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Kung Pow! Enter the Fist and Kung Fu Hustle are some of the best kung fu comedies out there. But which one is the best? Join us in this previously recorded episode of Rental Reviews! The movies: Kung Pow! Enter the Fist is a 2002 American martial arts comedy film that parodies Hong Kong action cinema. Written, directed by and starring Steve Oedekerk. In that movie a rough-around-the-edges martial arts master seeks revenge using his magic tongue. Kung Fu Hustle is a 2004 action comedy film directed, produced and written by Stephen Chow, who also stars in the lead role. The story revolves in a town ruled by the Axe Gang, Sing who desperately wants to become a member. He stumbles into a slum ruled by eccentric landlords who turns out to be the greatest kung-fu masters in disguise.
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Mar 6 - Drunken Master 1 & 2
Mar 13 - Bloodsport
Mar 20 - Kung Pow VS Kung Fu Hustle
Mar 27 - Under Siege
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Cinemassacre Hace 2 meses
Hey guys, this episode was previously recorded. With everything going on right now we're still going to try and get out 3 videos a week and our monthly AVGN episode. We have a lot of backlogged stuff ready to go, so enjoy. We're all pretty good right now if anyone was worried. Stay safe.
juggalo mike
juggalo mike Hace 5 días
I recommend the legend is born it's about ip man . It's got good story and shows how some wing chun changed .
Threw The Looking Glass
Threw The Looking Glass Hace un mes
Cinemassacre 🤜🤛😅Blp
Threw The Looking Glass
Threw The Looking Glass Hace un mes
Cinemassacre its about kung fu hustler
Roberamigos Hace un mes
@Dapper Wolf I am imploring you to reconsider!
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha Hace 2 meses
Kung Fu Hustle is a weird movie. I got confused by most of the scenes and no idea whats going on
David Hill
David Hill Hace 11 horas
People have been saying Oederkerk has been working on a sequel since Kung Pow came out--I'm not holding my breath--but hopefully.
Jungle Katarina
Jungle Katarina Hace un día
PSN has the English version for Hustle.
David conway
David conway Hace 4 días
Kung Pow was hilarious ...except for the cow fight.
juggalo mike
juggalo mike Hace 5 días
The legend begins ip man movie it is very good.
あなたの はは
あなたの はは Hace 5 días
It's propaganda, duh the martial artist beats the boxer trope
cloudtx Hace 6 días
Kung Fu Hustle, no contest. I just love the fights and the special effects, specially the final fight. It was the kind of superhero craziness I needed as a kid before superhero movies became that epic.
homeslice1998 Hace 6 días
"My nipples look like Milk Duds"
AFchris77 Hace 8 días
You may call me Betty 🤣
AFchris77 Hace 8 días
The 4th Ip Man was awesome.
PlasticBeach666 Hace 8 días
"But isn't 'Betty' a woman's name?" I honestly feel he's lipping a very different word than "woman."
Nick Cuevas
Nick Cuevas Hace 8 días
GuitarxWolf Hace 8 días
I always think of goofy comedy(Kung Pow) vs sophisticated comedy(King Fu Hustle), love em both but that trained him wrong bit is too hilarious.
Connor McNeil
Connor McNeil Hace 9 días
“Noooo this is good for bOtH of us....”
ivan soto
ivan soto Hace 9 días
I absolutely love Kung Pow and my friends and I everyday quote it. We say Alfalfa to greet each other! Thanks for giving it attention. A little disappointed that Man of Tai Chi was not chosen for March, but the selections are great!
Derrek James
Derrek James Hace 10 días
I like how James is trying to hide his laugh after the full house comment lol
Niko Hace 14 días
"Our. Sexual. Preferences. Are. Our. Own. Business!" 'ONE! OF US! IS WEARING! A PUSH-UP BRA! IT'S LACY! AND CUTE! WITH PADDED! SUPPORT!" "Hmm. Your story makes my heart heavy... and my prostate weak. My bladder is full to bursting" "Sure. At this very moment, he's out in a field, rotting like a papaya, while we're in here, cozy and enjoying the good life." "Where? Where does it hurt? -Oh, pretty much around the big, bloody spot. Oh!" - I swear this movie is just filled with so.. many quotes.
Keith Carey
Keith Carey Hace 14 días
Loved your review. So many insanely hilarious scenes in Kung Pow. In my top 5, with Airplane and Freddy Got Fingered. Godthumb is also in there with Ace Ventura. Steve Odenkirk is a comedy God. Peace fellas.
YC R Hace 15 días
ForceMaximus84 Hace 18 días
Hustle was more unique while Pow was the silliest.
Darklurkr Hace 19 días
The English Version of Kung Fu Hustle is TERRIBLE. I saw the chinese one in the theater with a 3rd wheel friend cause my main bestie said he' didn't want to go. Best 3rd wheel movie we saw ever. Chinese version was GREAT. The english dub was just so bad i couldn't stand the acting.
Evil Betty
Evil Betty Hace 19 días
and then he killed the dog
This guy
This guy Hace 24 días
Great stuff as usual fellas!
Cary Groneveldt
Cary Groneveldt Hace 24 días
*I gotta say, "Enter the Fist" is a VERY funny title! lol*
king_ Arthur_Dovahkiin
king_ Arthur_Dovahkiin Hace 25 días
Wow that's a hard pass for me
Ruby T
Ruby T Hace 26 días
You should try thai dub for kung fu hustle its so stupid funny there are often background one liner that super funny like at the beginning where the guy lose his leg as he fall he said "feel like i lose something from my body"
Froward Thinker
Froward Thinker Hace 28 días
I remember watching it with dubs
Michael Francis
Michael Francis Hace 29 días
kung fu hustle.....it started by me questioning why i'm watching this craziness, and by the end, had me moved by it. awesome! the way exaggeration was used, is just brilliant.
Tim Jägernaut
Tim Jägernaut Hace 29 días
If you want to see a badass movie, just watch the raid redemption, and raid 2
Tim Jägernaut
Tim Jägernaut Hace 29 días
James t-shirt gets me everytime, fear of the duck!!
dynamiteweeny Hace un mes
Maybe one day we can get a review of royal tramp 1 and 2! Probably my favorite chow movies
Ian Greene
Ian Greene Hace un mes
Ian Greene
Ian Greene Hace un mes
I think Kung Fu Hustle is a better put together movie, but Kung Pow is much more quotable.
Cloud987600 Hace un mes
The movie kungufu hustle is an artistic masterpiece. The movie has layers and gets better the more layers you can percieve.16:30 its not out of place. The true kungfu masters could sense other masters aura. The beast is blood The hero is sweet nectar smell and butterfly The 2 landlords aura makes a bell sound. So this is their sixth sense they pick up whenever other masters are nearby. Kind of like star wars with the force. I get this movie if theres something odd you dont understand ask me. The camera and the slow motion is different depending on the fighter and thats suppose to represent the fighters capabilities. A choppy slow image represent a low resolution of kungfu mastery. With each master the slow motion becomes clearer and clearer. The best out of the 3 was the pole guy as he actually could see much clearer in slow motion and could see the demons come out of the instrument. The kicky master did not save the boy as he was not fast enough to do ot unseen. Flexible man broke his vow and saved the boy as you can see he reapplies the flower around his head like he didnt do anything. Its the butterfly effect as is hinted in intro. They vowed to not do kungfu in order to quench the bloodthirst of the beast and have him return to slumber. Everything is connected and now? I am trying to figure who is the vagabond beggar man giving the transcripts out and maybe its just a nod to drunken master "beggar So" but i choose not to believe he is a simple cameo parody. Maybe he is the father of the leader of the axe gang....? Nahhh, but then again? Nahhh, but then i keep pondering. Its alot to read but if you made it can you do grand budapest hotel? Sword of stranger?
Cloud987600 Hace un mes
Both are good tho id argue hustle is leagues above but for simplicity sake? Ones vulgar the other has class
Jacyie Jin
Jacyie Jin Hace un mes
Stephen Chow ,The “Jim Carrey” of the east,he is my favorite comedian,he has the same status as Jackie Chan in China
Eng. João Felipe Seráfico Mélo
Eng. João Felipe Seráfico Mélo Hace un mes
Arcadian1022 Hace un mes
"My finger point!"
The Rogue Empire
The Rogue Empire Hace un mes
im proud to have seen this in theaters. one of the few movies i got to see in theaters. i hated kung fu hustle cuz i was watching it expecting kung pow and it wasnt nearly as good as kung pow.
Bi-otch Productions
Bi-otch Productions Hace un mes
When Kung Pow enter the fist came out, my friend and I bought it and watched it three times in a row. It kept getting funnier and funnier. And we were sober the whole time! Then Kung Fu Hustle came out... watched it three times in a row... instead of laughing more and more, we got more into the lure of the characters. Kung Fu Hustle it's more than just comedy. It's got a deeper meaning with many moral choices happening. All in all, both are some my top favorite movies, next to Spaceballs and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
JTaylortrois Hace un mes
You used to be able to get away with movies like Kung-Pow and Naked Gun because of VHS rental places. The home DVD market basically killed that genre, I think, because no one wants to have "dumb-fuck" comedies in their home DVD collection. It would be interesting to see if movies like that will ever make a come-back on Netflix.
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman Hace un mes
My name is Betty
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman Hace un mes
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman Hace un mes
Kung Pow is stupid fun , Kung Fu Hustle is an all around just great movie.
garrett tindell
garrett tindell Hace un mes
I loved that movie but I grew up watching it and Kung fu hustle
Keith Knight
Keith Knight Hace un mes
Kungfu Hustle is a modern day classic...it gave me the same satisfying feeling that of watching Big Trouble in Little China
Khadijah Johnson
Khadijah Johnson Hace un mes
Kung Pow was basically the grandfather of abridged series.
paul wonderley
paul wonderley Hace un mes
Kung Fu hustle by far
David C
David C Hace un mes
BOTH of these movies have a special place in my heart, but I loved Kung Pow long before I saw Kung Fu Hustle. They're both hilariously absurd and special for their own reasons.
Danny Ni
Danny Ni Hace un mes
Bruuhhh, the fact you don't know Stephen Chow is quite shameful lmfaoooo
krazytaxicabbie Hace un mes
Bought the English dub version of KH from Blockbuster back in the day.
krazytaxicabbie Hace un mes
Both movies are awesome! Also lost my shit at the end of Shaolin Soccer.
Eric Kelly
Eric Kelly Hace un mes
Master Tang: Taco Bell, Taco Bell. Product Placement with Taco Bell. Enchirito.... Multiple People: Macho Burrito.
James Lawner
James Lawner Hace un mes
I remember the review blurb on the Kung Fu Hustle poster was: "Kill Bill meets Looney Tunes"
Roninja 69
Roninja 69 Hace un mes
Me and the missus have fond memories of Kung Pow! We are both still huge fans of Betty.
Roberamigos Hace un mes
What you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord.....
tylor govero
tylor govero Hace un mes
Couldn't get into kung pow but I love kung fu hustle
Sirgs Hace un mes
This isn't even a competition, kung fu hustle tears kung pow a new hole
jonny pepperston
jonny pepperston Hace un mes
But I love kung pow
jonny pepperston
jonny pepperston Hace un mes
Kung fu hustle totally in my top 10 of all time
Nova kun
Nova kun Hace un mes
What about a review of shaolin soccer?
Ernesto Besto
Ernesto Besto Hace un mes
That’s a lot of nuts!
Ernesto Besto
Ernesto Besto Hace un mes
Both these movies are gold but Kung pow just gets me cracking every time. Kung fu hustle uplifts me every time lol still funny but more of a movie that just makes me smile
1 Hace un mes
sweet suzie!
Inujosha Hace un mes
Kung Pow enter the fist is so damn good. I was so disappointed they never released a sequel.
Inujosha Hace un mes
I absolutely love the Ip Man movies. I especially love the 2nd one because it has Sammo Hung in it as well as Donnie Yen.
Mike Oxx
Mike Oxx Hace un mes
When I worked at Suncoast I would playKung-Pow on the TVs there and people in the mall hallway would come in and ask, "WTF is this and can I have it?!"
Dinastía Chow Fan
Dinastía Chow Fan Hace un mes
Ok, now I saw them both. There is absolutely nothing to compare between both movies besides the word "Kung" in both titles.
Louis Perez
Louis Perez Hace un mes
Man Stephen Chow has done a TON of films and all of them are better than Kung Pow (especially the late 80s and early 90s he put out a huge amount of good films). Even his worst film is better lol
cryptkeeper08 Hace un mes
I dont like stupid humor for stupid sake. kung pow was a terriable movie imo. kung fu hustle was way better at making me laugh rather then just be annoyed.
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