Killer Mike and T.I. make the case for protecting Atlanta

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Speaking at a press conference on Friday night as protests turned destructive, the Atlanta natives, rappers and business men made a case for protecting Atlanta.


RightTime BrokersGroup
RightTime BrokersGroup Hace 3 días
So what about Chicago?
RightTime BrokersGroup
RightTime BrokersGroup Hace 3 días
So finally rioting is wrong.
Sergio Oliva
Sergio Oliva Hace 3 días
Oh yeah, these Bozo's know what to do.
Carlton McDaniel
Carlton McDaniel Hace 4 días
In a combat situation it knows no boundaries!
Beto Lopez
Beto Lopez Hace 4 días
Secoriea Turner's death didn't generate a fraction of Floyd's death outrage, wake up black folks you're emotions are being manipulated by the these democratic run news stations and y'all doing their dirty work for free.
Beto Lopez
Beto Lopez Hace 4 días
democrats: controlling black lives since 1830 Telling you what stories to care for, how to care for it and when to do it, "Mental slavery"
Max MT
Max MT Hace 5 días
Ok a white cop killed a black man. That's so huge but what about the multiple number of people who were just killed in Atlanta by the same color? (Mic drop)
Jeremiah Woods
Jeremiah Woods Hace 5 días
T.i is no revolutionary like Pac "we'll burn this bitchdown you get us pissed!" Period
Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn Hace 5 días
Somehow wakanda looks more filthy than it does on TV
LongIslandHobbyist Hace 5 días
And where are killer mike and ti about the babies and innocents killed at the hands of people WITHOUT a badge? Theres a whole shitload of them. Congratulations certain parts of society. Good job.
shiafeh Hace 6 días
Not my town go to another town and fuck shit up
Todd Tracy
Todd Tracy Hace 6 días
Why does she refer to the death of Mr. Floyd as a shooting??? How do you get that wrong. This was more disgusting than a shooting
trina ray
trina ray Hace 6 días
Amen 🙏🏽 Mike🙌🏽💕
Hachii Kostaffi
Hachii Kostaffi Hace 7 días
I wonder would they have that same emotion if they didn’t own a lot of property and businesses.
A Noon Knocking
A Noon Knocking Hace 7 días
Michael O'Day
Michael O'Day Hace 7 días
We call out the cheapening of Black Lives and We say in unison " BLACK LIVES MATTER". So Who better to uphold the sanctity of Black Life then ..... "KILLER MIKE?" WHAT!?! Who takes this shit seriously?
Collin Kennedy
Collin Kennedy Hace 8 días
You are a idiot
Mike Nike
Mike Nike Hace 8 días
Killa Mike, so you talk all sad about your cop family but then it’s ok to “burn the system down”?? Get the f*ck outta here you fake *ss killa!!!! And TI.. being born black in America is a blessing..go to Africa and they’ll eat your American *ss up for breakfast
doubleOT Hace 8 días
Dude just named 5 democrat cities lmaoo
PC__ '
PC__ ' Hace 7 días
Can you name a city with over 1millon people that republican just asking.
Luke Milton
Luke Milton Hace 9 días
Killer Mike is such an amazing individual. Absolutely love him. Keep up the phenomenal work.
Rawdiswar Hace 11 días
I would love to visit Atlanta and the Georgia coast. Maybe some day.
james morris
james morris Hace 13 días
"Saw a white Atlanta police officer assassinate a black man..."? Bullshit. A taser gun is considered by law 'deadly force'. Rayshard Brooks stole the policeman's taser and while trying to flee from the arresting officer, he turned and fired at the police officer. The police officer returned fire in self defense. It's on video. Blacks just can't stop blaming white people and in particular white police officers for the problems. If they didn't break the law, if they weren't perpetrators to begin with, they wouldn't have any problems. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. What's this fool crying about?
Mr. Jointer
Mr. Jointer Hace 14 días
Bunch of ignorant mfers fuck blm if u ain't saying all lives matter than fuck you blm
Mr. Jointer
Mr. Jointer Hace 7 días
White lives matter
PC__ '
PC__ ' Hace 7 días
Black lives matter
Jonathan Bencomo
Jonathan Bencomo Hace 15 días
Those who were george Floyd friend and family will judge 3 ex police officers it is not just us or the judges but them they should get to decide if they will be forgiven get normal life a normal life be judge by others or will they be sentence life in prison or death that is for them to decide weather which is true justice death sentence or life in prison let them decide they're fates the one that killed George Floyd
Tear of Taste
Tear of Taste Hace 15 días
Fuck you the Officer was justified. When all the charges are dropped on the two Officers and they are re-instated the cops will come back to work
Jonathan Haag
Jonathan Haag Hace 16 días
You didnt see beyonce at the cause lol. Sorry. Jamie fox was tho. She must be better or something
M Hace 16 días
TI: blah blah blah expeditiously indubitably. Killer Mike: i didnt want to come and i didnt want to be here...(proceeds to spit straight facts from the heart)
Deuce Hace 16 días
I don't know anything about "Killer" Mike. But during his speech I noticed that he seems a particularly smart, thinking person. I for one am glad that he is speaking out against the anarchy. He clearly has potential to be a major force of influence.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Hace 17 días
these brothas need to have a conversation with @ClayTravis @BenShapiro @JasonWhitlock @WillCain
Jinx D.Clown
Jinx D.Clown Hace 17 días
When TI said "when you cant get treated right" in all of those cities, what he really means to say is, when you don't get shit given to you.
anon 151515
anon 151515 Hace 17 días
Hey killer Mike, looks like the hommies forgot that black lives matter.
Casey Fitzgerald
Casey Fitzgerald Hace 17 días
T.i your famous and have a really nice beard. I stand for whatever you stand for. Also im 8 years old so I know what I'm talking about.
James Tosten
James Tosten Hace 17 días
T.i is a bitch
jake6152 Hace 17 días
BULLSHIT. The message here is protect Atlanta, because Atlanta has a lot of black businesses. How about this for a message: 'Don't riot and don't loot, period'. Mike and TI don't care about innocent ppl becoming caught in the cross fire of all this. They only care about a certain group of ppl, with a certain skin color. There is nothing special about Atlanta. Being black doesn't make you special, it makes you equal. That's the message that should be sent. Anyone rioting, looting and acting like a thug should be punished. That's the message that should be conveyed, not this shit.
Seth Brunfied Sr
Seth Brunfied Sr Hace 18 días
To me y'all mad cause they tore up y'all stuff.we mad cause they tearing us up in theses streets.Stand up for what's right even if it hurt.
life sentence sux so does playz
life sentence sux so does playz Hace 18 días
Lol. This is coming from a guy who calls himself "killer" Mike
Charles Hankins
Charles Hankins Hace 18 días
Where is all the sports players and rappers in Chicago for them little kids come on. Let's back these people Atlanta
Anthony Gugliotta
Anthony Gugliotta Hace 18 días
Killer mike and Ti! LMFAO! Illiterate garbage thugs r gonna give their opinion huh! Guess what killer micheal and tangerine illness. Your opinion on anything is about equal to a pile of 🐕 sht. By the way TI. Watching Candice Owens embarrass the hell out of you in that one debate was epic.Who is you. Who is u think u are! LMFAO×10😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Al Bu
Al Bu Hace 19 días
Killer Mike? Giving advice? Hes got killer in his name.....please....smh
Todd Ward
Todd Ward Hace 19 días
Absolutely ridiculous!!! Feel free to loot, plunder, steal, burn down, just not Atlanta. This human garbage literally just said it is necessary to do all these things to other cities, but somehow you are a bad person if you do it in Atlanta??? Sorry but if you are a part of looting, burning, violence anywhere, then you are a garbage person and you should be punished for it. There isn’t anything special about Atlanta, these actions are not alright anywhere and these so called celebrities and that garbage Mayor standing up there suggesting otherwise is disgusting!!!
Zytheis Universe
Zytheis Universe Hace 19 días
What about black on black killing.. STFU
Dab Rab
Dab Rab Hace 19 días
The iorny of a guy named "killer mike" telling you how to be safe.....
Beto Lopez
Beto Lopez Hace 4 días
von 1818
von 1818 Hace 5 días
Holy Shit I just noticed that . That’s big irony. Hypocritical as fuck
DiLLy DiLLy Hace 19 días
Chicago has over 100 shootings. And I had to dig through the news to hear about it. Where blm at?
Darryl Underwood
Darryl Underwood Hace 19 días
T.I Is racist monger.
David Johnson
David Johnson Hace 19 días
TI is a racist POS
PUNCH LINE 619 Hace 19 días
robchip1 Hace 19 días
This has to be some of the stupidest news iv ever seen
john romo
john romo Hace 19 días
Dumb and dumber trying to get air time with an IQ of 60, Candace Owen got an IQ of 200 😁😁
Hot Garbage
Hot Garbage Hace 19 días
Did anyone notice the reporter call it a shooting death... that’s a bit of a mistake
Growler 11
Growler 11 Hace 20 días
All the city’s are run democratically for many years with no change 😞 voting Republican perhaps would be a wise decision 🇺🇸
Black Berry lady
Black Berry lady Hace 5 días
And the Democrats leaders won't stop the violence scared of not being elected...This isnt about George....Why dont the mayors, governors call the National guard tear gas, BULLETS and let it RIP, if they serious about getting people out the STREETS....Its not about George, even if it was, U can tear up The world over it.🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽
Dilligaf Bohica
Dilligaf Bohica Hace 17 días the man who created the system of cops looking to arrest people instead of help them
Nuna Biz ness
Nuna Biz ness Hace 20 días
BLM is ruining America. And fuck these celebrities. They are just actors and puppets for the industry
Cesar Guitar
Cesar Guitar Hace 20 días
How a fuck this guy become successful? Wakanda? Other cities deserve it? Killer Mike with a shirt saying "Kill your masters"; you guys are clowns.
Marion Stearns
Marion Stearns Hace 21 un día
Well take a stroll down memory lane. Good people. Please take a look at what's going on and black folks condition in the world. We are still doing the same things we did in the 60s following the same exact mistakes. The results will remain the same. This is why these leftist are allowing this same act to happen. Wake up people. Wake. Up.
The Ruach
The Ruach Hace 21 un día
Massa's little puppets complaining the house is burning.
G MAN Hace 21 un día
Hey, number one don't be a criminal and force a police officer to have to deal with your sorry ass. End of story.
Saint Roberts
Saint Roberts Hace 21 un día
End slavery in America, Vote Republican!!
tom walker
tom walker Hace 21 un día
TI was arrested years ago as a felon in possession of automatic weapons. even without the prior record, if you get caught with that kind of hardware you will go to jail for 10 years. he got community service; i wonder who he snitched on
Clench Boss
Clench Boss Hace 21 un día
Preaching hate against the white man, reaping violence against everybody. Hate is hate
Clench Boss
Clench Boss Hace 21 un día
Fake role models
Mr. T
Mr. T Hace 21 un día
Wakanda? Where is the Vibranium!
aces541 Hace 21 un día
Make some excuses for these grubs
Real Deal
Real Deal Hace 22 días
Ti is a idiot . But he needs to calm the people down
Real Deal
Real Deal Hace 22 días
Good job
Alexander Tero
Alexander Tero Hace 22 días
The old man is....
Dwanna Smith
Dwanna Smith Hace 22 días
Meaning the people willing to hold on to the good fix the bad n ? Everything
Dwanna Smith
Dwanna Smith Hace 22 días
UnamedSource Hace 22 días
You guys don't get it. White liberals WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO OWN A BUSINESS OR SUCCEED!!!! You think it's a coincidence that this occurred when black wages and business ownership is at its highest? Don't worry personally, you will certainly be protected by the great liberal hand. They will give you whatever you want. Why? Because they will be giving it to you and it will never be yours because of that. Enjoy life in the big house on the hill.
elusive mane
elusive mane Hace 22 días
why tf ti even show up with that weak ass shit.. Big up killer mike
Americanheathen Hace 22 días
And the Oscar goes to...
Ohio Alarms
Ohio Alarms Hace 23 días
Why not say end police brutality as well as committing crimes and resisting arrest?
Joseph Urquieta
Joseph Urquieta Hace 21 un día
Responsibility my man. No one wants to take it. Life is simple.
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