Katy Perry Takes Idol Hopeful Kay Genyse To Perform In The Street - American Idol 2020

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American Idol

American Idol

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Katy Perry has Kay Genyse "sing for her life" in the streets of Savannah, GA. Will Mercy by Duffy audition be enough to convince Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie to give her a ticket to Hollywood?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2020
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves at the in-house mentor.

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Alyssa V
Alyssa V Hace un día
she was really pitchy. if she wasn’t so pitchy she would have been really good. she has so much style but she was just too pitchy
在家闲得Zachary Hace 9 días
Steph Marly
Steph Marly Hace 9 días
People will alway say yes , but she not bad
Elevated Emotions
Elevated Emotions Hace 12 días
Aa Ron
Aa Ron Hace 16 días
There was no difference...
Chloe Ragandang
Chloe Ragandang Hace 17 días
Katy is sooo generous ❤ ghaad the girl i feel inloved with.
Mz. Ak47
Mz. Ak47 Hace 17 días
Luke 😂😂😂
Keira Rarest
Keira Rarest Hace 19 días
“She was fighting for her right” ummm am I the only one who peeps Katy Perry’s weird racist humour .. she’s soo creepy sometimes. Like ok we get it , you’re blond now but those kind of jokes is really not necessary🤦🏾‍♀️
Светлана Садова
Светлана Садова Hace 19 días
🤩 WOW , American Idol super!!!!
Michelle Yvette Cummings
Michelle Yvette Cummings Hace 19 días
Wrong song.
🔥 Is this listentnig all the time This performance is beautiful 1:54 👇👇👇👇
VexTv Hace 19 días
She needs to be humbled, and calm that ego down
Zoe Eliza
Zoe Eliza Hace 20 días
Katy: “where’s Luke” Luke: ” I’m Right here Katy” Lionel: “ Luke right behind you” 😂😂😂
Kylie K.
Kylie K. Hace 19 días
Zoe Eliza 🤣
hamraz abdulla.p
hamraz abdulla.p Hace 20 días
I don't like her attitude
Deborah Mitchell
Deborah Mitchell Hace 20 días
Lol...it's a Nooooo for me
Vincent1324. Hace 20 días
Her voice sucks and is not special it’s annoying they let the wrong person I don’t think she will grow
Apx Hace 21 un día
went to high school with her she was bullied back then now look at her lmao
Merc Merc
Merc Merc Hace 22 días
She’s a performer not a singer.
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose Hace 22 días
And if given the chance, she’ll beg again to be kept around or get into a fight with another contestant when she reaches Hollywood. Then they’ll cut her and send her home.
DarthTechwarrior Hace 22 días
That saverie girl doesnt get it but this one goes through? Because she begged for a chance? Lol.
Kwamena Adu-Osei
Kwamena Adu-Osei Hace 23 días
She is a perfect example of whatever you lack in talent you make up for in confidence
lukman hakim
lukman hakim Hace 24 días
Ora neng Indonesia ora neng luar negri podo wae Ono Wong sing kelibhan micin.
liya zulu
liya zulu Hace 24 días
They know she won’t male it to the next level after Hollywood round 😂 cause she not that good
Cobz Coby
Cobz Coby Hace 27 días
Breanna Lewis
Breanna Lewis Hace 27 días
She sound good for karaoke but she'll be eliminated by real talent later.
Mercedez Adriana
Mercedez Adriana Hace 27 días
I’m sorry but she can’t sing that well.
Syzygy Syzygy
Syzygy Syzygy Hace 28 días
I'm vegan but she seeing her would make me line up to order at the deli counter.
Martina Chione King
Martina Chione King Hace 28 días
She sounded better when she went outside
Janet M.
Janet M. Hace 28 días
She just needs practice..practice .practice.
N H Hace 28 días
She just wants to have fun! Do you blame her?!
SAARA Hace 29 días
I dont like her .
Eboni chacha Roy
Eboni chacha Roy Hace 29 días
Katie used woman sence., Brave.
Diana x0
Diana x0 Hace 29 días
Not good. Idk my opinion
adiamondsmile Hace un mes
She sounds so much better in the streets. She just needs to tone down the antics.
if she sang for her life then she wouldve sung a different song, and i think she needs more lessons, she was very pitchy
doraine samuels
doraine samuels Hace un mes
If I don’t think so was a person
Jewel Grier
Jewel Grier Hace un mes
Maybe commercials
Amanda Y
Amanda Y Hace un mes
When she was grabbing the fortune cookie note out of her hair ritchie said “wHaT DiD sHe JuSt dO” HAHAHAH
real straight forward
real straight forward Hace un mes
Why are People haters of confidence? Being humble can be quiet within.
shy di
shy di Hace un mes
She moves a lot. 😁
Elsa Maria Medium Spirit
Elsa Maria Medium Spirit Hace un mes
Fan of Duffy this is just garbage !
Elsa Maria Medium Spirit
Elsa Maria Medium Spirit Hace un mes
Arrogant ! And comedy !
Amber Hughes
Amber Hughes Hace un mes
marvelmaniac88 Hace un mes
pure cringe
Girlface Hace un mes
She needs to calm down and sang.
Alexandra H
Alexandra H Hace un mes
She does not have the voice 😒 to go to Hollywood
brandi gray
brandi gray Hace un mes
Katy is way to pretty for me
Joe Ireri
Joe Ireri Hace un mes
Confidence > Cockiness. SHE ACTUALLY HAS A GREAT voice that is overshadowed by her antics.
Keira Rarest
Keira Rarest Hace 19 días
Joe Ireri “antics” 😂
Johnny Tan
Johnny Tan Hace un mes
It's a NO for me! Karaoke time!
Matt Carandang
Matt Carandang Hace un mes
She was so flat inside lmao
Sakana Hace un mes
4:01 I didn't really like the fact that she was begging to get that ticket. I don't know if it's just me but I didn't like it.
Sakana Hace 20 días
@reuel henrytito I understand that, i'm just saying she should have accepted her answer as it was, because that's how you learn. I did like her personality and voice, but sadly the judges didn't and I feel she should have accepted that. Also, please don't call me dumb. It's very rude. :)
reuel henrytito
reuel henrytito Hace 20 días
She asked for a chance not a ticket dummy!!!!!!! everyone needs a second, a third and more chance....I am offering you a chance to apologize and edit you comment.
Laquida Rush
Laquida Rush Hace un mes
Gorilla Cruz
Gorilla Cruz Hace un mes
Where is Simon when you need him 😂😂😂
JB Aguilar
JB Aguilar Hace un mes
she's really pretty, but her cockiness is a turn off
Sabrina Thomas
Sabrina Thomas Hace un mes
She could be in Broadway......
Sandra Kelly
Sandra Kelly Hace un mes
She did better outside
Joel Bernal
Joel Bernal Hace un mes
Shes got big endorser. The judges of course.
Mirra Miles
Mirra Miles Hace un mes
I like her personality but her voice need work
HomewreckerHaHa Hace un mes
Her voice is weak. She will have to sing for her life if she wants to make it to the finals. Her personality saved her.
Tiffany Leung
Tiffany Leung Hace un mes
she has that star quality. she knows how to perform and put on a show, but she really needs work on her voice because she gets out of tune. if i was Katy, i wouldn't have let her go through this year but recommend her to come back when she is ready.. kind of like what Laine Hardy did.
Mattie Anti
Mattie Anti Hace un mes
I don't think so to be honest. She's all over the place and her performance doesn't looks natural
Sara Cornish
Sara Cornish Hace un mes
She wont make it to top 20
Avril Day
Avril Day Hace un mes
1:33 Katy's makeup 💕💕💕
7H3 0LD 0N3
7H3 0LD 0N3 Hace un mes
She is like a ricer; all show, and no go, but with the right teachings, she can be on her feet in no time.
at347est Hace un mes
Cool that they took it to the streets....Go to Hollywood ? Maybe . Make it past the 2nd round ? No .
oncgtravis Hace un mes
“We have other dreams to make or break!” 😂
P H Hace un mes
Nope. The judges should have stuck with their first instincts. Just because this girl has a “shtick” doesn’t mean she should be put thru
cla ire
cla ire Hace un mes
I honestly disliked her the second she opened her mouth and that's before she started singing. I hate when shows put people forward based on entertainment over actual talent.
White Thread
White Thread Hace un mes
She won't get far
N BWell
N BWell Hace un mes
Sounds like a regular person singing but has a great personality
Rapper Woodz
Rapper Woodz Hace un mes
Dude with the Jordan shirt is me😂
Michael Isreal
Michael Isreal Hace 21 un día
lol o yea?
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