Keith’s 100 SPICY Wing Challenge ft. The Food Babies

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The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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The food babies are back! This time Keith challenged them to eat 100 spicy wings from Buffalo Wild Wings! Can they do it?!
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The Try Guys
The Try Guys Hace un mes
Fav wing flavor! GO!
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez Hace 4 días
I love the Mango Habanero 😬 so sweet and tangy with the right spice on it. Maybe my Mexican heritage into spicy food makes me tolerate it although its not spicy 🌶
Regina Moya
Regina Moya Hace 5 días
Lemon pepper mixed with medium
Aeno Hace 19 días
Sweet and spicy teriyaki!
LYMental Hace un mes
AbelMadeIt ooooo gonna try that sounds delicious
Zosia Krasnopolska
Zosia Krasnopolska Hace un mes
Octa’s Trash Channel
Octa’s Trash Channel Hace 6 horas
M Emma Boesgaard
M Emma Boesgaard Hace 12 horas
Thanay Gowda
Thanay Gowda Hace 19 horas
Ned, YB, Eugene and Becky should be in the same spice challenge video | | | | | How many Agree
Boring Eric
Boring Eric Hace 20 horas
So is KFC the abbreviation for Korean fried chicken
ananya atri
ananya atri Hace un día
Heizell Lopez Benicio
Heizell Lopez Benicio Hace un día
fets15 Hace un día
$12 for 1 bottle of sauce?!?!!!!
Moon Hace un día
Susan Durham
Susan Durham Hace un día
Ananya Biswas
Ananya Biswas Hace un día
I feel kind of sad that Alex gets a little bit ignored by these guys. I mean yb is cute and very sweet but I feel so bad for alex tho
Lamees Adm
Lamees Adm Hace un día
Christopher Camacho
Christopher Camacho Hace un día
booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolike you guys said
Chase Parson
Chase Parson Hace un día
My first 10 would be teriyaki.
Savana Nix
Savana Nix Hace un día
This one kinda grossed me out.
izza .
izza . Hace un día
stef Hace un día
Mango habanero had me suffering 20 mins afterwards 🤧 I hate when it’s so spicy your tastebuds can’t let you taste anything else but the spice
stef Hace un día
Mango habanero had me suffering 20 mins afterwards 🤧 I hate when it’s so spicy your tastebuds can’t let you taste anything else but the spice
Johanna Kunz
Johanna Kunz Hace 2 días
Kayla Wilson
Kayla Wilson Hace 2 días
Why does Keith’s tongue look so weird?
Kayla Wilson
Kayla Wilson Hace 2 días
I love the mango habanero!
Gay Mer
Gay Mer Hace 2 días
Danyelle Rose
Danyelle Rose Hace 2 días
i cant comment
Duaa Sohail
Duaa Sohail Hace 2 días
Heres an idea...all the leftover food can be given to poor or homeless people
Eleanor Barnea
Eleanor Barnea Hace 2 días
Christine M
Christine M Hace 2 días
No one needs that many Keith-tongue close ups
MariannaPpgrg Hace 2 días
Valentina Fangirling
Valentina Fangirling Hace 2 días
I feel like Keith used to be super bad at spice, and altho he’s not necessarily the strongest, all the spice challenges he has done have def made his tolerance stronger.
Xox Jurado
Xox Jurado Hace 2 días
How did they not like mango habanero!!😦those are sooo gooood. Super hot but so good!
Daisy. T
Daisy. T Hace 2 días
BOOOOooooOoooooo!!!! Lol 😂
Charmaine IP [09C03M]
Charmaine IP [09C03M] Hace 3 días
they had a one direction song in there instrumental i-
Rachel D
Rachel D Hace 3 días
Not trying to be mean, but Keith's screen character is getting more and more annoying. The whole like rude thing gets old
Tracy Tyler
Tracy Tyler Hace 3 días
$12 DOLLARS FOR A SMALL BOTTLE OF SAUCE?!?!😯 Wanted to buy some but NOT at that price! Damn Keith!!!
Abel Augustine
Abel Augustine Hace 3 días
Skye Hace 3 días
Weird science, I worked at BWW and we have to try all the sauces. Coworkers had a moment because I had zero reaction to Blazin. 2 months later, a customer got 3 blazin wings, gave one to his friend, took one, and challenged me to eat one for a $100 tip. He got mad asf that I once again had zero reaction (still got that tip tho)... I eventually quit and a while later went back and Blazin KILLED MEEEEE. I will never understand how that worked.
Tig Tig
Tig Tig Hace 3 días
I love the mango habanero!!
Giri Nair
Giri Nair Hace 3 días
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith Hace 3 días
Andrea Márquez Sánchez
Andrea Márquez Sánchez Hace 4 días
MaggieMayProductions Hace 4 días
Blazin is my favorite 🥰 🔥
Abby Davis
Abby Davis Hace 4 días
i order the blazin every time, they’re so good
Chahinez Noudi
Chahinez Noudi Hace 4 días
I just love kieth he makes me laugh every time
Chahinez Noudi
Chahinez Noudi Hace 4 días
I just love kieth he makes me laugh every time
ItzAngela •
ItzAngela • Hace 4 días
Hampus Stockman
Hampus Stockman Hace 4 días
Keith:i cant handle spice Me locking upp his chicken souse:HOLD THE FRONT DORR 15:000 scovile
Sugawara’s Child
Sugawara’s Child Hace 4 días
I kinda want them to eat tamales
Carmen Gaebe
Carmen Gaebe Hace 4 días
Earl Jann Vladimir Legaspi
Earl Jann Vladimir Legaspi Hace 4 días
Tra'mayne Gaines
Tra'mayne Gaines Hace 4 días
Chynna Mac
Chynna Mac Hace 4 días
I usually order the Mango Habenero and then dip them into Asian Zing. It’s my fave!
Joshua Benjamin
Joshua Benjamin Hace 4 días
Booo lemme hear u say boo
Annamations OWO
Annamations OWO Hace 4 días
ok unrelated but while i was watching tthis my sibling thought the door was open ( it was not) and they kicked it also its 2 am
Regina Moya
Regina Moya Hace 5 días
Lmao YB is just like "yeah its spicy..." 🤷‍♀️and Keith and alex are just like 🥵
Christian Mitchell
Christian Mitchell Hace 5 días
I love that Eugene goes to work in PJs. Goals.
Lillian Johnson
Lillian Johnson Hace 5 días
YB is one of those people that just eat anything all the time and never gain weight. You would NOT think she could do this challenge just by looking at her haha
karol josif morcillos
karol josif morcillos Hace 5 días
Zach’s so cute! 😍 And Eugene’s so lit! Yeah! 🔥👌
Traci Hace 5 días
Zach rlly said first position at 5:19 lol
Julian Czurko
Julian Czurko Hace 5 días
So cool. 50+chickens had to be killed so others could watch an 18-minutes long film. Yay?
Janelle Cerene
Janelle Cerene Hace 5 días
nobody: zach: i want a belt 👁👄👁
The Person
The Person Hace 5 días
3:36 "Have you ever seen anything more exciting than this?" *Laughs in 2020*
Marilyn Fossberg
Marilyn Fossberg Hace 5 días
Booooo! Like my comment!
clara's place
clara's place Hace 5 días
punya gupta
punya gupta Hace 5 días
I was like booooooooooooo everyone go boooooooooo 🤣🤣🤣
Ramz Vance
Ramz Vance Hace 5 días
I appreciate that they start playing Christmas music in the middle of May 8:41
Saranika Chakraborty
Saranika Chakraborty Hace 6 días
The girl in the right: This is not spicy at all. Keith and the left girl: Drinks milk, dies at the end of the video. Sorry, I don't know your names.
alexanda gillespie
alexanda gillespie Hace 6 días
i want to watch the cleanup crew tbh lol
holly stirewalt
holly stirewalt Hace 6 días
YB was like, ima just take it easy on her today.
Josiah Santiago
Josiah Santiago Hace 6 días
Kailey Ann
Kailey Ann Hace 6 días
At 0:14, there are 9 emojis on the left and 10 emojis on the right.
Jeremiah W
Jeremiah W Hace 6 días
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