Karl Malone and John Stockton never won an NBA championship. Here's what left them empty-handed.

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Karl Malone and John Stockton might just be the best duo in NBA history to fall short of winning it all. That might even extend to all major pro sports. They had all the stats and all the individual acclaim, and they had all that with a franchise that won consistently for almost two straight decades. This episode of Untitled examines why, despite a basically ideal situation, two of history’s greatest players couldn’t bring Utah even one NBA championship.
There isn’t one simple answer. From the late 1980s to the mid 1990s, Utah never made it out of the Western Conference playoffs for a rotating carousel of reasons: Sometimes it was failure in the clutch, sometimes it was an unstoppable opposing star like Hakeem Olajuwon, sometimes it was missing players in crucial moments. Sometimes it was all of the above.
In the late 1990s, the Jazz finally made a couple NBA Finals against Michael Jordan and the Jazz. They lost both, of course, but neither of those losses was a foregone conclusion. Both came down to little twists of fate and momentary greatness.
This is a heartbreaking tale; it’s year after year of “almost”. But gazing upon the sheer volume of that almost-perfection helps one appreciate how consistently great Stockton and Malone were ... even if they never achieved the ultimate reward for their collective greatness.
Directed and edited by Ryan Simmons
Motion graphics by Michael Das
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
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Cole Sisikefu
Cole Sisikefu Hace un hora
Because on the 17 February in 1963 Michael Jeffery Jordan was born.
rikimaru saint preux
rikimaru saint preux Hace 9 horas
its an idiot content though .. let make it simple no need to watch the whole video listen IF TIME DOESNT GO ON YOUR SIDE EVEN YOU PLAY YOUR 100 PERCENT IT WONT HAPPEN
The Fab 007
The Fab 007 Hace 13 horas
Make a video about the Spurs big 3
Romamb Hace 13 horas
The Bulls.
Joel Reyes
Joel Reyes Hace 20 horas
I'm a big Bulls fan but you got to love and respect the gritand toughness of the Utah Jazz
Mario Sevilla
Mario Sevilla Hace 20 horas
Michael"Air"Jordan is why ...Duh ...... Utah could beat anyone G.S, Clea, beat Shaq n Kobie.....should have won Back to back.... except they ran into Jordan...twice
Sedrick Santiago
Sedrick Santiago Hace 23 horas
Do Steve Nash
Freeflare Hace 23 horas
This video includes Kevin Duckworth, therefore this is a fantastic video. Also Stockton and Hornacek was a stellar backcourt.
Shayne Douglass
Shayne Douglass Hace un día
Jordan try Rodman, he got in his head so bad it was funny, rodman got alonzo mourning and shaq too. They thought rodman was go pinch they booties
Michael Davenport
Michael Davenport Hace un día
Michael Davenport
Michael Davenport Hace un día
An Dre
An Dre Hace un día
because "michael jordan" era
Carter Fawcett
Carter Fawcett Hace un día
23 pts 24 assists and 5 steals is an insane stat line
Carlos Arzate
Carlos Arzate Hace un día
Why? Well two guys called Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon are the main reason.
WonnieDaGod Hace un día
Two words: Michael Jordan 😤
Phil Tolentino
Phil Tolentino Hace 2 días
Chicago figgin bulls!!
DuckBoy Hace 2 días
Eddie Johnson really hates the Jazz😂
Ron Orpiano
Ron Orpiano Hace 2 días
MG11 Hace 2 días
One word JORDAN 😎
ShutUp Richard
ShutUp Richard Hace 2 días
5:11 backcourt violation
Real Bro
Real Bro Hace 2 días
Two words...Michael Jordan
lovenlightman Hace 2 días
Those teams from 1992 to 1996 , Jazz, Sonics, Huston Suns, where all very strong and could beat all the other teams in the league easy except for Chicago. They fought each other. Portland was the Strongest from 1989 ,1992. Seattle became very strong in 1993, but then the Suns had Barkley in his prime.Sonics had a seven game series vs the suns Charles played his best game maybe on game seven....then in.1994, Huston where the best but they had to beat the suns, and the Jazz...to get to the finals...
RoboCock Hace 2 días
22:24; GOALTENDING by Pippen
Todd Beuckens
Todd Beuckens Hace 3 días
People act like those Bulls teams dominated opponents but the Suns, Sonics and especially the Jazz played them very tough in their series. Knicks and Pacers too.
Jimmy Oliver
Jimmy Oliver Hace 3 días
These videos are keeping me sane
leandros orfanidis
leandros orfanidis Hace 3 días
so, basically, malone was a choke artist in the last 10 years and stockton in the first 10
TheMorawOne Hace 3 días
A rap group Afro Kolektyw here made a song called "Karl Malone" about how you can be more than adequate for what you are aiming to accomplish, work hard and still fail. Look it up
Robert Riggins
Robert Riggins Hace 3 días
That music is sweet, what is that?
ryublueblanka Hace 3 días
Lol the narrator looks like he was a huge Utah Jazz fan his entire life until Stockton retired and Malone left the Jazz...since then he stopped watching basketball and has been sitting in the house staring at the wall
ryublueblanka Hace 3 días
Karl Malone wasn't a champion. That's why.
Charles Szasz
Charles Szasz Hace 3 días
Retirement to play baseball...... lmao more like suspended for gambling. If the nba was as serious as the mlb it would have been a lifetime ban.
Nishiki2407 Hace 3 días
Michael Jordan ! Simple, had they been good enough to make to the finals in say 93/94 or 94/95 they might have won
Vincent Alvarez
Vincent Alvarez Hace 3 días
Because MJ And Scottie Pippen
Ramses Nunez
Ramses Nunez Hace 3 días
Malone was probably hitting on Stocktons wife like he tried to do Kobe Bryant when he was in the Lakers 🤦🏽‍♂️🤫🤣😂🤣
Bigkats Poker
Bigkats Poker Hace 3 días
Don’t forget about my boy Blue” Edwards
Bigkats Poker
Bigkats Poker Hace 3 días
Oh I’ll tell you why...... Mike Jordan with the flu lays the ball up comes down and strips the #2 man who scored the most points in the nba and then came down and help Russel bite on his crossover and drains a J in Utah’s face. Gametime! Oh and they got rid of mark Eaton nuggets.
fienga paul
fienga paul Hace 3 días
One word JORDAN
Aaron Hace 3 días
These are excellent.... People never remember how close series were ...
Johnathan Damron
Johnathan Damron Hace 3 días
It's because John Stockton wasn't really there, he was all mALONE. I will let my self out.
The96 Hace 3 días
This don’t need a 25 min video .. Michael Jordan , plain and simple.
duran andrews
duran andrews Hace 3 días
Karl Malone pedophilia mentality
RicanHavoc215 Hace 4 días
Ugh... Michael Jordan
Frank Henry
Frank Henry Hace 4 días
Two words: Michael Jordan.
K.T. Harmon
K.T. Harmon Hace 4 días
Micheal jordan and the Bulls period
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Hace 4 días
Two jerks glad they didn't get a ring
L&T Events
L&T Events Hace 4 días
Michael Jordan - that’s why
End-Gamer Hace 4 días
A 26 minute video to explain Jordan is the reason...
Matthew Thicklin
Matthew Thicklin Hace 4 días
“And with the 3rd pick, I made the earth sick, MJ him J fade away perfect... that’s the answer.
Matthew Thicklin
Matthew Thicklin Hace 2 días
ShutUp Richard 🤷‍♂️
ShutUp Richard
ShutUp Richard Hace 2 días
Cringe, and wrong
5wisher 5weet
5wisher 5weet Hace 4 días
8 man playoff rotation, the answer is...The 6 other men.
Slab Panda
Slab Panda Hace 4 días
John Stockton always looked like a middle aged dad
MrMelloCountry Hace 4 días
I wanna say this is karma for Malone and his TERRIBLE fatherhood chronicles, but this makes Stockton collateral damage if I do. We still need the Allen Iverson Untitled.
Bryan Refuerzo
Bryan Refuerzo Hace 4 días
Michael Jordan.
Tommy Israel
Tommy Israel Hace 4 días
Cause John Stockton was too small in that era. He played passing lane defense, only. He couldn't handle Ron Harper, or Jordan or Pip. Couldn't handle Drexler or Terry porter. Not to mention Magic, or Byron scott in the 80s
Míchele Cobré
Míchele Cobré Hace 4 días
Yes why?
Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed Hace 4 días
They didn't win a championship bcuz they couldn't beat the bulls
BIG- L Hace 4 días
Cause neither one of them had Championship DNA neither won nothing on any level. No excuse Mike left the door open for all losers Ewing Payton Barkley Malone only winner was Hakeem. Proving the rest were all losers
Jonathan Lomax
Jonathan Lomax Hace 4 días
Because they didnt have a 3 man
Violent Ed
Violent Ed Hace 5 días
The Buffalo Bills of the NBA...except Thurmas Thomas isn't a rapist
Dražen Keković
Dražen Keković Hace 5 días
Malone & Stockton (and Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, et al) never won because Michael Jordan wouldn't let them.
Aggro Bernd
Aggro Bernd Hace 5 días
"Benoit left the team after the death of his father" Every wrestling fan during 2007 just got a shock down their spine. Crazy thing, the son of the wrestler is also called David.
Baka Coram
Baka Coram Hace 5 días
No need to watch this video... The answer is Michael Jordan
Pete Jay
Pete Jay Hace 5 días
Four names - Jordan/Pippen Shaq/Kobe end of story ✌️
mabood1212 Hace 4 días
Pete Jay Shaq/Kobe ?????
No Name
No Name Hace 5 días
Why didn't teams Like Jazz traded another Superstar? Like Barkley, Reggie Miller or David Robinson?
James Hace 5 días
Simplest answer to this is mj. You dont need to do 25mins video long for this its straight forward answer
Sam Zheng
Sam Zheng Hace 5 días
Because they started during the Celtics, Lakers, and Pistons era. Then peaked during the Bulls era. Couldn’t get the job done during the Houston era. Otw out during the Lakers era. It’s not that they were bad, back then eastern conference and western conference had stacked teams.
Retrogamer Dell
Retrogamer Dell Hace 5 días
short answer, not good enough to win in the finals.
rick baladeras
rick baladeras Hace 5 días
Sorry, no ring is no ring... Just ask Barkley, Ewing, Nash, Kemp & Iverson
Bill Sheed
Bill Sheed Hace 5 días
So basically they weren’t clutch 😭
Press Master 1
Press Master 1 Hace 5 días
Answer: Michael Jordan...
ShutUp Richard
ShutUp Richard Hace 2 días
Wasn't aware Jordan had 19 titles, get off the nut sack jack
B Frye
B Frye Hace 5 días
Dont even need to watch this and I know why. Two letters MJ
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