Kenny Chesney - "Tip Of My Tongue" (Official Audio Video)

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Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney

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Kenny Chesney - "Tip Of My Tongue" (Official Audio Video)
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An eight-time Entertainer of the Year award winner, Kenny Chesney is a country music icon with 30 #1 hit songs like “There Goes My Life”, “The Good Stuff”, “How Forever Feels”, and “Get Along” as well as 16 #1 albums such as No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, When The Sun Goes Down, The Road and the Radio, and Songs For The Saints. His legendary catalog also includes popular duets like “I’m Alive” with Dave Matthews, “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven” with The Wailers and the GRAMMY-nominated hits “Down The Road” with Mac McAnally, “Shiftwork” with George Strait, “You & Tequila” with Grace Potter, and “Setting the World on Fire” with P!NK. All the hits and awards aside, Kenny is renowned for his inspiring live shows attended by his legions of fans, known as No Shoes Nation, each year.

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Mary jane Downs
Mary jane Downs Hace 14 horas
Love it so much thank you baby for sharing
Rebecca Arnold
Rebecca Arnold Hace un día
Mine and my fiances first dance
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace 2 días
☯️The yin and the yang cause of her still loved by ♥️YOU♥️ - It's mutual!!❣😍😘♥️
Amanda Lambdin
Amanda Lambdin Hace 3 días
I feel this song so deeply in my soul💙
Barbara Vinson
Barbara Vinson Hace 3 días
Waiting for the man who has these feelings and can experience life with him.
Mary jane Downs
Mary jane Downs Hace 3 días
Can't get enough of this song love it
karen pleasanton
karen pleasanton Hace 3 días
Gmorrin Mr sunshine kenny voice of a Angel hope ur day is safe and blessed peace and love from me to you here in tennesee sweety you are loved
Howie S
Howie S Hace 4 días
I can almost taste it!!!
Howie S
Howie S Hace 3 días
@LetThe MusicPlay lmfao! 😂
LetThe MusicPlay
LetThe MusicPlay Hace 4 días
That made me lol !!
karen pleasanton
karen pleasanton Hace 4 días
Dang word speller. Love this preaty Awsum Angel VOICE MELTS ME HEART AND SOUL stay Blessed mr handsum. Cowboy smiles
Cody Mccormick
Cody Mccormick Hace 5 días
Kelli and cody 2019💕💕💕💕💕
LB Washingtoncapitalsfan4life
LB Washingtoncapitalsfan4life Hace 5 días
This song is amazing great job Kenny
nikki22 Hace 5 días
You let me down you said u wouldn't let me die I don't see u
karen pleasanton
karen pleasanton Hace 5 días
💘 voice of A true Angel Mr s unshine
michael Parris
michael Parris Hace 5 días
love this song.
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace 5 días
♥️Put me to sleep!😴😘😘😘😘
Just herd this on the radio lets just say I was singing this song as if I knew the lyrics, I love it😍❤🔥👍
Lori Young
Lori Young Hace 6 días
Matthew Bombaci
Matthew Bombaci Hace 6 días
He loves it when their fathers drunk and smoking crack... seven years old she was only seven and she was... what like ten?
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace 7 días
Mary jane Downs
Mary jane Downs Hace 7 días
Thank you baby it's beautiful I think you are the one also and I love being yours and I never want it to end
Michael Denham
Michael Denham Hace 7 días
We love you Kenney Chesney all the way down here from Gulfport MS!!!!
Alyssa Brodnax
Alyssa Brodnax Hace 7 días
this song makes me feel like i'm in Key West, dancing under a palm tree, with the love of my life.
Alice Sue Stuart
Alice Sue Stuart Hace 7 días
This is going to be a tiop number 1 song for him this year
Patti Lou
Patti Lou Hace 4 días
If the dang radio stations ever play it and I live in the mts of NC. Country music country. I had to look it up on ESwomen to hear it. Yes, its another winner!
Alice Sue Stuart
Alice Sue Stuart Hace 6 días
Top Number 1 hit for him. Because his Fans loves it.
ZAIN PHYO Hace 8 días
Hey Kenny. Your song hit me again.
Jennifer Lynn
Jennifer Lynn Hace 8 días
His best in a long time.
Marisa Storms
Marisa Storms Hace 8 días
I am a huge Kenny Chesney fan. I love him, and his style and everything about him. Thank you Kenny for your love and music. What would the No Shoes Nation do without their leader?
Victor Thee gentleman
Victor Thee gentleman Hace 9 días
Juan Martínez
Juan Martínez Hace 9 días
Chesney por siempre, sentimientos.
Drae Brenden
Drae Brenden Hace 9 días
I love this song!!!! It was played at my uncles funeral because he loved this song as much as I do.
Lori Young
Lori Young Hace 9 días
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace 9 días
🎧Listening but sleepy!! 😴❤😘
Teresa Tifor2
Teresa Tifor2 Hace 10 días
This song is perfection like all his songs are ❤️❤️❤️
Alice Sue Stuart
Alice Sue Stuart Hace 10 días
I love all of your songs. This one is very special to me . And I want you to know I love you too.
Woffi Waferz
Woffi Waferz Hace 10 días
*inhale* Creeper aww man
Sylvia Stallion
Sylvia Stallion Hace 10 días
U pissed me off. I dont feel well either
Sylvia Stallion
Sylvia Stallion Hace 10 días
He did. Was in Tampa doing a performance. His manager had his phone.
Sylvia Stallion
Sylvia Stallion Hace 10 días
Just text me please
Sylvia Stallion
Sylvia Stallion Hace 10 días
Find someone else
nick bojanowski
nick bojanowski Hace 10 días
Can you Chesney is the best person I’ve ever seen in my whole life and this is his best song
Geraldine Davis
Geraldine Davis Hace 10 días
❤ Kenny Chesney songs
Gloria Lee Angeloni
Gloria Lee Angeloni Hace 10 días
You are amazing hugs and kisses 💋
Antônia De Jesus Silva
Antônia De Jesus Silva Hace 10 días
Ilove you kenny chesney love Songs
Nadeto Mirkova
Nadeto Mirkova Hace 11 días
ENDLESS THANK You FOR VIDEOS !!! WITH LOVE Nadya Mirkova from Sofia - Bulgaria - Europe
Sylvia Stallion
Sylvia Stallion Hace 11 días
I think your brain was burnt in Orlando Florida. What has happened to u
Cynthia Gosnell
Cynthia Gosnell Hace 11 días
I love you Kenny Chesney god bless you always my cowboy
Debbie Herbert
Debbie Herbert Hace 11 días
I want to buy the cd but it must not be finished
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee Hace 11 días
Another great song sounds like old Kenny Chesneys music.
RyderLee Official
RyderLee Official Hace 10 días
Hi mommmm
KB Brook
KB Brook Hace 11 días
Country, pop, whatever you wanna call it- KC can nail it!! 🎶
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace 11 días
Patricia Roskoski
Patricia Roskoski Hace 11 días
God b I miss you
Alex Manos Jr.
Alex Manos Jr. Hace 12 días
Love this song, can anyone please tell me who the female voice is in the song, I think it's the icing on the cake so to speak....I looked everywhere, can't find any info:) THX!
Gabby Nez
Gabby Nez Hace 12 días
Great song
Mary jane Downs
Mary jane Downs Hace 12 días
Thank you I love this song so much it's. Beautiful
Alice Quinn
Alice Quinn Hace 12 días
My new favorite. I listen to it at least 10 times a day! 🤣
Linet Olivarez
Linet Olivarez Hace 12 días
I am genuinely confused how this song isn’t number 1... it’s so good!! ❤️
Donna Marie Pszoniak
Donna Marie Pszoniak Hace 12 días
Call your Country music Staition keep request it to be played ""
Lori Young
Lori Young Hace 13 días
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace 13 días
❣This feeling❣
karen pleasanton
karen pleasanton Hace 13 días
You no how to drive me crazy 🌞 kenny smiles thank u kenny voice of a Angel
A person with 20000 Subscribers Pls sub
A person with 20000 Subscribers Pls sub Hace 13 días
This is a beautiful song I love country music🙁
karen pleasanton
karen pleasanton Hace 13 días
You are the best There is and ever well be. Ever 🌞 kenny chesney your loved here in tennesee I lu forever
Holly Boyd
Holly Boyd Hace 14 días
I absolutely love this song from Kenny Chesney. This is a good party song he is an amazing man just love him and his music.
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace 14 días
😘😘😘Daily routine😘😘😘
Cris Acord
Cris Acord Hace 14 días
I wana see him in concert soo bad!
Carl Paulaitis
Carl Paulaitis Hace 14 días
Kenny Chesney singing an Ed Sheeran song amazing combination. And I can't help but think this song alittle dirty.
Jacqueline Miranda
Jacqueline Miranda Hace 6 días
Carl Paulaitis definitely a little dirty
rainwolf034 Hace 15 días
I was, just did not post here before a million, then because I was torn on meaning of the song.. I honestly thought it was about oral sex as bad as that sounds and I’m still not sure it’s not about that.. but either way I like it.. so either way I’m commenting.. no matter what it’s about.. love it.. even f it is about ty Kenny ....
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan Hace 15 días
My speakers don't go loud enough!!
Ricky Pennington
Ricky Pennington Hace 15 días
After all these years he keeps getting me to put his songs on repeat
A Mercer
A Mercer Hace 15 días
90's pop with a country accent. Call it what you like... it's still good music xo
Sylvia Stallion
Sylvia Stallion Hace 16 días
I can taste you in the tip of my Catholic tongue:)
Sylvia Stallion
Sylvia Stallion Hace 16 días
Dude u owe me. Lol
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Hace 16 días
Take care♥️🙃🎧☕😘
Cynthia Gosnell
Cynthia Gosnell Hace 16 días
Love this song so beautiful Kenny Chesney god bless you always
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