSe AnD sHiNe!!
Bezawit Kibru
Bezawit Kibru Hace 29 días
Kris looks like Michael Jackson in this video
Ka Bi
Ka Bi Hace un mes
Also Ellen wouldn’t know what it’s like to remember peoples names cuz she’s never had a child adopted or otherwise. Save animals but not humanity or the actual land. All the money in the world
Ka Bi
Ka Bi Hace un mes
Ellen makes fun of people for being honest
Yesenia Romero
Yesenia Romero Hace un mes
Was Kylie sick!?
Olivia C.
Olivia C. Hace un mes
I feel fancy and boujee rn, I have a tissue literally in my nose AT THIS SECOND, And Kylie doesntttttttt hehe
Muna Al-Raghban
Muna Al-Raghban Hace 28 días
Haha you got me on that one 😂😂
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