John Boyega George Floyd protest London speech in full: Star Wars actor's powerful Hyde Park message

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Star Wars actor John Boyega has given an emotional speech at a Hyde Park demonstration about the death of George Floyd in the US.
Boyega joined thousands of protestors in Hyde Park in a peaceful demonstration in support of Black Lives Matter.
The actor, who is best known for playing Finn in the recent Star Wars trilogy, referenced two other black Americans who controversially died in the US and the murder of Stephen Lawrence in the UK.
“We are a physical representation of our support for George Floyd," he told the demonstration. "We are a physical representation of our support for Sandra Bland. We are a physical representation of our support for Trayvon Martin. We are a physical representation of our support for Stephen Lawrence.”
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glenn cook
glenn cook Hace 5 horas
He’s quite intelligent if you watch his interviews. He was co-producer in the second Pacific Rim. You could see his work in it. BUT he needs to tread carefully dealing with a scenario that he is entering into. John Boyega, all power to him, is not American. He is a British citizen.
Tdubble Hace 5 horas
He made star wars trash
James Smith
James Smith Hace 14 horas
Take care of black women by leaving them with there child like most black men
James Smith
James Smith Hace 14 horas
Cry baby
James Smith
James Smith Hace 14 horas
Mark Dugan who had a gun
LiveLoop Hace 15 horas
LiveLoop Hace 15 horas
Mr96706bangah Hace 18 horas
Cringe. You just want attention because you aint making money. This is a US thing, the moment you in europe your black card gets rejected.
Nikki Landwehr
Nikki Landwehr Hace 19 horas
such a powerful speech!!
Dominic Clarke
Dominic Clarke Hace 20 horas
I wouldn't piss on a black woman if she was on fire. Black women are very feminist and they don't allways look after there kids.
RR PLAN C Hace 20 horas
RR PLAN C Hace 20 horas
Davey Reynolds
Davey Reynolds Hace un día
Daniel Hace un día
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay Hace 4 horas
He is a no talent loser anyway.
Wolfe Fumblepaw
Wolfe Fumblepaw Hace un día
Half that effort in the star wars movies and Finn wouldn't have sucked so badly.
John Merrick
John Merrick Hace un día
All these idiots have done is probably set racism back 20 years and destroyed innocent people’s businesses n looted the scumbags
santana Hace 2 días
если чёрный полицейский задушил белого парня, то чёрному ничего не будет???
Dan Palmer
Dan Palmer Hace 2 días
my comment keeps getting removed so ill post it again, John you sound like a raving loon, wtf are you on about?
mame cheikh mbaye
mame cheikh mbaye Hace 3 días
i've never been to the states, but this is so sad...i love you my brother....i"m crying....I love my people from all over the world....a brother from SENEGAL '( west Africa
Ro Bo
Ro Bo Hace 3 días
Much better acting than he did in Star Wars.
Josh R.
Josh R. Hace 3 días
You know, I feel for the guy, I really do. But, he hasn’t been heard of since, why so quite?
xxhalerxx Hace 3 días
Proper cringe
Focus 1
Focus 1 Hace 3 días
RSG Real Strategy Gaming
RSG Real Strategy Gaming Hace 4 días
Its good to see not all celebs are the same and that there are some willing to give up their career for the greater good. John Boyega i know how hard this is for you and how much you are putting at stake, youre a hero!
RSG Real Strategy Gaming
RSG Real Strategy Gaming Hace 4 horas
@Absolute Longplay Why?
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay Hace 4 horas
He is a loser!
Ever Osvalld
Ever Osvalld Hace 4 días
All these protesters should just move to the U.S ugh there English is kinda annoying
xX0DON0Xx Gaming
xX0DON0Xx Gaming Hace 4 días
Haha black life matters that's funny and so racist what about the other racis out there that's get shot killed where are the out rage blm nowhere because there not BLACK 🖤
George taki
George taki Hace 4 días
You homeland if Africa ! Go
al gonzález
al gonzález Hace 5 días
Oh no he's gonna get fired by the jewish producers that agree with him
F A Hace 5 días
What do you mean? George soros paid him
Boris Notbadenov2
Boris Notbadenov2 Hace 5 días
Of course this ignorant POS will have a career after this. Nothing in the world could benefit his career more than getting "woke" street cred by spouting idiocy in public like this.
2Rich VLOGS Hace 5 días
m m
m m Hace 5 días
Talking s*** while black youth killing each other's of a postcode what a f****** joke
chloe Hace 5 días
pigsrcool626 Hace 5 días
This dude needs some help
STARSCREAM Hace 5 días
The Cass
The Cass Hace 6 días
As an african american, I appreciate this performance, but I still don't understand how a British person can be so passionate about an american issue that has absolutely nothing to do with England what so ever. We are the ones getting killed on camera over and over again over HERE. We are the ones that were taken from our homeland against our will. We are the ones who endured 400 years of slavery, a civil war for our freedom and segregation. Did I blink and miss all of those things happening in the UK or something?
F A Hace 3 días
@The Cass ok I'll you to win the oppression Olympics
The Cass
The Cass Hace 3 días
​@F A Haha. That's cute. But it's not a civil rights movement and it certainly isn't a matter of live and death. Why don't you look Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, Black Wallstreet being burned to the ground, Black people in America being hosed down in the street by police and then you can tell me about some silly bus crew boycott. Those were real threats to our freedom. Enjoy your tea, Sir. Whinny British actors can't help us.
F A Hace 3 días
@The Cass ok no slaves were taken to England. But we did have something similar to a civil rights movement, look up the Bristol bus boycott. At the same time you african americans want allies, and at the same time, you tell ppl to mind their business
BrownSkinGirlTexas Hace 4 días
You blinked and missed.
The Cass
The Cass Hace 4 días
@F A Remind me...were these west indians kidnapped and dragged to England or did they move there willingly? Also, did their ancestors have to fight in bloody civil war for them to earn their "freedom?" Just curious...because I still don't under stand why John Boyega is crying like they did
tmgriffiths20 Hace 6 días
He’s a far better actor than I thought!
Jack Green
Jack Green Hace 6 días
China cut him from the Star Wars movie but he doesn’t make speeches against them. Also, 59 million child slaves still exist in Africa and many black people like David Dorn died in the riots but BLM do not care
wmhayes220 Hace 6 días
If you say something stupid, you sound stupid. If you yell into a microphone something stupid, you sound REALLY, REALLY stupid
Николай Герасимов
Николай Герасимов Hace 6 días
Duval Onepiece
Duval Onepiece Hace 7 días
wakanda forever
spido hamodi
spido hamodi Hace 7 días
Im white but black live matters
Nymfia Nymi
Nymfia Nymi Hace 7 días
I am confused where is this war against blacks? I cant see it? He seems extremely emotional... my guess he lost someone? Could be miles wrong... I just feel like yall fighting an invisable war that isnt happening...
Joseph Hutchinson
Joseph Hutchinson Hace 7 días
He’s just acting.
Duval Onepiece
Duval Onepiece Hace 7 días
but it's make them happy fighting those imaginary enemies
Alexey Savinov
Alexey Savinov Hace 7 días
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear Hace 7 días
What an idiot
Hayden Winfield
Hayden Winfield Hace 7 días
I Hope John Boyega Gets Put In Jail For Starting These Protests And For Starting A War With Us White People When We Have Done Nothing Wrong To Them These Evil Protests Are Making Pandemic Continue They Are Breaking Pandemic Law That They Continue To Break And They Are Destroying Statues & Burning Uk Flags While Killing White Policemen Every Day These People Are Criminals That Need To Stop This War Before Anyone Else Gets Hurt I Have watched At The Protest Vids While Being Safe At Home Beth J Crowley songwriter Has Quit Her music Carrer Because She Is Getting Targeted Ad Madonna Is In Croutches For The Rest Of Her Life Because the Protesters Attacked Her
Niles Peter Clemens
Niles Peter Clemens Hace 7 días
Yet another reason starwars is dead
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee Hace 7 días
when he talked about black women, my heart broke.
Ciara Princess
Ciara Princess Hace 20 horas
Tracey M Smith he is lol I’m not falling for it 😂🤣
Ciara Princess
Ciara Princess Hace 20 horas
Dominic Clarke yeah some of us waking up best believe! that we don’t need to fight for you fight for yourself as George Floyd fiancé said ‘give grace’ 😂🤣
Tracey M Smith
Tracey M Smith Hace 21 un hora
He is pandering. 😂
Dominic Clarke
Dominic Clarke Hace un día
@Ciara Princess so what black women date other cultures to you don't own us we don't own you do your ting.
Ciara Princess
Ciara Princess Hace 2 días
Lol black men date other women so if now is the time 🤷🏽‍♀️
JJ's Corner
JJ's Corner Hace 8 días
Prism Puppy
Prism Puppy Hace 8 días
Did anyone hear the guys yelling "Black power!" in the background? Cause that will go well.
BrownSkinGirlTexas Hace 4 días
You should be wise enough to know what Black Power means. If not, read up. It's completely different from White Power. Completely.
F A Hace 5 días
And why should that make you insecure?
Prism Puppy
Prism Puppy Hace 7 días
@Genesis I really do hope so.
Genesis Hace 7 días
I doubt they meant it for superiority. They meant it for equality, they don’t want to be abused by us whites anymore
Jason Zickefoose
Jason Zickefoose Hace 8 días
100% Hollywood fake
IHopegood Hace 8 días
John is an inspiration
Craig Hudson
Craig Hudson Hace 8 días
Blm will fizzle out when they get bored of smashing everything up or
Boris Notbadenov2
Boris Notbadenov2 Hace 2 días
@The Squiggy Dog Yup, but have YOU? That was 50-60 years ago and was completely successful. There was something legitimate to protest back then; there isn't now.
Boris Notbadenov2
Boris Notbadenov2 Hace 2 días
@The Squiggy Dog I'm sure the store owners whose stores were looted will appreciate that.
Craig Hudson
Craig Hudson Hace 2 días
@The Squiggy Dog America is not even that old so how were African Americans slaves for 400 years lol
The Squiggy Dog
The Squiggy Dog Hace 2 días
Craig Hudson I’ll believe the truth thanks, and not many people are looting anything. Just the minority.
The Squiggy Dog
The Squiggy Dog Hace 2 días
Boris Notbadenov2 Have you heard of the Civil Rights Movement? If not go look it up. African Americans were slaves for 400 years. Check your facts.
Шот Даньян
Шот Даньян Hace 9 días
Go back in africa! What are you doing in Uk? And take all cucolds with you
South Park
South Park Hace 9 días
So after ruining the Star Wars franchise, he wants to ruin the whole entire uk
M J Hace 9 días
What state was this?
John Doe
John Doe Hace 9 días
I'm black too my friend, there will be no peace until everyone is willing to obey Jesus Christ. I've seen Him and He's real. He is coming. If you seek Him you will find Him. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. Now is the time to repent and prepare for the return of the King.
F A Hace 5 días
@John Doe I have seen panku and know he's real? Are you saying I'm lying?
John Doe
John Doe Hace 5 días
I'm not begging anyone to believe me. There will come a day when The Lord Jesus Christ will be seen by everyone. All knees will bow and confess Jesus Christ is Lord. On that day it will be too late for the unrepentant and the wicked. Mercy time is now, tomorrow is not promised. It's not God's will that anyone perish but all repent to receive eternal life. You decide your end destination. It's either heaven or hell. I'm very serious with you. I don't have time for games. Those who refuse to repent will find themselves in eternal damnation. They will be in eternal regret for their unwise actions of rejecting Jesus Christ. God gave everyone freewill it's your choice to accept or reject Jesus Christ.
F A Hace 5 días
@John Doe Panku is the true God. I have seen him. You can't tell me anything. I know he's real.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 5 días
@F A The Lord is with me. Don't mock me for your own good.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 5 días
@F A There's no God besides Jesus Christ. All other roads lead to eternal damnation.
AvocadoShake Hace 9 días
Is that tyler 1 in the background? 4:27
EthanThe1Playa Hace 3 días
Looks like it
mobspeak Hace 9 días
On the contrary, this is exactly what Disney wants, they have a SJW agenda. Have you seen the new Star Wars movies? This is nothing but a publicity stunt, if you can't tell it's an act you're a fool.
forza barca
forza barca Hace 10 días
Бездарный актёришка из бездарного слива (продолжением это днище язык назвать не поворачивается) некогда великой саги. А сколько гонору... Очередная галимая пустышка, вылезшая за счёт гнилой повесточки.
Хуй Моржовый
Хуй Моржовый Hace 10 días
And no negative comments:-). Democracy as it is:-).
#FollowJesus Christ
#FollowJesus Christ Hace 10 días
I feel sorry for deaf people reading that subtitles, didnt make sense at all, at one point the subtitles said, we are fluffy 😂, thank you evening standards for the subtitles. We are Fluffy
A M Hace 10 días
Why is he wrongly cosplaying Noob Saibot?
Nebulous Hace 10 días
Being pro BLM is the safest position you can take in Hollywood, he wasn’t risking his career, he was boosting his career.
Nebulous Hace 2 días
@M C - Why are you scared to support your claim? Shouldn't it be easy? Respond one more time without evidence if you want to say you're an idiot who doesn't have any.
M C Hace 2 días
@Nebulous 4 times now ya sausage
Nebulous Hace 2 días
@M C You've responded 3 times so far & haven't bothered to provide any evidence, have some confidence in yourself son.
M C Hace 2 días
@Nebulous obviously you dont know who soros is then if I have to prove to u 😂 go do some research son.
Nebulous Hace 2 días
@M C Yes you do because you can't prove it.
Joey Kings
Joey Kings Hace 10 días
I cant imagine Daisy seeing her peanut like this.
Jake Gurney
Jake Gurney Hace 10 días
Interesting when he said 'to be reminded that our race means nothing' when in our society I thought the main thrust was towards a post racial society where race itself literally means nothing. The passion in his speech indicates that race clearly does mean something in his mind.
Elestro Air-soft
Elestro Air-soft Hace 10 días
White men can take care of black woman too 😌 We should all take care of each other people.
DarthSparhawk Hace 10 días
Moira Goldsmith
Moira Goldsmith Hace 10 días
This time, let us all get it right this time. Love, respect, tolerance and compassion to and for all. Well done bonny lad.
Joseph Hutchinson
Joseph Hutchinson Hace 10 días
Just imagine how many of those are asymptomatic.
Zack A.
Zack A. Hace 11 días
“In crowds it is stupidity and not mother-wit that is accumulated.” Gustave Le Bon
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