Koe Wetzel - Sundy or Mundy (Official Video)

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Made a music video for Sundy or Mundy.
“Sundy or Mundy” out now: koewetzel.lnk.to/SundyOrMundyID
KW Merch: koewetzelmusic.com/collections/
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A Nomad Collective Film
Starring Koe Wetzel & His Grandpa
Written by Koe Wetzel
Directed by Drew Seals & John Park
First Assistant Director: Kevin Caywood
Edited by: John Park
Director of Photography: Drew Seals
1st AC: John Park
You don’t like anything
You sit and laugh at every word I say
Fuck your funny games
It’s rainy outside and I’m too tired to play
It’s about time we made a change
I shot the driver dead then i grabbed the reigns
And drove around until I found a preacher that could save me
Is it Sunday or is it Monday
Who knows?
Everybody wants the answers
I just look and smile
Flash the teeth and make it seem
Like everything is doin just fine
But is it Sunday or is it Monday who knows?
I can’t find a single reason why
The days I seem to love you come and go
If you fuck me right and leave me wrong
Then I will probably never let ya go
But is it Sunday or is it Monday
I don’t know
So we might as well live our life
Without a single worry in the world
Even though it’s likely we will die
We’ll die without ever needing to know
Like if it’s Sunday or if it’s Monday
I don’t know
Is it Sunday or is it Monday
Who fuckin knows
#KoeWetzel #SundyorMundy

KoeWetzelKoeWetzelSunday or Monday

Justin Howard
Justin Howard Hace 2 horas
this needs a prequel video
SlayinNPrayin Hace 21 un hora
Not to sure how i feel about this song
Logan Hall
Logan Hall Hace 2 días
Song hits different about 3 in the morning with an empty 30 rack
Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal
Aimanaizat2001 Mohd Rizal Hace 4 días
Cristian Martha
Cristian Martha Hace 4 días
Joe Wetzel sucks 🤙🏼
Michael Price
Michael Price Hace 5 días
Cool video how fast is that tracker looks like it's moving pretty good for a 40
RGM Hace 6 días
At 2:48 of this video is the greatest
Shonda Nelson
Shonda Nelson Hace 6 días
My new favorite!
Lindsey Mckenzie
Lindsey Mckenzie Hace 6 días
Umm. That is lake darbonne in farmville,La
RGM Hace 7 días
Awesome song and the video is tremendous When he snagged that bass
T G Hace 8 días
Idk whaaat this is but i like it
Whoble Hace 8 días
when we runnin it up in pong again tho koe?
Anthony Adkins
Anthony Adkins Hace 9 días
Song starts out really good anyway
Caleb Miller68
Caleb Miller68 Hace 9 días
Love the fact that we don't know if this is staged for a music video or just a regular Tuesday in the life of Koe Wetzel
Corey browne
Corey browne Hace 9 días
STILL laughing!😂😂😂
Corey browne
Corey browne Hace 9 días
That's the DUMBEST shit I've ever seen!😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂
SL Outdoors
SL Outdoors Hace 9 días
Someone will be fishing with a spoon and it'll catch the rope around that body and koe's gonna get busted.
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Hace 9 días
Don't like anything,fuck no this is shit bro
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Hace 9 días
Got too bench press a bus before each video
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Hace 9 días
More you tube fuckery
Sarah Barnett
Sarah Barnett Hace 10 días
is that bafefoot marine
jg 3554
jg 3554 Hace 10 días
This guy is too unique. We won't be hearing him on the radio anytime soon.
Your Moms here
Your Moms here Hace 11 días
Can't wait to see you this weekend at peacemaker fest 2020!
Bonesjones19 Hace 11 días
Come to fort smith Arkansas
American Swang
American Swang Hace 12 días
Hows a dark boat ramp always leading to the unknown .Country boyz know whats good .great job big guy up listening to yah on a Friday morning here in ohio .2 18inch alpines flexing and the neighbors across the bean feild can hear every word clear.💪🇺🇸💪
YoBoyyJosey Hace 12 días
Bo Inman
Bo Inman Hace 12 días
M.r ducks M.r not O.s.a.r c.m wangs? L.i.b ! M.r ducks!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Hace 12 días
Dem shoes gots me like 😍
mohawk102 Hace 12 días
If you fuck me right and leave me wrong. I may never let you go. Damn this man can write a song.
Amanda June
Amanda June Hace 13 días
How am I just finding this! I got this on Repeat!
Isaiah Hace 13 días
Dude in the video you went from hiding a body to fishing
Amanda June
Amanda June Hace 10 días
Well yeah gotta make it look legit. Lol
State Line
State Line Hace 13 días
Is this Florida Man?
Michael McGlaun
Michael McGlaun Hace 13 días
This dude here is a lyrical Artist
Dennis Klatt
Dennis Klatt Hace 13 días
Nice to meet you here in hugoton Kansas at the high plains music festival and to be your runner driver for the night.
B - Rock
B - Rock Hace 14 días
Thought it was Alex Jones in the thumbnail
Ryan Noslip
Ryan Noslip Hace 14 días
His vocals sound like Ryan upchurch
Tyler Aultman
Tyler Aultman Hace 11 días
Ryan Noslip dont ever disrespect koe like that again
Cody Parrish
Cody Parrish Hace 14 días
lol not guilty man just doing a good deed and is it Monday or Sunday this song and all of Koe Wetzel music kicks ass big fan
slickt 1
slickt 1 Hace 14 días
Wrap in chicken wire so when it bloats itll let the gasses out,wont float back up
paramedicineman89 Hace un día
That's why you open up the abdominal cavity..
Ryker Johnke
Ryker Johnke Hace 8 días
Ok thanks!
dirtydan Hace 14 días
He's rocking the Nike Air Geezers....every dad over 55 has those shoes 🤣🤣
Vaughn effert
Vaughn effert Hace 14 días
For a moment it sounded like upChurch
Mark Ohagan
Mark Ohagan Hace 15 días
Yo, this shit is trash. Get off my yt algorithm.
B K Hace 15 días
Video sucked asss
Dustin Hace 15 días
no fish were harmed in the making of this video. Everything else definitely happened .
Andy & TheCoyotes
Andy & TheCoyotes Hace 15 días
The grill master 3000s 🔥
David Christie
David Christie Hace 16 días
Boy is gettin big and I’m not talkin bout famous lol. Lots of drinkin and Taco Bell runs!
Enid Stonerook
Enid Stonerook Hace 2 días
@Holly Cook lovin that Sexy Bod Koe has!
David Christie
David Christie Hace 12 días
Holly Cook 🤦🏻‍♂️ tmi holly tmi
Holly Cook
Holly Cook Hace 12 días
I like my men big 👌🏻
John Pertee
John Pertee Hace 16 días
Bad ass
unknown Henson
unknown Henson Hace 16 días
Was the body you threw in the river a symbolic metaphor for all the late country greats you're personally digging up and turning over in their graves with this swill?
unknown Henson
unknown Henson Hace 16 días
This guy sucks! What happened to country music? Way to make the greats roll over in their graves
Dustin Shepard
Dustin Shepard Hace 16 días
eric duffy
eric duffy Hace 16 días
Moral of the story: if you want to go fishing and not be bothered, bring the wife fishing, and sink her....
lilbbbbbbb Hace 14 días
ppvfd121 Hace 16 días
Such an odd song but so F*CKIN catchy!
Cody Johnston
Cody Johnston Hace 16 días
Dope ass song bubba 🤘
Jojo Tumlin
Jojo Tumlin Hace 17 días
Its pose 2 b a fucking sunday but who gives a fuck
Jojo Tumlin
Jojo Tumlin Hace 17 días
Yup yup
Bud Ranger
Bud Ranger Hace 17 días
Not a fan of the song but I have that same bass tracker
Landon Boddy
Landon Boddy Hace 17 días
Is it me or does Koe have that Calf Muscle
Troy Lattimer
Troy Lattimer Hace 17 días
Savannah Hace 17 días
Brandon lay
H. H.
H. H. Hace 17 días
What the fuck happened to just simple guitar and thoughtful lyrics man. Fuck is this shit
Noah H.
Noah H. Hace 18 días
This is what John B is going to look like in 15 years
Diesel Dong
Diesel Dong Hace 2 días
Philly_Ink Hace 3 días
Diesel Dong hey, I was actually right lol
Noah H.
Noah H. Hace 3 días
The one from outer banks you dongs
Diesel Dong
Diesel Dong Hace 6 días
Pretty sure he's talking about the ESwomen fisherman Jon B
Philly_Ink Hace 12 días
Jordon Wells He’s a fictional character from the new Netflix show “Outer Banks”
Pauly Wendt
Pauly Wendt Hace 18 días
I want that hat
Cade Crumley
Cade Crumley Hace 18 días
If you are a dad in East, Tx, this video is your life. Awesome job Koe. I love this song and video
Andrew Konovalchik
Andrew Konovalchik Hace 18 días
Anyone know what lake this is filmed on?
Mitchell Lewis
Mitchell Lewis Hace 18 días
Cant believe youtube will allow this garbage and good channels get taken down for no reason
Lindsey Lane
Lindsey Lane Hace 18 días
Sounds like Upchurch a little.....hmmmmm
Leo Luther
Leo Luther Hace 19 días
Quit playng around and make another up to speed video bro
Kevin Kubed
Kevin Kubed Hace 19 días
Supposed to wrap that body in barb wire.
90s Baby
90s Baby Hace 19 días
Aye this is firey!!!
Jay Hace 19 días
Single moms addicted to meth absolutely love Koe Wetzel.
Kevin Loudermilk
Kevin Loudermilk Hace 19 días
Worst body dump ever
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