Joe Rogan Experience #1453 - Eric Weinstein

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Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist, and he is also the managing director at Thiel Capital. His new podcast “The Portal” is available now on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. @Eric Weinstein

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Damien Hace 54 minutos
You kinda went along with it and turned a blind eye, how dare you not answer questions about your pervert brother man, that's kinda sick
Damien Hace 57 minutos
I'm sorry you don't get to go 'no comment' when your brother is the biggest pervert going, you don't have that luxury MF
Cade B
Cade B Hace un hora
you know a video is good if Jamie is telling you to look it up.
Julian Essex-Spurrier
Julian Essex-Spurrier Hace 9 horas
Not that bullshit MJ castration theory again Joe!
Ricardo Costa
Ricardo Costa Hace 14 horas
Simon Geist
Simon Geist Hace 15 horas
That guy just publicly encouraged a revolt against the government.. arrest him!!!!
K M Hace un día
Good podcast but the last 30 mins were tough haha, I did Physics at uni and I only understand a few words/parts lol
posterlion Hace un día
It's amazing how in the last four years, all the energy in America has been spent on, 1) Russian Collusion Investigations, 2) a phone call to Ukraine, 3) an impeachment, 4) the Coronavirus and now 5) a Coronavirus investigation, all the while ignoring the country that manufactures our masks, our medications, and indeed, almost everything we require for survival, the same country that has been slowly breaking the back of democracy in Hong Kong, and no one has said a peep. Is that because it would inform the world we are in cahoots with China? As Ricky Gervais said to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook at the 2000 Golden Globes, “Apple roared into the TV game with a morning show, a superb drama, yeah, a superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China.”
Very Jolly
Very Jolly Hace un día
To save our country, the political elite that sold the country for the last 25 years should be voted out. You know who they are! It doesn’t matter if they are Democrat or Republican. Vote them out whoever they are!
ezequiel iglesias
ezequiel iglesias Hace un día
This guy reminds me of a younger verison of Walter Bishop form Fringe...
j - schnab
j - schnab Hace 2 días
Eric: You do now owe me 2 appearances on my show. Joe: Bitch, you owe me for being on MY show.
Mr Enjay
Mr Enjay Hace 2 días
so, How dumb do you feel? Very Dumb I Presume. Very very Dumb.
Davetherave Hace 2 días
God it's weird enough the attitude over here in the uk to stuff like weed... Never again being allowed into a country where firearms are legal, for being in possession of a bottle of CBD oil... dangerous stuff that CBD oil lol
SleeplessDev Hace 2 días
How about some extra cuts so we can actually see the images they're looking at?
krishna chaitanya sagi
krishna chaitanya sagi Hace 2 días
Please talk to the guy from 3Blue1brown. You will start looking at this life , nature and reality in a way that will make sense and yet surprises. Please...!!!! no one has discovered any new math equations that will go straight into our text books and sit alongside the equations made by euler, newton, euclid, maybe this podcast will spark a new idea in this community filled with millennials. Hope I get a response 🙂.
master mandy
master mandy Hace 3 días
P L Hace 3 días
@ 1:54:55 ...."All Mouth and no Trousers"..........LMFAO
Samuel Butler
Samuel Butler Hace 4 días
Eric didn't really seem to want to say this as it would sound crazy, but the plan is to essentially create a wormhole (AKA the portal)
Jamie Hall
Jamie Hall Hace 4 días
Eric needs his own podcast
Jacob Jorgenson
Jacob Jorgenson Hace 2 días
"The portal "
gtguy181 Hace 4 días
Made in America was seen as Zenophobic? Never heard that one before. I thought that it was a quality of product thing. Products made in China are made cheaply because of low labor cost. You pay more to have something made in America, but the quality is higher. I guess someone made a narrative for "Made In America" is Zenophobic, just like calling the Covid-19 the Wuhan Virus. It's all made up.
Beau Bellamy
Beau Bellamy Hace 4 días
Eric and his brother are amazing.
gory goro plumbus
gory goro plumbus Hace 4 días
Welcome everyone, as we discuss life by proxy
United Space Pirates
United Space Pirates Hace 4 días
Humans with ethics would refuse products from a country that emplaoys child slave labor and suicide nets at manufacturing facilities.
HmsSulaco Hace 4 días
The last hour ore so is what really makes my cookie crumble, Great mind Eric..
leonard barlow
leonard barlow Hace 4 días
Last time he was on, or the last one i saw with him, he was talking about the Republican party being the parry of elites. Now he talks about how elites getting involved with China. Mr. Weinstein, conservatives are against dealings with China and generally anit-china. Those elites you're referring are corporate elites, the same ones that embrace woke, liberal culture and idealogies. Most of our elite embrace these idealogies, the democratic party is now the party of the elites. That wouldnt necessarily be bad if they just believed those ideals and wanted what they thought was best, but theyre money hungry which is why they try to appease to China and their market. They also use these ideal to appeal to our market by seeming "woke" and progressive.
LöneWúlf Hace 4 días
Weinstein is a bit of a doommonger. He should read Arthur Hermann's book.
K Kundera
K Kundera Hace 5 días
Weinstein seems like a VERY insecure person. It feels like he needs to hang around/suck up to the “cool” people, then tells you how with it he is, name drops & then acts like he’s this crazy radical thinker that’s just “ too dangerous.” 😆 Kinda weird.
Rayteous Hace 5 días
It is time to revolt.
Nigel Carruthers
Nigel Carruthers Hace 5 días
You had me at "Nancy Pelosi should resign".
Jacob Jorgenson
Jacob Jorgenson Hace 2 días
You worry about the oval room
Thomas Hyle
Thomas Hyle Hace 5 días
jesus so totally not righwing Joe, stop your whining about the lockdown, you millionaire asshole.
Myles Hace 5 días
Please interview Louis Rossman!
James Joshua
James Joshua Hace 6 días
Excellent impression of Jocko
Young Shim
Young Shim Hace 6 días
Joe packages all politicians together? Idiot
Clean Hands
Clean Hands Hace 6 días
Need an episode with a carney lingo specialist along with BTLS.
Player 23
Player 23 Hace 7 días
I love this man. He sure is the reincarnation of Einstein. The name and the hair is a dead giveaway. ;)
9391862 Hace 7 días
After every visit of Weinstein, Jamie has to completely reinstall his computer, oh man, I love every bit of this interview. Learned so much.
geoffr72 Hace 7 días
Not sure if this guy is smart or retarded.
evilhooker420 Hace 7 días
Eric Weinstein makes me feel good about my passion for "buy local". I have always tried my best to purchase and source things from my state if at all possible. Don't let China own you.
Hans Appels
Hans Appels Hace 7 días
Fuck spotify
ditch9802 Hace 8 días
Complaining about the President that has been very outspoken about not going to war and has made more efforts to end the wars we are engaged in as though he's the single most detriment to world peace. Maybe he does have a hole in his head.
joseph shealy
joseph shealy Hace 8 días
is EW a closeted Trumper? Clearly his republican side is what he wanted to show case here. Praises Tucker Carlson, Pelosi and De Blasio need to retire. Stick to math and BDSM.
Omnes Omnibus
Omnes Omnibus Hace 8 días
Weinstein alway has that smug little smile of the intellectual who thinks they are much smarter than they actually are, and revel in their presumed intelligence. Very off-putting.
Cody Enstad
Cody Enstad Hace 8 días
This stupid asshat talks about revolt like him and his party would win! I wish they would start a "revolt" so we the fucking people could finish it. What a fucking puke
Christian Fuentes
Christian Fuentes Hace 8 días
Why can't we have Eric Weinstein as President? I would vote for him 💪🏽💪🏽
James Grime
James Grime Hace 8 días
this the kung flu!
Remingtin Hace 8 días
Joe "I don't know about taboo porn but I'm just gonna ad lib a script" Rogan
Remingtin Hace 8 días
10:45 You should invite Louis Rossman onto the podcast!
Diego H
Diego H Hace 9 días
Anyone else get the sense that this guy is a total creep?
matt frazer
matt frazer Hace 9 días
Don’t get this retard on ever again
matt frazer
matt frazer Hace 9 días
“Swiss cheese head”
bianca torres
bianca torres Hace 9 días
This was informative and fun.
Soulshocks Hace 9 días
So because he did not like that science was being gate kept by a privileged few, he kept his theory, that he believes could unify string and quantum theory, all to himself. So he did exactly what he is accusing them of but because his motives are different its okay?
- AlLiEcXr -
- AlLiEcXr - Hace 7 días
I think his point was more along the lines that the system in place where he could have tried to submit his theory (which it doesn't sound like is complete yet anyway) is, in his opinion, not a place that would promote the best for his ideas, so he didn't want to go through that medium. And luckily for him, as time has progressed and he has found the proper outlet he is now comfortable with picking it back up and giving it another shot.
Scott Mallender
Scott Mallender Hace 9 días
This 🦠 disaster, is only to secure Mail in Ballots. The Democrats can then steal the election no matter whom heads their ticket...
Whats For Dinner?!
Whats For Dinner?! Hace 9 días
Eric weinstein is like a trojan horse for the left. It's so incredibly disingenuous that he keeps calling himself a liberal or saying that he's on the left, along with joe and jordan peterson. they claim it for simple reasons, to virtue signal, to remain in their little bubbles of society and retain their cult of personality, and avoid any criticism from moderates. They are the leaders (the champions really) of converting moderates to more alt-right ideas, because they sit on the fence (or at least claim to) they escape criticism and categorization from people who are otherwise ignorant about the subjects, they give appetizers for the alt-right, which are basically secret dog-whistle-esque "redpills" for people that otherwise would simply avoid such media. media like sargon or stefan. the funny part is that they don't even know they are doing it, and in their minds actually believe they are left. (a lot of these types now-a-days love to think of themselves as very punk rock, when in reality they are doing the bidding of the stronger, cloaked fascist ideologues that use them as the useful idiots that they are. example: "tucker carlson and greg gutfeld are interesting critical figures still housed within fox." wow... they give fake criticisms to the right so they can say "hey dont you see how objective i am! i criticize both sides" while only using serious critique on the left, the "communist" "socialist" "authoritarian" left..)
G B Hace 9 días
that's exactly what they doing...well said
Slurms Mackenzie
Slurms Mackenzie Hace 9 días
eric weinstein talking about that pornstar is pathetic. porn is destroying young men's lives and he's treating her as a courageous and brave person. joe should take a stronger stance on this, knowing how many men are watching him. he probably will not, because he laughs at people who do NoFap. maybe Eric is outstandingly acadecamically gifted but his priorities and values are not in the right place, in my opinion.
Miele Rodriguez
Miele Rodriguez Hace 10 días
The W.H.O is a danger to world health.
Konstantin Jordal
Konstantin Jordal Hace 10 días
This geometric unity theory of Weinstein seems to be heavily dependent that reality has 14 dimensions to it. So far I have not seen or heard anyone talk about these 14 dimensions, so it seems from the start that the premise is rather weak. I don't understand how he managed to come to the conclusion of the existence of 14 dimensions. He starts by saying that you have the 4 dimensions of spacetime, then you need rulers for each dimension making it 8. How does the measurement of a dimension give origin to a new dimension?
MJH 87
MJH 87 Hace 10 días
Why tf did he put cokehead Kurt back on
Malbinder Singh
Malbinder Singh Hace 10 días
16:00 Why not get into that? And why wouldn't Joe push him on that? Or Tulsi when she was on. 22:00 So you are more worried about being called a Fox News contributor? Wouldn't you rather have the platform and give your message to a far wider audience?
Commander_Koala Hace 11 días
Eric brings up “people like Jocko”... Joe “NO HES REAL, MILITARY GUYS DONT TAKE SHIT, JOCKO ISNT MEDIOCRE, IM NOT MEDIOCRE” Eric: “uh.. okay... cool.”
Gyre Brillig
Gyre Brillig Hace 11 días
"dont be judgmental" No, Ithink I will be judgmental about crazy people acting batshit insane
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell Hace 10 días
This world is crazy batshit insane and always has been, don't judge their ignorance arrogantly but through patience and superior reasoning lead them to reason. The only other option you have is iron handed domination and we can all agree that doesn't actually fix the problem but restarts it.
aaronrus Hace 11 días
ask him about his brother Harvey
Xavier _waffles
Xavier _waffles Hace 11 días
this dude touches kids
Rich Gann
Rich Gann Hace 12 días
I love the battle of ideas and this format. Not about who is right or wrong, these two are just discussion, and trying, and testing, and rinse / repeat.
Lukas Vik
Lukas Vik Hace 12 días
On one hand I am so glad that I am where I am (Czech republic) and how we solved and are solving majority of this crisis, not only that our reaction changed with new information. To be honest I am not such a fan of humans 😅 but I was blown away how basically the whole nation took the the situation and that even if our government fucked up with masks (not that they werent here from the beginning but that they have lied about it) and people just said that “ok we are going to make our masks and give the proper masks to healthcare workers” and othe things just make me so proud. On the other hand I completely understand Eric’s rage. When it looks like we have managed at least the first part of the crisis our polititians try to expoit it so much and have exploited so much and that there is manipulation basically from all sides. I am apolitical by nature and would say relatively calm person and also I am 23 and studying so I am occupied by other stuff but I am so enraged by it and seeing now that there is a possibility that in US this is even worse just make me sad. So good luck and also thanks to Joe for doing these podcasts and to Eric for talking freely and respect to fellow mathematician (even if I am only a student now 😅).
madyak222 Hace 12 días
75 year pandemic nap??? BS how can Weinstien forget Swine Flu epidemics/1968, 1976, SARS, MERS, H1N1, FFS viruses have been everywhere all the time the only thing different about previous pandemics is that CV19 came with MSM 24/7 Hysteria. China didn't create CV19, Fauci began the SARS-COV-2 R&D in 2006 then shifted the R&D to Wuhan as there was a huge outcry against "Biological Gain of Function research" instead of shutting the R&D down as was expected but the Govt only stopped open funding for Gain of function research so Fauci funded SARS-COV-2 as Vaccine research. Judy Mikowitz has outed Fauci in her new book "Plague of Corruption", (some good interviews on ESwomen) China isn't as much of a threat to the US as the US is to china. the US has invaded or destabilized about 80 countries in the last 80 years. & Tulsi backed Biden which shows she probably can be bought & sold. CV19 isn't deadly to 99% of people, several countries had no lockdowns & none of them had higher death rates than the US or most other lockdown countries & they didn't have all the side effects of lockdown that all lockdown countries have to deal with such as increased unrelated deaths, increased domestic violence, economic downturn that will cause increased poverty increased distress in the community for years to come. Many experts state that lockdowns should be limited to the elderly & those with underlying health conditions. Healthy people should still circulate, to build natural immunity to ensure that this new virus will disappear in two years, as 99% of viruses do as did SARS, MERS, H1N1 etc. Corona viruses have been found to be dangerous over the last 30 years & Flu vacines make carona viruses far more virilant which has been studied over the last few years & plotted in the high death rate areas aropund the world.
Un Nacho
Un Nacho Hace 12 días
2:30:12 note to self
ON VIBE Hace 13 días
Eric needs to lay off the 5MEO DMT...
Jacob Jorgenson
Jacob Jorgenson Hace 2 días
Love 5
Adam Ledford
Adam Ledford Hace 13 días
Hey Joe great interview video! Btw the name of the book he is talking about where the kid makes a nuclear reactor out of smoke detectors is called " The Radioactive boy scout"! Thanks. [GxQ=Universe]
Jonny Clare
Jonny Clare Hace 13 días
Billy Robinson, not Costello.
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