Julianne Hough & Jordan Fisher - "All I Want For Christmas Is Love" (Official Video)

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Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

Hace 2 meses

All I Want for Christmas is Love
Performed By: Julianne Hough, Jordan Fisher
Written By: Dani Poppitt [BMG Platinum Songs/Green & Bloom Talent/DPOPPS
(BMI)], Patrick Hartman (BMI/published by Pulse) and Scott Bruzenak (ASCAP/self-published)
Produced By: Noisecastle III
Engineered By: Joseph McQueen at Faculty Studios and Oscar Friedman at the Noise Garage
Mixed and Mastered By: Jim Caruana
Video by designedmemory
Cinematography by Andrew Rose & Genie Eubanks
Filmed on location at Faculty Studios

Don’t need presents by the Christmas tree
Don't want a little box from Tiffany’s
There’s only one thing that I need

'Cause all I want for Christmas is love

Don’t need a stocking filled with toys and treats
Cause I’m good with just my whiskey neat
As long as you’re beside me I’m happy

'Cause all I want for Christmas is love
Ooo just because the weather's acting blue doesn’t mean that we should feel it
Two people fall in love cause Santa’s making wishes come true

Not asking for presents by the Christmas tree
Don’t give me a new suit that I don’t need
'Cause what I’m looking for, honey it’s free

'Cause I want for Christmas is love

Got what you’re looking for
So come with me
'Cause You’ve been way to nice well
I’m a little naughty
Let’s light a fire and baby get cozy
‘Cause all I want for Christmas is love
Ooo just because the weather's acting blue doesn’t mean that we should feel it
Two people fall in love cause Santa is making wishes come true

Quincy, take it away

(Horn section)
Ooo just because the weather's acting blue doesn’t mean that we should feel it
Two people fall in love cause Santa’s making wishes come true

Don’t need presents by the Christmas tree
Don't want to little box from Tiffany’s
There’s only one thing that I need
'Cause all I want for Christmas
All I want for Christmas
All I want for Christmas is love

Julianne HoughJordan FisherChristmasLove

Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough Hace 2 meses
Catch the song & FULL DANCE (that's being worked on in this video) on the Holidays With The Hough’s special which will air on NBC on December 16th!!!! - Team JH
Joker jack
Joker jack Hace un mes
I like you but after see this ,i think that is your boy .Sure you will shocked after seeing ...
Tiffany Christou
Tiffany Christou Hace 2 meses
Love this so much.
Medgine Michel
Medgine Michel Hace 2 meses
It was so good, wow! I loved Holiday with Houghs!!! You and Derek and all the other performers did amazing!!!!!
2004mojo Hace 2 meses
Thanks! I'll make sure to record it.
faith travel1986
faith travel1986 Hace 2 meses
I LOVE this song
David Lars
David Lars Hace un mes
I thought it couldn't get any better, then she mimed the trumpet solo......pure vixen!
G P Hace un mes
I don't know this language but this song feels perfect google translate :)
The ReactAR-BD
The ReactAR-BD Hace un mes
PRO_GAMER X Hace un mes
魏婕安 Hace un mes
i can't find this on KKBOX (Cry out)
Shark Puppets Brother
Shark Puppets Brother Hace un mes
In Every Video There Has To Be A Comment Saying She Is Beautiful
Lona sitanggang
Lona sitanggang Hace un mes
Hallo from imdonesia🇲🇨 i like this song 💕💃
Marcus Witt
Marcus Witt Hace un mes
All I Want For Christmas Is Love... that is love from another woman. Why is it that these modern women always wait to tell their husbands about their gay/lesbian tendencies. Could it be that she wanted to secure the bag from some simp, before she secured some kitty kat or coochie from her potential female lover.
Justė Val
Justė Val Hace un mes
It was my favorite Christmas jam. Now that christmas is over, it's my favorite everyday-sing-along-from-the-bottom-of-my-heart jam.
Patricia Castillo
Patricia Castillo Hace un mes
Good song..
Its Elactrixx
Its Elactrixx Hace un mes
Did Julianne and Brooks divorce?
Moses VII
Moses VII Hace un mes
Nope. Their still together. At the time of writing anyway. Hopefully they stand the test of time.
Freddy Cellophane
Freddy Cellophane Hace un mes
B-Cup Beauty!
Toyien Bello
Toyien Bello Hace un mes
Oooooo love the romance vibe but Ik my man Jordan is engaged so let me stop 😂
Moses VII
Moses VII Hace un mes
and Julianne is happily married.
Farisha Zulkifli
Farisha Zulkifli Hace un mes
I can't wait to watch Jordan in TATB2 P.S I Still Love You in February. He's so attractive 😍😍
La'Niyah Barrett
La'Niyah Barrett Hace un mes
I'm here because this is playing on Holiday on The Hough's
Manish Chaudhary
Manish Chaudhary Hace un mes
Hey mam you have a very fine sweet and perfect voice
UnderTheRadar Hace un mes
Jesus Christ Jordan’s voice is so damn amazing. It should be illegal to be that attractive, talented, and great of a human. Also, your voice is so unique and amazes me every time. Seeing two equally talented people doing an amazing video and song always brightens my day. I hope you both have a happy holidays :]
Dorsaf Trabelsi
Dorsaf Trabelsi Hace 2 meses
This is so cute
Bryan Reyes
Bryan Reyes Hace 2 meses
All I want for Christmas is love...... and a new tv
Moses VII
Moses VII Hace 2 meses
Ugh. it's so hard not to just stare at Julianne in this. She is something else.
Nerdy Golem
Nerdy Golem Hace 2 meses
NICO'S MOMMA Hace 2 meses
The performace on the show was great!! Just watched it.
Relyn Shook
Relyn Shook Hace 2 meses
I love this song
Annie bannie
Annie bannie Hace 2 meses
Love it thankyou
bethpat9 Hace 2 meses
Love, love, love this!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Renalyn Dacanay
Renalyn Dacanay Hace 2 meses
I lovE it A lot, juliAnne ..😊 GiveS mE A gOosebuMps YOur my idol, siNce "sAfe hAvEn" 😘
devbhoomi Uttarakhand
devbhoomi Uttarakhand Hace 2 meses
Randy N
Randy N Hace 2 meses
I had no idea she could sing like this!! Amazing!
vitolia latu
vitolia latu Hace 2 meses
❤ It💃🏽
argyrophilic Hace 2 meses
Laura Mccreadie
Laura Mccreadie Hace 2 meses
Oh my gosh I love this. Two of my favourite singers together 🎄❤️
Kevin Dukes
Kevin Dukes Hace 2 meses
She is fucking hot ,body and looks , .... if you haven't seen it check her out on the episode of RUNNING WITH BEAR GRYISS ,she is freaking funny on that episode
佩萱 Hace 2 meses
This song is the best gift for Christmas 🎄 this year. ❤️
Pat Hace 2 meses
Nice song, but that long finger clicking is really so annoying!! It’s to much and to present over youre voices. Excuse my english
Girlpanda153 aj
Girlpanda153 aj Hace 2 meses
You both have very unique and beautiful voices.
Millie Lach
Millie Lach Hace 2 meses
He’s dear Evan Hansen!!!!!!!!
GdBx` Hace 2 meses
I listened this song for the first time at CHRISTMAS IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER. Love it. Saluti dall'Italia ❤🇮🇹
Khaleel Abinal
Khaleel Abinal Hace 2 meses
Im sorry but i need a rock of ages 2 tnx
Rebecca Atkins-Vargas
Rebecca Atkins-Vargas Hace 2 meses
I love it soo cute!💖💖💖
Celtic fan
Celtic fan Hace 2 meses
Nina Dobrev if you read this please respond! Xx
Celtic fan
Celtic fan Hace 2 meses
Who’s here from Elena Gilbert’s Insta story??
Lee Kirk
Lee Kirk Hace 2 meses
why was the reaction to couch falling over added but not the incident itself? any chance y'all could add it in? that make even funnier 😅
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton Hace 2 meses
Hallie Coverett
Hallie Coverett Hace 2 meses
How did I not know she could sing 😂
Joshua Yoon
Joshua Yoon Hace 2 meses
*Brooks Laich has entered the chat*
Vikki V
Vikki V Hace 2 meses
That's my 2019 Christmas song! love it
SuperDuperCarder Hace 2 meses
Jordan Fisher honestly the goat
Miller Peter
Miller Peter Hace 2 meses
Are those testicles on them ears? And did they have sex behind that couch? If anyone has the answer, I'll be waiting. Thanks a bunch and Happy Holidays! Pete.
ashley loves tay
ashley loves tay Hace 2 meses
itsleeuh Hace 2 meses
Tj Devlin
Tj Devlin Hace 2 meses
I saw you guys in New York at the christmas tree lighting
The Midnight truthseeker
The Midnight truthseeker Hace 2 meses
Her voices reminds me of Sofia Carson.
Will Nongsiej
Will Nongsiej Hace 2 meses
The guy's vocal 🔥🔥
Radu Elena
Radu Elena Hace 2 meses
Savage 4Life
Savage 4Life Hace 2 meses
The duo we never knew we needed
2004mojo Hace 2 meses
I know how talented Jordan is. Check out him singing "The Christmas Song". But I didn't know Julianne Hough could actually sing. Nice surprise how great they sound on this song. I agree with whoever posted we need more of these 2 dancing.
2004mojo Hace 2 meses
@Bengali21gal I know of her singing but I had her in the category of those who are not known for their singing and I've never really listened to her. I only saw the video because I'm a fan of Jordan Fisher. But I have said YES she can sing. Unlike someone whose has a hit song but is no singer like Paris Hilton (cough cough)
2004mojo Hace 2 meses
For me there are singers and people who can actually sing! I knew she was a singer since she did the remake of "Footloose".( didn't see it I have mad love for the original [lol]) However sooooo many singers out there I wouldn't buy anything they've done. This song I would by even if Jordan wasn't on it. She sold me right at the start. She now on my list!
Bengali21gal Hace 2 meses
2004mojo Julianne has sung before her acting career. She has a country album.
Gleicy Andrade
Gleicy Andrade Hace 2 meses
we need an entire album 🎄🎄?💕
Hope Eliana
Hope Eliana Hace 2 meses
I love their voices together 😍👌🏼💗
Jay Collector
Jay Collector Hace 2 meses
If she didn't have marriage problems before she does now!
Quintin Xavier Roper-Sirvent
Quintin Xavier Roper-Sirvent Hace 2 meses
So nice to see her not in blackface....
Samuel Class
Samuel Class Hace 2 meses
Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee Hace 2 meses
she's too thin...she looked fine before ..couldn't even recognize her in the dolly parton's mini series
Filipino Mamba
Filipino Mamba Hace 2 meses
I love when Jordan’s musicality was on beat at 0:26 😱. Just hearing Jordan and Julianne’s voices gives me goosebumps 😮
Jassy Jones
Jassy Jones Hace 2 meses
Nice song
Erica Bella
Erica Bella Hace 2 meses
You are so talented. And beautiful. You were amazing in Jolene. Was the best one in the Dolly Parton series.❤❤❤🎄🎄🎄☃☃☃❤❤❤🎄🎄🎄❄❄❄☃☃☃
Jazmi SC
Jazmi SC Hace 2 meses
Love How Julianne enjoys everything she does. She is a true artist!
Awii Escalera
Awii Escalera Hace 2 meses
She reminds me of a young Olivia Newton John
Jassy Jones
Jassy Jones Hace 2 meses
Awii Escalera yep that’s why she was sandy in grease live lol but she did great in that
David Blodgett
David Blodgett Hace 2 meses
My guy Jordan making big moves. 2020 is the takeover year. Get ready.
LJP Hace 2 meses
Ok, so when we getting a full version of the dance to this song?
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