Johnny Gill- Home feat Kevon Edmonds

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Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill

Hace 2 meses

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kds_traveler Hace 2 días
I love it! 🥰🎶
Miranda Andrews
Miranda Andrews Hace 8 días
You can always count on Johnny Gill to save RnB. I love his album 💜
Dexter Carter
Dexter Carter Hace 12 días
Man,Johnny is still Johnny! (Never lost anything. Just so amazingly better.) Damn! Love this song.
Ramona Burns
Ramona Burns Hace 12 días
Yes yes and did I say yes
Carroll Epps
Carroll Epps Hace 12 días
Carroll Epps
Carroll Epps Hace 12 días
Marise King
Marise King Hace 14 días
This Album is the Shit!!! One OF His BEST YET!!!
Suzyo Mark Mwandila
Suzyo Mark Mwandila Hace 16 días
This man brings back that old skool flavor music
Suzyo Mark Mwandila
Suzyo Mark Mwandila Hace 16 días
This man brings back that old skool flavor music
Suzyo Mark Mwandila
Suzyo Mark Mwandila Hace 16 días
This man brings back that old skool flavor music
Osito De Peluche
Osito De Peluche Hace 18 días
I'm sorry but Kevon does not need any vocoders nor any Auto-Tune. This record messes with his voice too much for me to like it.
Patricia Marsh
Patricia Marsh Hace 18 días
Love love love this cd really listen to every song angel has become one of my favorites and beautiful you 🔥🔥🔥
Annese Hale
Annese Hale Hace 19 días
Another great song from Johnny Gill and Kevon Edmonds two great voices on here I love it
Jet Black
Jet Black Hace 21 un día
His music is always 🔥
Teresa Abney
Teresa Abney Hace 22 días
"It feels like home when you're near." "Your love feels like home..."
Paulette Thomas
Paulette Thomas Hace 23 días
I love me some Johnny! This album is on fire! We going back to da basement! 🎧🎼🔊😎✔❤🎧👏🔊🎼
Phillip Kali
Phillip Kali Hace 27 días
Now I'm listening to superb music, I grow up listening to. Is so unfortunate we don't to these kinda music anymore. Thanks Johnny Gill for bringing this incredible music. Phillip Kali from Lesotho Southern Africa. Peace!
Sylvia York
Sylvia York Hace 28 días
His voice just melts my heart , very sexy voice. He’s already on 🔥
just me
just me Hace un mes
Johnny sounds like Charlie Wilson track, nice song.
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis Hace un mes
Legendary pairing
Lady P
Lady P Hace un mes
I love everything about Johnny Gill and I’m crazy about Kevon Edmonds! The song have a Charlie Wilson meet After 7 meet Johnny Gill vibe to it! Love it 💕🎶💕🎶
Rashid Meyers
Rashid Meyers Hace un mes
On fire as usual. So refreshing to still hear this kind of music compared to what young people are listening to. It is all about LOVE!!!!!
Tomas Jauane
Tomas Jauane Hace un mes
eu amo LSG muinto muinto mesmo ate choro d tanto gostar bej abraco p vc
Cynthia Ceci
Cynthia Ceci Hace un mes
Johnny, I truly enjoy listening to all your music. It's very romantic, smooth and sexy. Take a bow for the blessings ( Voice/Talent) God has blessed you with🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏻 You are a magnificent entertainer. Sending you much love, peace and happiness.💯💯🎶🎤❤😉
Dap Williams
Dap Williams Hace un mes
This is Charlie Wilson music “You Are.”
Shaun Heckstall
Shaun Heckstall Hace un mes
Sweet song. Kevon adds that pumpkin spice...
Monica Gagum
Monica Gagum Hace un mes
❤ my baby sent me this today 😍
Patricia Johnson
Patricia Johnson Hace un mes
Every track on this cd is dope, I love every song. love me some Johnny Gill
Bobby Owens
Bobby Owens Hace un mes
My, my, my! What another awesome song by Mr. Gill!!
Chris P
Chris P Hace un mes
Yesssssssssssssss SIR!!!! This is the epitome of Johnny Gill's talent! This is a much needed ballad in these days where true love gets overlooked. I'm applauding Johnny Gill all the way from Florida.
cathy rhodes
cathy rhodes Hace un mes
Ladies please be careful on here. There's one in particular man telling all the women that they are beautiful, which is very nice but then he's asking where they are from. Please don't give out that kind of info. If you don't believe me, go thru all the ladies comments and you will see.
Eva Stallings
Eva Stallings Hace un mes
Love Love this so happy we still have great music around, Love me some Johnny Gill and my man Kevon Edmonds❤❤💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chez Nashi
Chez Nashi Hace un mes
Ready for a concert!!!
LeVar Mil
LeVar Mil Hace un mes
Thank you, Johnny for bringing back REAL R&B, Soul ballads!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Hace un mes
Thank You Johnny.....
BassdonDa1 Hace un mes
Kudos to Mr. Edmunds as well...
BassdonDa1 Hace un mes
Nice Johnnie...
Daryl Peel
Daryl Peel Hace un mes
It does my heart and my ears good to hear music from balladeers like J. G.
Lasheen Boyd
Lasheen Boyd Hace un mes
Johnny Gill is back oh God Love Love 💞💞💞🔥🔥😘😘
GIHLATINE daRealMr7pm Hace un mes
Kevon bad
Carol Gunn
Carol Gunn Hace un mes
Love me some him🎶🎶
James Tolbert III
James Tolbert III Hace un mes
JG and KE are power houses. Great duet the next time johnny should let Kevon singing range go off the charts. Kudos
Lillie Cabarrus
Lillie Cabarrus Hace un mes
kevon Edmonds definitely doing your part of this song two great singers .Doing what they do best.
Lillie Cabarrus
Lillie Cabarrus Hace un mes
johnny johnny Johnny you are sooooooo Awesome your voice is on point this song is definitely on point. Keep doing what you are doing sooooooo awesome
Wanda Hace un mes
Really loving this. Thanks Jonnny. And Kevon has the voice too. Very good collaboration. Missing him....loving you. Never stop.
Anita Mazyck
Anita Mazyck Hace un mes
anewbginN Hace un mes
Debra Cloy
Debra Cloy Hace un mes
I loving this JOHNNY🗡🛡🔥♥😎
Samella Green
Samella Green Hace un mes
U have brought it home once again I love this song, thank u for sharing
Hyun Joo Kim
Hyun Joo Kim Hace un mes
I am loving this song. I love Kevons voice!
Timothy Godfrey
Timothy Godfrey Hace un mes
This is "REAL" music right here! This is how you tell your woman that you not only love her, but, are "IN LOVE" with her! On repeat for the past few days! Grown folks music!
Dr. Brenda Arnold-Scott
Dr. Brenda Arnold-Scott Hace un mes
Real singing! Real sanging! Soul sanging! Dang!!!!!! Then you poured some Kevon cream on it!!!!!!!!
Colleen Keithley
Colleen Keithley Hace un mes
💗💗🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 🎧🎧This Album is smokin 💗
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Hace un mes
Further cementing his legacy as 1 Of The Greatest Artist To Ever Do It.
H0RD4K-SK3LET0R MUMM'R4-MEG4TR0N Hace un mes
Roy J. Lunga
Roy J. Lunga Hace un mes
Ladies and gentlemen, once again the incomparable Mr. Johnny Gill!!!!
ggg1234ish Hace un mes
D J Hace un mes
I need them to upload ANGEL! My God his beautiful voice
Lady P
Lady P Hace un mes
Johnny Gill and Kevon Edmonds; 2 Consistently good voices!
Mahogany Wilson
Mahogany Wilson Hace un mes
Johnny Gill will be singing until the end of time, Hey he's got the goods.
Mahogany Wilson
Mahogany Wilson Hace un mes
They do not make voices like this anymore. Yes sing this song. you can feel these words.
ggh546 Hace un mes
Who Kevon Edmonds voice don't blend like butter with?!!!
Tami No name
Tami No name Hace un mes
Domi Thomas
Domi Thomas Hace un mes
I been saying for years I wanna hear a Johnny Gill and Fantasia collaboration and hopefully it will happen since they are both working on new music
Domi Thomas
Domi Thomas Hace un mes
Nevermind Johnny cd already out listening to it now
Joann Haynes
Joann Haynes Hace un mes
Kevon always has me in my feelings when he sings. He is pure magic. Love this song.
Cherokee Hace un mes
Very nice Mr Gill, as always. Nice to hear Kevon on this also
Hemaa sheeba
Hemaa sheeba Hace 2 meses
kandylicker34 Hace 2 meses
I'm so ready for this album right here this a good one cause the last three song been on fire.
R H 1
R H 1 Hace 2 meses
I hope that they do a video
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