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What’s better than Jordan Klepper at a Trump rally? Here’s a compilation of his greatest hits: #TheDailyShow #JordanKlepper #TrevorNoah
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Avyanna Sage
Avyanna Sage Hace 2 minutos
If ever I could encounter a Trump Support Rally maaan I'll really watch it, I love watching clowns and I'll probably be the healthiest person in planet after laughing at these fools.
Jason Chivers
Jason Chivers Hace 5 minutos
Is this not dubbed over?? Lol c'mon people. Don't be fooled
Bandit Rider
Bandit Rider Hace 10 minutos
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Bandit Rider
Bandit Rider Hace 10 minutos
For a free, no strings insight into COVID 19. Watch Dr John Campbell on youtube. Where, since late January, Dr Campbell has been investigating COVID 19 and posting new videos, several times a day, everyday.
Julia Gunnells
Julia Gunnells Hace un hora
If you look at the pictures of Trumps rally, you'll see thousands of them. Here's just a few that I know: Terrence Williams, Brandon Tatum, Candice Owen, David Harris Jr, Bevelyn Beatty, Jericho Green, Anthony Brian Logan. How about the entire police union across the US? Senator Tim Scott, did you talk to him? Next time you question Trump supporters, how about not editing out the good answers. I guess you don't like those. It wouldn't make your show worth watching, would it. Of course, some conservatives watch it because they like to see you making an azz out of yourself. That's the only reason I tuned in. LOL
StrongCaramel Hace un hora
Omg 😆
Tristan Mcenroe
Tristan Mcenroe Hace un hora
Go to a joe Biden rally he can’t even say a word a classic libtard
Paper Plain
Paper Plain Hace un hora
One time i was so cold that i put my hand in the microwave and I thought, “wow, i am the stupidest person in the world” but now, I apologize to myself. Turns out that there a whole convention of people who are way more stupid than me.
TheRealAce123 Hace un hora
Trump 2020
Qokdnzjuql7163 Hace 2 horas
So these are the people calling me brainwashed by the media lmao looks like they are brainwashed by Donald Trump lmao why do racists support him though if he isn’t racist 🤔
NukleaR Elite
NukleaR Elite Hace 2 horas
Bruh there is no way that some of the people aren’t paid actors😭
Joe m
Joe m Hace 2 horas
I love how this idiot couldnt read the guys election shirt right. Everyone look whos stupid now, Read when the next persons term begins and its clear to see whos the idiot here
lafortune richardson
lafortune richardson Hace 2 horas
You are so good bro
flamingRose100 Hace 2 horas
Isnt fucked up how you're nostalgic for this?
Aditya P
Aditya P Hace 2 horas
1:32 I hate Trump but there's 2 black people behind him 😂
Visual Death
Visual Death Hace 2 horas
A lot of liberals here talking about “education” yet ignore and deny facts that don’t fit the narrative lmao literally pushing agenda questions. Now let’s see...poorest cities in the US? Their democrat run. High homeless rates? In democrat cities. Where is all the looting, stealing, assaulting and defiling happening? Democrat cities. The literal shit capitol of the US? A democrat city that proudly displays its shit covered streets. Who got caught lying about the Russia spying for Trump? That’s right, it’s official now...democrats. They even did the spying on Trump 😂 man I can keep going and none of it is agenda based. It’s all facts that liberals refuse because “boo boo orange man bad anyway, who cares”. A bunch of children throwing temper tantrums. 🙄
Guy Who Laughs at Memes
Guy Who Laughs at Memes Hace 3 horas
"Woman can't be presidents" Bruh, England has a f***ing QUEEN!!
Alondra Chavez
Alondra Chavez Hace 4 horas
anil2751 Hace 4 horas
Atleast we Indians try to pretend to be smart 😂
Heather Crumpton
Heather Crumpton Hace 5 horas
“one mans sexual assault is another mans flirtation” no. sexual assault is sexual assault. stop trying to excuse a mans actions because it’s deemed consensual by you.
Michael Lovinon
Michael Lovinon Hace 5 horas
I could find the same type of people in any lgbt rallies or blm protest if i tried so urwelcome for this info
rickylol 40
rickylol 40 Hace 5 horas
He really said wave white people xD
MarleyandMitchG Hace 5 horas
It’s a cult. It’s a cult. It has to be a cult. Oh geez
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Hace 5 horas
I've heard the phrase that crazy people don't know there crazy. Using that same logic? Trump supporters are stupid and don't realize there stupid. And I love it! It makes for a great laugh
MarleyandMitchG Hace 5 horas
“Where are these African-Americans???” Lol I’m dying
Captain Atomic
Captain Atomic Hace 5 horas
Trump will definitely win in 2020 no doubt
VIRTUAL SOLDIER369 Hace 5 horas
I highly encourage people to watch some Steven crowder vids he his a republican that interviews mostly liberals or democrats on political views and they have really good arguments and you can see the republican views of stuff from him
Dori Coldwell
Dori Coldwell Hace 5 horas
These are VERY SCARY people...!!
Waseem Amin
Waseem Amin Hace 6 horas
Its funny hes like. what if your son said that. and there like well eemmm emmm. ohh now it hits home. the predent is ment to be the best of us. not the worst. this was so hard to watch that people like this exist
Waseem Amin
Waseem Amin Hace 6 horas
You cant embarrass a trump supporter because they have no self respect to begin with
abhi4ify Hace 6 horas
Most hilarious reality video i saw in 5 months of quarantine
Michael Politi
Michael Politi Hace 6 horas
Cant fix stupid they're to stupid to figure out they're stupidity.
ryanern18 Hace 6 horas
Living near a similar populace just outside the gateway to Pennsyltucky, I can say that this is in no way, shape or form a misrepresentation. The levels of abject stupidity are beyond belief.
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran Hace 6 horas
Well, to be fair, the guy at 6:58 means that the numbers on the back of his shirt are the dates of election and reelection, not the dates of the term they serve. But everyone else is as dumb as a rock
Blake Frank
Blake Frank Hace 6 horas
goat interviewer
Linda Madu
Linda Madu Hace 6 horas
Iletracy is another form of blindness and stupidity😏
Waseem Amin
Waseem Amin Hace 6 horas
At this point only the stupidest amount the stupid still vote for him a true embarrassment to the U.S
Mmgamer64 _
Mmgamer64 _ Hace 7 horas
This guy is so boring lmao
GhxsT Hace 7 horas
“Two men getting married is DISGUSTING.” Then don’t worry about it😒
xxxluka xxx
xxxluka xxx Hace un hora
It is, but it should be tolerated
R3XR x
R3XR x Hace 7 horas
film and edit, anyone can make a bias point of view. Lets ask questions and not give the other person time to defend themselves
George Gregorczyk
George Gregorczyk Hace 7 horas
You should watch what Bernie supporters say. These selected individuals are geniuses in comparison to almost all Bernie supporters.
Luke Rivers
Luke Rivers Hace 7 horas
Imagine the look of absolute horror on their screen-lit faces at 11:23pm on a Friday night when they realize they just got Klepper'd to fuck.
T Davis
T Davis Hace 7 horas
The Republikkkan party in a nutshell right here.
James Bryan
James Bryan Hace 8 horas
Fun fact. This is almost definitely scripted.
Jesse Nunez
Jesse Nunez Hace 8 horas
I was about to say where tf are their masks???? But I remember this was life BC
Carmen Zena
Carmen Zena Hace 8 horas
Hey guys I love my president ! Trump 2020! Get at me I'll reply
Vihaan Raizada
Vihaan Raizada Hace 8 horas
Fabiano Lopes
Fabiano Lopes Hace 8 horas
3:24 my man be looking like Stalin 2.0
Tony Cesario
Tony Cesario Hace 8 horas
Its almost like hard-core Republicans are just extremely selfish people who validate themselves because there are others just like them.
James Bryan
James Bryan Hace 8 horas
What about harcore democrats? They're exactly the same
Glindathegoodishwitch Hace 8 horas
These are rough times. And could get rougher. But after watching this, I am so thankful. Thankful that I am not one of these ignorant, empty-headed lame-os. Seriously, I do not know how they get through life.
Andrew Grabinski
Andrew Grabinski Hace 8 horas
The shirt guy and him not being able to do math was the best
JIX NIX Hace 9 horas
I can't laugh of this...... WHAT HAPPENED
ComradeRacoon Hace 9 horas
This is literally the place to find stupid people go find normal people and ask them
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez Hace 9 horas
It’s the future... Trump still president. And the Democrats spied on him. And are funded by KKK Soros.
Captain Vyse
Captain Vyse Hace 9 horas
The stupidity with these people...
Conor Da boi
Conor Da boi Hace 10 horas
2024-2028, thAt iS 8 yEaRs
Conor Da boi
Conor Da boi Hace 10 horas
Trump supporters are like the dumbest people of America
James Bryan
James Bryan Hace 8 horas
No they're not. There are perfectly good reasons to vote for both Trump and Biden. It depends on your priorities. Trump hasn't been a bad president and I'm sure Biden won't do bad either. Just fuck up and realise that the stupid person is the person who calls over 100 million people stupid.
OranDrite Hace 10 horas
Ask why people didn't vote for Hillary... EMAILS Ask them why they voted for Trump... DuRduRdUr
James Bryan
James Bryan Hace 8 horas
Good economy, improved housing, conservative handling of social issues.
OranDrite Hace 10 horas
That is both hilarious and fucking terrifying
Rohit Rajendran
Rohit Rajendran Hace 11 horas
Idk if people are this stupid or this was scripted or not
Stormy Redhawk
Stormy Redhawk Hace 11 horas
I’ve been looking for something like this,a guy to go to one of these trump rallies and do this (ask question about trump) I knew it was going to be exactly like this (fucking morons and they are proud of it)!!! The host is fantastic witty, I love how he’s on point with everything and sooooo damn funny just by using common sense!!
Colin Maclean
Colin Maclean Hace 11 horas
Thing is, they don’t show any smart or articulate Trump supporters, not because they don’t exist, but because that would go against what they want to convince the average voting American.
MrJuicyBluntz Hace 12 horas
i support trump but damn these people are stupid
Xport Hace 12 horas
jimmymd69 Hace 12 horas
Now let's see the full unedited interviews. I guarantee the answers weren't lined up with the questions one single time.
Jody Wagner
Jody Wagner Hace 12 horas
OMG, he absolutely CRUSHED them. LOL
Mr.Fusion Hace 13 horas
“A female can start a war in 10 seconds” “Haven’t all wars been started by men?” Bro I was DYING BRUH
Lemon Fighter
Lemon Fighter Hace 5 horas
Honestly not the best Argument since nearly all leaders were males too
Stormy Redhawk
Stormy Redhawk Hace 11 horas
Bruh I was laughing throughout the show, Jesus Christ I didn’t know people can be so fucking lame! But yeah it was hilarious
The Techwiz777
The Techwiz777 Hace 11 horas
Sawyer McDaniel
Sawyer McDaniel Hace 13 horas
I thought this was a ESwomen video, not fake news like CNN!
Gabe Olson-Jensen
Gabe Olson-Jensen Hace 13 horas
We don’t even see the irony in it lol
wendy williams
wendy williams Hace 13 horas
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