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The rapper marks the Fourth of July holiday with a major announcement about his White House aspirations. See mixed reactions from Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk & more.
Full Story: www.eonline.com/news/1167717/kanye-west-announces-2020-presidential-run
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Kanye West Announces Presidential Run | E! News

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Paul Gorrell
Paul Gorrell Hace 8 horas
Kanye is a traitor to his own people.
debbie541 Hace un día
the birthday party and the republican party. Somebody in the USA has to wake up soon
Christoher Griffin
Christoher Griffin Hace un día
you think anybody's going to want to have you as a president when you're addicted to pain meds get out of town dude for real leave this country because your ignorance are just going to kill everybody
Christoher Griffin
Christoher Griffin Hace un día
you know nothing about presidency you just doing it because you think that you are star when you sing like crap and you talk like a little female
Roland Syyles
Roland Syyles Hace un día
A vote for Kanye is a vote for Trump. Don't fall for the scam.
Youtube User
Youtube User Hace un día
I'm not going to vote for a cry baby a boy, We need real men and women to represent our country!
Aqua Goddess
Aqua Goddess Hace 2 días
He admitted he's running to help Trump win in Forbes interview???? I can't believe this!!! Why isn't his stupid wife helping him. Trump is amending into law to send black people born in America back to Africa as reparations and As Executive Order. Trump hates minorities. KANYE LIED to us, he loves Trump and is helping him to win.
Joel Jose
Joel Jose Hace 2 días
Mark Nethercutt
Mark Nethercutt Hace 2 días
You got to put down the illegal substance buddy
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith Hace 2 días
Oh goody, more people who don’t belong in the white house
N Gemmiti
N Gemmiti Hace 3 días
As a black Republican I hated the thought of voting for Trump, Thank you Kanye, you get my vote.
Penny Grensavitch
Penny Grensavitch Hace 3 días
The Republicans are exploiting mental illness to split the black vote..Wake up
i hate my son • 5 years ago
i hate my son • 5 years ago Hace 3 días
I'd vote for him just because I am curious to know how far he'd get
J R Hace 3 días
What a DORK! Trumps Pupet
Astonian Queen
Astonian Queen Hace 3 días
Too much foolishness! Kanye need to sit his BIPOLAR TENDENCIES DOWN! He won't do and can't do a darn thing. America doesn't need anymore failure. He better go quarantine before he catch covid
DuoDing Hace 8 días
𝙄𝙛 𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙞𝙣𝙨 𝙄 𝙨𝙬𝙚𝙖𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚 𝙒𝙀 𝘼𝙇𝙇 𝘿𝙄𝙀
Siew Kit Lee
Siew Kit Lee Hace 11 días
Obama to trump and now Kanye, can the US go any lower
Capt. Rob Atkinson
Capt. Rob Atkinson Hace 12 días
If this man becomes the president. I'm done I'll migrate to Soviet russia
CrimsonCrusader Hace 13 días
i have no hope for america anymore, at all.
dave schulz
dave schulz Hace 14 días
Mr West should do what Snoop does and smoke a joint and ditch the religious nonsense .
Sonali Panda
Sonali Panda Hace 14 días
Can't stop my laugh. Suddenly realized that its Democratic Right. Wait where is Ma's ma MIA khalifa???? She too must try her luck in bubble circus.m I ryt????
Joe Karman
Joe Karman Hace 15 días
No offence
Joe Karman
Joe Karman Hace 15 días
"Kanye West running for president"? What does he know about office and politics?
yohonza Hace 16 días
Batsh@t famous.
DZA Hace 16 días
I wouldn't be surprised if he does become president. The US is a joke after all..
Alma G.
Alma G. Hace 17 días
This is a man who shouldnt be around an anybody's children including his own. He seems to find time for everything except "his" bipolar disorder.
Amber Yiu
Amber Yiu Hace 17 días
Seeing how he handle the relationship with Taylor swift, doubt that he capable run the country well
beta wave
beta wave Hace 18 días
chirstino rolando for president 2022.
Big Daddy Pound Cake
Big Daddy Pound Cake Hace 19 días
It makes sense. We are due for an assassination.
Dmanplayer723 Hace 20 días
Sorry not sorry, this guy would have no clue on how to run a country
Krimon-n-blu Hace 20 días
Jr Brooker
Jr Brooker Hace 20 días
Whoever get it. Hope they're make the best decisions. And keep our borders safe.
FOLLOW THE LEADER Hace 21 un día
Let's make America 💩 again
Jennifer Perrin
Jennifer Perrin Hace 21 un día
I deadass thought he was joking tho I didnt think he was serious 4 years ago
FinnFin Animations
FinnFin Animations Hace 21 un día
Scott Sandercock
Scott Sandercock Hace 21 un día
Kanye will be the greatest president ever.
amadou tidjani
amadou tidjani Hace 21 un día
Qui a cru un jour qu un ecervelé comme Trump Sera président ???alors pourquoi pas Kant West.apres tous c est les états unis
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy Hace 22 días
Californians are so weird...
wayne shepherd
wayne shepherd Hace 22 días
don't know anyone that would vote for him he is racist himself hes just trying to be relavant again lol what a loser
Michal Bekker
Michal Bekker Hace 23 días
Kanye running for president....like 2020 needs to chilllll
unknown seizure
unknown seizure Hace 23 días
It would be horrifying to have the Kardashians living in the white house
tree man
tree man Hace 23 días
So a bipolar mentally ill people Who couldn't even buy a gun until Trump deregulation of NRA, is now running for president who has the nuclear codes ?????????????? We already have a mentally ill president. What makes anybody think this moron bipolar will do anything but, get Trump re-elected By taking a few Black votes?????? Wake up folks , there's IN IT TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?😠
Yroll Bibit
Yroll Bibit Hace 23 días
母湯大法師 Hace 23 días
josh nunez
josh nunez Hace 23 días
lil wayne for president😎😎😄😄
Octavia Moore
Octavia Moore Hace 23 días
We as American people are looking crazy to other countries right now!! Enough is enough!! There definitely should be qualified candidates! Shouldn't anyone just be allowed to run! Especially no one who thinks Trump is a genius 😂😂 go away Kanye 😡
Octavia Moore
Octavia Moore Hace 23 días
He needs to go away!!! Him and his wife stays up Trump butt!!! And he's a narcissist!! No thanks!
DD Yodaman
DD Yodaman Hace 24 días
Stick to clothing
Raul martinez
Raul martinez Hace 24 días
Kanie West would be better president than Sleepy Joe 😴 zzzz😂
Oregano cruz
Oregano cruz Hace 24 días
This is Worst than Covid19...
Elite Elite
Elite Elite Hace 24 días
darka002 Hace 24 días
imagine hearing the president is dropping a new album LMAO
mcgavin098 Hace 25 días
That reversal happened so fast that SNL didn't even have time to make a skit.
Magnolia Flower
Magnolia Flower Hace 25 días
Vinluv Handesbuk
Vinluv Handesbuk Hace 25 días
I just want an official Disney Kanye West animatronics in their theme parks.
Lucy Merkom
Lucy Merkom Hace 25 días
Guy is a waste of space. He's a duck i
JXCZ 0673
JXCZ 0673 Hace 25 días
Idk how America is gonna look like went he actually becomes the president 🤦
Rigoberto Casillas
Rigoberto Casillas Hace 25 días
We already have a good president why do we want Clinton minions to bring them back to office? You dont hear about Jay Z or Kardashian's much anymore. Why do we want fake puppets fake everything. We want real not fools who sold thier soul.
Matt Fuller
Matt Fuller Hace 25 días
A Cult......
ebrahim vehra
ebrahim vehra Hace 25 días
Let’s settle one thing me and the 400k people who have watched this have to vote for Kanye
Just an INFP-T Person
Just an INFP-T Person Hace 25 días
*when there’s more dislikes then likes*
Trex Gaming
Trex Gaming Hace 25 días
Ye isn’t metal stable enough for president. If he was stable then I would vote for him.
Bela Rosa
Bela Rosa Hace 25 días
I know all his fans are hyping him up
a person who likes countryhumans
a person who likes countryhumans Hace 26 días
Then if kanye west wanted to be president why did he leave politics? Honestly if he wins the elections all those people who voted for him are literal idiots im not trying to be racist but i dont think Kanye can run the strongest country in the world he should give up since he knows that he'll lose.
Prove It
Prove It Hace 26 días
Well trump, bush, Rigan, did it
bluegoldginger Hace 26 días
With mandatory "vaccines" that Mr depopulate bill gates of hell is pushing and now this!!.. we're living in the movie "Idiocracy" 500 yrs ahead of schedule!
bluegoldginger Hace 26 días
Like they think we don't know! This guy has been MK ultred to the core!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Hace 27 días
Why can’t we have someone running for president who doesn’t have a rock in place of their brain
Santajay Clause
Santajay Clause Hace 16 días
Kanye jas a JD from Yale....
Talented Amateur
Talented Amateur Hace 27 días
Honestly, America has become a giant joke of a reality TV show...so why Not make this idiot president? A country of idiots led by an idiot.
my._.username_ Hace 27 días
Looks like gay fish runnin for president.
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