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Melissa Chen is the NY editor for Spectator USA and the managing director of Ideas Beyond Borders.

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jin choung
jin choung Hace un hora
holy shit she's hot
Sea Rabbit
Sea Rabbit Hace un hora
It’s not about addiction, it’s about the correlation with sex trafficking, but i agree, proper due process is something I’d fight for my life for and i hate the death penalty
Jason T
Jason T Hace un hora
I wonder if you hit that Joe. If you know what I mean... Anyway, Asia is no joke on there crime. Death on drugs. Also she is telling alot of truth. People have no clue what China is capable. Connections is the root of China. The war is now economical not weapons. That's why china buys everything up in countries including USA. Even when Americans companies built a business in China, it becomes successful, China will take your business and cancel your China visa and cant go back to run your company. Btw she attractive in so many way. Good looking, smart, funny, great personality, well inform, and much much more. Any chick that hated chick flicks is my girl. She is right with Singapore. Been there several times and exactly what she said. Force integration only works if people are willing accept and respects other people culture. Not in usa, allot of racial tension.
Hoang Do
Hoang Do Hace 2 horas
U answered it urself when u said y does Shapiro care? And guest said hate the sin not the sinner...u joe don’t give a damn u don’t care not just about the issue of gays but also of the persons u identify as maybe a “friend”...u don’t care and probably don’t believe in a God but u do believe there might be a god but not a God like Ben. In the end u urself are so sure that u are right and that u have the moral high ground based on a “I don’t give a bleep about anything” ideology that thinks that just because u are modern -living in the current time- that you are smarter than people who lived in the old - e.g. uninformed uneducated unscientific time. I’m not saying that ure not a smart and open minded dude but maybe Ben is too high that ur intellect can’t grasp just saying.
Aldo Barovero
Aldo Barovero Hace 3 horas
Ben Shapiro isn't logical and intelligent. He talks fast and people mistake that for competence. One-on-one and he's exposed as a flash in the pan. Plus, he's over the top obsessed with AOC.
Trudy Holmm
Trudy Holmm Hace 3 horas
Melissa i would vote for you anytime .
ReganMarcelis Hace 4 horas
Joe, please do a video ASAP on the "Oppression" / suppression of GEN X but especially Xennials... as in 1977 - 1984 give or take... The generations DO MATTER and the presidency been held by whom for how long? Forever..... This in no way speaks on my personal views on our president NOW but it is a problem and even more-so in the near future.... The torch may get passed right over our head, if even at all. Nobody finds this funny? Boomers start at 1946 and end at 1964, even OBAMA was 1961, very much a Boomer... Change is on a large scale a generational thing but people live much longer and usually do not go out without a fight, this is not good. We need somebody in office like Snowden whom "understands" with integrity.... Again, I am going to vote for Trump over Biden and not because of the party as I am a Libertarian to the fullest and if I am wrong then I am a centralist in some areas BUT I do know that the few of US that there was to start with have been shunned, murdered by big pharma (etc) and called crazy until we thought we were including every other tactic one could think of as we are VERY Strong minded and usually RIGHT... We understand how technology works and how it can work and understand how it can be used as a weapon or for good and how to also live without it as much as with it among-est so many other things.. It is all TIED in.... The ONLY thing about President Trump that I wish her would listen to is actually listen to people younger then him and take them serious, especially the smart ones with high EQ's and IQ's that been around whether in good or bad ways..... Info is POWER.... That is one flaw however he is very in touch with technology for his birth year and that I do admire... The other is FREE SNOWDEN and final and MOST important Please, Please do not take it out on some of our allies and especially our friends - examples, we need like "Taiwan" and they are our friends, need I say why with those islands being built up in the sea's where the main trade routes are?.... Also, they been good to us and we need to be good to them, not worse then prior presidency in the sake of "the budget" ... I can name at least seven other spots not rich in money as much as Saudi Arabia whom he seems to favor but rich in smart people, people who think different then us but on our team and have access to geographical locations we need to keep the world balanced as we always did, it is a balancing act and maybe it does need to be tipped but with that said, take care of these places as they will us as I can easily name 10 places that we should be super tight with and create a world order with them to grasp more power over US (us as in people) as we are not conquers but.... need I say more.... If he would just hire the best man for the job even if he does not "like him" and put differences aside I think it would really help our situation and his own but as for a president that is NOT to many short-comings b but a Big one or Two.... I do Trust his interest are with US but he can not go at it alone or with weaker people then him... Get people with you whom are strong in areas you are weak and keep that same train of thought going but they also MUST have integrity and maybe be tested without knowing they are being tested prior.... A Xennial in there would be great but would settle for a well rounded Gen X'er.. Maybe that is why we have the X on our Gen, eh?.... BTW: Anyone who wants to tweak or share this MAY Do So long as leave my YT name attached somewhere as OEM Author... Thanks, ReganMarceLis #America&Friends2020 BTW: Shame on all the folks who pick on, blame, tease, slander (etc, etc, etc) our President, imagine what it is like to be him every morning, noon and night getting asked ridiculous questions that are setup - although he handles it well.... Our own news people or so called news people as well as fake witch hunts - it can not be EASY! Then say this happened whilst America's elite slept is preposterous! These people run smear campaigns so thick I sometimes can not see thru the fog however I was always good at reading micro expressions and into social Q's as many of my GEN had to be growing up so again, I do trust him but they do not make it easy nor does he on himself but so far so good... If #PresidentTrump can take good care of our cities well like he did thus far with #Philadelphia (ONE OF OUR OLDEST UnderDog - CITIES so close to NYC & NJ yet doing so well has to count for something?) I think he has a great shot at 2020 as I also do not think it is time for a change in presidency during something like this...... Heck, maybe I should of entitled this one dear Mr. President but again, please do one on this... Gen X & especially Xennials are tired of being just the part time consigliere and part time ScapeGoat. #YeahISaidIt
Andrew Moynihan
Andrew Moynihan Hace 4 horas
oh he's a masochist them... i'm weak
Christopher Kelly
Christopher Kelly Hace 5 horas
What a breath of fresh air this beautiful woman is after watching Fat Bert and Tom big beard for the thousandth time.
Rohit Vimalnath
Rohit Vimalnath Hace 7 horas
Has it just been established that 'Asians' onyl hail from the Orient? This is akin to claiming that Americans represent all of Western Civilization.
Ka Ha
Ka Ha Hace 7 horas
So Américains are more educated than Arabic ? Hilarious
Jason McCraine
Jason McCraine Hace 7 horas
She is smart and gorgeous. I enjoyed the podcast.
tHe J0k3r
tHe J0k3r Hace 12 horas
I love her being on here. She’s so intelligent (not that the other people on his podcast aren’t, but i love hearing an Asian woman’s perspective on things along with her knowledge of world affairs). It’s just refreshing, I hope he brings her back soon
rubbersole Hace 14 horas
How many people have they killed for pot? "One."
Miller Time
Miller Time Hace 15 horas
I come to witness the thirst of the incels in the comment section. Edit, was not disappointed hahaha
Steffano Ducati
Steffano Ducati Hace 16 horas
Smart personable guy like Joe ... but he cant live without drugs . Bizarre.
Steffano Ducati
Steffano Ducati Hace 16 horas
David Pearl
David Pearl Hace 16 horas
"Social cohesion is engineered in Singapore"..I spent 10 days there...It works fairly well but at a cost of human rights...But works better than Malaysia which wants to be Singapore and has the same genetic make up. Singapore is much safer albeit more sanitized than Malaysia..
Sa yan
Sa yan Hace 16 horas
Where are her eyes?
David Pearl
David Pearl Hace 17 horas
I live in Thailand for 3 years, about a month of that time China, two other trips to China, one trip to Singapore, 4 trips to the Fils, one to Hong Kong, a 1/2 hour in Laos, a day in Cambodia, a month in Vietnam, stops at various airports in Japan/Taiwan/Malaysia/China + 2 border trips to Myanmar and a border trip to Malaysia. It's (East Asia) a whole other world from the West and the USA. Sadly Asia is worst than the West--poor morals, poverty up the ass, non transparent societies etc etc....But kinda on the fence about moving back to the USA especially during a pandemic !
Jimmy Blue
Jimmy Blue Hace 17 horas
How does JR NOT know how many grams are in an ounce?
jricherts99 Hace 18 horas
What would be a good way to attack China and kill all of their government?.... asking for a friend
Aladdin El Afifi
Aladdin El Afifi Hace 19 horas
Yes, the first word revealed in the Quran is the command read or recite, but it doesn't mean read only this. We are ordered to seek knowledge until we die and to chace knowledge as far as China. Though there may be some people there who don't read much that is their local problem, but not a Muslim problem.
Roger Dana
Roger Dana Hace 19 horas
That's true Philippines are very good at pool. I had a buddy that was unreal.
Niall Armstrong
Niall Armstrong Hace 19 horas
You could watch a movie off of Joe's head
birdie reyes III
birdie reyes III Hace 20 horas
this is real Melissa Chen
mozfonky Hace 21 un hora
fuck she's cute
Reiner Wilhelms-Tricarico
Reiner Wilhelms-Tricarico Hace 21 un hora
The left can only win over Fascism if we eject AntiFa. BTW, whatever happened to AntiFa? Haven’t heard any recent scandals. Did they finally see their mistake?
prolucifer Hace 21 un hora
Goddamn, she’s cute
LAZ E Hace 21 un hora
To be fair to Ben he did say that the reason he feels that way is because he believes the only reason for marriage is to have children and continue humanity. So he feels if that can’t be accomplished then there is no reason for them to be married. 🤷🏽‍♂️
sraindear Hace 21 un hora
Lao Tzu replaced Confucius.- and changed the whole world!
sraindear Hace 21 un hora
Ignorance is a choice = Fox News
sraindear Hace 22 horas
That stuff is REALLY bad for you! You are too smart and beautiful to drink that nasty crap. Organic coffee is much better.
Reiner Wilhelms-Tricarico
Reiner Wilhelms-Tricarico Hace 22 horas
Best line to remember: “he [Pete Buttigie] was 3D printed at DNC headquarters”.
Jose Ortega
Jose Ortega Hace 22 horas
They gonna go after Joe just like they did to Alex Jones.
nko Hace 22 horas
She is amazing.
B R Hace 22 horas
Every time a good lookin women comes on the show, Joe always starts off polite. With ugly feminists Joe says whatever the fuck he thinks first. Hahaha
boobox2000 Hace 23 horas
Of course she came to Boston and was surprised about the infrastructure state. She lived in Singapore. They don't get snow. The southern states have far better roads and bridges, because they don't have to deal with the damage to that the freezing causes on them.
Tom Steck
Tom Steck Hace 23 horas
Funny how these ancient ignorant values have guided us for the past 20,000years
G1MMEDATDOME Hace un día
BANG is retarded. Take Creatine and Caffeine together. Yeah lets take a suppliment and a chemical that almost completely deactivates it.
Roberto Giménez
Roberto Giménez Hace un día
Ben Shapiro is a paranormal brainwashing disingenuous ASSHOLE. Jimmy Dore is the most woke person ever.
Tom Steck
Tom Steck Hace un día
Yes, you should expose those companies who are influenced by the Chinese.
Francisca Piloto
Francisca Piloto Hace un día
Portuguese here, so proud we are being noticed through out the world for our drug policies. They are still not perfect, but we sure are close. Thanks for knowing that. Most people don't even know that Portugal is a country, they think we are a province of Spain. Love from Portugal 🇵🇹
Hendrik P.
Hendrik P. Hace 2 horas
Portugal is a shining example of what is possible if you show compassion and true care for the population lost to addiction. Amazing.
John Mac
John Mac Hace un día
Very bad form Joe! Instead of criticizing Ben Shapiro why not invite him to discuss face to face!
Flemming Werner Nielsen
Flemming Werner Nielsen Hace un día
Well that's wired 🧐 a compliment, about, demanding influence for your money on a global scale 🎭 witch the US oddly never did,right!😂 you're ain't getting any, tonight, My girl said, unless the house is clean and shiny ✨😇
Mitko Nikitov
Mitko Nikitov Hace un día
If this girl mention Saudi Arabia one more time... :)
W Jalal
W Jalal Hace un día
Lot of code speak going on here.
Skip Mooney
Skip Mooney Hace un día
Smart Girl
princhemc Hace un día
If the free world doesn’t change China. China will change the free world
Matt Blanes
Matt Blanes Hace un día
hey joe, no biggie Journey's lead is my homeboy. He's Arnel Pineda, filipino. hehehe. lowkey, melissa is hot
Plan B
Plan B Hace un día
Obviously too young and inexperienced to comprehend completely what is the talk about.
Lance Priestley
Lance Priestley Hace un día
In oz currency 2 20c and 1 10c piece = 28 grams has been useful over the years
kaiser sozay
kaiser sozay Hace un día
Alright, who thinks Chen wants tp choddle Rogans dode!?!?
mickey pang
mickey pang Hace un día
An uncle, stationing a chicken wing stand in the Bailister road dry markert struck a conversation with me, in 2012, and described how all the little birds choose to fly back to their pretty golden cages (in the surrounding hdb flats and condos)
Kevin Cai
Kevin Cai Hace un día
This is the women who brought a pedophilia into the US
Gtpk 35
Gtpk 35 Hace 20 horas
Kevin Cai No. Catholic church did that decades ago.
David Fitcher
David Fitcher Hace un día
8:05 Tiny4K
Yogesh XD
Yogesh XD Hace un día
Asa akira.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace un día
@1:14:≈ I knew he was trying to hit🤣. Soon as she said eating bull testicles are heroic, he like I ate bull testicles, they're not that bad...😂😂😂😂
David Rule
David Rule Hace un día
Love Singapore. Food, People.
rhymeswithteeth Hace un día
Joe should have Melissa Chen and Dr. Debra Soh on the same podcast.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace un día
I wanna Melissa Chen baby Mom.
M Hace un día
It gets me how foreigners think everyone needs to know about what and who they think is so intellectual that they go as far as to translate books to expose others to. Meanwhile the North American education system is behind and primitivd. Most couldn't name states and cities in their own County. But hey take your pseudo inferior ass and go enlighten others. Smh.
Peter Mathieson
Peter Mathieson Hace un día
Joe asked if anyone has a roadmap for how this China thing might play out? Nobody has a crystal ball, but there are people with excellent early warning radars: Roger Robertson (see his Hillsdale College address), Kyle Bass (see his numerous ESwomen interviews on China's many financial abuses ) and Robert Spalding (see his book Stealth War and numerous ESwomen interviews). The problem Melissa is talking about is given depth by these three insightful and well informed individuals.... and for a scathing comedic take on the same subject, see the ESwomen videos put out by Chris's Chappell under the banner China Uncensored. Hilarious (and, as you might expect, demonitized by ESwomen).
erush611 Hace un día
I could listen to her for hours
Magdiel De Leon
Magdiel De Leon Hace un día
I dunno if its withdraw but i definitely feel better physically when i geeeeeeet high
Magdiel De Leon
Magdiel De Leon Hace un día
In Mexico too, but they aint pigs
Peter Mathieson
Peter Mathieson Hace un día
How did Singapore do it? Rule of law. Neo-classical economics. Low taxation. Great education. Ruthless attack on corruption. Having travelled extensively in Southeast Asia, the latter is THE distinguishing factor between Singapore and its neighbours: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and so on.
Justin J
Justin J Hace un día
35:42 "There should be a list (of companies that appease Chinese censorship)" There is a list! It's right here and you can add to it:
Daniel Marino-Austin
Daniel Marino-Austin Hace un día
Ty for that. Thumbies!
Elie Samuel
Elie Samuel Hace 2 días
There is no free speech on ESwomen, all my comments get deleted when I disagree with Joe on half of his nonsensical views on sexuality or morality. I can't tell if it is Joe's channel or ESwomen deleting my comments, one thing is clear, the free exchange of ideas is dead. As a Christian I disagree with Joe on so much. If I ever get the opportunity to chat with you Joe I would love to offer you a perspective I have not heard in years of watching your interviews. Not even Jordan Peterson who I absolutely respect has painted a clear view of what the Bible clearly demonstrates.
Brian Monge
Brian Monge Hace 19 horas
Agree, but hes still fun to watch
Rebeca Orsi
Rebeca Orsi Hace 2 días
What a beautiful mind
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