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Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas

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will smithwilljoyner lucasmen in black

ebuka ike
ebuka ike Hace 35 minutos
Andrea Lanzoni
Andrea Lanzoni Hace un hora
Buddy, hold on, you maybe feelin' like Will but that 'stache looks like Carlton's. Dude, decide already!
salty bitch
salty bitch Hace un hora
Will smith is iconic. PERIODT
salty bitch
salty bitch Hace un hora
the pursuit of happiness never failed to make me cryy
salty bitch
salty bitch Hace un hora
i always had a crush on will
Hussain Al-Hasan
Hussain Al-Hasan Hace 2 horas
Will Smith, love it.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Hace 2 horas
Joyner Lucas I usually don't write comments, but you sir have my respect beyond measure and I thank you.
MacPatty Hace 2 horas
The bass is mad
Michael Rhodes
Michael Rhodes Hace 2 horas
The whole concept is🔥🔥🔥I’m one twist Joyner took all wills movies and made it a reality of emotion.
Oğuzhan S.
Oğuzhan S. Hace 3 horas
last scean deepfake ?
Mohaned Shady
Mohaned Shady Hace 3 horas
I feel like will too❤❤
Mr.Love_ Doctor12
Mr.Love_ Doctor12 Hace 4 horas
Why would someone dislike this masterpiece
Bugatti Fan
Bugatti Fan Hace 4 horas
Rip will smith fly high 🕊
lXlYlXl XX XAFIX Hace 5 horas
1 Like = 1% More battery ██████████████]99% BTW Guys I just started making music. I Need yall support help me grow Homies 😘💟♥️💯👊🤝
Michael Don
Michael Don Hace 5 horas
Will really hopped on this shit & killed it. 🔥
Black Mii
Black Mii Hace 7 horas
ItsMeAbraar Gamer
ItsMeAbraar Gamer Hace 8 horas
He forgot Gemini Man
Fruit Man
Fruit Man Hace 11 horas
When he mad this I remember when I was like six men in black was my favorite movie I would watch that all the time I loved it so much I would talking about him all the time
Jada Mcdonald
Jada Mcdonald Hace 11 horas
Im not feeling like will rightnow... just nicole
Sakura Baiorin
Sakura Baiorin Hace 12 horas
Am I the only one who feels he walks weird in the first few seconds?
Johnny Mac
Johnny Mac Hace 14 horas
Nice how he also put his own son in the video. Only thing (no hating) I wish he didn't put titles on every scene, most people would know them, and the ones their not sure about, well we would have searched the comments for answers or watch some video of someone explaining them. I admit I wouldn't have instantly guessed Concussion.
umentertainment1 Hace 14 horas
Ijeoma Olivia Okeke
Ijeoma Olivia Okeke Hace 15 horas
Damn I regret not getting an autograph when I saw you in the airport in Boston. I was right behind you in the line too but I had no idea what to ur going up and I just say keep doing you
dzmorg Hace 15 horas
How in the fucking world could someone not like this! Track dope as hell.
Агапкина Анна
Агапкина Анна Hace 16 horas
Я два раза написала, а можно, я напишу третий раз. Американцы не дождутся. Чтобы Я написала на англо языке. Но я по настоящему тащусь по этой песне
Christian Kramer
Christian Kramer Hace 16 horas
Fire.... The kid got skillz, and the courage to go for it... Its much easier to hate or judge on side line
J. Bellamy
J. Bellamy Hace 18 horas
If Tyler Perry remade Will Smith movies lol good vibe 👏👏
AshypeEU Hace 19 horas
1.5x sounds lity
estylz1967 Hace 19 horas
I have nothing but mad respect for you and your music brother!
unkown Hace 19 horas
smart choice skipping after earth
Павел Родионов
Павел Родионов Hace 19 horas
Почти лям лайков!
Агапкина Анна
Агапкина Анна Hace 20 horas
Песня Сссупер! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kolay Shinbanov
Kolay Shinbanov Hace 20 horas
Kolay Shinbanov
Kolay Shinbanov Hace 20 horas
respect for such work
Matthew Sherman
Matthew Sherman Hace 20 horas
Bruh this shit right here is why I love rap
Chaim B.
Chaim B. Hace 21 un hora
Jabez Mboya
Jabez Mboya Hace 22 horas
Guys you should jump in our Kenyan artist called Khaligraph Jones, he released his will freestyle, I must it's super dope.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Hace 22 horas
honestly, how can anyone dislike this song?
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown Hace un día
This track is a breath of fresh air....
Manoj Venkat
Manoj Venkat Hace un día
Man the hook is very nyc and catchy which makes a reason for liking this song....lit🔥🔥
yungsu 02
yungsu 02 Hace un día
Phayke Hace un día
he looks more like carlton than will
Josh Uatree
Josh Uatree Hace un día
Out of shape Will Smith coat tailing
Kimo TV1
Kimo TV1 Hace un día
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Kimo TV1
Kimo TV1 Hace un día
Red Hace un día
“Ya feelin’ like me?” -Will Smith
Neo Shoniwa
Neo Shoniwa Hace un día
this shit is dope
Affan Baihaqi
Affan Baihaqi Hace un día
Props to the editor, the first clip Joyner's shirt should've been invisible
Mustafaa Saghir
Mustafaa Saghir Hace un día
sick beat
pokerr Hace un día
put speed at 1.25 to here cancer
YaBoi Frags
YaBoi Frags Hace un día
Best music video of all time ❌ 🧢
Tom! Hace un día
Sounds like shindy dodi
PIPO 牛は Hace un día
Best video of the decade
Scott Clark
Scott Clark Hace un día
ndira legge
ndira legge Hace un día
I'm Legend learn my story joiner you might know your self dats life Coleji$ Bilt on Spotify
Joey Hutton
Joey Hutton Hace un día
Feeling like Will, but lookin like Carleton.
Camilo Vizcarra
Camilo Vizcarra Hace un día
You dislike something wrong with u, literally
NinjaGaming Hace un día
What means wild weshhhh
Luis Arnaldo Lebron
Luis Arnaldo Lebron Hace un día
You know this song reminds of an actor, Nothing rings a bell
Kay M
Kay M Hace un día
Damn!!! He got every facial expression etc of Will on point!!
187nellybelly Hace un día
I think we all know who Joyner dresses as at Halloween!
Kurly Gurl's World
Kurly Gurl's World Hace un día
As an aspiring artist my soul aches knowing I missed the creative process of you writing this one!!!😭😭😭 Cause even as I female...THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT HIM TOOOOO!!! He's basically my dad 😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧 and you're a legend in your own right too!! KEEP IT UPPPPPP!!!! 🤟🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Savior Hace un día
Will Smith after listening to this: AHh That's hot
T GrahaMonger
T GrahaMonger Hace un día
A classic already......🔥🔥🔥
shein360 Hace un día
This song makes me sad for some reason
Noman Tariq
Noman Tariq Hace un día
This song made me a fan for life. Joyner u are the man brother
Michael’s Little Angel
Michael’s Little Angel Hace un día
The fact that I saw all of the movies will played in, and Joyner is a blessing to this earth
Barry Hockbanks
Barry Hockbanks Hace un día
The goat list is. Pac . Em.joyner.joyner ain't even hit his prime yet it's scary
Yvng_Reezy Hace un día
They call me big willie, but I think I'm Mike Lowrey🔥🔥🔥
Gata go fast
Gata go fast Hace un día
this track goes gd hard tho!!!!
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