Joe Rogan on Carole Baskin: Did She Really Kill Her Husband?

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Taken from JRE #1452 w/Greg Fitzsimmons:

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The WildCard
The WildCard Hace 4 días
Joe looks cool bald. The other guy on here does not lol.
dio brando
dio brando Hace 5 días
People should literally just take this into our own hands and just vote who thinks she did it to who thinks she didn't simple or we just lock her up anyway 🤷‍♂️
S . Storumus
S . Storumus Hace 10 días
For the first half of the video I wasn’t sure if I had clicked on the wrong video
S . Storumus
S . Storumus Hace 10 días
I am pretty sure she killed her husband. To me there is a 99.9% chance that she did it or someone she knows did it. However, there is a 100% chance that she knows what happened to him and where his body is.
Mubarak Masauood
Mubarak Masauood Hace 10 días
Watch an old clip of Chris Watts talking to the media about his "missing" family. Now watch Carole Baskins interview talking about her "missing" ex-husband. Do the math.
Mubarak Masauood
Mubarak Masauood Hace 10 días
Carole Baskin is an opportunist. She only left her 1st husband (allegedly after years of unhappy marriage) when she found herself a millionaire who was married at the time, who then left his family to provide for her (zero conscience on her part for breaking up a family! Such greed!). And after he supposedly went missing after years of being married to her (absolutely ridiculous that she didn't lift a finger to even look for him & provided the same excuses as Chris Watts if you ask me), and took control of his assets, she found herself a new husband; a lawyer who's willing to play the role of a loyal pet (brilliant wedding pic there Carole). Isn't that just convenient? You've found a lawyer who'd be willing to defend you without incurring any cost! I won't say she's guilty of Don's disappearance, but seriously, who had the most to gain after he went missing and was declared dead? Certainly wasn't his ex-wife and children. Like with all crimes of greed, always follow the money trail.
Reggie Anderson
Reggie Anderson Hace 11 días
Carol Baskin. Killed her husband, wacked him. can’t convince me it didn’t happen. Fed him to tigers, they snacking. 🐅 what’s happening? Carol Baskin.
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Hace 16 días
Carol Baskins did not feed her husband to the tigers. That would've left to much DNA lying around.
c w
c w Hace 16 días
shes a psychopath murderer manipulator that brainwashes people to thinking they're supporting a charity and neeed to work for free to make her millions
DreamskyDance Hace 17 días
Her husband didnt kill himself..just like epstien.
Albert Chhab
Albert Chhab Hace 21 un día
Carol killed her husband
Rare Assassin
Rare Assassin Hace 23 días
If she has a mead grinder ,could they test it for thr husbrand blood ...well may be 2 late now but she deftly did it .joe got a good point
Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin Hace 25 días
Carol Baskin gives me the heebie jeebies fr
ely factor
ely factor Hace 27 días
2:27 you’ll thank me later
Don Jones
Don Jones Hace 27 días
2:23 Starts talking about Tiger King.......You're welcome!!
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Hace 27 días
Snatch was such a good film
Jesse Mosby
Jesse Mosby Hace 27 días baskins...
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley Hace un día
Postalottalitpics Hace 28 días
Glad we managed to condense this treat to 4:20
Cruise Zhou
Cruise Zhou Hace un mes
When Netflix did better investigation than police
K Mag
K Mag Hace un mes
Everyone is fucked in the show, but she is definitely guilty
nicola lazzaro
nicola lazzaro Hace un mes
You came for 2:20
DOLLARS Hace un mes
3:00 lol
DOLLARS Hace un mes
no one: absolutely no one: the comments: cAroL BaSkIn kiLLeD hEr HuSbaNd wAcked hIm cAnT cOnvIncE mE ThAt iT dIdnT hApPen fEd hIm tO tiGerS tHeY sNacKin whAts hApPin CAROL BASKIN
Gifz Spoder
Gifz Spoder Hace un mes
joe liked to fukk tigers tho.....
Francisco Montes
Francisco Montes Hace un mes
Covid-19 causes pneumonia
Harry Prior
Harry Prior Hace un mes
clip is 420 long big up the rogan
Marsonis2ya Hace un mes
Carole Baskin...killed her husband whacked him. Can't convince me that it didn't happen. To Tiger's she feed him they snackin...Carole Baskin.
no name
no name Hace un mes
Hardly any of this video is about Tiger King. The first 2 thirds are about covid, ffs Jamie.
Jamston Julian
Jamston Julian Hace un mes
Finally a theory everyone can agree on
Ting Chan
Ting Chan Hace un mes
2:22 starts here.
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Hace un mes
Everyone should unsubscribe from her channel and shouldn't follow her anywhere, whether its on insta, Facebook wherever.
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Hace un mes
She declared her husband dead 5 years and 1 day after. She took 90% of possessions to her. Her husband gave a letter to his attorney saying that his life is been threatened by carol. She threatened don's ex wife. She committed all the crimes that she accuses joe exotic of. She took and destroyed don's will and made a new one which gives all the money to her. A millionaire doesn't just disappears out of nowhere. She puts animals in prison and gains millions of dollars from them and get volunteers to do work for free. She should be in jail just for all this.
tony gilbert
tony gilbert Hace un mes
She killed her husband wacked em can't convince me it didn't happen
Robert Baur
Robert Baur Hace un mes
she did not kill her husband and... just as Jeffery Epstein committed suicide
Ginger Rob
Ginger Rob Hace un mes
Mostly Covid talk, a bit on Carole Baskin, and a quick mention of Brick Top from Snatch! 🤣
Reaper 7 Actual
Reaper 7 Actual Hace un mes
Joe is a complete idiot
蒋涵芝 Hace un mes
Joe you have 4 million followers, the clickbait is a lil bit too much
Adam Chlebovec
Adam Chlebovec Hace un mes
2:24 thank me later.
Merciful الرحمة Justice العدالة
Merciful الرحمة Justice العدالة Hace un mes
That's the septic tank on a mic. Every second word is an unnecessary uncrwative overdone cus word. A few seconds in and I couldnt hold it in much longer and I got the pinch a loaf flush the toilet experience!!😂😂
Mc Dabble
Mc Dabble Hace un mes
Nice clickbait Jamie 👍🏼 I would expect nothing less from you pal.
Ethan green
Ethan green Hace un mes
100 tigers are a meat grinder
Tania S
Tania S Hace un mes
Dont touch a flu shot that shit kills you
Boricua 787
Boricua 787 Hace un mes
A criminal organization in Puerto Rico fed bodies to crocodiles they got caught last year
DaProdigy Hace un mes
Whew... I knew I wasn't the only person that got Hillary Clinton vibes from her after watching the series.
Shannon Paine Frattura
Shannon Paine Frattura Hace un mes
If I want an out dated update on the virus I,d be watching news.assholes ,are you not aware of how fragile a huge number of the public are ? That was brutal for me dangerous for lots of people who are at the end of their ropes,you owe an apology to the public or shut it down
Conservative Copwatch
Conservative Copwatch Hace un mes
Carole was actually pretty hot back in the day. Looked like Amanda Seyfried.
Hairy AssBurgers
Hairy AssBurgers Hace un mes
The clip is mostly about Covid-19 and its length is 4:20
I'm Just Saiyan
I'm Just Saiyan Hace un mes
Joe Exotic and Carol Baskins deserve each other
Sam Hilton
Sam Hilton Hace un mes
change the title of this video to Joe talks about covid some more then briefly mentioned the documentary
Liam Sadler
Liam Sadler Hace un mes
I think she drugged him the night he was ment to go away then dragged his unconcuous body into the tiger cage then starved the tigers to completely despose of the body and bones
Seany Carolan
Seany Carolan Hace un mes
After i saw that episode, started seeing the evil look in her eye.
Q The Struggler
Q The Struggler Hace un mes
Did you know she pegged her last husband to death?!
Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc
Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc Hace un mes
The guy with the glasses was Bricktop. Actor was Alan Ford
Pat Dol
Pat Dol Hace un mes
I've heard tiger dude is a shady fake
awsometomable Hace un mes
Dear god I hope Joe gets Joe Exotic on the show when he gets out
Karma Shleef
Karma Shleef Hace un mes
Tamiflu kills people and the flu shot doesn’t work retroactively- meaning it’s not something you take *after* you are sick
Eddie Webb
Eddie Webb Hace un mes
0% chance this video being 4:20 minutes long was a coincidence
morningstar3188 Hace un mes
People getting put in ventilators are sure to die. When you have fluid building in your lungs, the absolute worst thing you can do is lie down and not move. The best thing you can do is move around/exercise and eat clean with an emphasis on fruits, veggies and really spicy foods that get your sinuses flowing. Also, stay properly hydrated. Guarantee you'll hack that shit out and be fine.
Andy Senad Bajric
Andy Senad Bajric Hace un mes
Killer Vaccines...
ClappOnUpp Hace un mes
Did I click the wrong video? I thought I came for murder not covid 19
jonathan garcia
jonathan garcia Hace un mes
Staring out the window for 7 hrs??? She clearly did it, meat grinder could be small but you sure can chop up meat last time i checked
Angela Drummond
Angela Drummond Hace un mes
She does have a meat grinder 🤣. I’m convinced she def had something to do with her husbands disappearance. She slipped in the documentary and said he told her he was going to Puerto Rico and then, she messed up and said he said, he was going to Miami. Whether she fed him to the tigers, I don’t know. I wouldn’t be shocked because they all seem crazy on that show.
StoicBehavioR Hace un mes
Dude made his money being a loan shark. But lets not factor that equation in.
Jayden Hace un mes
carole baskin 🧒🏼 killed 🔪 her husband 👨🏻 whacked him ✋ can’t convince me 🤔 that it didn’t ❌ happen 😱 fed him 👨🏻 to tigers 🐯 they snackin’ 🍭
IXI 1989
IXI 1989 Hace un mes
I'd like to see Rob Dyrdek on the podcast
Cheddar_ Popz
Cheddar_ Popz Hace un mes
This video ends at 420💨💨💨
777 Legend
777 Legend Hace un mes
2:31 they stop the virus talk and talk about the tittle XD haha
Darran Carlisle
Darran Carlisle Hace un mes
She 100% killed her ex husband htf is she not in jail ffs its mental...he filed for a restraining order because she was going to kill him then he disappeared and the cops can't put one + one the idiots and she never spent a day in jail never mind the life sentence for the murder and more for the cruelty to the animals shes a money hungry evil sick bitch that needs to rot in jail
Phayes Hace un mes
She wouldn't even need a meat grinder... The "victim" would only need to be unconscious and/or dead,... Hopefully the sicko wouldn't feed a live person, much less her HUSBAND to their PET tigers, unconscious or not but, the tigers would make quick work of disembowling and eating the corps, without a trace, bones and all. If that lady really did feed those tigers with her husbads dead body,... She is a bona-fide.... SICK-F#CKIN'-O!! Sheesh,... Just when you think you've heard it a all.🤔 I've never been into revenge but, I have a feeling the husband's family would strip her Nek'kid, cover her in lambs blood and put a boot in her A$$ before locking the gate and walking away.... I can hear her narcissistic A$$ now,... "I'm not scared, these are my babies, they know I'm thier mast..... AAAAHHHHH!!!,.... RIP, TEAR, CRUNCH.... 🐅🐯🐅🐯🐅🐯🐅🐯 💀☠💀☠💀☠💀☠ - Husband's Family,..... "Do y'all hear something?... 🤨😐😑😳😖😠🥱👋🤝 It sounds almost as if... Someone is being ripped apart limb by limb and eaten alive by Tigers... Oh well, it's gone now. Let's get lunch!! Lol!!!
Flacco Gallo
Flacco Gallo Hace un mes
They need to test all the dead or living big cats that where around when her husband was alive to test them and see if they were man eater. Just like how they found out if The lions of Tsavos really ate humans
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