John Mayer - Carry Me Away (Official Lyric Video)

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Moments captured by John Mayer & Daniel Prakopcyk
Edited by Anton Goddard

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I’m such a bore
I’m such a bummer
There must be more
Behind the summer

I want someone
To make some trouble
Been way too safe
Inside my bubble

Take me out and keep me up all night
Let me live on the wilder side of the light

Carry Me Away
Carry Me Away
Carry Me Away

Carry Me Away
Carry Me Away
Carry Me Away

You carnivore
You loose cannon
Can I have some more
I can’t understand it
You fast car
You foolish spender
You know you are
And I surrender

So come on over
And wake me up
Put some of your tequila in my coffee cup
You know I need ya
And that’s for sure
You’re just the kind of crazy I’ve been looking for

Carry Me Away
Carry Me Away
Carry Me Away
(where the sun hits my face all different)
Carry Me Away
Carry Me Away
Carry Me Away

#JohnMayer #CarryMeAway


Arapuca's Studio
Arapuca's Studio Hace 2 días
john I have a task for you, my dream is that you produce my CD
blain snyder
blain snyder Hace 3 días
Its not a good song. People think about being arrested, John.
Cristiane Cunha
Cristiane Cunha Hace 3 días
It should have more than one like button!!
dushyant kanal
dushyant kanal Hace 3 días
Quarantine since twenty nineteen Mayer leading us to the future
Donna Roper
Donna Roper Hace 5 días
Genius!!! Thanks for this ! It makes quarantine better!!! I have listened to all of his songs during this time!! Thanks John!L
Thatcher Horrocks
Thatcher Horrocks Hace 6 días
But why 2.4 dislikes?
Gaurav Thapa
Gaurav Thapa Hace 7 días
Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
Se7fam ™
Se7fam ™ Hace 8 días
perfect john!
Tube Rock
Tube Rock Hace 8 días
Cristiane Cunha
Cristiane Cunha Hace 8 días
I listen to this song at least 35 times a day, i love it!
Cristiane Cunha
Cristiane Cunha Hace 4 días
bgj0ker yes, I am a true fan. And I am listening right now 🥰❤️
bgj0ker Hace 4 días
HAHAHAHA true fan right here love this
Riffs with Larry
Riffs with Larry Hace 8 días
John if you ever read this I want you to know you have been one of my biggest inspirations in life. Thank you.
Deivi Almeida
Deivi Almeida Hace 8 días
kihyunxsmile _
kihyunxsmile _ Hace 9 días
I don't know if I'm the only one but I will never be grateful enough to Mark Lee to introducing me to John
Jesus Cota
Jesus Cota Hace 9 días
El mejor guitarrista para mí sin palabras para explicar a este mago
Sheri Lynn Bettevy
Sheri Lynn Bettevy Hace 9 días
Yes...Let me live...Carry me this song ...your just the kind of crazy I’ve been looking it!!!
Wilmer Amador Aguilar
Wilmer Amador Aguilar Hace 10 días
Sounds like Josh Rouse
Gianna Christine
Gianna Christine Hace 10 días
I love you!
Melissa Hace 10 días
John Mayer needs to be nominated as the most handsome man in the world. Oof 2:22 that face!!
Psalm Pollock
Psalm Pollock Hace 11 días
I feel like he's getting better lately. And someday, he'll find his person. I know it. #katywho?
ibrahim mercado
ibrahim mercado Hace 13 días
What brand is the can on 1:56
ibrahim mercado
ibrahim mercado Hace 13 días
Anyone know what brand is that grey can on 1:54?! Seen it in some places but don’t know what it is
mysterious noise Official channel
mysterious noise Official channel Hace 13 días
Thank you for the cool videos! I am a great fan and I am enjoying watching the video! Also we I'm doing an improvisational band! Please come and see if you like
Ian de Jongh
Ian de Jongh Hace 15 días
This man is a God
Sheilla Martins
Sheilla Martins Hace 15 días
John Mayer é poético.
Enjoyable! 👏👏🍷
Chris Yao
Chris Yao Hace 17 días
#JhonMayer is Amazing!
Linda Davis
Linda Davis Hace 18 días
A genius! 💕🙏☀🌴
Peanut Peeden
Peanut Peeden Hace 18 días
John Mayer the only pop artist I can stand to listen to
andrewcomplainer Hace 18 días
Charlie Hace 18 días
Beautiful.. 🥰🥰🥰
Sebastián Yépez
Sebastián Yépez Hace 19 días
Laura Gomez
Laura Gomez Hace 19 días
When I thought I have my all time favorite JM's song... this came out. This is the most incredible song EVER!
John S.
John S. Hace 19 días
He is amazing. The way he sings penetrates to my core. Its something you can feel but doesnt tell you how to feel. Simply amazing.
Music Channel FM
Music Channel FM Hace 20 días
I'm asking for permission to play this on our radio. 96.00 FM Music Channel Banjarmasin
Yvonne Goble
Yvonne Goble Hace 20 días
Wow! he is incredibly talented ! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yvonne Goble
Yvonne Goble Hace 20 días
very very beautiful....
Yvonne Goble
Yvonne Goble Hace 20 días
what a voice !!!!!! superb blissful ear magic.... bless this man !!!!!!
utahdan231 Hace 21 un día
This is first time I’m listening to him. I don’t know what to say....the voice , the music ... I just don’t know.
Wuup Hace 22 días
lucky dog..............................
SUZEMBZNGA Hace 22 días
I just adore this man
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hace 22 días
John mayer fans are pathetic. They are so uncool is hilarious. They are so afraid of real rock and blues and they like someone who sounds like nsync trying to do blues
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hace 15 días
@Tika Hanim yeah 🤣
Tika Hanim
Tika Hanim Hace 15 días
@Jay Jay i see, so this is what cool people do in internet. Insult others?
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Hace 15 días
@Tika Hanim shut up. Idiot
Tika Hanim
Tika Hanim Hace 15 días
Mocking others online is uncool too sir. Everyone have their own taste. We like this kind of music, so what? Not all people like pure rock or blues, and listen John Mayer does not mean all this people do not have rock or blues collection on their playlist. They just put John in a special place.
Kavishka Gimhana
Kavishka Gimhana Hace 22 días
Wow superp
Sheri Lynn Bettevy
Sheri Lynn Bettevy Hace 23 días
yes...Carry Me Away...awesome yes
Thijs van Gisbergen
Thijs van Gisbergen Hace 23 días
It won't grow back nice, it's all your fault
Thijs van Gisbergen
Thijs van Gisbergen Hace 23 días
Katharina Stogmuller
Katharina Stogmuller Hace 24 días
He looks like a vampire, never getting older.
Brandon Payne - thatpaynefulmusic
Brandon Payne - thatpaynefulmusic Hace 24 días
I enjoy the behind the scenes take on the video
Buddy Bigguns
Buddy Bigguns Hace 25 días
J W Hace 26 días
I never bad I needed to hear a song...until this played...amazing sir and ty
zothanpari ralte
zothanpari ralte Hace 26 días
Guys, if you love John Mayer, then i suggest you should check out K. Hminga, a singer/songwriter from Northeast India. He's our very own Mizo John Mayer❤❤💜💜
Rhonda Long
Rhonda Long Hace 26 días
I do believe this song describes my life completely. . .
javier roodriguez
javier roodriguez Hace 26 días
Muy buena música , como siempre no deja de sorprender. 💪
kim 67
kim 67 Hace 26 días
Yas and ur dog yasss😁🌹
jose manuel
jose manuel Hace 26 días
This song hits different now.
LUCA CARTA Hace 26 días
You fast car, you @Mary Spender
Zothana Renthlei
Zothana Renthlei Hace 27 días
Living legend
Astrid Visagie
Astrid Visagie Hace 27 días
My go to song
Tomás Palmieri
Tomás Palmieri Hace 27 días
This song remember me a Disney soundtracks
lar Hace 27 días
I remember listening to this song on my way to my hometown, heading to my best friend's memorial. Love ya always, brother. I mean it.
kjell159 Hace 27 días
What idiot lets a dog inside a studio. Why not record music in a cave, that's more appropriate it seems.
Connor Townsend Townsend
Connor Townsend Townsend Hace 26 días
kjell159 That’s his dog
Johannes Askou
Johannes Askou Hace 28 días
John Mayer and music is a match made in heaven
Beatriz Lisboa
Beatriz Lisboa Hace 29 días
O tanto que eu amo esse homem meu pai
Hero Human
Hero Human Hace un mes
Dear John, whatever people say!!! I don't care!!! You're awesome always!!! Nobody's perfect and no one will ever be!! I love love your every single song!!!! Hit like if you love John mayer.
kelly schindler
kelly schindler Hace un mes
Beautiful song!! 👍👍
Federico Navarro
Federico Navarro Hace un mes
Federico Navarro
Federico Navarro Hace un mes
Federico Navarro
Federico Navarro Hace un mes
Mich Dira
Mich Dira Hace un mes
like he predicted us for being in quarantine and face this pandemic
R Amine
R Amine Hace un mes
2020/5/5 .. 3:12am coronavirus
Carolina Hace un mes
john eu te amo muito john entenda
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