Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

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I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie

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bob Hace 19 horas
I think Kendall is the only one without plastic surgery..
Rose and liv Baking
Rose and liv Baking Hace 20 horas
Stormi is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute She is going to be soo lavished when she gets older
Diana Justin
Diana Justin Hace 20 horas
luckiest baby alive
janaki s
janaki s Hace 21 un hora
Kylie:did u have a good sleep Stormi :yesss😊 Me (when I'm still sleeping after my mum wakes up) My mom: heyyyyy when will u get up u lazy goose
Kennedy Rukundo
Kennedy Rukundo Hace 21 un hora
did she just say yum to makeup
Li Fareh
Li Fareh Hace 21 un hora
15:49 Kyle has a loud loud scream ow my ears!
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh Hace 22 horas
Kylie : Which Car should I choose Me : Which Bus should I choose today ?
itstheboss dontworry
itstheboss dontworry Hace 22 horas
People actually took me seriously I think they are blowing out of proportion,I was not being serious
C Grigsby
C Grigsby Hace 22 horas
Does anybody see how many bags this girl has OML
itstheboss dontworry
itstheboss dontworry Hace 22 horas
just talking about Me, im a no one without my permission
itstheboss dontworry
itstheboss dontworry Hace 22 horas
I really want to stay private can you not make me public like I'm not famous or anything I don't want people talking behind my back no one really knows me I don't know why they act like they do,It's trouble, That would ultimately mean I'm very marketable if they don't know who I am they are fans,I don't have the backings
itstheboss dontworry
itstheboss dontworry Hace 23 horas
Fraternity trailer trash girls,kappa
Sara Al hajri
Sara Al hajri Hace 23 horas
It is sad that your kid dose not spent time with you
Zon Rae
Zon Rae Hace un día
Kylie is a Billioaner Kylie: ooo what should I ware. Hmm Me: your rich rich and you don’t have enough cloths but you have a party of hand bags. I am not being mean I am making something but I don’t know how to expline
Anna Sangma
Anna Sangma Hace un día
3:12 I was like.. *oh now she's in some shopping mall*
AVTANSH SHARMA 11166 Hace un día
kendall was looking better than kylie without makeup
Karmen Palmer
Karmen Palmer Hace un día
Stormi is sooooo cuteeeee
Evelyn Kim
Evelyn Kim Hace un día
Kylie jenners lips are similar to oli London’s when she talks 😳😳
Nina Terblanche
Nina Terblanche Hace un día
Do a workout routine and a what you eat in a day
d a n i s h a •
d a n i s h a • Hace un día
oh me gosh the kendall x kylie collab is already out whaaaat
d a n i s h a •
d a n i s h a • Hace un día
It has been 1 year since the video was posted ! Kylie’s gone so far
yogzΨ YNU Tick.
yogzΨ YNU Tick. Hace un día
Niyaaa 2020
Niyaaa 2020 Hace un día
did I just see Nikita?
Magaly Gutierrez
Magaly Gutierrez Hace un día
Stormi: *plays with a Gucci bag* Me: *playing with dirt at her age* 😂
Niyaaa 2020
Niyaaa 2020 Hace un día
back in 2020 and does anyone remember a rise and shineee
Kampbell Fitzpatrick
Kampbell Fitzpatrick Hace un día
I love Kylie Idk why some people hate on her! Keep smiling Kylie❤️❤️
young samurai
young samurai Hace un día
She's the youngest billionaire in the world and still has cracks on her phone
Joanesla Espinales
Joanesla Espinales Hace un día
Like si ablas ingles
Jaquirra Vanburen
Jaquirra Vanburen Hace un día
Everyone in that meeting eating salads My fat self would be eating fries, chicken, even pizza 😅😂
Serena Mindel
Serena Mindel Hace un día
Nadie habla en español
Alanoud Alyahya
Alanoud Alyahya Hace un día
My bank account is laughing at me
Taylor Clayton
Taylor Clayton Hace un día
I hope everybody has a great day!🙂😊
Alishba Anwar
Alishba Anwar Hace un día
Very nice
Ruth Prisca Pedrosa Mangue
Ruth Prisca Pedrosa Mangue Hace un día
I love kylie
GTX지포스 Hace un día
Kylie is so nice and so funny I Love her so much she is like such a good person!
Kaavya Anandkumar
Kaavya Anandkumar Hace un día
did you guys see how many purses she had!?
Matilda Woodford
Matilda Woodford Hace un día
Wait that definitely is Nikita Dragun at the end. I swear. If it is I didn’t even know she knew Kylie
Matilda Woodford
Matilda Woodford Hace un día
18:40 I swear that it Nikita dragun to the left of Kylie lol or it’s just her twin lmao
Isabella Brunnhuber
Isabella Brunnhuber Hace un día
How she gives stormi the 100 dollar expensive purse😂
Matilda Woodford
Matilda Woodford Hace un día
Kris is just too funny LMAO
gkrutika12 Hace un día
Look of the day
Matt K.
Matt K. Hace un día
This overrated "star" spends so much money on cars, designer purses, fab fashions, houses, jewelry, more cars, more jewelry etc. because if she stops to think about normal things, her head will just cave in....Yea, and you brain dead little groupies believe the she has the best life in the world.... All of you are just being used. These creeps are just exploiting you....
Paulina Villicaña
Paulina Villicaña Hace un día
I love see Kylie videos
Lara SAPOZNIK Hace un día
nadie: absolutamente nadie: Kylie eligiendo uno de los autos en el que se va a ir
Criselle Zamarripa
Criselle Zamarripa Hace un día
When a baby is way more richer than you
ines marcano
ines marcano Hace un día
5:47 wait Harry styles? Or I’m just crazy? I think I’m just crazy never mind
Tea Lomidze
Tea Lomidze Hace un día
4:10 Does anyone know the name of this song which begins at this time' ??? 4:10
Fatima Yusupova
Fatima Yusupova Hace un día
this is exactly 1 year ago today 😂
It’s Felicia
It’s Felicia Hace un día
I wish kylie was my friend so she can surprise me with my bday I love u kylie 💖
̇ ̊ʚ vibinq ali ɞ ̊
̇ ̊ʚ vibinq ali ɞ ̊ Hace un día
If you are reading this God bless you 💗
Farah De Wilde
Farah De Wilde Hace un día
eglitch Hace un día
Really you put your merch pics mouths lol
Meltem Atabay
Meltem Atabay Hace un día
bebek yerinde olmak isterdim
Cristiana Popescu
Cristiana Popescu Hace un día
I hope you will become rich💕💕
Cori Mbonzo
Cori Mbonzo Hace un día
anyone know where can I find those (or similar) pink coveralls?
Louis G VS Noah P
Louis G VS Noah P Hace un día
I love Kylie Jenner
christen josephs
christen josephs Hace un día
kylie: what car should i choose me: what video should i watch next about thongs i cannot damn afford
Chelsi D.
Chelsi D. Hace un día
They are olanning the kendall and kylie collab here😧 So it takes a year to release a makeup collection??
Nikita Club
Nikita Club Hace un día
She's defenitly a very busy woman, and getting rich and famous is a full time job. But she does not seem to spend much time with her baby girl. It's a bit sad.
Zheela Salih
Zheela Salih Hace un día
''Im about to take a shooooower'' ''Brush my teeeeeeeeth''
Andrea Harrison
Andrea Harrison Hace un día
Kylie is fun
Meriç Ataş
Meriç Ataş Hace 2 días
Kylie Jenner is so funny and nice mom. I love her.❤
Bradyn F
Bradyn F Hace 2 días
Was it just me or did she give Jose the look like “better not get in the elevator”
Sammy is awesome
Sammy is awesome Hace 2 días
5:49 was kendall on the phone with harry?!
Giovanni Velasquez
Giovanni Velasquez Hace 2 días
Omg I was not expecting Nikita dragon to be there
Catherine Hace 2 días
just realized i’m watching one year after the release of this
Victoria Pizarro
Victoria Pizarro Hace 2 días
Kylie q camara Berreta no seas grasha
Catie Carolan
Catie Carolan Hace 2 días
Darkness Celtic
Darkness Celtic Hace 2 días
kim officiel
kim officiel Hace 2 días
I just like she's dress amazing🤩
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