KYD SN9 Starts Now: Ford F250 & RV Reveal

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Keep Your Daydream

Keep Your Daydream

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This is the season 9 premiere of KYD and the reveal of our new to us Airstream Flying Cloud 30' Bunkhouse. We enjoyed changing RV's every season to share new experiences, learning, and different ways to travel, but we felt like it was starting to take away from why we began RVing the first place. We decided to go back to the basics...
KYD has always been about "Starting Small Now" and we want to focus on positive content that is going to bring the community together, make you smile and help you get one step closer to your dream. As a result, we went back to a setup that we feel is streamlined for this goal and a rig that we'd like to travel in for a few years or longer.
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Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream Hace un mes
So why an Airstream? We enjoyed changing RV's every season to share new experiences, learning, and different ways to travel, but we felt like it was starting to take away from why we began RVing the first place. We decided to go back to the basics... KYD has always been about "Starting Small Now" and we want to focus on positive content that brings the KYD community together, puts a smile on your face and helps you get one step closer to your dream. As a result, we went back to a setup that we feel is streamlined for this goal. When it comes to big decisions, we have an indicator... too much rationalization is often a warning! The moment we made the decision to go in this direction, there wasn't a second thought. It felt right. Now that we've moved in, our gut was right. One of the reasons we enjoy the RV lifestyle so much is the simplicity and freedom. After being on the road for four years, we've learned what we like and don't like and what we consider to be essential. We think we found the right balance with this rig. We're looking forward to hitting the road with this setup, getting back to monthly meet-ups across the nation and sharing the ups and downs of RV travel. We all just need to get through the next month or so! Thanks for being part of the KYD community and allowing us to share the journey with you! Marc & Trish
Kirstin Schuller
Kirstin Schuller Hace 23 horas
U guys are the best our family look up to u
Douglas Parker
Douglas Parker Hace un mes
@Shirley Russo Then why waste your very important time here????!
Douglas Parker
Douglas Parker Hace un mes
@Shirley Russo Bwaaahaaaa that's almost funny - NOT
Russell Day
Russell Day Hace un mes
@David Tennant ahhh ok. Different on the Ford. Thanks !
David Tennant
David Tennant Hace un mes
Russell Day - 3.55 is the higher gear choice for that truck. It’s either 3.31 or 3.55 on F250 with 6.7 diesel.
Doug Perkins
Doug Perkins Hace 2 días
Congratulations on the Airstream. I have a 2019 Signature and love it. It is so easy to tow compared to others I have had.
Kristina Martin
Kristina Martin Hace 2 días
Love your music! Love Josh Garrells!
3913 boss
3913 boss Hace 3 días
Dan Ruskoski
Dan Ruskoski Hace 7 días
Just so you know, the Texas Trooper did not want to talk trucks with you, he was looking to see if you were smuggling drugs or drug cash. You don't realize it but you fit the perfect profiles for a mule. He asked you about the truck to see if you answered the correct questions to prove it was actually your truck and not one that you just picked up in Texas with $5.5 Million in the frame or gas tank to transport to a chop shop in Mexico or California to take the cash back out. How do I know? I used to do highway interdiction with my K-9 partner. If I asked a question or converesed with you, it was to see if I could catch you in a lie. I did talk about guns, military and gardening because I liked those topics. Anything about your trip or what you drive was totally looking for drugs and drug proceeds.
Joel Gentry
Joel Gentry Hace 8 días
You won’t have to worry about any negative comments from me regarding a lack of social distancing. It’s all overkill. Get on with life.
Tim Barna
Tim Barna Hace 9 días
You can buy 1 day travel. DMV passes for out of state buyers. @ 23$ per day. & you only pay tax when you register it.
Devin Reilly
Devin Reilly Hace 11 días
Is there an oven in there or no? didn't see one. just curious! safe travels can't wait to see your next videos!
Culprit893 Hace 11 días
Do they discuss why the teardrop went away?
Charles Bray
Charles Bray Hace 16 días
I guess airstream must of given you one hell of a deal I cant see how you like them better than the big haulers and such
Coleen West
Coleen West Hace 16 días
Nice! - QUESTION - I don't understand the way this works. Can you drive a new car without a license plate. or window sticker plate, when new and only get stopped once? I would expect to be stopped every two miles if I did that in the North East.?? Maybe not. So what is the story with that?
Michael Brandt
Michael Brandt Hace 17 días
me and the wife back Feb last year bought our first trailer to go with my 2019 lariat ranger. We ended up going with the geo pro 20bhs not just for the weight and the solar but the entire trailer is 21 feet and me and the wife had the same feeling that as soon as we walked into it to look at it for the first time this was the trailer we want. we hope to be pulling it out next month as where we are camping starts the 1st of next month.
14latigo Hace 18 días
I so enjoyed this video! The videography is superb and I am so glade you got the train drone video! You guys and your channel are my new favorite.
Matt Pavlovic
Matt Pavlovic Hace 18 días
I agree that it was worth it to stop at Roswell
Martin Durkin
Martin Durkin Hace 21 un día
Aren't you losing your shorts changing RVs and trucks so often?
Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream Hace 20 días
We did a video on that. We explained when we started doing this that we would buy RVs in high demand about 25-30% below MSRP (like anyone) and then work with our partners to add value so we can breakeven and share traveling in different RVs. But too many people missed that point and tend to forget we make RV videos for a living. It also has become distracting to us, so this setup we're keeping, which is why we didn't get a motorized RV.
martin french
martin french Hace 21 un día
why did you choose the 2019 over the 2020 ford super duty 250 diesel?
Myks Garage
Myks Garage Hace 22 días
Another travel trailer.....Unsubscribe. I’ll come back when you do something more interesting
LovingAtlanta Hace 23 días
👍😍Love it. 🤗💞🤗
Russell Coble
Russell Coble Hace 24 días
Just picked up the same 2019 F250 Platinum today...only it's in Blue Jeans Blue. Love it so far. I also drove to another state to get the truck at the right price. So nothing wrong with that. My question to you is...with all the upgrades you've made to the new F250 (Bed Slider, Bakflip, 60 gal tank, Lifts, etc...), have you gone over your max payload yet? My Max Payload (Drivers side door sticker) says, 2174 lbs. My combined GAWR for the axles is 12,330 lbs, but the GVWR is 10,000 lbs. So assuming you're specs are pretty close to mine, since we both have identical trucks, I'm wondering how you're keeping your weight below your max payload? I've been looking at my numbers and factoring 4 adults (est. 850 lbs...2 men and 2 women), truck bed items (315 lbs ...Generator, tools, Tonneau Cover, misc), ProPride 3P Hitch (200 your old Hensley Arrow) and trailer tongue (795 lbs)...I'm getting real close to reaching my maximum payload. BTW, I just received the Bak Revolver X4 Tonneau Cover (rolling aluminum cover). Can't wait to get it on the F250. I've had 2 Bakflips (F150 short bed) and loved them both (looks and functionality). But thought I'd try out the Revolver X4 to allow me to see out the back window when open (rolled to the cab). As you've indicated in one of your other videos, the Bakflip, when folded blocks your view out the back window. Having the high mounted camera on the roof is nice, but doesn't replace an actual view out the back. I'll let you know what I think of it once I get it on.
Damon Bradshaw
Damon Bradshaw Hace 25 días
I am really surprised with all the bumper pulling you guys have done you haven’t purchased a Leer paint matched cap for the bed of the trucks. Carry much more cardio and out of the weather!
C. J . Cardiff jack.
C. J . Cardiff jack. Hace 26 días
I understand what you mean now you your family looks lovely all together again I wish mine was more understanding
Wood Worker - Mike
Wood Worker - Mike Hace 26 días
Trish didn’t marry her dad at all 😂😂😂😂
rsmith89b Hace 29 días
It may be a lot of work to get a rig and RV set up before getting on the road, you guys make it so much easier. You keep us from making a lot of rookie mistakes. Thanks for the videos!
MY NEXT RIDE Hace un mes
If you need more info on UFO check out Project Blue Book, it's all base on true events.
GreenCountryM C
GreenCountryM C Hace un mes
Hey KYD! We’ve been following you for a couple years now and used many of your earlier videos to setup or 2019 Outdoors RV! Question, what fuel tank did you upgrade your 2019 F250 to? Our 2019 F250 came with a 34 gallon, but we’re considering a 48gal or 55gal to stretch the time needed for fuel stops. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream Hace un mes
S&B. More info here. Truck upgrade video next week.
R M Hace un mes
What did you do with your old trunk? Why did you get rid of your old truck?
Gwen Best
Gwen Best Hace un mes
If you stay East on I 40 you would end in eastern North Carolina to visit us 😊
Clint Johnson
Clint Johnson Hace un mes
Your AS has a built in water pressure regulator.
Steve Delancey
Steve Delancey Hace un mes
Love all your videos been watching for about 2 years be retired in about 2 1/2 years and we want a small 5th wheel and do some traveling so many people rving full time that's not for us just been curious what you guys did before rving so much
Jeannie patterson
Jeannie patterson Hace un mes
I love the bunkhouse model!
Dennis D
Dennis D Hace un mes
NEVER EVER EVER buy a truck in it.
Chuck Karl
Chuck Karl Hace un mes
This such a cool channel! Thanks KYD! Our winter in Fairbanks is lasting a bit longer than we like, but we pulled back the tarp on our fifth wheel after the snow melted off the roof just to sit inside. Can't wait to get on the road!
Allan Moulton
Allan Moulton Hace un mes
Now that you have an Airstream, will you put a cap on your truck to give you extra storage space. I did that and the difference is amazing.
John Ohlms
John Ohlms Hace un mes
Did I miss it in the video? Did you say the year model and floorplan?
Mitch York
Mitch York Hace un mes
Nice super duty! What program do you use to edit videos?
79FatStrat Hace un mes
I am so jealous! Looking forward to this season with the Airstream and F250. I got the Rona blues. This vid made my day!
Alan Wortham
Alan Wortham Hace un mes
Awesome video! Love it. Wife and I are planning on the same change over in rv. We both work shift schedules (she's a paramedic and I am a firefighter) when her shift changed we no longer had long breaks off together so we sold our rv and truck as a package deal. It was just to much money sitting in the driveway. A Ram 3500 DRW and a Momentum 388 toy hauler. We plan to retire in 2 yrs. Going to go full-time in an Airstream and put the HD in the back of the truck. Can't wait! I the meantime we really enjoy the shopping to decide on the model Airstream. We are like two kids in a candy store when we visit an Airstream dealer. Thanks again for the great video.
George Stroker
George Stroker Hace un mes
Why did you leave Grand Design?
FriedChickenBlowout Hace un mes
Thanks for the video! Just got time to watch it this morning during my workout before I return the hospital where I’m a nursing supervisor. Have enjoyed watching you guys for a while now. Just picked up a Ram 2500 in February with plans to actually do peer to peer rentals. The airstream is first one our list to try the summer. Keep up the good work!!
Men, Toys, and Outdoors
Men, Toys, and Outdoors Hace un mes
Is this kinda going back to your original f250+trailer setup? Only fancier. 😊
Allen Hare
Allen Hare Hace un mes
What a great episode! There's nothing like an Airstream. The feel of being inside one is just so welcoming. Also, they hold their value better than any other trailer. You will never find one in a junkyard. We're looking for a great egg-shaped, fiberglass exterior trailer. Hoping we can find an Argosy, the Airstream version of the fiberglass exterior trailer. Thanks for taking us along.
Aaron Rogers
Aaron Rogers Hace un mes
Finally getting a chance to watch this episode. I’ve been working our hospital system’s Incident Command Center (ICC) for the past month. It’s been a crazy busy time. Catching a bit of a breather this weekend. Somehow watching a KYD video brings a bit of normalcy to the day. Love the new Airstream! Looking forward to many exciting adventures with the new rig.
Beer Belly
Beer Belly Hace un mes
Am I missing something? What happen to the F450 and the toy box trailer?
Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream Hace un mes
Gotta watch in order ;)
Chris Carter
Chris Carter Hace un mes
I have the same 19’F-250 with a 28’ flying cloud. Upgrade your suspension to a Carli - back country kit. You will not believe your ride quality and handling. I also added 38” Nitto G2’s. They are softer and quieter than the factory Michelin’s. This prescription takes away that metal to metal feel of the factory coils on hard bumps. Enjoy the new Rig!
Dennis Rowley
Dennis Rowley Hace un mes
Congrats on the Airstream. Very exciting. All the best on your journeys. Great video.
BubbaNerd Hace un mes
I remember from when you were shopping that depreciation was an important consideration. Did Platinum Ginger cost more than the original cost of Toy Ginger?
Geaux Airstream
Geaux Airstream Hace un mes
Love watching your videos! Excited to see your new adventures in the Airstream!!
Stephen Belchunas II
Stephen Belchunas II Hace un mes
What are you guys doing with ginger and the Jeep?
T Housel
T Housel Hace un mes
Love the Airstream. Congratulations! May you have many happy adventures in her. I'm sure you are happy to be out of the's a beautiful rig. (We are Grand Design Reflection owners) However, it seemed a bit big for your travels. I loved your first rig and Grand Ginger. The Grand Giner seemed to suit you. The Tear Drop..well... fun for weekends in the warmth. :) Looking forward to this next KYD Season when we are all released to travel.
Grady Hester
Grady Hester Hace un mes
Well done! Great video... I have a 17 Serenity 27fb and just an FYI - water pressure regulator is built-in where you connect city water to the AS.
Mike Sifuentes
Mike Sifuentes Hace un mes
Did I just miss a brush with greatness? Did you drive through my home town of San Angelo on your way to San Antonio? I watched your newbie video with the airstream where you spoke about the new ST Goodyear Endurance tires. I work for Goodyear at the large tire test facility in San Angelo.
David Carruthers
David Carruthers Hace un mes
So my question did you like the Hensley hitch you had on your old RV...will you be using one on your new rig ? Love your videos....very professional !!!
Chris McGinnis
Chris McGinnis Hace un mes
If you guys ever need some really cool places to check out in NM let me know. I grew up there!
Kristin R
Kristin R Hace un mes
I watched this twice! So stoked for your new season!
40redfox40 Hace un mes
Excited for you. My wife and I are empty nesters and purchased a 22FB Bambi in Feb 2019. That’s when I started watching your channel and learned a lot. We completed our first cross country trip in Oct 2019. You will love this iconic trailer.
Em Ma
Em Ma Hace un mes
Unsubscribed from all channels. Will be back when I can. Stay safe kyd.
Jack McGonegal
Jack McGonegal Hace un mes
I meant to ask and I'm sorry if I missed it. Is your new 250 diesel or gas? Do the new model Ford diesels have the same EGR cooler problem that was characteristic of the older ones? If you did get the diesel, any plans to visit Bullet Proof Diesel in Mesa?
Jack McGonegal
Jack McGonegal Hace un mes
Good to know. Thanks.
Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream Hace un mes
Diesel. I'll never go back to gas. Bullet Proofing is typically done on the 6.0L motor that had known issues. The 6.7L has been solid. At least the 3 I've Had. Not sure about the EGR cooling problem - I've had no problems in the 90k miles we've put on the 3 6.7L trucks.
Jack McGonegal
Jack McGonegal Hace un mes
Yeah, have to burst the conspiracy bubble on Area 51. The Lockheed Skunkworks in Burbank didn't have a runway long enough to develop the U-2. So they searched the Atomic Energy Commission land in Nevada for a dry lakebed that could serve as a proper testing facility. Groom Lake was perfect for what they needed. The AEC land was divided into grids and labeled Area 1, 2, etc. There was no Area 51 but that number was chosen because it would never be needed by the AEC. The identifier of Groom Lake is XTA (for extra-terrestrial, proving that the Air Force does have a sense of humor). Area 51 never had anything to do with Roswell. It's just a place where top secret military aircraft development can take place away from prying eyes. Love your new truck and that big shiny beer can it's towing.
Jack McGonegal
Jack McGonegal Hace un mes
😂😂😂😂 The strangest things I ever saw in 45 years and 25,000 hours of flying were in back of my airplanes.
Keep Your Daydream
Keep Your Daydream Hace un mes
I've seen things Jack! ;)
Tom Hawk
Tom Hawk Hace un mes
Glad you got this filmed before Governor Abbott issued COVID orders on social distancing etc.
Elizabeth Levine
Elizabeth Levine Hace un mes
Still no seat belts, Carson too
Ayyoob Alansari
Ayyoob Alansari Hace un mes
Can you do a video on the accessories you've done to the truck. Thank you.
The Original GoPro Channel
The Original GoPro Channel Hace un mes
I can’t believe you didn’t get a 2020, the 10 speed is amazing
Eco King
Eco King Hace un mes
Lol after story of rock hitting window he was telling son how to turn on mashing seats I love them in my king Ranch
06XTOR Hace un mes
Golden retrievers are great but man.. The shedding drives me crazy. You guys are better dog owners than I to let your dog on the bed.
Clinton Pearcy
Clinton Pearcy Hace un mes
You guys should have stopped at the UFO museum!
Ayyoob Alansari
Ayyoob Alansari Hace un mes
love the truck, but why white??
n3vqh Hace un mes
That train footage is great with the shadows.
Scott Fast
Scott Fast Hace un mes
Congrats on the Airstream! Enjoy! Great layout. I sold my 2018 23’ Flying Cloud last year and miss it often. One day I’ll have another!
Dollop of Adventure
Dollop of Adventure Hace un mes
Love the airstream!!! We have looked into one a time or two! Will love to see how this season goes with a new change!!
mr zif001
mr zif001 Hace un mes
where is the big truck n 5th triple axle 5th wheel? i have been out of touch..
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