Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 11, 2018 FULL Game: The Greatest MNF Game Ever?

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Artic_ FAZER
Artic_ FAZER Hace 13 horas
bro the chiefs got like 73456 flags
Ronnie Gibboni
Ronnie Gibboni Hace 14 horas
not a fan of either team but this is my fav reg season game. it has it all. could not complain.
JustCallMeChacon Hace 21 un hora
2:09:07 "And now here's the other young superstar" *throws incomplete pass*
J Malek
J Malek Hace un día
I remember watching this game the beginning was a little bit emotional 😭 but it was the best game I’ve ever watched Chiefs vs Rams
Martin Nguyen
Martin Nguyen Hace 2 días
This game stopped everything I was doing and got me glued to the TV
Kasey Markines
Kasey Markines Hace 3 días
The Chiefs shut of one
Universo do nego
Universo do nego Hace 5 días
what game very good
Andrew Kahn
Andrew Kahn Hace 7 días
How good is Mahomes? Can't think of many quarterbacks that can have that many turnovers in a game and still look like the best player on the field.
Voxxx Hace 8 días
The broadcasting was on point this night
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Hace 8 días
the best Monday Night Football game I have ever watched
Sorry Notsorry
Sorry Notsorry Hace 8 días
why is Ben Rothlesberger reffing this game?
Anthony Caine
Anthony Caine Hace 9 días
One day Patrick mahomes will be wearing a gold jacket right next to Tom Brady Mahomes is the new Tom Brady ...#mahomes magic!!
STORMI FN Hace 10 días
F U Dee Ford!!
D. Miller
D. Miller Hace 10 días
As a Ravens fan, I can watch this damn game over and over and over again! 😃👏🏾
Ialliac Hace 11 días
Slender James
Slender James Hace 11 días
20:24 triggers me
Antonio De La Torre
Antonio De La Torre Hace 11 días
Any way to put this up with higher resolution?
streight4lk Hace 12 días
Both offenses were obviously on fire but I forgot how much defensive scoring there was in this game too lmao
Marilyn Mann
Marilyn Mann Hace 13 días
Great game during this Covid-19 crap. KC Almost pulled it out. LOVE MY CHIEF'S!! BRING BACK FOOTBALL 2020
Jonathan Pham
Jonathan Pham Hace 14 días
wow and the fact that i was at the game crazy
Jessica Lara
Jessica Lara Hace 15 días
Lets go mahomes
Vincent Murolo
Vincent Murolo Hace 15 días
like who gives this a thumbs down - is it just trolls or what?
Nathan Phil Richmond
Nathan Phil Richmond Hace 16 días
Did anyone else see the Andy Reid look-a-like Rams Fan at 43:47 ? Crazy resemblance.
Parikshit KISTO
Parikshit KISTO Hace 17 días
I wish the Rams play like this next season #HornsUp
Spomusmo23 Hace 17 días
What an awesome game despite the many many penalties on the chiefs.
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige Hace 18 días
Todd Gurley should've controlled his weight a little. He looks a little heavy for running much.
Bills Sawshop
Bills Sawshop Hace 19 días
Excessive chit chat. Amateur game calling
naomirhoja Hace 19 días
Requiem for a Monday
NFL HIghlights
NFL HIghlights Hace 20 días
Look at Watkins on the sideline at 56:15!
Revan Holler
Revan Holler Hace 20 días
Kamal TV
Kamal TV Hace 21 un día
Dale Austin
Dale Austin Hace 21 un día
1:32:57 That missed holding call on Goff’s rushing td 🤦‍♂️
Sam-W Hace 22 días
What’s the song called at 1:33:18?
Hashiem Monthear
Hashiem Monthear Hace 22 días
Sam-W I really want to know aswell
Kristi B
Kristi B Hace 22 días
If it weren't for Donald, this wouldn't have even been close.
Jamie Weigold
Jamie Weigold Hace 21 un día
Yea and if the Chiefs didn't have Mahomes, woowee...
III BAKURYU III Hace 22 días
Game starts at 1:20 before such is something about people dead or something.
Eldho Abraham
Eldho Abraham Hace 22 días
I recently decided to watch some American Football. The first game I saw was Patriots against some team I don't remember. Got to know some Tom Brady is considered an all timer. This was my 2nd game and man I am hooked now !
Noodles Hace 15 días
Eldho Abraham Look for a game known as the Epic in Miami here on ESwomen, if you haven’t already seen it. You won’t be disappointed. Dolphins vs Chargers in a divisional playoff game back in ‘82. The picture quality kinda sucks, but it’s worth it.
Cryptic Hace 23 días
Who knew that Monday wouldn't be as awful as a normal Monday??
J Sua
J Sua Hace 23 días
I could watch this over & over. Best NFL game of all time!💯
Shocka Blocka
Shocka Blocka Hace 26 días
Glad this game wasn't played in Mexico. The intensity would not have been the same.
Angelene Bibbs
Angelene Bibbs Hace 26 días
John Raven
John Raven Hace 27 días
2:12:32 when she really loves you
Mr1118 ‘
Mr1118 ‘ Hace 28 días
I’m still trying to figure out how I got front row seats here
Kim Donnan
Kim Donnan Hace 28 días
This was the best game ever
Blue Berry
Blue Berry Hace 29 días
If you mention fantasy football, you're automatically gay.
Eva Grady
Eva Grady Hace 29 días
i run upstairs every time there’s a score change and I almost got as much exercise as the rams and the chiefs combined
T-Bone Hubbard
T-Bone Hubbard Hace un mes
Just so ya know, Monday Night Football and Monday Night RAW were both aired LIVE in Los Angeles and guess who won? You guessed it, Football Rather watch this game than watch the night Baron Corbin kissed up to Alexa Bliss
Shaw A
Shaw A Hace un mes
This has to be the greatest single NFL game ever played!!!
Bam Bam
Bam Bam Hace 29 días
@Shaw A haha your cool bud your cool 😎👍🍸
Shaw A
Shaw A Hace 29 días
@Bam Bam Hawks got lucky..haha...
Bam Bam
Bam Bam Hace 29 días
@Shaw A lol u a rams fan thats why its the best to you but in reality u kno HAWKS GAME WAS 10 TIMES BETTER BEST GAME OF THE DECADE😀👌😷
Shaw A
Shaw A Hace 29 días
@Bam Bam I have like twice. I was actually driving back from vegas to cali during that game and listening it on the radio. I could not believe my ears. Great comeback game. But this Rams game is the GOAT.
Bam Bam
Bam Bam Hace 29 días
@Shaw A watch Green Bay and Seattle NFC Championship Game 2014. Go Seahawks Hawk Nation baby!!!!!
Aiden crouch
Aiden crouch Hace un mes
go chiefs
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Hace un mes
yeah. go to the playoffs and lose to the pats.
MentoMiLton Hace un mes
This game must have just came out on youtube 3 week ago
Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa Gonzalez Hace un mes
Clap for Aaron Donald/sack fumble Patrick Mahomes 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez Hace un mes
This game should've been Super Bowl 54.
Mr Green
Mr Green Hace un mes
This was a shoot out, but it was not the best game of the year sorry if you think otherwise
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Hace un mes
This game was crazy, it lasted until 12am on the east coast, Mahomes could've had 600 yards and 8 TDs had it not be for those last last 2 interceptions on hail mary attempts. To think we were a Dee Ford offside penalty away from seeing a rematch in Super Bow 53, It definitely wouldn't be a 13-3 defensive struggle.
Joseph Mackey
Joseph Mackey Hace un mes
the kickers made the game interesting
Mari Canale
Mari Canale Hace un mes
No it's not, there have much greater MNF games than this it's was just an offensive affair so NO.
JJ Mendoza
JJ Mendoza Hace un mes
The most and best MNF game of all time
Grady Olson
Grady Olson Hace un mes
defenetly the best mnf
Joseph Mackey
Joseph Mackey Hace un mes
Final stats Mahomes 33/46 478yds 10.4per attempt 6td 3int 3-30sacks 76.5QBR 117.6RTG Goff 31/49 413yds 8.4per attempt 4td 0int 5-34sacks 73.3QBR 117.1 RTG Rushing Hunt 14 carries 70 yards 5.0 per carry 0td 27 longest run Gurley 12 carries 55 yards 4.6 per carry 0td 24 longest run Receiving Hill 10 receptions 215 yards 21.5 per catch 2td 73 longest 14 targets Kelce 10 receptions 127 yards 12.7 per catch 1td 37 longest 15 targets Conley 7 receptions 74 yards 10.6 per cacth 2 td 27 longest 8 targets Hunt 3 receptions 41yards 13.7 per catch 1td 21 longest 4 targets Cooks 8 receptions 107 yards 13.4 per cacth 0td 30 longest 12targets Reynolds 6 receptions 80 yards 13.3 per catch 1td 27longest 8 targets Woods 4 reception 72 yards 18.0 per catch 1 td 36 longest 11 targets Higbee 6receptions 63 yards 10.5 per catch 0 td 16 longest 7 targets Everett 3 receptions 49 yards 16.3 per catch 2td 40 longest 4 targets Please leave a like or a comment
Ronkeisha Briley
Ronkeisha Briley Hace un mes
And the only thing
T South
T South Hace un mes
If it wasn't for the fumbles and int turnovers, Mahomes woulda murdered worse us dat night
Sacto1654 Hace un mes
People on Twitter that night said the game looked like _Tecmo Super Bowl_ come to life. And they weren't kidding, either.
ceb Brown
ceb Brown Hace un mes
All those haters of NFL go away
Iván Barriento
Iván Barriento Hace un mes
impresionante partido, hace un par de temporadas que empece a ver NFL. Este es el partido mas entretenido que vi.
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa Hace un mes
The greatest Super Bowl of all time. Not Monday Night Football. It's Super Bowl.
Andrew Dempsey
Andrew Dempsey Hace un mes
me has not watched football in months but watches tiktok all day the referee just did the woah at 6:17
Xialbe YT
Xialbe YT Hace un mes
Call me old school, but i prefer a game with a little more defense
Zeb Wilcox
Zeb Wilcox Hace un mes
The refs??????????????????????
inimitableminimalist Hace un mes
I like to think that when Sean McVay was drawing up plays for the the opening drive of this game, he wrote "It's F with Orlando Scandrick Day And Everybody Celebrating" on the whiteboard.
Boston3233 #JMosh420
Boston3233 #JMosh420 Hace un mes
Damn bro I feel sorry for the people in Mexico who were supposed to see this game live this would’ve been a good game.
J See
J See Hace un mes
Imagine if hardman played on the chiefs this year 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
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