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Sucker (Official Director's Cut)
Get "Sucker" Here:
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Video Director: Anthony Mandler
Video Producer: Richard Fenton
Video Editor: Taylor Ward
for Blackhand Cinema
Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Sucker (Director's Cut). © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Giovana Del Angel Juarez
Giovana Del Angel Juarez Hace 4 horas
Aidana Sadvakasova
Aidana Sadvakasova Hace 7 horas
Я обажаю ваши голоса😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Maryam Begum
Maryam Begum Hace 7 horas
first time heard it, and now i love it luv priyanka and nick
Andileeb Lughmani
Andileeb Lughmani Hace 9 horas
Jo jonas and his wife are the best and cutest little thing ever👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨❤️❤️❤️💓💕💖💗💘💞💝💜💛💚💙💚💒💜❤️❣️❣️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Babie Ralte
Babie Ralte Hace 9 horas
I love them, I love their wives , I love Nick voice its so cool
Priyali A/ M. L
Priyali A/ M. L Hace 9 horas
I loved Jeo's wife she is so cute
Jeya Sothi
Jeya Sothi Hace 10 horas
Cool musik
Marie Lacht
Marie Lacht Hace 11 horas
Erika Jonas
Erika Jonas Hace 11 horas
The director's cut version is everything😍🔥🎶
Enna Hace 11 horas
love ソフィー♡
Aira Poblete
Aira Poblete Hace 12 horas
MRTH OCMP Hace 13 horas
Taylor Swift’s blank space house
Lyrics Dome
Lyrics Dome Hace 14 horas check out the lyrics video song...
Isalei Afioae
Isalei Afioae Hace 14 horas
Why is it everytime I see Kevin's wife Nelly Furtado pops up in my brain.
Namira Hatake
Namira Hatake Hace 16 horas
Imagine them at victoria secret show! 😍
Alino Abonmai
Alino Abonmai Hace 16 horas
Came to watch Nick and priyanka... And am I the only one who notice too much on priyanka other then anyone...
Trinadh The lover
Trinadh The lover Hace 6 horas
Me too...
GoldenMolly21 Hace 16 horas
Okay this is cool
Diyana Azmi
Diyana Azmi Hace 17 horas
this should be the actual official music video
MUSIC & GAMING Hace 17 horas
who is handsome? like for NICK and comment for JOE..for me both are same
MUSIC & GAMING Hace 17 horas
who is handsome? like for JOE and comment for NICK..for me both are same
Trinadh The lover
Trinadh The lover Hace 6 horas
Sakshamium Hace 19 horas
When I was a kid❤️
all in one
all in one Hace 21 un hora
Nick jonas and priyanka
kimberlyy .883
kimberlyy .883 Hace 21 un hora
how to make your wife feel special way 223 :
Ксения кучерова
Ксения кучерова Hace 23 horas
OMG! This version is so cool! I love the song, but the first version wasn't that great
Emeons Cosplays
Emeons Cosplays Hace un día when did he become so cute?
Sêptëmbėr Jãį
Sêptëmbėr Jãį Hace un día
I see my guy Kevin still ain’t singing 👀😭😩
Jasmine Escalante
Jasmine Escalante Hace un día
They’re all so gorgeous but something about Kevin’s wife leaves me speechless!! 😍😍
sarahy gonzalez
sarahy gonzalez Hace un día
mejor cancion
Zam Patrice Sioson Santos
Zam Patrice Sioson Santos Hace un día
Jonas Fam 💕
Carita Arctander
Carita Arctander Hace un día
This video is everything I want my life to be.
Roraimaekare Hace un día
Thank you God for their wives ! 😍
Milagros Laura Santos
Milagros Laura Santos Hace un día
Esto es una nueva forma de marcar territorio?
The gaming Pug
The gaming Pug Hace un día
This is my favorite song !!!!!
Limelight Lopez
Limelight Lopez Hace un día
Who do you think is the weirdest 😂❤️
Le gamer GG28
Le gamer GG28 Hace un día
Des français 😅
Tifany Aprilia
Tifany Aprilia Hace un día
This version is better hehe
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich Hace un día
Great song , love ya 💓
Nur Fithrah
Nur Fithrah Hace un día
I have no idea who r them, but i love this song ♥♥
Praew Petruang
Praew Petruang Hace un día
I still cant recover from a heart broken when Nick got married lol
Shashi Bharti
Shashi Bharti Hace un día
Carolina Chicata B
Carolina Chicata B Hace un día
I love how joe sings
vina garcia
vina garcia Hace un día
Freakin' cool ♥
Raima Nanda
Raima Nanda Hace un día
The drummer.........did anyone else see him?
Tifany Aprilia
Tifany Aprilia Hace un día
I see it lol i thought it was a ghost ...
Sujay Das
Sujay Das Hace un día
o my God priyanka. nice
Bhaliya Jyoti
Bhaliya Jyoti Hace un día
Jonas brother s hum sath sath hai. This song like as
Priscila Mansilla
Priscila Mansilla Hace un día
I love youuu😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
Idek anymore
Idek anymore Hace un día
I feel blessed that everyone is in love with joe because that means nick is allll mine 😍
Mercedez Padilla
Mercedez Padilla Hace un día
Does anyone else notice that this is the same house as the one in Taylor Swift’s music video ‘blank space’?
mark ywalk
mark ywalk Hace 2 días
Gisella López
Gisella López Hace 2 días
Priyanka stole the damn video xD Are those DNCE at the table?
Liz Luna
Liz Luna Hace 2 días
I love this music video version better❤
The Sunshine Su
The Sunshine Su Hace 2 días
Love for Priyanka Chopra Jonas
salzkuu Hace 2 días
Everytime I notice the shirtless guy playing drums while wearing a crown it gets weirder
Magui Hace 2 días
Love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jaz The Spaz
Jaz The Spaz Hace 2 días
Wasn't that the castle in Tomb Raider?
Sara Carrillo
Sara Carrillo Hace 2 días
uday Hace 2 días
Please watch this Priyanka chopra video after watching this
Rotten Princess
Rotten Princess Hace 2 días
At 1:40 is she tryna make out with that Bush? 👀🌳
Carolina Chicata B
Carolina Chicata B Hace un día
Joe's face😂
too many apples
too many apples Hace 2 días
But do they have Big Rob??
etozhecat Hace 2 días
3:21 It is Camp Rock references?))))😏
Lucia Silva
Lucia Silva Hace 2 días
Libby Uchiha
Libby Uchiha Hace 2 días
I would live for a cut of just Joe and Sophie tbh. Their scenes look the most fun!! 😂😂
50,000 subscribers 0 videos
50,000 subscribers 0 videos Hace 2 días
Creepy ass video
Halfxmusic Hace 2 días
Hi guys, I am a struggling musician/guitarist, who likes to make covers on youtube. I just posted a cover of Sucker and it's on my channel. Feel free to check it out for those who are interested. It would mean so much. Thank you :)
Kimberly Prado
Kimberly Prado Hace 2 días
Man this song sucked. And was a weird song. I know cause I sing too and write my own songs👎💻✌
Nicolet Gray
Nicolet Gray Hace 3 días
THE Noellian Freebird
THE Noellian Freebird Hace 3 días
Love this!❤️Great song & awesome video; reminiscent of when MTv was actually “Music Television!” LOVE the 3 wives as the stars! Need more of Danielle! America loves her modest & timid spirit!❤️the new music!
Melissa Castrillo
Melissa Castrillo Hace 3 días
This video needs more about Danielle and Kevin
Mickey Hace 3 días
B A Hace 3 días
definitely wanted more dinner scene but sad its not synced to the guitar "beats" like in OG vid
iam staminah
iam staminah Hace 3 días
I miss one direction 😫😫😫
Yogesh Bhaskar
Yogesh Bhaskar Hace 3 días
Jonas family 😍
JuMixBoox Hace 3 días
I love director's cuts in general, but this one is especially great. It's a whole story.
diamond Rilo
diamond Rilo Hace 3 días
The old woman priyanka is the ugliest
AYI KARMESTA Hace 3 días
Daniella lookin fiiiiiiineeeeeeee
Ram Raghuwanshi
Ram Raghuwanshi Hace 3 días
Song is very nice still only 5m views I guess half of them are from India only.
Karina Guevara
Karina Guevara Hace 3 días
Emma Graham
Emma Graham Hace 3 días
Thushitha S
Thushitha S Hace 3 días
The best
Arya Narayani
Arya Narayani Hace 3 días
I would die for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra being starred in a movie!
Yamini Garg
Yamini Garg Hace 3 días
🌏🇮🇳🙏💓 Here comes Priyanka Chopra. Lots and lots of love to complete Jonas Brothers Family from Bharat(India).Happy Holi 2019. -Sunil Bharat 🇮🇳
racky ly
racky ly Hace 3 días
3:21 one difference from the other video
Gina Marie
Gina Marie Hace 4 días
I only stan their wives now sorry
Arlequina Life
Arlequina Life Hace 4 días
Cadê os Br??
Some One
Some One Hace 4 días
omg, it sounds so much like "feel it still" or is just me...?
N Barclay
N Barclay Hace 4 días
They finally remember their ESwomen password!
Pretty Face599
Pretty Face599 Hace 4 días
4:18 when you leave Demi Lovato for Selena Gomez
Kyra Dieltiens
Kyra Dieltiens Hace 4 días
I love them❤️😍😍😍😍
Anime Only
Anime Only Hace 4 días
When you get to know that your wife is cheating on you 3:35 😂😂
hikari2314 Hace 4 días
New Jonas Brothers and Kevin still has no solos lmao
Natasha Fisher
Natasha Fisher Hace 4 días
I love this video!! It explains more the the regular video
Harsha Rithika
Harsha Rithika Hace 4 días
Why did they cut off all these shots of danielle and kevin in the original mv😞
Patricia Ocso
Patricia Ocso Hace 4 días
I’m here for Sophie! Oh my god
Aiza mohammad sohaimi
Aiza mohammad sohaimi Hace 4 días
Whats the different
Anita Jain
Anita Jain Hace 4 días
Priyanka is the hottest at 4.25
Dz Ninja
Dz Ninja Hace 4 días
fazloon ahamed
fazloon ahamed Hace 4 días
Priyanka u made the song more better than the usual
limpid air
limpid air Hace 4 días
and now I'd really like to watch behind the scenes....😻
Stephanie Arthur
Stephanie Arthur Hace 4 días
Can I just say I love Joe’s verse and his tone Kevin and Nick are also amazing 😍🤩❤️
Lori Bravo
Lori Bravo Hace 4 días
This song could’ve been better yes I agree the wives are beautiful. Please do better on music 🎶
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