Kevin Hart: Dave Chappelle is the GOAT !

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Taken from JRE #1480 w/Kevin Hart:

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suvio Hace un minuto
Preach Kevin Hart.
Michael Curtis
Michael Curtis Hace 10 horas
We need a GOAT right now
Joseph Mama
Joseph Mama Hace 11 horas
Chappelle is a living legend
Thiago F
Thiago F Hace 19 horas
Well we learned that Kevin Hart cant describe things 2:15
JAY Rari
JAY Rari Hace 21 un hora
Dave stopped because they was tryna get him to join what they tried to do everybody else , and if he didn’t they said they were going to make him seem crazy and ok drugs , look up katt Williams tellin the story
Jonathan Wiggins
Jonathan Wiggins Hace 22 horas
"He stood up for comedy..." It's like two ball players talking about watching Babe Ruth play.
Les Grant
Les Grant Hace 23 horas
Chappelle is up there, he's my favorite currently living. Richard Pryor is funnier and is the GOAT in my opinion. Chappelle would likely agree with that.
Treylor Parks
Treylor Parks Hace un día
I could listen to Joe Rogan the rest of my life
road runner
road runner Hace un día
Chapelle crossed a line where is not longer considered as a comedian, very smart guy, he really do Doge laser beams!
Ray Milligan
Ray Milligan Hace un día
come on ??? Richard Pryor was the GOAT !
BigMacBraaap Hace un día
Why Dave Chapelle apparently sound like Boomhauer?
Kirk Sledge
Kirk Sledge Hace un día
Frank Millz
Frank Millz Hace un día
Killing em softly was the first time i really understood how grate dave is.. Dave is a cultural monument.. we love you dave!
Richard Grayson
Richard Grayson Hace 2 días
Amazing people want to cancel Dave Chappelle for what he says, but he routinely refuses money and corporations has never sold his soul, doesn’t want to virtue signal just speaks truth and is funny, but people think musicians actors and bloggers are not full of shit.
Alberto David Jr
Alberto David Jr Hace 2 días
Ppl like Dave Chappelle understand that they are their biggest assest and biggest commodity they understand that you cant put a value nor put a limit and a cap on art it comes from the mind of the creator and for as long as it stays in the hands of the creator it will remain rich in value...Comedy Central went down the drain and invested in a liar like Mencia and Dave went on his own and now look where he is? Power is in the people
Edwin Lange
Edwin Lange Hace 2 días
Kevin are you not Free bro ?
Karim Hrichi
Karim Hrichi Hace 2 días
Love Dave Chappelle... Always have to laugh so hard. My wife always looks at me, what's the matter with you? (O yeah, watching on my laptop with headphone). I don't know about the Goat, but he is for sure one of the best ever!
Darius Godfrey
Darius Godfrey Hace 3 días
They hit that cancel button on Katt Williams and Dave said yep let me take this trip ✌🏾... in that time he kept his life his mind and his sanity... they threw 50 mil at him because he was that powerful... 🤔 if you offer me 50 how much am I worth?? Dave is the 🐐 🐐
Snickers Hace 3 días
Kevin Hart forgets david said he would never wear a dress and he also said he would never do it and he did so yea david is a legend
Fazlur Rahman
Fazlur Rahman Hace 3 días
One of one 👌
Mike Seaquest
Mike Seaquest Hace 3 días
Dave chapelle on the podcast please
Mike Seaquest
Mike Seaquest Hace 3 días
Much respect
Dum Faded
Dum Faded Hace 3 días
Two top Tier comedians took 15 minutes on a pod cast about Kevin to talk about someone they both admire. the power of Dave Chappelle
COONHUNTER #1 Hace 3 días
All comics should hate political correctness and the PC culture was brought on by liberalism.
Chicken Permission
Chicken Permission Hace 4 días
You bent the knee Kevin.
Salty Medpac
Salty Medpac Hace 4 días
And he didn't have to wear a dress to get there.
SnazzyBlumpkin Hace 4 días
Well I mean dave chappelle is actually funny
Matter of Fact
Matter of Fact Hace 4 días
Kevin says Dave is the GOAT, but Dave shares that spot with Kevin.
Corey Amagula
Corey Amagula Hace 4 días
WHAT about Patrice O'neal
Fotosynthesis858 Hace 4 días
So basically what Hart is saying is: He’s a sellout & Chappelle ISNT. Roger that. No wonder why I hate all of Harts movies.
Fotosynthesis858 Hace 4 días
FACT: They were trying to make Chappelle fire his black actors on his show & hire more white people.
Fotosynthesis858 Hace 9 horas
Bronze Dosser Gee, thanks Captain Obvious
Bronze Dosser
Bronze Dosser Hace un día
That was just one of the reasons.
ElusiaBoomkin Hace 4 días
goat Goat GOAT!!!
Lynelle Mcdaniels
Lynelle Mcdaniels Hace 4 días
Agnie M
Agnie M Hace 5 días
i mean this with so much love but dont ever put kevin against a black chair and purple backdrop again. its hurting my astigmatism. kevin is too dark for those backdrops. his tones strikingly beautiful but still fucks with my eyes
Rogemille Castillo
Rogemille Castillo Hace 5 días
Rushmore of comedy: Prior, Carlin, Chapelle, Seinfeld
Goro Majima
Goro Majima Hace 3 días
Take Seinfeld off
joseph wilson
joseph wilson Hace 5 días
This convo was lacking. These guys can't even hold Dave's candle. Real spill.
DoubleF FF
DoubleF FF Hace 5 días
The sound of speech is faster than the lips.
DoubleF FF
DoubleF FF Hace 5 días
Pimp Z
Pimp Z Hace 6 días
You just watched a GOAT proclaim Dave Chappelle The GOAT there is no discussion.
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky Hace 6 días
and if you rewatch his old standup he was very woke and ridiculed crowd on slut shaming Lewinsky
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky Hace 6 días
also Chappelle married great. a rarity among both comedians and show-biz in general
Moon Oak
Moon Oak Hace 6 días
I love the LOVE you guys are giving!!!
charles wade
charles wade Hace 6 días
Kevin is that dude that pretends to like you if others talk highly of you but deep down he jealous mofo. Chappell is a comical genius of the 21st century all the other bullshitis here today and gone tomorrow. That’s a shit voice impersonation of Chappell too! Come on Kev be real here - that’s what too much fake shit does to a man. I see a sad dude in a blue hoodie
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph Hace 6 días
I met Dave as a kid in Manhattan. Walked by him outside of a comedy club. We stopped and asked for autographs and he spent like twenty minutes hanging out with our group! He was giving us life advice telling jokes! He was the most humble nice genuine person ever! We were like 17 years old and I’ll. Ever forget. He even waited for us to run down the block to buy cigars for him to sign. It was right after half baked cane out lol!!!!!
Aanteatur Hace 6 días
Dave Chappelle. The epitome of, "I do what the fuck I want."
Jill Jillgar
Jill Jillgar Hace 6 días
He's ok with now having True gold
Damien Brock
Damien Brock Hace 7 días
Big love lil bruh
Jason Hace 8 días
His 8:46 sealed his place in legend for me. He is an orator who makes you laugh and also makes you think. Billy Connolly is the only other compatible comedian who transcends comedy into just being some who talks and you listen, laugh, cry.
Craig Southgate
Craig Southgate Hace 8 días
I cant decide between Dave and Richard...sometimes I think Dave is Richard's reincarnation lol but hat off to Kevin so humble
senti393481 Hace 8 días
I like how they laugh at each other's Chappelle impressions.
John Austin
John Austin Hace 8 días
Chappelle derives 86% of his schtick from Richard Pryor.
spidey09070 Hace 9 días
If you haven't watched it you need to watch the bird revelation on netflix, its one of daves best works imho.
Taylor Alexa TV
Taylor Alexa TV Hace 9 días
This is what a man is ...
Scott G
Scott G Hace 9 días
And Japan's sending PlayStations!!
Che Virgeaux
Che Virgeaux Hace 9 días
Che Virgeaux
Che Virgeaux Hace 9 días
YES Kevin....speak dat TRUTH !!.... 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥
moozeecka Hace 9 días
What's the real name of Africa?
Kai Uluitova
Kai Uluitova Hace 9 días
I watched him(dave) in a graduation speech Spoke intelligently and has serious knowledge
A__doctor _in_making
A__doctor _in_making Hace 9 días
Who is better Dave Chappelle or Bill Burr? I am confused and I can't decide.
TR8R SN4K3 Hace 8 días
Bill is hands down my favorite. He's a fucking legend. But, Chapelle really is just something incredible, man.
Jesco H
Jesco H Hace 9 días
He’s Pootie tang went to the farm to gather his thoughts 😁
Chop Wood
Chop Wood Hace 10 días
I think Kevin nailed it. 👍
Yahya Khan
Yahya Khan Hace 10 días
I'm many people here have met him 😂
Andrew Jatau
Andrew Jatau Hace 10 días
Gotta give Bill Burr a shout out as well
WBL WBL Hace 10 días
It is true, we really are so spoiled. I'm mean, we are the most free and opportunity is everywhere, but we complain like we have it the worst. I mean think about it, is it even possible to starve to death in the states? There will always be something, a sandwich or someone or somewhere and yes, I've lived on the streets and in the hood so don't say it's where you're from. Imagine dieing of not being able to eat. FOOD! It's true what they say, it's never enough.
T Robert
T Robert Hace 10 días
Dave's "story" is not leaving behind the money and going to africa. It's being infinitely talented, improvisational, and genuinely funny to the bone. Lena Dunham can make a stand and quit a job and go to africa. those are peripheral actions. It is in the content and the quality that set Dave apart. Right up with Norm Macdonald.
makita Hace 11 días
Chappelle is epic....!!!!
Pablo De Bella
Pablo De Bella Hace 11 días
Kevin just talking in a normal conversation is funnier than when he does his act, never found him that funny since his comedy is more "for the whole family" thats what has allowed him to be so successful. He took what Dane Cook only a bit funnier.
Eroica Y
Eroica Y Hace 11 días
Eroica Y
Eroica Y Hace 11 días
Kevin Freeman
Kevin Freeman Hace 11 días
I hate all of you guys... you got me going.. you all know who the he’ll I am.. but no one in my home town does... unless they know me.. ig freeman3312
Bobzilla661 Hace 12 días
I really do believe that Dave Chappelle is "the most interesting man in the world" after hearing this. 🤣
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