Justin Bieber - Zane Lowe and Apple Music ’Changes’ Interview

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

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Apple Music’s Zane Lowe speaks with Justin Bieber about life, love, and his new album, Changes. Stream ’Changes’ on Apple Music: apple.co/justinbieber
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Botshapa Hace 5 horas
Depression can happen to anyone, it doesn’t ask what your net worth is. Respect to this man
Mari-Ann xoxo
Mari-Ann xoxo Hace 7 horas
I’m so proud of you Justin I can see that you’ve totally change . Because you accept our lord God in your heart and mind and you open your door for him. you don’t close your door when he is knocking in your heart and mind . This is amazing .very touching he changes you and Hailey is the right person for you very supportive. I thank God that you wake up and you realize everything in life . but everything is going to be ok . cuz holy sprit is in your heart and mind I truly believe that . you love him with all your heart with all your soul and mind . Alleluia I’m proud of you . God loves you unconditionally . It’s time to move forward and move on . He is your mentor . God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️.
luis junior
luis junior Hace 17 horas
This guy is so amazing his make part of my life sence when l was young little boy
Mimi Maryam
Mimi Maryam Hace un día
we've seen him grew up. from just a lil kid till a strong man that we could see now. his journey, from being so damaged and now he finally found himself and be able to get back up way stronger. idk thats just so beautiful.
Ivan Callioni
Ivan Callioni Hace un día
I hope his journey of love will keep on going peacefully. He's got a good soul in his heart and can bring that good to the world.
Priyanka Bhardwaj
Priyanka Bhardwaj Hace un día
After watching this interview m missing that rocking charming nd full confident Justin bieber.god bless u
wes zillich
wes zillich Hace un día
Sounds and looks like James franco so much here
Kalolind Sesega
Kalolind Sesega Hace 2 días
It's good for him to open up his problem pray to God give you strength and more years to come I hope to move on try don't think about his past I think that's the problem with him he still think about he's past all he do Just move on and look after himself
Kalolind Sesega
Kalolind Sesega Hace 2 días
Yes his talking about Jesus but his sleeping different girls that's wy his relationship with Selena Gomez fk up because his make a mistake I wish him all the best God Bless
Paras Gupta
Paras Gupta Hace 2 días
Jesus is King
Sarika Hace 2 días
Chandler Santos
Chandler Santos Hace 3 días
We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood. Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. - 1 John 4:6-7
Winter Blossoms
Winter Blossoms Hace 3 días
For me Justin, Forgiveness is the key to let go from the Past. Celebrity world is full of intrigues and it's Part of the Business.. As a Fan, we understand how you Goin through.. But then, still be considerate from your previous relationship. Because they become Once part of your Journey in this Industry. Being With GOD🙌 is that it teaches US to be Humble as a Human Beings 💕 and you Don't Have to prove yourself to Anyone.. your Blessed enough. out of trillions people in this whole wide world. Just Learned to Be Grateful.👌💯
Leo Becker
Leo Becker Hace 3 días
What happended to his voice?! It sounds totally destroyed!
Bartek MSDembele
Bartek MSDembele Hace 4 días
What's going on with this fool? He's a totally abnormal dude
pepa li
pepa li Hace 4 días
i used to not like hate him but just dislike him because of all of the scandals that he has been in. but now i want to take all my words back. he has been through so much pain but still has an urge to find a way to heal himself. wow, so much respect for this man. hope he will fully recover soon and be happy with his wife and his future kids!
حرب شاملة
حرب شاملة Hace 4 días
That heroin voice tho
Sl_ane Prøductions
Sl_ane Prøductions Hace 4 días
people are saying “oh I miss the old Justin☹️😢!!” Yeah but he is grown now and married he can’t be seductive towards his 15 year old fans anymore as a 26 year old and now finally he is happy and working his way up step by step, yes I miss him too but that’s because I never got to experience it I was only 5. We were all so judgemental of his just 6 years ago and that really broke him, people posting ‘Justin’s rudest moments’ I’m sure none of us would like that. He felt he couldn’t go anywhere without being judged. Yes he was 🔥 back in 2014 but now he has matured and still gets so much hate and no one even cares that they tore him apart and broke him. Yes he did bad things we all have done bad things, maybe not all of us have used drugs but still. We all miss the 2000’s but it’s a new decade and you know what if we are all gonna sit here and complain let’s live back as if it was 2007 and stop being so rude and judgmental and nit picking every.little.thing someone does wrong.
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn Hace 6 días
He looks super uncomfortable
_mamedov._ Hace 6 días
Turkish Translatiiii go !!!!!
Ruwanthika Nihathamani
Ruwanthika Nihathamani Hace 6 días
Why jb is drinking that without testing it...we cant believe people
schumpeter Hace 7 días
I feel that he didn't heal mentaly yet, but he is in transition into it
Nola Rain Fatally
Nola Rain Fatally Hace 4 días
Yes. He needs to know and love himself. Who and why he is. He’s gonna change into his best self hopefully everyday. He’s lost. Tired. Confused. Hurt. Frustrated. But he’s still trying. Maybe even hopeful. Honestly, it’s all about practice. No one is perfect. It’s all just everyday practice. Same with his wife.
pepa li
pepa li Hace 4 días
ofc he is not. he has been in so much pain for the past decade. it would take years for him to fully recover. but thankfully there is Hailey with him so he is in the good arms now.
Frederik Virkelyst
Frederik Virkelyst Hace 7 días
Gotta give it up for him. Growing up with so much attention and always being on the spot must be tough man. It's a great possesion, but at the same time just drains you... Nothing but respect for Justin. Also I admire the way he speaks up about his past and puts himself in a vulnerable position. True idol.
Samri Ayenew
Samri Ayenew Hace 7 días
He is so calm. I love you Justine and I am glad you got out of that darkness.
Bekzod Akhmedov
Bekzod Akhmedov Hace 7 días
What happened to him? Is he drug addicted?
pepa li
pepa li Hace 4 días
have you watched the whole video?
Lu Sa
Lu Sa Hace 7 días
may God bless u Justin
Khadija Ben Sliman
Khadija Ben Sliman Hace 7 días
It makes me so sad seeing him like this. This is the 2nd time I'm watching this and the 1st time I couldn't make it longer then 10 min because it broke my heart seeing him like that. I also still watch like old interviews of him from 2013 and stuff and the one with Zach Sang & the Bert Show from 2016 and this huge difference really breaks my heart in a million pieces... Hope he'll get better and knows that we'll always be there for him & support him! Him crying makes me cry, who else is with me? Btw I'm sorry if my English isn't right
Khadija Ben Sliman
Khadija Ben Sliman Hace 7 días
I'm so happy that he said he didn't go really deep and really 'there' with this album, because everyone was like 'yeah this is such a good album'. And it is a good album, but it was all about Hailey and their marriage. And there's nothing wrong with that, but as beliebers we've to stay honest and say that this wasn't his best album. And I know that he's maybe never able to do something like Purpose because I think he set the bar so high for himself and nothing can ever compare to that again. But I personally wanted to know what happend with Justin, where he was those years and what he was feeling. This is btw no hate or something, i'm a die hard belieber so please don't get me wrong xo
redROSE Hace 7 días
Take a shot every time he says “appreciate that”
mfaez Hace 8 días
Handsome mustache
Lets Have Fun With Horror
Lets Have Fun With Horror Hace 8 días
Pantone 18-0622
Pantone 18-0622 Hace 8 días
Baby baby baby
Ʌ N E E L Ʌ Hace 9 días
Wow God really does give people second chances to change. I do hope that he puts this into action and isn't just saying things. Actions speak louder. He's definitely come a longggg way.
Lucia Halinárová
Lucia Halinárová Hace 9 días
Interview 0:16 - start 0:39 - talking about the place he is in 1:44 - Purpose World Tour 2:50 - lyme disease 4:07 - Hailey 8:59 - talking About God 17:38 - Purpose World Tour 18:19 - Hailey 19:22 - engagement, marriage 20:00 - parents 21:06 - trust in people 22:22 - album 23:33 - comeback 25:04 - billie don’t know her last name + music 30:00 - collabs 32:57 - growth 33:48 - family 34:51 - Tour 37:30 - Beliebers 38:27 - love + humanity 42:20 - 2020’s
Lucia Halinárová
Lucia Halinárová Hace un día
Helizzle no problem ❤️
Helizzle Hace 2 días
thank you
ANTON Komaroov
ANTON Komaroov Hace 10 días
Good guy, hehe 😜
Radimon Hace 10 días
He's struggled and he's fighting through to get back to a good place with a happy balance in life. Don't judge him on trying to find his way. Hailey gives him that balance to be a beautiful person inside and out! Accepting having Faith and Understanding Trusting in God allowing Him to guide and lead your path in life
Anjell Davis
Anjell Davis Hace 11 días
“Ohh look at that” aww lol I’m so proud of him and I love him so much. This a forever thing Justin 💜
Sophia Doll
Sophia Doll Hace 11 días
the most eye opening interview of Justin Bieber. Good on you for having the strength of talking about all that. A lot of people seem to forget that you are human and have feelings. Im so happy that you have Hailey.
jane Ibrahim
jane Ibrahim Hace 11 días
He used to make Eye contact before, I don't know what happened. His just moving a lot not comfortable, his manager needs to do something.
Amber B
Amber B Hace 11 días
He has mental health issues like anxiety & depression. He uses medication for treatment. He also suffers from Lyme Disease & mono. It damaged his nervous system & caused twitching. He is recovering from years of drug abuse too. He was addicted to drugs since he was 12/13, he's completely sober now but his body is still recovering from it. He is doing well
FR MLM Hace 13 días
He looks like he is really tired or ill.
Amber B
Amber B Hace 11 días
He has Lyme Disease, he also is recovering from years of drug abuse (has done drugs since he was 12/13)
Aka Hace 15 días
Oh man he’s been bullied into anxiety
Giordana Oliveira
Giordana Oliveira Hace 15 días
His faith is so truthful, so legit, so inspiring.
AL Baretta
AL Baretta Hace 15 días
Amazing interview
NikeHatGuy Hace 16 días
You can tell hes not doing good nor healthy.. Hope he gets through it. Honestly he acts like i did when i was withdrawing.
Icekilla3Hunna Hace 16 días
He is so Broken I hope he gets the help he needs 🙏 for justin
Nola Rain Fatally
Nola Rain Fatally Hace 4 días
I think he just needs to talk more. Doesn’t need to be on camera. But opening traumatic triggers, the person them selves building a true love foundation inside, its years long journey and that’s apart of what a life time is about. It’s worth it. It’ll get easier. I think right now his marriage is a codependent relationship. It’s interesting to see how they will maneuver their stories. What paths they will explore and choose to master. She’s very much like her mom. Justin is like his mom and similar to Hailey s dad. :) we all trauma-ed up. Honesty and conversation it’s medicine. Love and faith and gratitude 🙏
pj thomas
pj thomas Hace 17 días
Don’t know if you’ll read this, but I bless your honesty. Authenticity is such a rare thing these days. I’m a follower of Jesus as well and quite a bit older than you, but no matter the age, if we’re a part of God’s Kingdom, we’re always connected in spirit. Honestly I’ve never really listened to your music, but hearing you open heartedness, I may listen some. Keep walking on the faith journey. You may now truly be at the beginning of a new era that will set the course of you & your families life for decades. Your true “calling” in life goes much farther than making music. There’s a deeper legacy to leave than just your music. I believe if God was standing here, He would say “well done”.
Fireto Ashes
Fireto Ashes Hace 17 días
Through all the trials and tribulations people go through daily in their lives, it’s up to us which roads we follow with faith, choices, how we want our end to be. Seeing you grow up making those not so great choices and keeping on with them, I’m glad that you have “woken up” to see that God does love you, he is there for you even though we don’t see him, he’s there trying to guide us and help us, but it’s up to us to listen. I’m not overly religious either but I have my beliefs - things we go through happen for a reason, people we meet, we meet for a reason... it’s all Gods plan. Keep it up Justin, keep your faith and thank God for each day you have - when you do that you’ll find the happiness that you’re looking for - I’m glad you’re on the path you were meant to be on
Tanya Jensen
Tanya Jensen Hace 17 días
God has a plan for you Justin I can tell God is working in you're life and he loves you , he was the one who created you and knows you inside and out #justinbieber
jo c
jo c Hace 17 días
he looks broken, pray for him and wish him all the blessings :)
Rachel Gless
Rachel Gless Hace 17 días
I love his faith in Jesus. He is so relatable and can certainly serve as a positive role model to young men!
The Revelation Church
The Revelation Church Hace 17 días
Im really blessed to see what God is doing in music industry.It proves that 1-God loves everyone.(John 3:16) 2-God grace is powerful (Ephesians 2) 3-By his stripes we are healed. 4-There is hope in Christ Jesus. 5-As He is in heaven ,so we are in this world. so as Pastor of the church God change my life 2009,I can understand what he was talking about,feel the same.I was one of Justin fan at age of 20 year old..till today. When i accept Jesus as savior ,I always thought i wish i can reach and share gospel in this industry and tell them how Christ save me from darkness and bring me new life. Share my faith journey and from 2009 I was praying for Justin and If I'm not wrong I text Justin when he put song clip "Devil not today" That post took my attention and I immediately text him and thank God for this big miracle. I'm blessed to see and listen his testimony really empower me to spread gospel in this kind of situation and persecution. "FOR GOD IS WITH US THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST US" LOVE FROM INDIA. PRAYING FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
wowaweewa Hace 17 días
I just watched Selena's interview with Zane and now I'm here... It's a pitty they didn't work out but I guess he needs a woman who can be with him 24/7.
marissa Hace 18 días
ur a good dude Justin, stay strong!
Brandon Weaver
Brandon Weaver Hace 18 días
Been going through my fair share in life, really needed this.. good conversation. God bless you guys 🙏🏼❤️ Love
Don Perry
Don Perry Hace 18 días
I think a point Justin is trying to make is that growing up with endless fame and money has unique problems that are hard to talk about because people don't allow celebrities that right. Child stardom has caused psychological, moral, spiritual and emotional problems to him and other celebrities and we should try to understand that because it is a human right to express our journey in full and have that experience validated regardless of social standings on one end or the other.
Millie says OK boomer
Millie says OK boomer Hace 19 días
When he said that he had so many people tell him they loved him as a kid and the second things went awry everyone had nothing to do with him... That was devastating. No wonder he's so messed up.
MuHaMaD_HeNdRa_Official YEEZUS
MuHaMaD_HeNdRa_Official YEEZUS Hace 20 días
i no justin bieber love billie eilish
Sofia PETRUSCHKY Hace 20 días
Great interview! Congratulations Justin, we love you
basu Kreena
basu Kreena Hace 20 días
His voice sound like as if he is giving childbirth in d toilet just like groaning & grunting. However i am his big fan though !
dmnd power
dmnd power Hace 20 días
me: i'm flying to Italy in April coronavirus: 12:06
Person who is destroying the wicked people
Person who is destroying the wicked people Hace 21 un día
Justin you are great guy but you should be good and emotional to your colleague Billie as she is crazy for your love
Shmuel L. Cerqueira
Shmuel L. Cerqueira Hace 21 un día
G-d bless G
Chronix Hace 21 un día
... I have many many questions
Joyce Haleyalmang
Joyce Haleyalmang Hace 22 días
Praise God for what You're doing in Justin's life😊☝️♥️
RULE @ulterego_
RULE @ulterego_ Hace 22 días
Justin man, it's going to be alright! Love you my guy!
Ogundare John
Ogundare John Hace 22 días
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Linda Gabriel
Linda Gabriel Hace 22 días
The interviewer is a Steve Jobs Clones
Shauna K
Shauna K Hace 22 días
God bless him
Cake world Gidget XX autism
Cake world Gidget XX autism Hace 23 días
I love his friendship with Billie
Fidde Hace 24 días
religious people...