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Johnny Knoxville breaks down all the injuries of his career. From pepper spray and taser guns, to breaking his ankle crossing the LA river, to getting shot by a rocket over a lake and getting landed on by a motorbike, listen to Johnny break down the timeline of his injuries, Johnny's new movie Action Point is out now in theaters.

Warning. The stunts in this interview were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you're about to see.
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Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down Every Injury of His Career | Vanity Fair
Warning. The stunts in this interview were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you're about to see.

Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Hace 4 horas
The goat!!!
Samantha Winstead
Samantha Winstead Hace 9 horas
When he says he was walking out of a bar with pontious recently that made me so happy that they still always get together 😊
Maxime Thomas
Maxime Thomas Hace 12 horas
absolute legend
HowSci Hace 12 horas
I feel really sorry for this guy. But seriously, he should have stopped doing these incredibly dangerous acts. And he didn't realize what kind of danger he was in even when people have warned him.
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog Hace 18 horas
When your Johnny Knoxville you dont need a stunt man
Mitch chase
Mitch chase Hace un día
Sockpoppet Hace un día
Why would they use low quality video clips?
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson Hace un día
Respect just went up more. Wow
Sir Nik
Sir Nik Hace un día
all injuries? guess Johnny is still talking about them right now ! Btw Seeing Johnny getting older feels quite normal, but when i saw others like SteveO i need to laugh out loud xD
Duffington Hace un día
This man was my childhood
Arely Flores
Arely Flores Hace un día
I love this 😍
Tori Mack
Tori Mack Hace 2 días
I hit my ankle with a razor scooter
Enoc Samir
Enoc Samir Hace 2 días
deadpool in real life
Sean T7
Sean T7 Hace 2 días
“Is butter bean okay” what a line 🤣🤣
Em’s Vlogs
Em’s Vlogs Hace 2 días
His voice is so attractive
Quinn Moore
Quinn Moore Hace 2 días
He is my idol
Lovisa Dewe
Lovisa Dewe Hace 2 días
my hole body hurts
youth in revolt
youth in revolt Hace 2 días
Ohh the nostalgia ❤❤❤
Mr Locorio
Mr Locorio Hace 2 días
The kids these days just do not have a clue.
jim jim
jim jim Hace 2 días
I died when he asked if butter bean was okay
evan6219 Hace 3 días
ESwomen brought me back
Mr. Static
Mr. Static Hace 3 días
"I got blood shootin' out of my pee pee" -Johnny Knoxville
Jason McNab
Jason McNab Hace 3 días
he banged jessica simpson. she couldnt resist on dukes of hazard
SSG Sscorch
SSG Sscorch Hace 3 días
A mortal to be feared
Samantha M
Samantha M Hace 3 días
He and Steve-O are kinda daddies now
ButterKing -28
ButterKing -28 Hace 3 días
Lol, at 6:58
ButterKing -28
ButterKing -28 Hace 3 días
Why was this in my recremended? And why is this guy so not so smart? Lol
Breyan H.
Breyan H. Hace 3 días
“Is butter bean okay”
Infamous 123
Infamous 123 Hace 3 días
I’m surprised this ever finished
DemarGasolDridge Hace 3 días
Cristiano Sterrelo
Cristiano Sterrelo Hace 3 días
absolute legend. that is all
EXiT 69
EXiT 69 Hace 3 días
Gator Dude
Gator Dude Hace 3 días
Johanny is a hardcore flippen daredevil
Jacques Bloques
Jacques Bloques Hace 3 días
Could've been worse. You could have stepped on a Lego.
Alexander Supertramp
Alexander Supertramp Hace 3 días
Lmao, this is nowhere near “all of his injuries”. That would take hours and hours to go over.
B1ue Drag00n
B1ue Drag00n Hace 4 días
It's a miracle he is alive
sometimes you just have to do the stunt.
Evan Coleman
Evan Coleman Hace 4 días
Even though he’s really torn himself up over the years, he actually still looks good for his age. He’s 48
David Ramirez
David Ramirez Hace 4 días
"Once i got a broken arm or leg but now o got blood coming out of the pp the only body part i care about" lmao thst killed me haha
SlowMotion Hace 4 días
Knoxville and steve o two of the craziest ones out of the jackass crew
¿? ¿?
¿? ¿? Hace 4 días
An asteroid could strike this man, and he'd live to tell about it.
Dredgen Yor
Dredgen Yor Hace 4 días
Death hates this man 😂
Nick Madsen
Nick Madsen Hace 4 días
Man, this guy is so freaking tough. He seriously can take so much pain and keep asking for more. He's both an inspiration and a warning at the same time. Well played Johnny Knoxville, I hope you can get some rest at some time, haha.
Nedyarb 14
Nedyarb 14 Hace 4 días
This the best self defense weapon is a 9 mm
That One Guy
That One Guy Hace 4 días
Alllll worth it. Thank you
Satanic Hispanic
Satanic Hispanic Hace 4 días
Phat rip can i get a broken wee wee in the chat
C Ben
C Ben Hace 4 días
dude no more films, youve done plenty haha write a book please
rod sampson
rod sampson Hace 4 días
I salute you good sir
Ivan Gonella
Ivan Gonella Hace 4 días
Great leader, India had Gandhi, we have Knoxville!!!
Pedro Brambila
Pedro Brambila Hace 5 días
Seems like he’s bored af doing this video
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑 Hace 5 días
Jack Nicholson's son. True story.
Raymond Acosta
Raymond Acosta Hace 5 días
false advertisement BS
Toy Bros
Toy Bros Hace 5 días
What a legend
Tyler Westbrook
Tyler Westbrook Hace 5 días
so many people have died on the alpine slide this guy is unreal
Marko Hace 5 días
when he said his eye popped out donald cowboy cerrone really felt it
Ben Hazlewood
Ben Hazlewood Hace 5 días
YOKE SQUAD Hace 5 días
this guys health insurance bill must be insane
Ducky Games
Ducky Games Hace 5 días
I wonder if this guy had kids
GixxerGuy1000 _
GixxerGuy1000 _ Hace 5 días
Surprisingly he was still able to have children... That's lucky with his resume
ET Hardcorgamer
ET Hardcorgamer Hace 4 días
GixxerGuy1000 _ “i peed blood” yea, i’m surprised too
Rick Arnold
Rick Arnold Hace 6 días
Yeah... He was just naming off only a very small portion of his injuries lol
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Hace 6 días
But really i was swalloing my tounge Thats never good
Yes yes
Yes yes Hace 6 días
Guy in the thumbnail looks like professor hulk
washburn11000 Hace 6 días
These dudes are legends..HANDS DOWN
MCVE III Hace 6 días
7:22 lol i love the cigarette
MCVE III Hace 6 días
"is Butterbean ok?" lol
John Dayton
John Dayton Hace 6 días
You are lucky to be alive man
John Q
John Q Hace 6 días
Why am i laughing uncontrollably
Luis Paredes
Luis Paredes Hace 6 días
“Is butterbean ok” 😂
Levi Ryan
Levi Ryan Hace 6 días
Does anyone else just love his laugh? 😂
Sam Galea
Sam Galea Hace 6 días
He looks like Phil Spencer in the thumbnail
Samuel Urb
Samuel Urb Hace 6 días
It literally hurts more to watch than to go through all of this irl!
Ocean Woman
Ocean Woman Hace 7 días
This is nothing I’ve stepped on a Lego
Thomas Derouin
Thomas Derouin Hace 7 días
How is this video not 10 hours long
Johny Andrew
Johny Andrew Hace 7 días
Johny Knoxville is the most interesting human who ever lived . He lived on the wild side for sure .
DeHoerVanVakG Hace 7 días
This guy is a great example what drugs and alcohol do to your body.
Anton Kulish
Anton Kulish Hace 7 días
When this guy says that pepper spray is the most painful thing that he has experienced, i'm starting to wonder just how inconceivably painful pepper spray really is...???
StarChaser Hace 15 horas
Probably because he tried to clean it with water, which actually makes it so much worse, you have to use milk. Still, horrible pain, they say.
phillip nguyen
phillip nguyen Hace 4 días
Lmfao right? I mean this dude has gone through the whole encyclopedia of pain but he confidently says that Pepper Spray was the one of the worst
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Hace 7 días
Justin Time
Justin Time Hace 7 días
Knoxville has more lives than a cat.
Lil’ Budd Light
Lil’ Budd Light Hace 7 días
Just to think , this is your average you tuber now.
Don Stanford
Don Stanford Hace 7 días
You are amazing. I know I shouldn't but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Good to see you survived it though.
El Andru
El Andru Hace 7 días
While watching this video I was switching between trying to vimit and laughing.
Brenden Rasor
Brenden Rasor Hace 8 días
They should put butter bean I ufc 3
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez Hace 8 días
Balls of steel....
Alexander Wingeskog
Alexander Wingeskog Hace 8 días
The eye popped out of Johnny Knoxville... I wonder if that played any role in the MIB movie?!?!
YouTube BANDIT Hace 8 días
Thats my biggest natural fear my eyes popping out
Rylie Levesque
Rylie Levesque Hace 8 días
Your my 1st fav actor
Soldier of Jesus Christ
Soldier of Jesus Christ Hace 8 días
I'm just amazed his head wasn't broken when butterbean waylaid into him and then his head hits the floor, just amazing Johnny survived that.
richard barajas
richard barajas Hace 8 días
His laugh cracks me up every time
Holly Owens
Holly Owens Hace 9 días
Boot camp😂
Devin Dearth
Devin Dearth Hace 9 días
98371837 Hace 9 días
this guy didnt have kids
craycraygamer Hace 9 días
butterbean looks like heavy weapons guy
sira ulo
sira ulo Hace 9 días
Dude legit looked like endgame hulk
horseman J
horseman J Hace 9 días
That laugh at the end lol
validnamelol Hace 9 días
"John, my eye popped out." ahahaha
Watching while Eating -_-
Watching while Eating -_- Hace 9 días
Thank God I'm not his body.
william weddleton
william weddleton Hace 9 días
you know pepper spray is bad when johnny Knoxville says its the worse pain hes ever endured
Michael Morse
Michael Morse Hace 9 días
Johnny Knoxville is deadpool.
SkippityBobbityBoo Hace 9 días
That first Jackass movie is top five GOAT movies ever created
its.angelmunoz Hace 10 días
Now this is what I call.. pure luck. Like how is he still alive?
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