Keanu Reeves Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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Hace 9 meses

Keanu Reeves (John Wick, The Matrix) gives us the scoop on his favorite sandwich, his new Toy Story 4 character, and what that picture of him riding a horse in Brooklyn was all about.
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Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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CJ Hace 2 horas
Peanut butter and honey?! What a sticky sandwich! Lol
jobe1105 Hace 5 horas
Keanu Reeves would be the only guy I'd accept to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Well this is assuming Disney-Marvel will want to include Wolverine in their cinematic universe.
ORP PRO Hace 6 horas
this guy can do anything!!!!
Rich F
Rich F Hace 6 horas
John Wick IRL
Locasta Henry
Locasta Henry Hace 11 horas
we need keanu reeves thirst tweets!
vsco betch
vsco betch Hace 11 horas
keanu reeves + puppies = 💝
Vinny Avalos
Vinny Avalos Hace 14 horas
I forgive buzzfeed
Anrak Alejandro
Anrak Alejandro Hace 17 horas
I would probably eat your shoelace too Keanu!😍🤪🤪😘😘
Flying SM
Flying SM Hace 19 horas
Alternate title: God plays with puppies
linh nom
linh nom Hace 20 horas
Severus Snape
xTITANx Hace un día
Heavy Joe Chipman
Heavy Joe Chipman Hace un día
Despite being a long-time, good actor, this guy is very down to earth. Very humble and approachable. He is not a snob at all. Love ya Keanu!☺🙏👍
Seth Organ
Seth Organ Hace un día
Why didn't he mention his love for dogs when he answered the question if he had anything in common with John Wick?
Twitch Hace un día
Keanu, I wanna play in the puppy pee :(
Deeks T
Deeks T Hace un día
The puppies have all left and I’m all alone .. he’s so sensitive
Melody Agier
Melody Agier Hace un día
Mary Lou Mata
Mary Lou Mata Hace un día
Love you! Just the way you are!
Keanu is the best!
Aime Armand
Aime Armand Hace 2 días
What a nice guy......!!!!!
Willow Hace 2 días
Your eyes!!!!!!
Sato The Monkey
Sato The Monkey Hace 2 días
I can't find a single negative comment yet there are almost 7k dislikes
puddles pickles
puddles pickles Hace 2 días
I used to have the hots for Keanu, but he really is aging now, maybe lose the facial hair, and time to cut the mop, I bet it makes him younger.
A-laboratory Hace 2 días
It is crazy thing to kill his dog.
Johnnyz333 《》
Johnnyz333 《》 Hace 2 días
If you could be any character from star wars, who would it be? Answer: Darth Revan
Cheyenne Weston
Cheyenne Weston Hace 2 días
this has so much chaotic energy
Mp Extory
Mp Extory Hace 3 días
Don't do drugs kids... especially cocaine.
Erick Fonseca
Erick Fonseca Hace 3 días
Beautiful man!
solae lee
solae lee Hace 3 días
Hi love of my life still waiting for you Keanu..your soulmate 💋❤🌻
Hafizin Khairi
Hafizin Khairi Hace 3 días
Keanu Reeves :I want to play Wolverine... Kevin Feige :you hear that,give him Wolverine...
Hannibal Hyde
Hannibal Hyde Hace 3 días
Keanu as wolverine 2020!
Ginny What
Ginny What Hace 3 días
The only thing that could be better, if this took place in my living room.
rawrberrys Hace 3 días
Pot. lots of pot.
SiriusLaat Hace 3 días
If i could meet one person in the world it would be Keanu :)
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Hace 3 días
I absolutely love Keanu. He is so down to earth and a nice guy
mak_Son97 Hace 3 días
What's cute
Andrei Ciupitu
Andrei Ciupitu Hace 3 días
0:31 well i mean.... Gravity
Lion23city Hace 3 días
1:31 HAHAHA those two on the left
Allison Hace 3 días
Keanu Reeves really wrote Shakespeare and is mad that we all credit him
Jack Hace 3 días
Literally the only buzzfeed video I will ever give a thumbs up to.
Donna Blake
Donna Blake Hace 4 días
Nice love the puppies!❤️
Spooky Mulder
Spooky Mulder Hace 4 días
I love his hand gestures. Lol
T LC Hace 4 días
He is dark and brooding with a splash of surfer dude, what a combo!
Ms. 008
Ms. 008 Hace 4 días
Puppies everywhere🐕🐕🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐕🐕🌌🌌🐾🐾🐾🐾🐕🐾🐕🐾😝🙃😲😮💜💜❣️💋
Ms. 008
Ms. 008 Hace 4 días
R u sure we r not in the matrix, I never saw the film, only parts of it 🌌🎥😜😚😚
victory victory
victory victory Hace 4 días
Keanu super cute , down to earth, likeable, sexy, wats not to like, he also loves puppies, awesome
Agnes Gerizani
Agnes Gerizani Hace 4 días
1:36 🤣🤣🤣
Agnes Gerizani
Agnes Gerizani Hace 4 días
1:24 he hasn't finished answering the question lol
Project Kayn
Project Kayn Hace 4 días
1:30 the 2 pups in the back are having the time of there life xD
MudMutt 36
MudMutt 36 Hace 4 días
*Isaac Newton has joined the chat*
cheesyvin Hace 4 días
Keanu : *kills entire armies, takes down elite sssassins and survives the impossible Also Keanu : "hehehe puppieess"
Night Phase
Night Phase Hace 5 días
Just imagine, Bill and Ted 3, Keanu gonna see Shakespeare writing Hamlet, and just saying "Dude, totally thought it was another dude!"
surfmotor Hace 5 días
Are the puppy prices going to go up now that Keanu played with them
Aunty Mammalia
Aunty Mammalia Hace 5 días
If I could pick anyone to hang out with for an hour even, it would be Keanu.
MARC ALCOBER Hace 5 días
Jew propagandist
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer Hace 5 días
the dog whom you've killed belongs to John Wick.
Tara Ananda
Tara Ananda Hace 5 días
Thats a cyborg generation!
Nicholas Tsaldaris
Nicholas Tsaldaris Hace 5 días
Now if John Wick’s enemies decide to kill his dog, he’ll have puppies as backup
the burning light
the burning light Hace 5 días
Is this the alternative ending of jhon wick 1?
Ann Mitchell
Ann Mitchell Hace 5 días
So glad he's found himself a lovely lady to share his life,He deserves a good woman.
bourahla nabil
bourahla nabil Hace 5 días
Keanu reeves : gravity Isaac newton:Not bad kid
Colleen Winter
Colleen Winter Hace 5 días
I like how focused he is with the dogs
Jonathan Trottier
Jonathan Trottier Hace 5 días
Nova Lena
Nova Lena Hace 6 días
Good Lord... It sounds like there's a tap dancing class going on in the background. Those puppies make quite a ruckus.
Mar mar _
Mar mar _ Hace 6 días
2:15 interesting......very interesting
GoldenAfrican Hace 6 días
hahaha love this guy! he looks like his normal character is john wick
andrea kleeneze
andrea kleeneze Hace 6 días
He too fine😍
Jenny Vo
Jenny Vo Hace 6 días
Keanu: oh we got puppy pee Bunny: let’s play in the puppy pee Keanu:no let’s not do that
Jennifer Lorence
Jennifer Lorence Hace 6 días
Puppies Are So Cute!!!
Dino5571 Hace 6 días
Cynnabuns Hace 6 días
I ADORE that little white and brindle one, looks like a baby pibby
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