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Justin Timberlake is one of the century's most prolific and successful singer-songwriters, with more than 32 million albums sold and 10 Grammy Award wins along the way. And, you can catch him as Branch in Trolls World Tour, premiering at home on April 10 via your favorite digital retailers. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as JT takes on the wings of death with Sean Evans in this very special Hot Ones Season 11 finale. Along the way, the international pop icon discusses making music with Beyonce and Timbaland, breaks down the Nike shoe design process with Tinker Hatfield, and even ranks his own albums. Thanks for another amazing season, spice lords!
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First We Feast
First We Feast Hace un mes
Do you agree with JT's ranking of his own albums? Share yours here....
Gredly Hace 16 horas
@Craig McFly really love MOTW, agree with you
Gredly Hace 16 horas
@Andre Cabezas i don't know why so much people hate MOTW, it's a really good album. Yeah, i'ts a little bit different style in it, but it's great to hear different JT
Mama's Little Man
Mama's Little Man Hace un día
You guys need Tim Meadows on the show cause Sean is one of the Smoothest Talkers on the planet!
bob freeman
bob freeman Hace 11 días
ok what i think is that shawn and justin were the same person and they splt them apart
demonhunterC Hace 21 un día
When is he doing a song with Aviva?
Marcus Oglesby
Marcus Oglesby Hace 12 horas
Lost all respect for Timberlake supporting vandals and thugs destroying people’s property and lives. What a piece of shit.
klu klue
klu klue Hace un día
get Nardwuar on the show, we would learn so much about Sean's life!
Ashley Chang
Ashley Chang Hace un día
1. Daniel Radcliffe 2. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark (My Favorite Murder) 3. Salma Hayek 4. Claire Saffitz (Bon Appetite)
Fuck Google
Fuck Google Hace un día
What is his deal with the wings being a health hazard? Is he really that soft?
Johnny Liu
Johnny Liu Hace un día
OMG thand god for this interview, i would of never remembered dick in a box. The greatest song of my generation. Emmy winning song. Andy Samberg and loney island will forever be the greatest comedy group ever.
Johnny Liu
Johnny Liu Hace un día
love that Patrick mahomes reference
Andrew Franklin
Andrew Franklin Hace un día
Anyone else think they look alike? Just Justin have more hair
FerroFitness Hace un día
Lets get Dave Portnoy on here. The "last dab" meets "one bite everybody knows the rules"
Vedant Marathe
Vedant Marathe Hace 2 días
I want to see David Goggins on here ...
Kian Lai
Kian Lai Hace 2 días
Please get Dakota Johnson on this!! She’s hilarious
Marcus Aguilera
Marcus Aguilera Hace 2 días
Ngl when I saw them both I thought they were brothers for a second
Tom Biship
Tom Biship Hace 2 días
Jt you dick , i hope they burn down your house. Fuck you litttle gay boy , how are the herpies your wife has fron Deric J
James McKenzie
James McKenzie Hace 2 días
Please please please interview The Weeknd next please !!!
Hay8 Hace 2 días
You should get Ciara O'Doherty from The Try Channel to do this. I think that would be an epic episode.
Janardhan Pashupati
Janardhan Pashupati Hace 3 días
Why is Justin Timberlake talking to himself?
Szymon Grabarczyk
Szymon Grabarczyk Hace 3 días
Always found it funny that people is US use the word "hot" as a synonyme to "spicy". That have to bring some confusion at times no? "Is it hot? Yes but its not spicy".
Matthew Morales
Matthew Morales Hace 3 días
Ryan reynolds needs to be on this
Zyprus2012 Hace 3 días
Everyone please make this go to the HOT ONES... I want to see Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell on this together side by side answering questions while doing the challenge... they are both British and so much alike but in different fields... Lets make this happen people!!!!
Nathan Robinson
Nathan Robinson Hace 3 días
Yeah yeah yeah yeah sure sure sure let me bail felons out of jail they said... it’ll be the right thing to do they said.
Jordan Meece
Jordan Meece Hace 3 días
Get Marshawn Lynch on here, it would be hilarious.
Phillip D. Ward
Phillip D. Ward Hace 3 días
Hands down the toughest Hot Ones guest!
Van Sidavong
Van Sidavong Hace 3 días
Aw man. When they were talking about the jj watts jimmy fallon thing and Justin was talking about how now he’s on the show. Sean said something like “The universe is a circle” . And he had the best opportunity to say “what goes around, comes around.” Like why Sean?! You missed your chance!! 10:10-10:20
william james aka MusicMan
william james aka MusicMan Hace 3 días
JT went full out with no water or milk.. He a beast tho, in High School he would put hot sauce on everything before he ate it lol. He was joking with the safety hazzard trust me lmao. JT next time do 3 extra wings bro... Set the bar.
SkyeKingdom Hace 3 días
they look like brothers
Anaika Hace 3 días
Waiting for Emma Chamberlain to be on here😂
Finkleberry Hace 4 días
I love Justin..good work.he keeps it real..for full disclosure, I am 45...hot ones!!!!
DeeGeeGee Games
DeeGeeGee Games Hace 4 días
Yair Tomer
Yair Tomer Hace 4 días
Switch the hair between these dudes and you can't tell which is which
Shidqy Rhaditya
Shidqy Rhaditya Hace 4 días
Try inviting food blogger Mark Wiens
Kana Beats
Kana Beats Hace 4 días
trolls money gotta be niiiiice
Desk_the_Knee Hace 4 días
Get Rachel McAdams to act like Regina George on Hot Ones please.
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson Hace 4 días
Justin rose is the best btw. Lol this is so fun to watch!!! Jt is a PIMP lol!
Alexa Claire
Alexa Claire Hace 4 días
Justin is a legend
Bri Bri
Bri Bri Hace 4 días
I would really love to see a video like this with Marilyn Manson and I bet many other people would like to see it as well. It would be awesome 😅☺️
You Hit My Car Abc
You Hit My Car Abc Hace 4 días
Fuck JT, dude is bailing out looters and rioters. He's so wishy washy it's disgusting. Not all protesters are rioters, then bails out the rioters. Excuse me? Fuck him.
Sourya Chakrabarty
Sourya Chakrabarty Hace 4 días
What's the music playing in the background?
CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife
CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife Hace 4 días
Have a charity show, I'll be more than happy to take on the challenge. I will even bring my own sauce. For the love of South African Wildlife.
nino yting
nino yting Hace 4 días
My Man Sean Evans talking to himself.
Jane Dough
Jane Dough Hace 5 días
A hollywood has been is paying for release of antifa thugs. That's all I need to know about this piece of dung.
eric moeller
eric moeller Hace 5 días
Da bomb fucked him up decent
Brandon Desroches
Brandon Desroches Hace 5 días
"I'm gonna have IBS for like a month"😂
fa ramen
fa ramen Hace 5 días
Get Tyler the creator on here PLEASE
Rowan Auraz
Rowan Auraz Hace 5 días
Justin "Is there cyanide in this?" Me. " Yeah Yeah Yeah!"
Bluntly Hace 5 días
Just when I was getting to like Justin he bails of the terrorists in MN. how about instead of bailing them out you give money to the small buisness that they destroyed. While you sit in you gated community, you bail out these crooks to go loot some more. I don't understand how you could be so ignorant. Your intentions here are pure evil.
Rune Undheim
Rune Undheim Hace 6 días
Norm Macdonald pls!
justmindset Hace 6 días
Petition to get the Pope on hot ones!
Elias Zarzour
Elias Zarzour Hace 6 días
Get Dan Crenshaw from Texas on here! Or John Cena. Or The Rock. Or fellow ESwomenr OzzyMan
Munif A.
Munif A. Hace 6 días
Hey justin. Don't be so quick to, walk away...From this challenge.
Prince Dillard
Prince Dillard Hace 6 días
"Wow, that was some Nardwuar shit" A compliment of the highest order
AR Chie
AR Chie Hace 6 días
23:29 yo wtf, that voice impression was perfect omg.
I really like the music they use in Hot Ones. :-)
peny91 Hace 7 días
just 5
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Hace 7 días
You didn't let JT sign an agreement??? Whaaaat? He doesn't even realize there is milk to drink for him. And his wife just thinks, "Of course he had to do the crazy "Hot Ones" BS before my premiere and not on any other day..."
Cos Pearly Tog
Cos Pearly Tog Hace 7 días
JT never had any water or milk! True man's legend!
Danielle Carr
Danielle Carr Hace 7 días
interview the fab 5!!!
AK Connor
AK Connor Hace 7 días
Is it just me or do Justin Timberlake and e guy from hot ones look very alike
xxxPEJAxxx1 Hace 7 días
If Marilyn Manson says that you are awsomne, than you are fucking awsomne! Respect to the man
Ben Fowler
Ben Fowler Hace 7 días
Damn, I figured a Memphis boy would have higher tolerance!
Meera Hace 8 días
They both look the same
Liv Marlin
Liv Marlin Hace 8 días
He's old and ugly.
Some Asshole
Some Asshole Hace 8 días
Would be awesome if you got Chappelle.
Superb Lyrebird
Superb Lyrebird Hace 8 días
No water or milk or anything is truly impressive especially considering how nervous he was at the beginning... Then he does the biggest dab I've seen on here so far...You gotta respect that
MP Hace 8 días
Here’s some people I think would be good on the show -Playboi Carti -Travis Scott -Robert Downey Jr -Elon Musk
B K Hace 8 días
gotta give props to JT, he didn't take just one bite, he routinely ate the whole wing
Gotta Elk
Gotta Elk Hace 8 días
Just watching Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak says he loves by spicy food I think he would be a fun interview and a spicy challenge
Макс Тащинский
Макс Тащинский Hace 8 días
HOW WITHOUT WATER AND MILK ?)))) Justin Timberlake hero man ))) Ты крут мужик ахах))) пздц
Robert Hardy
Robert Hardy Hace 8 días
Placate the star "10 seasons and I think this is the hottest 2 we have ever had"
Akookies Hace 9 días
lmao he's like I can't even think right now. all that spice= truth serum xD
cellcube0618 Hace 9 días
3:00 - 3:30 inspirational as fuck
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