Kevin Owens crashes Shane McMahon’s Town Hall: SmackDown LIVE, July 16, 2019

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Before his town hall meeting, Shane McMahon announces that Kevin Owens has been barred from the arena for his insubordination.
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Sandman Dreamwalker
Sandman Dreamwalker Hace un día
michelle petit
michelle petit Hace 2 días
Charlotte flair elle se prend pour qui elle ressemble bien à son père elle se prend pour la reine alors qu elle est nulle la meilleure c est paire et stratus et bénie lunch flair à la place 0
michelle petit
michelle petit Hace 3 días
Bravo à Kévin opens il a mit la dérouiller à celui qui se prétend le patron c est son père le chef
Joe S
Joe S Hace 4 días
I’m sure many would like to see rich guys get their azzes kicked like that...
Jon Luci
Jon Luci Hace 5 días
This is sad. Wrestling use to be badass. These people aren't legit tough. Just laughable
Big Boy2531
Big Boy2531 Hace 6 días
0:45 That dude that shouted “OHHHHHHHHHHhHhH” killed me 😂
Roro Horn
Roro Horn Hace 6 días
Can we all stop talking about randy and just take a moment to appreciate Kofi Kingston for saying what had to be said to Shane 3:41
How2 Hace 7 días
*When you botch a stunner*
How2 Hace 7 días
*When you botch a stunner*
How2 Hace 7 días
*When you botch a stunner*
How2 Hace 7 días
*When you botch a stunner*
WWE Montages and Tributes
WWE Montages and Tributes Hace 8 días
If only Cm Punk were there lmao, “PIPE BOMB”
suat doğan
suat doğan Hace 9 días
Mustafa Ali 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💌
tau safua
tau safua Hace 10 días
three muskerteers Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, and Elias also called "Triple twins booty farts"yes they suck attack.
Ty Taylor
Ty Taylor Hace 10 días
It appears the McMahon family has a new diva in the family. The last couple of months Shane has to be the center of attention and hog the spotlight and be in front of the camera as much as he can. We know who has the business smarts and is running the family business now Hunter and Stephanie and they truly deserve to take the reigns and show what they're made of.
Judah Toby
Judah Toby Hace 13 días
The New Day made me laugh
amirali noology fan
amirali noology fan Hace 14 días
Darth Monkey Ballz
Darth Monkey Ballz Hace 14 días
How u gunna ruin KO.......... Idiots find a way
Marjenya Satterwhite
Marjenya Satterwhite Hace 16 días
Bro the new day make me laugh 😂😂😂 😂
Dark Porter
Dark Porter Hace 17 días
Am i the only who think that kevin owens should stay as a baby face like cena?
Ezzy Ignacio
Ezzy Ignacio Hace 17 días
1:33 wtf is otis doing 😂
Brandon Gordon
Brandon Gordon Hace 17 días
I think that Shane McMahon threw the pie at Kevin Owens
Kushal Shahi
Kushal Shahi Hace 17 días
Randy Orton was glad after it was over.😂😂😂
John Paul Hughes
John Paul Hughes Hace 19 días
I that what wrestling is like now?
Abdullah Furqan
Abdullah Furqan Hace 20 días
KO 👍
Amman Nega
Amman Nega Hace 21 un día
I don't know, Kofi doesn't come across as this larger than life star even though he's the WWE Champion
Corey you call that a Town Hall you sponge all you do us Suck Up .Just like the Charlette and others
Royal Tee
Royal Tee Hace 22 días
Why is everyone hating on Shane?
Im Moe
Im Moe Hace 22 días
Roman is my favorite
Scottwilkie18 Hace 22 días
Jarrod Hakaraia
Jarrod Hakaraia Hace 22 días
It would of been better if C M Punk said it. ... Oh wait.
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson Hace 23 días
1:27 Bayley Impression Was Hilarious
GhostMcFright Hace 24 días
That Liv Morgan to Charlotte Flair diss though, was brutal, "Is there ANYTHING real about you" xD
EJSFilms2K Hace 25 días
Shane is old now Dude should be a referee
Doshi Hace 25 días
So the best stunner Owens did so far is a wwe edit? Lol
Greasy one
Greasy one Hace 26 días
I only know about 5 ppl there
William Schwenke
William Schwenke Hace 26 días
If Shane McMahon wins at SummerSlam.....I’m about done watching WWE. KEVIN OWENS NEEDS TO BE WWE OR UNIVERSAL CHAMPION AGAIN!!!
dFuZe Raven
dFuZe Raven Hace 26 días
Randy Orton is the 16 year old that has to hang out with 10 year olds
Charles Bonds
Charles Bonds Hace 27 días
The stuner to vence from Steve Austin now to shaine from Kevin Owens like father like son attitude era
your majesty mrmac215
your majesty mrmac215 Hace 27 días
Damn shane starting to look like his daddy
Matthew Wolfe
Matthew Wolfe Hace 28 días
Kevin Owens deserves to win vs Shane McMahon at Summerslam with the Stunner and the Pop Up Powerbomb.
Huggo Weaver
Huggo Weaver Hace 28 días
Man you look at that roster and how much it's changed over the years and Randy Orton truly is the last man left of his era
chanel collette
chanel collette Hace 28 días
I want buddy Murphy!
Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan Hace 28 días
Shane was always good at selling stunners
Th7 Hace 28 días
In segments like these, all eyes go on Randy Orton. His expressions were gold.
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid Hace 28 días
Actually I just noticed that he was there
journeymanX Hace 28 días
Jim Ross: KO KO KO KO KO KO!!!!!,bah gawd almighty zayn,bah gawd almighty!!!!
Johnny Brix
Johnny Brix Hace 28 días
What happened to Shane's arm... ... Voice?
PANKAJ SAHAY Hace 28 días
Shane mcmahan is coward and lowger fighter
صالح نسيم
صالح نسيم Hace 28 días
4:43 I'm dead😂😂😂
jason c
jason c Hace 28 días
I cringe seeing Kevin Owens do that Stone Cold stunner 😳
jason c
jason c Hace 28 días
@Waleed Khalid I hope so, Lashley deserves it. I like Kofi Kingston's run. It's long overdue.
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid Hace 28 días
@jason c you're welcome , speaking of Bobby Lashley , I'm pretty sure he'll get his chance of winning the Universal championship sooner or later though I'm not sure who will be the champion then
jason c
jason c Hace 28 días
@Waleed Khalid I'm having fun. Thanks for the conversation. I like KO. He's not my favorite though. My favorite is Bobby Lashley.
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid Hace 28 días
@jason c ok man , it's all good , if I have to say something about it then I agree with you that stone cold does it better but that doesn't mean that KO didn't do it good I think he nailed it there but not as good as Steve Austin
jason c
jason c Hace 28 días
@Waleed Khalid "continue with my cringe" that was insulting sir lol so I mentioned Stone Cold does a better stunner. I didn't like Kevin Owens doing that move.
Vishal Orten
Vishal Orten Hace 28 días
4:06 viper attention position😂😂
Labra Lab Rats Elite Force
Labra Lab Rats Elite Force Hace 29 días
Lol when Stone Cold Comes Back lol 😂
Bryan Carol
Bryan Carol Hace 29 días
Liv Morgan and Kevin Owens make a face turn ? 😂
Eci Kargi
Eci Kargi Hace 29 días
reigns' first appearance on smackdown after the shakeup and he's complaining about shane. lmao me
CAL Hace 25 días
because everybody hates shane
Parkhurst Jcmanual
Parkhurst Jcmanual Hace 29 días
come on we need a new nwo,dx,evolution,kliq to kick erbody's @$$.
Essa Rassool
Essa Rassool Hace 29 días
Please give Kevin ownens his own cool move, if we want stone cold vs McMahon we would buy the Wwe network for 9.99
Arya Vyas
Arya Vyas Hace 29 días
Randy is like why does Charlotte hair look like spaghetti
Clue Henryboy
Clue Henryboy Hace 29 días
0:42 selling replays 0:42 0:42 0:42 0:42
Kylerc2004 Hace 29 días
Can we get KO wwe crew member shirts now since it looks to be his attire
Mikey Fern 2.0
Mikey Fern 2.0 Hace 29 días
Shane as a heel tarnished
Rishi Agnihotri
Rishi Agnihotri Hace 29 días
i think randy was itching to RKO every got dam person there lol
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid Hace 28 días
Now that is the comment of the century
Son of a Gun
Son of a Gun Hace 29 días
Orton is the only one who is like i dont agree with kevin.
Emerald_In_The_Attic Hace 29 días
I was there!! I loved it.
Charlisze Delos santos
Charlisze Delos santos Hace 29 días
That guy does not look like Shane McMahon. If that's Shane then he should look like in 2003 version
Master Of Plauge
Master Of Plauge Hace un mes
It's great that Shane is taking up the family business.
Fred Johnson
Fred Johnson Hace un mes
Charlotte is hot y'all need to stop hating 😡😡♥️♥️♥️💙💙💙💙💙
Sabhaniah Vighedi
Sabhaniah Vighedi Hace un mes
John Cena made my day by returning to WWE RAW! He is the one Guy that Rocks when it comes to wrestling! His Respect and honour stands Him out from the rest! More so he can make the best CEO in this business!
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid Hace 28 días
I think you mean COO
Goodycolt4000 Hace un mes
Randy just wants to RKO everyone
Metallic Twister
Metallic Twister Hace un mes
the roasting, the stunner... i loved all of it but at the same time, i kinda wanted them to brawl out, and while sane is trynna control everything, KO comes and does the stunning lol
Tangie Support
Tangie Support Hace un mes
I just like looking at Randy Orton
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid Hace 28 días
Okay, that sounds weird
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