Julianne Hough dancing workout

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Julianne Hough workout


Gerson Ribeiro
Gerson Ribeiro Hace 13 horas
I bet that 99% of the people watching this are doing for educational purposes!!!!!😉
Clickerboots T
Clickerboots T Hace 2 días
Can you tap dance
H. G. Wells
H. G. Wells Hace 23 días
She has a spectacular body. But I absolutely loathe her for how she treated her husband with the whole 'I'm a lesbian' thing. Talk about disrespecting your spouse.
でかマクラちゃん Hace un mes
Udith Wimaladharma
Udith Wimaladharma Hace un mes
She is so sexy!
Ian K
Ian K Hace un mes
Pull some energy out your ass...bimbo
Nicole Smrekar
Nicole Smrekar Hace 2 meses
Fuck...….I'm gay.
V H Hace 3 meses
Wonder if we wanna learn how to dance or just watch her move
Vanesa Quintero
Vanesa Quintero Hace 3 meses
David Barajas
David Barajas Hace 3 meses
Hey it's David Young Prince UK here all lewd and something...
Danil Strateychuk
Danil Strateychuk Hace 3 meses
hey there! somebody still here in 2019?
Strawberry Shortcake83
Strawberry Shortcake83 Hace 2 meses
Danil Strateychuk 2020
Larry Leventhal
Larry Leventhal Hace 3 meses
Good god is this woman fantastic!
Winston Churchill's Ghost
Winston Churchill's Ghost Hace 4 meses
A moment of silence for all the bottles of Jurgens I massacred watching Julianne Hough.
Gerson Ribeiro
Gerson Ribeiro Hace 4 meses
How much does anyone want to bet that most of the viewers are men?!😉
Lester mcn
Lester mcn Hace 4 meses
No, ... I shouldn’t beat my meat again
wiisalute Hace 5 meses
My hand must resist
elvis sosa
elvis sosa Hace 5 meses
90% not really interested in the damn dancing moves
Yma Kuraj
Yma Kuraj Hace 5 meses
Чего головой верх вниз дёргает?))
Ka Brasileira
Ka Brasileira Hace 5 meses
Affffff 👎👎👎👎
whatisit Hace 5 meses
What is the significance of the Flashdance leg warmers? I wonder what the temp is in the room. I guess the rest of the body stays warm but the calves need more insulation. I like the dance steps though. And, those shoes look like aerobics sneakers. Is that the standard dance shoe these days? I am not trying to be smart I just don't know and want to understand. Is the outfit just a style statement or do the pieces have some crucial functionality to them? I don't dance a whole lot but it looks like a great workout to sculpt the perfect figure.
julz lee
julz lee Hace 5 meses
drop your pants please so we see that sweeet sweet p...
Fabricio C L Oliveira
Fabricio C L Oliveira Hace 5 meses
You pervs...
Dieter Schulz
Dieter Schulz Hace 5 meses
I used to dance because I like dancing but now it's very hard stiff like a stick ha ha ha I love dancing chachacha, tango,boggie, salsa anything but aged changes . some people still can move their hips. happy for them
Blair Sinclair
Blair Sinclair Hace 5 meses
i just watched her !! and had to lay down on the couch
Sunlight70 Hace 5 meses
'And, Jazz haaaaands!!'
David Cerino
David Cerino Hace 5 meses
I saw the headline and thought, “Great, another workout bunny trying to innovate with pseudo Latin dance moves.” A minute into it . . . . “Hot damn, this chick actually did the chacha, with amazing body isolation! Great video, but even slow Cha cha is a workout when danced like this. I’m out.”
noone Hace 5 meses
I like her, but dang She has no booty at all. Flat as a pancake. 😁😁😁. But, hip thrusts, squats and lunges will make that booty pop fo sho. 👍👍👍
Mike Studmuffin
Mike Studmuffin Hace 5 meses
who's been aroused?
Miza E Shafa
Miza E Shafa Hace 5 meses
why tf am i here lol
TheAcadMaster Hace 5 meses
I only made it to minute 3:00
Paul Shiners
Paul Shiners Hace 5 meses
Naturally :-) She is Heaven on legs
Bennett Hastings
Bennett Hastings Hace 5 meses
good lord
Divinistry Hace 5 meses
Me @beginning: What in the white is this?! Me @end: I think I'm a lesbian... 😍
Winston Churchill's Ghost
Winston Churchill's Ghost Hace 4 meses
Yeah, as long as you brought race into this, let me remind you that she's way out of your league.
I'm Rick James
I'm Rick James Hace 5 meses
Good lawd..
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola Hace 5 meses
OMG my dream blonde
Romel Salazar
Romel Salazar Hace 5 meses
Nasty girl...you know you are nasty.
mathew pearce
mathew pearce Hace 5 meses
firstly at the brazilian channel theres like .....music secondly, africa scored more goals in serie a than jose altidore times 8 million shit, mickey mouse works for britney spears thankyou, not the otherway round, and lastly kelly monaco or no kelly monaco, sticly com dancing is a disgusing racist show thats bee ncharged with live nazism and refers t americans as white, thats not the case, apoligise for your shit beastie boys taylor swift music and the fuck off back to germany with the royals, and evil trump, its disgusting, awful television, make elen or rosevelt looking clever compared to you anti nhs education shit breed ill remind you you have the worst crime rate worst literacy worst guns worst drugs worst racism take your will smithers shit and shove it clean in your ryard pryor herion ass
CameraMom Hace 5 meses
Why do I fart everytime i do the twist?
Bill Dozer
Bill Dozer Hace 5 meses
little did she know years later she'd become bi.....figure 8's for everyone!
hedunlap Hace 5 meses
If I was her husband, I'd make her show me that she's bi-sexual like she claims.
Brody McCain
Brody McCain Hace 6 meses
20 minute workout.
jijadelmais Hace 6 meses
This is not a dancing workout, it is a tutorial to different dancing steps.
al muflee
al muflee Hace 6 meses
God created you so beautifully.... thanks god.
Musab twaijry
Musab twaijry Hace 6 meses
Willian Dias
Willian Dias Hace 6 meses
Princess Marshella Horman
Princess Marshella Horman Hace 7 meses
She is like the professional version of Renata Bliss. but Renata bliss is still iconic
Princess Marshella Horman
Princess Marshella Horman Hace 7 meses
'White people have no rythm" then explain this
Frank Martinez
Frank Martinez Hace 7 meses
All I want for Christmas...
Razor_flex17 Hace 7 meses
This bitch fucking ruin my childhood every time that I was watching my fucking anime my mom came up with a cd of this workout geez
Ashok Singh
Ashok Singh Hace 7 meses
yeah I'm feeling the hip 😝
C W Hace 7 meses
She is so good. Miss her dancing on Dancing With the Stars.
Alex Borgmann
Alex Borgmann Hace 7 meses
My pants dissapeared into fourth dimension
Kermit Hace 7 meses
She's very pleasing to look at.
Indojin Music
Indojin Music Hace 7 meses
2:06 I did the twist..twist..POP!! And popped my hip out of my body straight to the hospital
Felipe Vela
Felipe Vela Hace 8 meses
Who wants to do the chacha with Julianne? 👍
Alfredo QC
Alfredo QC Hace 8 meses
Jan Lamb
Jan Lamb Hace 8 meses
Ugh she could not be any hotter lol. Sooo jealous of her. I remember looking like that! I need to get back to running 😂
Mike Evans
Mike Evans Hace 8 meses
What a gorgeous woman just perfect from head to toe love everything about her she's amazing 😀😁🤣
2MILLION Dance Hace un mes
Mike Evans eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-R5GhEkpt_8Q.html
anna wright
anna wright Hace 7 meses
Thank you, Mike for being polite, respectful and a gentleman. I saw the other comments earlier - I thought the normal men have disappeared.
Pavithra Sandamali Senarath
Pavithra Sandamali Senarath Hace 8 meses
Oh i love julianne ❤
Gambula Edits
Gambula Edits Hace 8 meses
Boner achieved
Gizmo Balboa
Gizmo Balboa Hace 8 meses
I have no intention of ever learning these moves I gotta be honest
Jolfrost Hace 8 meses
im scared
A River South
A River South Hace 8 meses
Hopefully she grew taller by now
rjeption Hace 8 meses
We in 2019 baby (golden buzzer lol)
Anaru Phillips
Anaru Phillips Hace 8 meses
i broke my hip in my head just by watching this...lol
Knifenerd Hace 8 meses
This is the best thing I've ever seen in my life....and nice Air Max 90's
zahrans Hace 8 meses
Cross, unwind, sit... *JEEZ*
Clot-in-Eye Joe
Clot-in-Eye Joe Hace 8 meses
at this point in her life, she was literally one of the hottest woman on the planet.
SILVER GAROU Hace 8 meses
Typing this with left hand
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages Hace 9 meses
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S ...sounds like fun // to"new moves" / //they're "spunky"...and full.of sass//
Jayce Zucc
Jayce Zucc Hace 9 meses
EpicStudios Hace 9 meses
Jayce Zucc disgusting.. This is a dance exercise/tutorial, not an exercise for your balls
Kari Nordmann
Kari Nordmann Hace 9 meses
All I could think about was the leg warmers Song from wliia
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