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Johnny Knoxville breaks down all the injuries of his career. From pepper spray and taser guns, to breaking his ankle crossing the LA river, to getting shot by a rocket over a lake and getting landed on by a motorbike, listen to Johnny break down the timeline of his injuries, Johnny's new movie Action Point is out now in theaters.

Warning. The stunts in this interview were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you're about to see.
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Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down Every Injury of His Career | Vanity Fair
Warning. The stunts in this interview were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you're about to see.

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CrashFuel Hace 2 horas
Thank you Johnny Knoxville very cool
CryptoKnot Hace 7 horas
I guess I won't have my sister pepper spray me
NikkoLoveNoodles! Hace 18 horas
His no-no square is either made out of iron or it's paralyzed
Caspear Hace un día
Oh God. The eye popping out. Ow.
Blank_ Canvas
Blank_ Canvas Hace un día
No one: Johnny: *ah, yes, the rocket*
dooder Hace 37 minutos
overused meme
Taylor Bright
Taylor Bright Hace un día
Johnny Knoxville & Tony Hawk *IcOnIc* Figures Of The 2000’s
Battle Beast
Battle Beast Hace un día
I just fell down a rabbit hole... First i was looking into space travel then i watch 12 Chernobyl documentaries now im watchin this
Connor Brady - Ladygagafan111
Connor Brady - Ladygagafan111 Hace un día
This has probably already been said but I'm surprised he was able to have two more children after so many crotch shots and injuries
Lionquest Gaming
Lionquest Gaming Hace 2 días
If this guy has ever has kids I'll be so surprised the amount of nut shots on this guy
Itz da real Hazza c
Itz da real Hazza c Hace 2 días
How is he still alive
V3n1x Hace 2 días
How is this guy still alive?!
Thatonerandomboi 69
Thatonerandomboi 69 Hace 2 días
Holy nutz how is he not dead
ShitMations Hace 2 días
He slowly turning into the grandpa
Mat Sosa
Mat Sosa Hace 2 días
I’m convinced that Johnny Knoxville is the non-fictional version of Deadpool.
Roberto Perez
Roberto Perez Hace 3 días
This guy is a legend, I'm fan of him since fisrt Jackass show. Love it
Jeep GarMax 254
Jeep GarMax 254 Hace 3 días
Butterbean mudafucka
Tony-jude Walker
Tony-jude Walker Hace 3 días
Like to save his balls ⬇️
RamenBoiRWB Hace 3 días
*I feel like my eyes have gonorrhea*
Frank Elam
Frank Elam Hace 3 días
me:*eating mac n' cheese* Johny Knoxville: "and when i blew my nose my left eye popped out". me: *commit_die*
SweetD x3
SweetD x3 Hace 3 días
Ash G
Ash G Hace 3 días
pepper spray is 10000x worse than tasers. I used to sell them and at a BBQ i sprayed for 2 seconds max and we had to evacuate the garden as everyone was choking and crying loooooool. I stopped selling after that
Billy Street
Billy Street Hace 3 días
salami puller
salami puller Hace 3 días
I'm glad I love my life 😂
Tom Tanaka
Tom Tanaka Hace 3 días
It wasn't worth it for Action Point, that movie sucked!
Jayemai Xisten
Jayemai Xisten Hace 4 días
He has the best laugh in the world.
Cait C
Cait C Hace 4 días
I think he’s gonna look like Jack Nicholson soon
parkboy Hace 4 días
He doesn't care about a broken limb but cares about his PP, ok really
Bigg Wassup
Bigg Wassup Hace 4 días
The rocket hahahahahaha
TheWebStylist Hace 4 días
He's going to be (if not already) in pain 24/7 getting older... sorry no way is that worth it, but hey, there's only One Johnny Knoxville!
mitch-bittens Hace 5 días
“Is Butterbean ok?” what a legend
Miranda Bishop
Miranda Bishop Hace 5 días
This man is a god
Houda Salhi
Houda Salhi Hace 5 días
😭😭😂😂😂😂 soo eyes pop out like doiink 😂😂 i can't stop laughing
Josylynn Akkerman
Josylynn Akkerman Hace 5 días
This is a golden. Needs to be a picture book
Gabriele Santin
Gabriele Santin Hace 5 días
The eyeball injury happened to me a couple months ago... Not very painful, but the feeling you have when you don't know, you blow your nose and you feel your eyeball coming out is disturbing 😂
Bope Hace 5 días
Johnny and Steveo are the testiment to the resiliency of the human body, hands down.
ELF ARMY Hace 5 días
09:58 Laugh of Legend !!!
Jodh Jassal
Jodh Jassal Hace 5 días
He popped his eye out and calmly makes a phone call 😂
Asten Gaming
Asten Gaming Hace 5 días
I couldn’t watch more after he said about his eye. But I did, I did it for... Um. Me
shakir johnson
shakir johnson Hace 5 días
WARNING: Do not attempt any of these stunts as their are done by trained professionals... Proceeds to show johnny knoxville
Dawn Peters
Dawn Peters Hace 6 días
The flag should not touch the ground
Feather Black
Feather Black Hace 6 días
It reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.
Joey Owens
Joey Owens Hace 6 días
It's Funny the way RyanDunn kept Lookin' at Johnny like a MadMan while Driving the Cart to TheJump.
Hania Serwinska
Hania Serwinska Hace 6 días
He looks like Jack Nicholson
brooklyn-rose jameson
brooklyn-rose jameson Hace 6 días
He looks great for everything he’s been through
togger Hace 6 días
stuntmen got nothing on these guys lol
Violett Hace 6 días
So dumb
peppa pig
peppa pig Hace 7 días
I like stevo better
Alex Carter
Alex Carter Hace 7 días
Didn’t realise just how much Johnny Knoxville sounds like George Clooney
Legendary Gaming
Legendary Gaming Hace 7 días
Pretty ironic title...
Jiří Strouhal
Jiří Strouhal Hace 7 días
"Is Butterbean OK?" :))
Hoosier1984 Hoosier
Hoosier1984 Hoosier Hace 7 días
This thing been in my suggested video for months now, so I’m just watching it to get it out of here
Akram Saidi
Akram Saidi Hace 7 días
Can't believe that guy's still alive !!!
Hephaestus Hace 7 días
Is it wierd that johnny knoxville reminds me of idubbbz
Juan Jiminez
Juan Jiminez Hace 7 días
Plz make j@ck a$$ 4
B Fajardo
B Fajardo Hace 7 días
‘.... and, y’know.. that’s never good.’
fake fake
fake fake Hace 7 días
I want to see: Epic Rap Battles of History: Johnny Knoxville (vs) Jackie Chan
Friedlknight 45
Friedlknight 45 Hace 8 días
Johnny noxville seems like one of The nicest guy
Nightmare Nick's Rock n Roll Hollywood
Nightmare Nick's Rock n Roll Hollywood Hace 8 días
ouch man
Diego Intriago
Diego Intriago Hace 8 días
How the heck are these fcukers alive xD
britt melis
britt melis Hace 8 días
Well, of course a bull is trying to f*cking kill you if you tie their nuts together 😠
J Kyle
J Kyle Hace 8 días
Butterbean beat the brakes off ol’ Johnny.
Zander Curbelo
Zander Curbelo Hace 8 días
I wanna be just like him ha ha ha
Kate James
Kate James Hace 9 días
*eye pops out of socket* johnny knoxville: ya that freaked me out a lil lmao
theplug561 274
theplug561 274 Hace 9 días
“ is butterbean okay “ 😂😂😂
Lucy j
Lucy j Hace 9 días
I wish I wrote the family Guy comment
Razman Latif
Razman Latif Hace 7 días
Wow ure very pretty
Zachary Horwedel
Zachary Horwedel Hace 9 días
I think nitro is a lot harder because in nitro circus if u miss one trick u pretty much dead
CIA Hace 10 días
Pepperspray is painful asf every time you close or open your eyes it burns even more
Globby Mobby
Globby Mobby Hace 10 días
Johnny Knoxville is such a G
Regev Porat
Regev Porat Hace 10 días
ƤƠƦƘ ƤƖЄ Hace 10 días
I love this man.
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