Know Your Bro with the Jonas Brothers

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas take turns putting on noise-cancelling headphones while Jimmy asks the brothers questions about each other and challenges them to match each other's answers.
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Know Your Bro with the Jonas Brothers

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Dave J' Hafssein
Dave J' Hafssein Hace un día
2:22 what was that? Was that a dog?
Mackenzie Drake
Mackenzie Drake Hace un día
1:43 joe killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
LUDO Hace un día
The worst band ever
Safa RazviVEVO
Safa RazviVEVO Hace un día
i’m more interested in what songs are on that playlist LOL
Medul Rahman
Medul Rahman Hace 3 días
they are so lovely .......... familly 😍
ParkChimChim j
ParkChimChim j Hace 4 días
Who else really wants to know what song they were listening to
Isabel Blacutt
Isabel Blacutt Hace 4 días
Joe is so effortlessly funny, he's floored me.
King KeKe K
King KeKe K Hace 4 días
Kevin looked so awkward and uncomfortable listening to music
Dillon Forrester
Dillon Forrester Hace 5 días
I want to know what’s on the party playlist!
Selena Archibald
Selena Archibald Hace 5 días
It's cool how they are enjoying the music soo much
Anna het Lam
Anna het Lam Hace 5 días
There was A dutchy in THE room he said "O wat jammer" when kevin talked albout getting A tat
Nora Lauree
Nora Lauree Hace 6 días
dear jimmy, please for the love of god shave..
Viktoria Hegelund
Viktoria Hegelund Hace 6 días
Jimmy: I’m not gonna tell anyone Yeah it’s not like the whole world can see this video....
Isa Obregon
Isa Obregon Hace 6 días
I love how at the begging nick and Kevin sit like ladies, then nick Changes position and Kevin stillsssss😂😂 Btw love you 💕❤️
Padmaja Devi
Padmaja Devi Hace 7 días
I love KEVIN'S voice alot......
AHKHMAO Hace 7 días
yo joe looks like he could some middle eastern in him, kevin looks a little hispanic, and nick look like he could have some asian in him 😂im just saying
Elika M
Elika M Hace 8 días
I love how Joe’s eyebrows are just like 📈📉 while he is explaining Kevin’s bad past 😂😂
Elika M
Elika M Hace 5 días
He was baaaaad 🤣🤣
Norway Khan
Norway Khan Hace 8 días
4:22 Jimmy: dude I wont tell anybody. Hahahhaah good try
1D FAN FOR LIFE!!! ! Hace 8 días
The Jonas brothers got back together. So one direction??😭😭🥰🥰
Sofia I.
Sofia I. Hace 8 días
Nick is adorable at 4:19 his laugh ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰
pbriian Hace 9 días
Loved how Nick went from "Like clothing or like what... " to "Perform at the White House" OK boy, Chill 🤣 lmao
CANDY W Hace 9 días
I love Kevin’s outfit !
LS Ls Hace 9 días
Joe could easily play mr. Bean in the future 2:34 😂😂
Gacha Choco
Gacha Choco Hace 10 días
Just casually wearing pink
GrungyAssCinema Hace 10 días
Anyone watching from the year 3000?
xX - Faded - Jade - Xx
xX - Faded - Jade - Xx Hace 10 días
Nick jamming is my exact mood😂😂😭
JP K. Hace 10 días
Nick Jonas’ thighs can suffocate me anytime
shahar frenkel
shahar frenkel Hace 10 días
I was completely certain that nick would say they are jealous of him being the most love Jonas brother ... Come on you can do better then shoes
Mattis Woxen
Mattis Woxen Hace 10 días
Love Kevin Joe is cool Nick´s a dick
Lusia Putri Rahmadani
Lusia Putri Rahmadani Hace 11 días
"He has more shoes than Priyanka" lol Jimmy : What was the wildest thing that happened at Joe's bachelor party? Nick : We had the cops on the first night called on us three times. Joe : I'm pretty sure we got the cops called on us three times. hahahahahaaa
misz wer
misz wer Hace 11 días
once upon a time.. i know jonas brother from the movie "camp rock".. 🤗 but watchng that movie i didn't know they were really a group and most surprisingly were brothers!!🤯(which even better) and then, owh..i thought kevin was the youngest.. (which turns out different 😲).. and then i listened to all their songs.. my fav : *when you look me in the eyes* 🤗, so following and becoming their fan for long time.. the hard time 🤒😿.. of course when the band was disbanded for awhile.. 😭 then now they r back together.. you guys know how i feel.. 🌺🌸🌸🌺🌺🌼🌼🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌷
Chyler Patterson
Chyler Patterson Hace 11 días
Nick is like Tom Holland always drinking water or whatever! 😆
Kim Daguro
Kim Daguro Hace 11 días
Hello Nick, Hello Joe, but HELL-OoOOOOooOoO KEVIN
Elizabeth Garraway
Elizabeth Garraway Hace 11 días
Joe: Watch the show. I died laughing
Taco MEL
Taco MEL Hace 11 días
They slowly go from all brown to all pink?????
INTPerspective Hace 11 días
Kevin looks fantastic here!
J _city
J _city Hace 11 días
Lol I brought joe on the tatto shop lol.
Nergiz özen
Nergiz özen Hace 12 días
Little mix please
Nemo The Fish
Nemo The Fish Hace 12 días
Joe is the odd one out.............
Camilla Silva
Camilla Silva Hace 12 días
Wow im obsessed
alix _msf
alix _msf Hace 12 días
Kevin is in the middle !
Lil Lianne
Lil Lianne Hace 12 días
Dawn Wojtowicz
Dawn Wojtowicz Hace 13 días
I love Kevin!!!
dxprxssxdsite Hace 13 días
Title should’ve been: The Jonas Brothers Expose Each Other
Amelia Garcia
Amelia Garcia Hace 13 días
Joe is my favourite brother😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ana maria
ana maria Hace 13 días
Nick looks like he has Boy With Luv inspired outfit HAHA
Saara Mathur
Saara Mathur Hace 14 días
Kevin was a badass? Why am I not surprised?
Walasa Deuri
Walasa Deuri Hace 14 días
I wanna know what they were listening to
Ariana Sosa
Ariana Sosa Hace 14 días
Nick: you should wear pink Joe: you should wear brown Kevin: Yes
violet xo
violet xo Hace 14 días
PJ Hace 14 días
Lmao yall seen that thing where Nick clapped back at that fan on the gram when he insulted his height
Xx ShanXx
Xx ShanXx Hace 14 días
Nick laugh got me thinkin he got a evil plan 😂😂😂
Juelle gibson
Juelle gibson Hace 14 días
I like how they all have their legs crossed
The Office is Everything
The Office is Everything Hace 14 días
Whoever dressed them deserves all the praise
home Inc
home Inc Hace 14 días
Ángela González Olmos
Ángela González Olmos Hace 15 días
I love Nick Jonas💜💜
marina sala
marina sala Hace 15 días
I’m from Ibiza (born and raised) and I think their behavior here was shameful and irresponsible. Believe or not, people in here want to rest at night because they work. This is not an exclusively a party island, this is what the media keeps selling out there.
Marni Kramer
Marni Kramer Hace 15 días
Good stuff Jimmy, good stuff🤣
Anna Hace 15 días
4:20 Nick's laugh at the audience goin Ooooooooooo 😂
i i s x h i n e 1
i i s x h i n e 1 Hace 15 días
My crush is a younger version of Nick
Gabriel Atienzo
Gabriel Atienzo Hace 15 días
Alex TG
Alex TG Hace 15 días
What song was that????
andrea ventura Daily
andrea ventura Daily Hace 15 días
How do you just have 3 fine ass sons like this
b c
b c Hace 15 días
Clarify the confusion. Tosh.o said they are all gay. Do they really like the male penis and the male anus?
Jime 212
Jime 212 Hace 16 días
Love this
Noemi Noyola
Noemi Noyola Hace 16 días
I just realized that Kevin could be one of the 4.5 Million views of this clip 😂😂
Aliyyah Hosein
Aliyyah Hosein Hace 16 días
I love it how they have their feet at the same position lol😹😹
Lindsey L
Lindsey L Hace 16 días
There wasn’t any music, it was all acting
Simone Moser
Simone Moser Hace 16 días
love this game!!
Bria Robinson
Bria Robinson Hace 16 días
Question about joe was the funniest of it all
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