Killstation & Joei Razook - Cracks

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Hace 2 años

Prod. Killstation
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ziggy Hace 7 días
i should call him
Fuckin Hesher
Fuckin Hesher Hace 15 días
Ahh Shit, my last name is Razook
Hannah Pratt
Hannah Pratt Hace 29 días
Sounds like Oliver Tree!! 🙌🏻
ItsMitchell H
ItsMitchell H Hace un mes
What movie is that sample from?
waillez luca
waillez luca Hace un mes
Perry Hedrick
Perry Hedrick Hace un mes
"I tried but we dont stand a chance"😔😔
Chris SDL
Chris SDL Hace 2 meses
Snofy Hace 2 meses
Khalil Hadji
Khalil Hadji Hace 2 meses
This is my new addiction
KRLA Hace 2 meses
B B Hace 3 meses
This song is on repeat
Borya Boris
Borya Boris Hace 4 meses
Годня песня, как и Киллстасион)
AlphaBoltZ Hace 4 meses
people sleeping on killstation, hes so good.
anna Hace 14 días
He is!
Yolber Oner
Yolber Oner Hace 4 meses
Pornhub brought me here.
Cha Cha Real Smooth
Cha Cha Real Smooth Hace 5 meses
We all die anyways
Tezza Alvaro
Tezza Alvaro Hace 6 meses
The most underrated song
Snezhka Telezhka
Snezhka Telezhka Hace 6 meses
I’m here from Void Stiles😂👌
Max Purdy
Max Purdy Hace 6 meses
Sounds like Peep and Oliver Tree
Anastazja Kułdosz
Anastazja Kułdosz Hace 7 meses
Proszę umyć dupe
Conrado Beltran
Conrado Beltran Hace 8 meses
very good boys
Switchr Hace 8 meses
*The memories deep in my mind, burn down the structure that keep me alive, tell me the reason you wasting my time, tear down the walls I'm buried behind, I never meant to be so fucking distant we all reminiscing on something that's missing and all that I know is that somebody snitching and that's why I wrote this I know that you'll listen.*
Switchr Hace 8 meses
Everyone talking about peep but this flow is xxx
Meme Ord
Meme Ord Hace 3 meses
Switchr 1 This sounds like neither lol
Jaydynn Wilson
Jaydynn Wilson Hace 8 meses
i just want u all to know if u r watching this song being depressed or anything near or close u r worth more than u know and i know u dontnknow my name or my storybbut u dont need to u just need to know u r woth alot in this world
Luis Engler
Luis Engler Hace 20 días
so much love 2 u
Fallen Hace 4 meses
Horizontal for Attention. Vertical for affection
Gunner Mollison
Gunner Mollison Hace 4 meses
bro thats deep can i add you on like instagram
anna Hace 4 meses
Eric || yes you can do it. You’re strong.
NaCl Ωmega
NaCl Ωmega Hace 5 meses
All your burdens will drop when you learn to love yourself. No other person can properly fill that void inside from value/love. Only temporarily fix it but in the long run even that won't be enough. It must come from yourself.
Flash Hace 8 meses
underrated af
Jesse Pulido
Jesse Pulido Hace 9 meses
Such a beautiful song
:p Hace 9 meses
this was the best song i ever heard
Meme Ord
Meme Ord Hace 3 meses
Ryan Rigby
Ryan Rigby Hace 10 meses
Song on repeat.
ErOwOs Hace 10 meses
Why everyone is talking like „He sounds like lil peep“ This is disrespectfull AF Why dont you say He sounds good or something I really dont hate lil peep but I think this is going a little bit to far
Connor Hace 3 meses
I see why people are saying it, but I agree with you. Whether intentional or not it does-by nature-imply unoriginality
cyberangel Hace 5 meses
_Wendy_ i dont get how that would be disrespectful. I would think of it as more of a compliment.
Audubon lol
Audubon lol Hace 7 meses
Sounds nothing like lil peep actually. Tf 😂😂
Buff Ralph
Buff Ralph Hace 8 meses
_Wendy_ I don’t understand how it’s the least bit disrespectful can you explain?
sad lucas hours
sad lucas hours Hace un año
thats my favworite parwwwtttttt
Ssam iN
Ssam iN Hace un año
verse one sounds like tyler joseph (21 pilots) verse two sounds like peep
anna Hace 4 meses
S7 Fluidz || I never knew that virgin is an insult now..
S7 Fluidz
S7 Fluidz Hace un año
Ssam shutup you fucking virgin
Tom Bischoff
Tom Bischoff Hace un año
This Song digs up your inner soul and shows how fucked up life became since you were a kid
BB Centipede
BB Centipede Hace un año
felipe verissimo
felipe verissimo Hace un año
Live do matta?
Ratz Hace un año
This is a copy of “switchblades”
German Boi
German Boi Hace un año
Jonathan Ratz wtf not even close
I am the father
I am the father Hace un año
Stop compare and appreciate good music. Peep is gone get over it (not in an offensive way ofc)
I am the father
I am the father Hace un año
@Uts Wem U2 bro. Have a great day. Don't worry my English is bad 2
Uts Wem
Uts Wem Hace un año
@I am the father somehow i agree with u. when it comes from artist, depression sadness and negativity could be turned into art and that's totally okay imo. but when it comes to kid who start spreading this sadness as a "cool" way of life, u can say that something went wrong. sad art could be nice and even help people, fucking sadboi kids can go fuck themself. thanks for reading my comment wrote in a poor english, stay away from negativity
I am the father
I am the father Hace un año
@Uts Wem wow that was super nice of you. Love you 2
Uts Wem
Uts Wem Hace un año
@I am the father love u bro
I am the father
I am the father Hace un año
@Uts Wem ye
chase the snake
chase the snake Hace un año
where is the last part (talking bit) from?
BeaSSt_ Hace un mes
Soundbite from the movie “The Man On The Eiffel Tower (1949)” This outro is also used on the song Broken. The intention behind this being included is probably because it resonates with Killstations more vulnerable songs. Furthermore, it gives some insight into Killstation as a person, he may feel these things but have a hard time opening up about them. Alternatively the line “You don’t have to shout it out just say it soft and distinctly” may be because Killstation feels misunderstood, and when he tries to open up about his feelings people are uncomfortable with how aggressive and dark his thoughts are, as is his music. cited from user "JUSTANAMEBRO" on the site genius dot com.
chase the snake
chase the snake Hace un año
German Boi is that a movie or something?
German Boi
German Boi Hace un año
the last words (sample) or so
chase the snake
chase the snake Hace un año
DieYoung what? i’m asking for the source
DieYoung Hace un año
You can slow it yourself tho lol
Culy Hace un año
sped up sound like peep🤞
Marcelo Dunai
Marcelo Dunai Hace un año
nexalcs Hace un año
Holy Fuck this is good.
Ivy X
Ivy X Hace un año
He makes me think of lil peep Rip ❤
Stormy Goette
Stormy Goette Hace un año
feel like if you slowed it a bit it'd be lit af
colin Hace un año
feel it
mati n
mati n Hace un año
Ступит! Hace un año
尼古拉斯纱布 Hace un año
joei razook和killstation太他妈棒了
Prtalz Hace un año
lil peep back from the dead?
Shanna Hace un año
Sooo dope
All_Forgotten__ Hace un año
Killstation & Joei Razook - Cracks 🎶
OP gracz
OP gracz Hace un año
Lol bro u sounds like lil peep
your mum gey
your mum gey Hace un año
1.25x 😭
your mum gey
your mum gey Hace un año
New Lil Peep, you are so underrated
Cornelu to ksywa
Cornelu to ksywa Hace un año
wiki michalska
wiki michalska Hace un año
Jedd Hace un año
Fuck, I love Killstation so damn much
d e p r e s s e d
d e p r e s s e d Hace un año
Make me remember lil Peep:( rip Gus
Like lil Peep love this song gj guys
Florence Hace un año
Is that gaara from naruto 0:55 ?!?!?
eBears Hace un año
shave your ass rookie
shave your ass rookie Hace un año
This song got me in my feels
Ramonsz Hace un año
I love this, wish this was not underrated.
JFF Hace un año
yo he sounds like peep!!!!
Cosmin Rata
Cosmin Rata Hace un año
I love this music 🔥🔥🔥 Also I remeber Lil Peep😢
Nick N.
Nick N. Hace un año
Sounds like Peep
Audrey Strickland
Audrey Strickland Hace un año
Joei sounds so much like Brennan savage an peep an tbh I love them all
Ripper66647 Hace un año
I think you're talking about Killstation. Joei sounds nothing like those two
Tim got back pain
Tim got back pain Hace 2 años
Im so tired of waking up everyday to be a piece of shit
Felix Kreuter
Felix Kreuter Hace 2 años
its just like lil peep
Hunter Healy
Hunter Healy Hace 2 años
waters Hace 2 años
what a fucking banger jeeee
carter anderson
carter anderson Hace 2 años
why does he sound like lil peep
DEVASTATEDI Hace 4 meses
Lil peep, kill station, Brennan savage, and Ghostemane grew up together so if you look into all the underground songs by them then they will sound the same
No You
No You Hace 5 meses
Sounds like killstation to me... God I ate people always comparing artists
theking 210
theking 210 Hace 9 meses
@Not Nameless he sounds like lil meep
Luke Seneca
Luke Seneca Hace un año
Not Nameless fuck up
Not Nameless
Not Nameless Hace un año
shut the fuck up he sounds like lil peep
Alex Tintor
Alex Tintor Hace 2 años
This song makes me remember Lil Peep
peeper. Hace 2 meses
omg same thoughts-
*REEFER* Hace 3 meses
Gay boi clique
Spiel Email
Spiel Email Hace 5 meses
Hahahaha I just googled "Lil Peep my dear" because I couldn't remember the name of the song and I found it
beabee Hace 6 meses
yes thats why i love it so much
Merlyn Baumgart
Merlyn Baumgart Hace 7 meses
same guys rip..
Penelope Muler
Penelope Muler Hace 2 años
This is so underrated
puzzty munxferd
puzzty munxferd Hace 7 meses
Fairly popular on spotify
Anthony Ikeda
Anthony Ikeda Hace un año
Lol not even scratching underground shit Dylan Ross is underrated
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