Joe Rogan Experience #1216 - Sir Roger Penrose

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Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS is an English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher of science. He is Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics in the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.

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Gurry l.
Gurry l. Hace 57 minutos
Ну так понятно
Miguel Reyesvilla
Miguel Reyesvilla Hace un día
Joe should invite Stephen Wolfram and speak about his latest theory.
Yasir Anzar
Yasir Anzar Hace un día
I love comment sections of JRE videos. So entertaining and funny as hell.
Subham Choudhury
Subham Choudhury Hace un día
Bring Chomsky !
Mike Hace un día
Curious what Sir Penrose thinks about the recent discovery that white dwarfs greater 1.5 solar masses appear to be responsible for producing Carbon aka life. Also that the center of our solar system could be somewhere on the surface of the soon due to the gravitational pull the planets have on the sun.
Mikubot Hace 2 días
30:05 anyone know this story
Nel Lu
Nel Lu Hace 3 días
Why Joe neber asked about weed influence on wich part pf brain
Marco Hace 3 días
Wonderful guest omg
Axel Andru
Axel Andru Hace 3 días
16:00 When you have a brainfreeze like those cats they eat icecream :)
Chad Baptiste
Chad Baptiste Hace 3 días
Joe "Watch Out for Woo" Rogan
István Czap
István Czap Hace 3 días
So this anaesthetist found the real midi-chlorians ?
Facepalm Jesus
Facepalm Jesus Hace 6 días
3:27 Rogan.exe has crashed
Alan Wright
Alan Wright Hace 7 días
28:25 Joe- 'How much have you studied Octopi?'
Nick Clutterbuck
Nick Clutterbuck Hace 7 días
He looks exactly like the image you see in your head while listening to him talk
Bryan Hawk
Bryan Hawk Hace 8 días
thank you Roger Penrose!!
Alyssa Ramey
Alyssa Ramey Hace 8 días
I really love how open minded Penrose is to complex ideas that may not be adopted by the many. He isn’t trying to hard to fit in. He is just a curious guy exploring all ideas and not making anyone else feel dumb for the ideas they have as well.
Alyssa Ramey
Alyssa Ramey Hace 8 días
I’m so glad you had him on! You should have joe dispenza on who is a neuroscientist and chiropractor who is very interested in consciousness and has his own theories.
Kenny H
Kenny H Hace 9 días
I like listening to people like this it makes me ask stupid questions "if the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? If there was nothing in the first place"
Paul Byrnes RMT
Paul Byrnes RMT Hace 9 días
It's size....well.....that's an intriguing question. Go Joe!
KP Hace 10 días
Mr Stefan
Mr Stefan Hace 10 días
1:05:53 when you're such an important figure that Joe doesn't tell you to move the mic, young Jamie gets up to do it! The respect. I'm not crying!
lamedude 333
lamedude 333 Hace 10 días
How is it that we can learn the same things from black holes and electrons
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor Hace 10 días
Joe "I've read a lot of your work but I really haven't" Rogan
Nikolaos Hace 11 días
easily among my favorite jre podcast
blinkmusic88 Hace 11 días
Imagine sir Roger Penrose on hot ones lol
Steve W
Steve W Hace 11 días
Pro Rogan comments = Top comments
Neil Sorge
Neil Sorge Hace 12 días
Rex allen
Rex allen Hace 12 días
9:00 shrotengers cat
Indian Town
Indian Town Hace 12 días
Jesus Christ!!! I think this guy is already dead!! Interesting subject, but lethargic presentation.
peter miller
peter miller Hace 13 días
you ..wimp or macho. ...both of you creeps have not said,. m o n d fun stuff.
TreMDTV215 Hace 13 días
What about the reticular formation?
DrGonzo Hace 15 días
Didn’t castenada talk about tubes etc in the brain in his later books when he had totally lost his mind???
Surya Valiveti
Surya Valiveti Hace 15 días
Wow! Penrose is a saint
Officer Murphy
Officer Murphy Hace 16 días
If scientists could learn to get to the point when they talk we could have colonies on alpha centauri by now.
DarkeningSkies1 Hace 16 días
I was going to say I hope my mind functions this well when I am 88, but of course it functions nowhere near this well at 43. What a remarkable individual.
Alan Currie
Alan Currie Hace 17 días
He defo should have been cast as the scientist in The Day the Earth Stood Still
Xfjeej Blyd
Xfjeej Blyd Hace 18 días
I am a being of light from the dark galaxy
John Knee
John Knee Hace 18 días
I loved the way you called your friends poles. No meanness x
Neji Suyama
Neji Suyama Hace 19 días
We will collide with the Andromeda Galaxy in roughly 4 billion years.
Clint Dow
Clint Dow Hace 19 días
It’s interesting to me that he mentions the “fir cone” or pine cone like structure of these microtubials. This shape keeps coming up in various ways when studying consciousness.
Christoph Mahler
Christoph Mahler Hace 20 días
_Skepticism_ was the result of discovering a 'world of titans'. (Alexander standing on peaks of the Hindu Kush, trying to reconcile what he learned in school with what he actually experiences)
Christoph Mahler
Christoph Mahler Hace 20 días
*Reality only became 'computable' by **_reducing_** it to a **_mechanism_* . All ailments of modern civilization derive from picturing man as an _automaton_ , programmable and interchangeable like 'cogs in a clockwork'. No wonder that progress is turning human life steadily into 'hell on earth' (including nuclear chain reactions on the planet's surface as in Nagasaki and Hiroshima)...
RC AHOLIC Hace 20 días
Great interview. No politics!
Rich TheGreat
Rich TheGreat Hace 19 días
Feel the same way.
Fantastic Films
Fantastic Films Hace 20 días
I can totally see how this relates to wolves and DMT thanks to Rogan
Canardia Hace 20 días
Maybe the advanced civilization has become light beings, which we see as photons.
Sky Waterer
Sky Waterer Hace 21 un día
I lost my mind when I realised it was Sir Rodger Penrose. Suffice to to say this is the most impressive guest Joe has had on this show. Ever.
Shaun Markey
Shaun Markey Hace 21 un día
Load ot bollox🤣🤣
Alfred phillips
Alfred phillips Hace 22 días
I believe it's impossible for a MATERIALIST such as Roger Penrose to address the subject of human consciousness which is of the SPIRIT world. Fact is human consciousness is not a construct of the physical universe----its not even IN the universe!! Therefore, according to Schrodinger's equations, if God hadn't been looking at the universe it could not exist. The double split experiment proves the same thing for we humans. Bottom line: were it not for the spirit, whether human or Divine, there simply would not be any universe at all!!
Damian Martin
Damian Martin Hace 22 días
The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. Bertrand Russell
Callum Shearer
Callum Shearer Hace 22 días
What an absolute delight of a man. My favourite episode by far.
leaderofthesociety Hace 23 días
So hard to watch drunk,
ShirT LesS
ShirT LesS Hace 24 días
4th time stupid brain is still confused AF!!! Dont blame me, blame my brain.
Rich TheGreat
Rich TheGreat Hace 19 días
You are not alone lol.
Ricardo Granja
Ash Pragasam
Ash Pragasam Hace 27 días
Penrose: I don't know. I shouldn't make a statement when I don't really know. Rogan: ...
SunDown Hace 27 días
This was one of the most captivating episodes, for me. I could listen to Penrose for hours. There's something beautiful and calming about his voice, tone and language...
Amy Xoxo
Amy Xoxo Hace 28 días
People below mocking Joe's IQ--lets see you do better. Hating on his success, taking shots at his looks, pretending to be clever behind a keyboard or phone. Such stupidity and envy. Joe keep up the good work. 🏆🏋
Rich TheGreat
Rich TheGreat Hace 19 días
Yea, I thought Joe did good and gave him plenty of time to explain his theories.
Wm Beau Phillips
Wm Beau Phillips Hace 28 días
The Scientific Paradigm is flawed but it's so great to see Penrose willing to think out of the box a bit and not fall goosestep with so many are definitely barking up the wrong tree...Even if he also has a ways to go toward understanding the actual nature of quantum as being deterministic rather than nondeterministic. He's going where his intellect is leading him rather than just parroting the "Norm" of the Mainstream.
Jake LaBete
Jake LaBete Hace 29 días
I hope you realize how big a deal this interview actually is. Sir Roger Penrose is one of the greats. It's like sitting down with Einstein, or Newton. I love that Joe just sat there and let him talk.
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee Hace 6 horas
Well done for Joe just letting him talk. That's how it should be with leading intellectuals of our time. He can teach us all so much. Time to shut up and listen.
Naveen Sundar
Naveen Sundar Hace 6 días
not much of a stretch though
Darlan Hace 6 días
Not to downplay the man but comparing to Einstein or Newton is a stretch.
Enrique Nunez
Enrique Nunez Hace 10 días
@A1 Tha_Sev actually we meat heads love this shit. The mind is also a muscle. Need the mind gainz too bruh.
Jake LaBete
Jake LaBete Hace 12 días
@A1 Tha_Sev - 36 K to 1.3 K - if this were an election (which it sort of is) I'd call it a landslide (96 to 4).
mr zed
mr zed Hace 29 días
All geniuses are a gift to the world. People like this make life worth living.
Antonie Davidson
Antonie Davidson Hace un mes
Artesian Music
Artesian Music Hace un mes
North Pole
North Pole Hace un mes
Why does consciousness ask what is consciousness....the answer my friends is blowing in the wind.
Jaydan Smith
Jaydan Smith Hace un mes
This may get over looked , but my belief on consciousness (by definition) but into my words etc. , is a organism that has achieved full evolution until this time . (or this mulanium/ decade whatever ) and if you put that into any smart conciseness being it kind of makes sense 🤷‍♂️
Steven melia
Steven melia Hace un mes
Please get michio kaku on your show!!!!!!
Steven melia
Steven melia Hace un mes
Please get michio kaku on your show!!
Will Jones
Will Jones Hace un mes
I like joe’s attentiveness hope he is following it all.
ShiftyGeeza Hace un mes
Respect to JR. Superb, well conducted and respectful interview with someone who could make even a moron like me understand concepts that are otherwise way beyond my comprehension.
La Nausée
La Nausée Hace un mes
I agree with Sir Penrose about consciousness in animals. I believe it is utterly arrogant and presumptuous of us to assume they aren't conscious in some sense. That we do not understand the extent does not imply there is no extent to understand.
CartmanbraahNd6 Hace un mes
Forest galante and that pod cast as a whole had got to be my favourite guest and episode 👌
TheMantisimo Hace un mes
This guy shut down my consciousness
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