Joe Rogan Experience #1323 - Andy Ngo

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Andy Ngo is a political journalist best known for covering street protests in Portland, Oregon. He has written columns in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and National Review, amongst others, and is an editor for Quillette.

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Josh Ringer
Josh Ringer Hace 4 horas
“You got a brain hemorrhage from a brutal beating?”
Sylvain Boucher
Sylvain Boucher Hace 18 horas
Antifa the new skinheads.
Justin S
Justin S Hace 15 horas
Skinheads still exist, and guess which way they politically lean?
teddylifer Hace un día
Antifa Antifa!!!!! Anti fascism
Justin S
Justin S Hace un día
All of Andy's lies in one place. This is why Rogan is a gateway to the alt-right:
Spoiled Milk
Spoiled Milk Hace un día
Why is this in "The Very Best of Tofu"
hoya03 Hace un día
This feels like a psyop to pull the Right in with weapons to make Trump look like an asshole. Then the gun grab begins absolutely. The people pushing this don't give a damn about the people in Antifa, feels like a much larger agenda here. The people running the show and supporting antifa are authoritarians. They are the ones using antifa to do the take down. So the real cowards are way off in the shadows running the main stream news and pushing this. Everyone is getting played in this psyop so if people want change we need to BAN propaganda and bust up the media corps from 5 Giants back to 50 organizations.
1 1
1 1 Hace un día
He shares misinformation knowingly, Goebbels 2
Jan Emily
Jan Emily Hace 2 días
BOOM Andy, WHO IS funding Antifa? People are connecting George Soros funded Open Society Foundations to Antifa. Soros is famous for destabilizing societies. There is something absolutely illegal and pure evil about what's going on. It DOES have to do with Trump, and that is, Trump is taking down the deep state, it's finally starting to come out in the mainstream with NXIVM and the Jeffrey Epstein WORLDWIDE child trafficking rings which most politicians and the elites are connected to. They HATE that Trump is bringing all of this to Light.
Shane B.
Shane B. Hace 2 días
This guy's full of shit. He's blatantly lying about what happened in Portland. Blaming Antifa for everything and there's video and photos proving him wrong. He blocks people who expose his lies
Justin S
Justin S Hace 2 días
Another Andy Ngo lie:
Rob F
Rob F Hace 2 días
He’s lucky the original plan didn’t work because he was supposed to get #splashed (When 10 or more people simultaneously throw milkshakes at someone). What ended up happening was after 20 milkshakes were purchased, the #fatpride contingent of our Antifa group couldn’t help themselves and sat out of the protest to ingest all of those milkshakes. Luckily my boy Christopher was able to get one of them away from our large counterparts to throw at Andy Ngo. We really gotta rethink our strategy.
Cordell Erskine
Cordell Erskine Hace 2 días
Donald O'Grady
Donald O'Grady Hace 2 días
This guy seems like he’s totally over exaggerating... like I support his rights and totally hate Antifa... but I just hate this guys fuckin face.
Miss Heathen
Miss Heathen Hace 3 días
Joe Rogan is a mainstream puppet posing as an outsider.
GREEK BUG Hace 3 días
Fucking lisr! Never had speech therapy and brain hemorrhage my ass. It’s the story he keeps pushing and getting better. He got hit and there was blood. They end.
FryManAuty Vlogs
FryManAuty Vlogs Hace 3 días
All his assault proved was the radicalism of the militant left
Justin S
Justin S Hace 2 días
Cygnus Floyd
Cygnus Floyd Hace 3 días
But Trump isn't afraid of anything. Least of all antifa lmfao.
klatau barad
klatau barad Hace 3 días
Antifa is such trash.
Trevor Fisher
Trevor Fisher Hace 3 días
Turns out he's a liar and shady as fuck. Today he reported ANTIFA attacked the proud boys with a hammer. They disarmed the Proud Boys. He has yet to retract. He acts like it's a complete mystery why they hate him, he's a right wing dirt digger, he has a clear agenda.
TonyRedunzo Hace 3 días
@1:04 JR says he is anti-fascist like most people. He's against antifa's strategies and "implementation " like most people. Problem is the neo-nazis are winning the war for public opinion. Maybe antifa is a group of misinformed, petulant brats whose stategies are alienating the very people who are also anti-fascist. But is antifa responsible for any mass murders? The nazis have blood on their hands in repeated terrorist attacks all over America. The nazis are far far worse than antifa. Andy Ngo is a useful idiot for the rightwing. He's the male Kellyanne Conway. The cowards who assaulted him should be prosecuted but Ngo's support for nazis should be repudiated on paper. Expose him as the doxxer he is.
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons Hace 4 días
Have him on again after he's grifted so hard to turn a hammer attack by nazis into an Antifa problem. Andy is just a sad failure who found a grift as a poor victim of "Antifa"
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons Hace 4 días
This guy is so deeply stupid when presented with an ounce of what politics are. Moron, but he's got his grift!
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons Hace 4 días
He's taken photos of sign up sheets with personal info. If that's not doxxing what is?
DRAKESSJ257 Hace 4 días
Why's this on the very best of tofu
Johnmark James
Johnmark James Hace 4 días
Joe "From getting hit in the head you got a brain hemorrhage?" Rogan
Darick Lapaglia
Darick Lapaglia Hace un día
By a drink.... Dude you're soft af and this guy is not reputable. He probably jizzed his pants when this happened because he got publicity
adolphus28 Hace 4 días
Definitely more violence happened
Joe Briggs Jr
Joe Briggs Jr Hace 4 días
Tofu chan sent me.
adolphus28 Hace 4 días
"Can you be Vietnamese and a white supremacist?" "Yes" LMAO
Justin S
Justin S Hace 15 horas
Diamond and Silk endorsed a neo-Nazi for congress. Candace Owens praised Hitler's nationalism. Heon "Hank" Jong Yoo is a neo-Confederate who was arrested on suspicion of making false statements while purchasing a firearm. Just because you're non-withe doesn't mean you can't share the same ideology as white supremacists. Andy Ngo falls into that category.
Justin S
Justin S Hace 4 días
Here's Andy lying. Again. Rogan really fucking sucks at screening his guests.
Scott P.
Scott P. Hace 4 días
Not only is Portland's mayor also the Police Commissioner, but he is also a champion exstreme unicycle competitor. And it's the recognition he gets from this is why he's unbeatable during any election. I can see him riding his unicycle all the way to Commander in Chief
jguitar29 Hace 4 días
Is there video before the milk shakes??? So we can get the full story
Betty White
Betty White Hace 4 días
Trump supporters are now also wearing masks to protect themselves from getting stuff thrown in their faces by antifa
Justin S
Justin S Hace 4 días
@Betty White No he meant a fascist ICE officer driving his truck through a group of Jews protesting concentration camps
Betty White
Betty White Hace 4 días
@Anna Grace L Did you mean ICE is getting fire bombed in their facilities for simply doing their jobs?
Anna Grace L
Anna Grace L Hace 4 días
While protestors are getting run over by trucks by ICE
Betty White
Betty White Hace 4 días
And still no arrests. Smh 🤦
Christopher Grutbo
Christopher Grutbo Hace 4 días
I love Joe because he gives a platform to all sorts of people on his podcast. But people like this need to be put in check on his show. Within the first five minutes Andy Ngo omits or lies about important information. For one, Antifa was not upset the Proud Boys were “waving flags”, they are a group of white nationalists that cause violence. TWO that “elderly driver attacked by Antifa” was a story Andy created and lied about. What really happened was a driver turned the wrong way down a one-way street and hit a protestor, and then the people started hitting the car and “directing traffic”. This man is a fraud.
Coast2Coast360 Hace 5 días
Is this Elon Musk in disguise
Coast2Coast360 Hace 5 días
Protest coming up tomorrow In Portland, Oregon, 8/17/2019. Let's see the outcome.
Launchpads !
Launchpads ! Hace 5 días
Haven't you heard? There going be a mass shooting
spheriscope Hace 5 días
It's not the legitimate government (of, for and by the people) that needs taken down. It's the corporate/fascist system that has taken over that needs to be dismantled. Everyone working for corporations is part of it even though we have been brainwashed to believe otherwise. That's what's missing in this conversation.
spheriscope Hace 5 días
Interesting. They use the term "state". We have become a fascist "state" so yeah, that needs to be dismantled. Maybe that is the line.
GuilleX7 Hace 6 días
The definition of Fascism is too broad to be used as an insult, but as you do, you try to discredit the opposition by calling them whatever historically smeared group/ideology that might remotely be in line with their ideas
Worm Hole
Worm Hole Hace 6 días
Antifa are the new Nazis. Period.
rbryant100 Hace 3 días
Jonathan McGhee Heard of the phrase, “two sides of the same coin?”
Jonathan McGhee
Jonathan McGhee Hace 5 días
How can they be the new Nazis, when there are still self-proclaimed Nazis out there?
BareCash Hace 7 días
46:15 Joe Rogan: Who’s the men’s rights guy? Andy Ngo: It’s actually a woman. Joe Rogan: A woman that’s a men’s rights person? Andy Ngo: Yes Joe Rogan: That’s hilarious, she must love dick. *Smacks table lightly* Right, if you had to guess? Andy Ngo: *very long pause* No comment. Fuckin’ hilarious!!!!
seasong Hace 7 días
Germany has this law too, that you can't wear masks at protests.
Betty White
Betty White Hace 4 días
Trump supporters are now also wearing masks to protect themselves from stuff getting thrown in their faces.
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy Hace 7 días
How is this guy surprised he got hit? Talk about utopian delusion. It's nice to sit back and talk about ground rules for masks and guns and neo nazis and racism and antifa.
feda mecan
feda mecan Hace 8 días
lol Andy is a joke
J Griffin
J Griffin Hace 8 días
there is no making sure that the "good" or "right" people are in positions of power. there is only making sure that the power of the position is limited.
Jesika N
Jesika N Hace 9 días
Next interview: so you got lung cancer from smoking 🤔: Joe Rogan
jd123 Hace 10 días
Fuck antifa but this guy does not sound like he knows what he's talking about. Anarchy? lol what a fucking retard we hasnt even read the book that he keeps quoting as the only thing he knows about their ideology.
Child of the Lie
Child of the Lie Hace 10 días
Child of the Lie
Child of the Lie Hace 10 días
Jeez you chuds are dumb. Andy Ngo did his best to provoke people, like a spoilt kid teasing a dog and then complaining when it gets bit. I don't support antifa, I don't even understand what they are, but you're being taken in by a pair of grifters.
holygoalie3 Hace 11 días
Lol Rogan not buying the brain hemorrhage lie. Good shit
NotoriousBAT Hace 11 días
great podcast
Windon West
Windon West Hace 12 días
Why is he calling them progressive? That gives them credit. Liar joe says "they where directing traffic" what a piece of crp. Antifa was purposely starting violence and they are protected by his comrades
Justin S
Justin S Hace 12 días
I cannot stress enough what a piece of shit Joe is for platforming this pisschugging fraud:
Solomon S
Solomon S Hace 12 días
Joe Rogan bringing another islamophobic extremist to his podcast. Fuck off Joe you’re a hypocrite.
Happy Mann
Happy Mann Hace 12 días
Damn, this dude sounds gay.
Happy Mann
Happy Mann Hace 12 días
dolphin dude
dolphin dude Hace 12 días
Antifa isn’t a threat if you believe it you’re an idiot andy ngo is charlatan and a right-wing propagandist.
fake Apple Store
fake Apple Store Hace 12 días
where did he get that accent from?
Dude Itsjeff
Dude Itsjeff Hace 13 días
Andy - I’m going to this thing Radicals - we will beat the shit out of you if you do Andy - oh I’m definitely going Radicals - beat the shit out of him Andy - I cant believe this could happen. 🤯
Justin S
Justin S Hace 13 días
Here's Andy's shitrag neo-fascist publication completely fabricating a person for a DSA smear:
silentmarcus Hace 13 días
" she must love dick ..." , " no comment" , " sorry I'm a comedian, couldn't help it ..." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Hace 13 días
OMG! Andy Ngo got punched! the left is out of control!!! Meanwhile: right winger mowing down people at walmart.
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Hace 12 días
@Lobe And Leftists want to make sure that "leftist" cant get an AR-15
Lobe Hace 13 días
So it’s fine they beat him and threatened his life? I don’t condone ANY violence in the name of politics and also almost all mass shooters have a history of mental health problems and are heavily medicated. Andddd the Ohio shooter was a leftist 👍
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Hace 13 días
@Lobe damn video games.
Lobe Hace 13 días
Kyle Jones classic whataboutery
Nick Balverde
Nick Balverde Hace 14 días
I use to talk about wanting to live in Oregon because of the rain weather but not anymore 🤦🏽‍♂️
Nick Balverde
Nick Balverde Hace 12 días
Solomon S no one asked you to comment pussy
Solomon S
Solomon S Hace 12 días
No one asked you
n king
n king Hace 14 días
disagree with antifa views and methods all you want...but lets not ignore the even worse violent extremism on the right. ANTIFA has never been responsible for a death. that is not a point for debate. the same cannot be said for casualties of white supremacy and far right ideology. this week alone there have been dozens of casualties from militant racist right wing nut jobs. joe needs to be more responsible with the guests he brings on his platform. consistently giving idiots like andy ngo, milo, alex jones, crowder, ect a platform to spew their hateful nonsense is a dangerous game to play with the amount of influence he has over his listeners. the episode with dr. cornel west was the best episode ever, by a mile.
TSS TS Hace 12 días
Which is exactly why Antifa is dangerous. Any expert, or person with some level of education understands that Antifa is a great recruiting tool for the far right. The problem with your comment, and most rhetoric used by people today is that you are putting a collective identity on something, and making it a "us vs them" concept. This feeds into what the far-right, and white nationalists have been selling for decades about national identity, and vilification of whites. The shootings this week is exactly what makes Antifa dangerous, yes a bunch of scrawny masked college kid with bike locks, but they will encourage psychotic militant radical conservatives to feel vindicated in retaliating, and when they do it's bloody. We do not solve this problem through escalation, or even defending Antifa as you are, yes in a way you are defending them by saying "Yeah they are bad, but ol whitey is far worse" - That's a red herring, and doesn't help with anything.
ian epps
ian epps Hace 14 días
He works on hate crime hoaxes and only reports on Antifa? Hmm!
fake Apple Store
fake Apple Store Hace 9 días
Lobe indeed.
Lobe Hace 11 días
g b you have great debates! This is why antifa will always be a joke, no sources, no evidence at all just “he’s a nazi let’s hit him!” I could spend 20 minutes linking a few of your movements together but it’s Saturday and I’m off to enjoy capitalism’s many perks. Call me what you want, go get an argument that sounds like you’re above the age of 11 and hit me back :)
g b
g b Hace 11 días
@Lobe lmao nah it's exactly true. Would you feel better if I just said you're delusional
Lobe Hace 11 días
g b you well that’s not exactly true is it? You operate in splinter groups but overall it’s one organisation. Oh now you’re trying to discredit my argument by saying I have a mental illness... what a pillar of society you must be.
g b
g b Hace 11 días
@Lobe well considering antifa is an ideology and not an organization of any sort, you're schizophrenic
P John
P John Hace 14 días
I watch Joe to try to escape daily politics. Oh well to bad
XanderBlade Hace 14 días
Come on Joe, at the end it sounds like were making excuses for antifa... A professor that wrote a book about them wasnt aware of their crimes, "journalists" supporting them becouse they are against fasicm... Give me a break! If they didnt saw full picture they were incompetent at nest. Now I know why there are so many thumbs down, at the beginning i thought it was antifa supporters.
Simon Hace 14 días
They keep complaining about how the left is violent and starts all of this, but then Rogan asks when the next Antifa event is happening and Ngo says "the Proud Boys are infiltrating Portland on the 17th". There aren't Antifa events, they are just counter protesters. It's just a smear acting like they're terrorizing people. They're just a response to the hateful far right. Antifa only responses, they never initiate. Funny how much people get spooked by them.
Famke Freckles
Famke Freckles Hace 15 días
Christ Joe, let the man talk
M Vega
M Vega Hace 15 días
Why do antifa pussies hide behind masks? Grow some balls and argue your point without violence. If you’re so passionate about what you believe in, say what’s on your mind. Don’t throw milkshakes and pepper spray someones face because they disagree with you. One day and I hope it’s soon, you’re going to do it to the wrong person and you’re going to get knocked the fuck out.
Jason Cutugno
Jason Cutugno Hace 15 días
This is why you can't just put your hands up. They don't care that you go somewhere peacefully, if they cross that line. If they offer violence and use it against you then protect yourself, make them wish they chose someone else.
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