Joe Rogan | Chappelle's New Special Had 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

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Taken from JRE #1346 w/Zuby:

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Johann Ertz
Johann Ertz Hace 10 horas
Rotten Tomatoes tried to take down Dave Chappelle. Instead, they took themselves down.
Stephen James the 28th
Stephen James the 28th Hace 3 días
Love Dave Chapelle’s work (especially his previous work(only his previous work) until this. I’ll be honest Joe, I’m heavily influenced by your speak and I do recall very recently you saying his most recent standup was a dive. I didn’t fully check it out (looks like I saved myself all kinds of minutes) because I just watched a snippet of the ‘racism’ thing. I was blown away at how poor in quality it was, especially given the bar he has set himself with his previous amazing work (to which has made us all lovers of his material). I found this, I ask a question (haven’t done the research): does he choose a location where there is deprevation regarding racism for example. I found myself thinking the crowd were bursting out in fits of tears yet I wasn’t. I get you pay a decent price for a ticket so enjoy as much as possible, to maximise your purchase. But man common, this in comparison to his other shows, in my opinion (call it naieve being an English white guy living in a very non-non-non racially scared place) trash. I love the guys work. I expected a whole lot better, I may have to watch the whole shabooom rather than judge after a brief clip but nah I can tell. Man must up his game. Bless him; maybe the dark times have got to his creativity. Keep up the great work Joe 👌💙
Payback Gaming
Payback Gaming Hace 3 días
Never forget the loud minority doesn't represent the silent majority! Let those 5 wannabe critics bark for attention! The silent majority loves chapelle and know how important he is for comedy!
Zain Ashiq
Zain Ashiq Hace 4 días
Rogan u gotta get Dave on if he’s up for it
Thorndon Hace 5 días
Hollywood hates Chapelle because he walked away from their $50 million. They wanted another black caricature who they could control and he said no to that and their money. Since then the've been denigrating him. They says he flipped out at one of his comedy events. They say he's checked himself into a mental facility in South Africa. They say his comedy is homophobic, racist etc. They say he's comedy is failing and he's lost his touch... Yet Chapelle keeps winning and they hate that.
richard crago
richard crago Hace 5 días
even the New York Times and Washington Post are full of bullshit, Joe ... it's so sad what's happened to corporate media
Cheez Hace 7 días
Usually when I see obvious clickbait I avoid the video almost to a sense of boycotting because it's usually untruthful or stuffed with filler shit. imo.
Jake Garcia_0z
Jake Garcia_0z Hace 8 días
HollyTree Hace 8 días
While 32% on rotten tomatoes is a little too extreme, ultimately this was not Dave’s best work. Mostly lazy jokes and half hearted delivery. Bill Burr talked about similar stuff and he did a great job - got a 87% on rotten tomatoes. Most critics don’t shit on something just because they don’t agree with it, they’re gauging a lot of factors.
Stephen Croteau
Stephen Croteau Hace 11 días
There should be a news network with half left wing journalists and half right wing journalists (not far right or far left, as balanced and reasonable as possible). They definitely need to be as unbiased in their reporting as possible but that doesn't matter as much because my idea is to send two reporters, one from each side, and send them both to cover the same story getting as many different opinions as possible and then sitting down with each other and discussing, not what they think, but what the story is and the different opinions that each side has in the debate. The best way to properly inform someone is to give them all the important information (not your opinions) and let them work it out for themselves. Inform them of where a bias may be and they will adjust their outcomes accordingly. I say people are stupid, but we're just mostly stupid, there are still intelligent people in the world and they need to be properly informed to, in turn, inform the stupid among them.
Ed Kendrick
Ed Kendrick Hace 11 días
Michael McNeill
Michael McNeill Hace 11 días
The Washington Post & The New York Times are reliable sources?
Kerry Boytzun
Kerry Boytzun Hace 11 días
Joe wants to find someone with an accurate analysis of the human condition. Michael Tsarion delves into the psychology and philosophy of the people behind the curtain so to speak, from present day to ancient history.
zendogbreath Hace 11 días
Joe Rogan, please put Del Bigtree on with Peter Hotez.
ETX Sports
ETX Sports Hace 12 días
J G Hace 12 días
Joe you are the guy.
Nico DeGregorio
Nico DeGregorio Hace 12 días
A Liberal and a Conservative Debate Sticks and Stones:
Janiter Inadrum
Janiter Inadrum Hace 12 días
Janiter Inadrum
Janiter Inadrum Hace 12 días
Did that guy just say that he thought CNN was unbiased
10theJGM Hace 13 días
Well there goes Rotten Tomatoes’ longer using them to judge movies in the future
Leila Békélé
Leila Békélé Hace 13 días
The blue ticks media is pissed the general public is not buying on their anti-MJ propaganda . Chappelle got a 0% from the media because of his MJ stance .
SHWwoooosshh Hace 13 días
Chapelle would probably invest in your news idea
Roger Edgerton
Roger Edgerton Hace 14 días
It wasn't a particularly good special, imo, and I've loved Chappelle's work for decades.
Drain The Swamp
Drain The Swamp Hace 14 días
It is because be told some truth. He was not politically correct like they want. They try to control your speech. If you don’t believe and like what they want you to say they try to end you. It’s called a Dictatorship!!!
Low Budget Series
Low Budget Series Hace 14 días
I can't wait for Dave to comment on this on his next special!!
Matty Ward
Matty Ward Hace 14 días
Fuck I swear if this stops Dave wanting to do another stand up ...I think we all just beat up these progressive dickheads with no sense of humour ..they all want us to be sad and dramatic and victimised these days .. I always respect and admire people that have hardships but just laugh it off and are awesome fun people , people that sit around asking for special treatment , yelling and being sad .. don't make me wanna be round em
Tony Richengod
Tony Richengod Hace 15 días
Rotten Tomatoes is wack anyway. Nobody that's got any intelligence listens to them anyways. They just mad because Dave said....that word....what was it?...Oh yeah. FAGGOT!!
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Hace 16 días
No, to quote my friend Kyle, it's not activism, it's Wacktivism
Marvin Light
Marvin Light Hace 16 días
Rotten tomatoes in uk sky news -bbc - guardian news paper channel 4 cnn all irrelevant just crazy leftist bias don’t ever listen to them
The Undead Mage
The Undead Mage Hace 16 días
Check our the BNN over at rangerup, its a relatively good source
Darkstar 303
Darkstar 303 Hace 16 días
Get Chapelle on
The Guy
The Guy Hace 16 días
Oh yeah because they can't cancel Dave Chapell! 😆 NO! They could cancel ANYONE they want and get away with it. Its not politically incorrect for blacks to say politically incorrect things. Political correctness generally only applies to Whites and more so for White men. There are exceptions(not the kinds black conservatives would think), but thats because different things are politically incorrect for different people. What's politically incorrect for Whites to say isn't necessarily the same as whats politically incorrect for blacks to say. Maybe early in the game it was a little different, but the game changes...and changes much faster than the general public can keep up with. Pay more attention to what platform they are on rather than what the person is saying. If they seem based its because they are controlled opposition. But, if you even had Netflix account to begin with than its not like you'd understand 😆
J D Hace 16 días
CNN? Haha a shit show and waste of time.
tasman_devil Hace 16 días
Well done and eloquently put. The problem is also that you actually have to pay for real media, real opinions. And after that you have to invest time and effort into it. Free media in this respect is killing it: short titles, prepared narratives, spoon feeding.
Tommy Hammernots
Tommy Hammernots Hace 17 días
It wasn’t his best.
da don
da don Hace 17 días
I didn't find it funny within minutes he was telling pedo jokes and it sounded like he was justifying it.. me and my mate make rape jokes all the time but we turned it off after 15-20 minutes
Hisham Banafa
Hisham Banafa Hace 17 días
Wow. Progressives are dumb.
Agentxphile Hace 17 días
I wish we could know who those 5 wokeshits were. Just to see if it matches my imagination of them lolol. They don't even have the guts to come out and say why they gave it a 0%.
Sunny Thymes
Sunny Thymes Hace 17 días
deva tvtube
deva tvtube Hace 17 días
Fuk rotten tomatoes
Wildhare on The Gulf of Mexico
Wildhare on The Gulf of Mexico Hace 17 días
Sensibilities....gone in this time.
Wild Man
Wild Man Hace 18 días
Get Lee Stranahan on.
Spartan Hace 18 días
Black males are the white males of the blacks
J Merk
J Merk Hace 18 días
Nice clip!
justin miller
justin miller Hace 18 días
This is why i don't use rotten tomatoes for a nonbias truth. It's liberal and should be destroyed.
Ramiro Gandolfo
Ramiro Gandolfo Hace 18 días
"For whatever reaaaasoooon..." A cmon Joe, you know the reason.
poodtang2 Hace 18 días
CNN ( Clinton News Network ) The most trusted name in bullshit.
Bobby Hood
Bobby Hood Hace 19 días
The leftists liberal agenda doesn't understand that no one cares what they like or think their arrogance is a insult to the American people, if you disagree with them all they do is call you names!
Carla Koala
Carla Koala Hace 19 días
I found it hilaruous
Drew .Watkins
Drew .Watkins Hace 20 días
Rotten Tomatoes critics simply review media based on the political/social agenda displayed. Not entertainment value. For a lot of people, the entertainment value plays a huge role, which is why there is a huge discrepancy between the critics and public.
TwoPercentEmpire Hace 20 días
Dan Customer
Dan Customer Hace 20 días
Rotten tomatoes is run by an ex Disney president same with Fandango it's no longer a reliable source for movies or TV !
RamsesReturns Hace 20 días
“I subscribe to the Washington Post and New York Times because they have valuable contributions?” What, in the arts? Valuable to who? Seeking truth is a personal journey, and it’s getting harder, as ESwomen, google etc are eliminating the small independent sources front searches... but you still have to search on your own.
Caybin Hace 21 un día
Unrelated to their conversation, but the bottom of Zuby's necklace aligns perfectly with the top of the logo on his shirt.
John Hill
John Hill Hace 21 un día
Very biased critics!
PrinceAnarchy Hace 22 días
The only place I know where to get unbiased views and opinions is JRE.
Kronos Films
Kronos Films Hace 22 días
joe rogan's headphones tho..
Mariusz Klimek
Mariusz Klimek Hace 22 días
Kiah Murphy
Kiah Murphy Hace 23 días
As soon as you said they gave him zero I immediately went to vote and gave it 100. This was one of his best ever. Hilarious from beginning to end. The nerve of those fuckers.
Dat matt mat
Dat matt mat Hace 23 días
Chappelle on JRE would blow up the internet. Biggest podcast ever? Yes/no?
wheelmanstan Hace 23 días
freddy got fingered deserves a 99% as well, just sayin', critics got that wrong, the blair witch project as well, audience got that wrong, fkn masterpiece
End User Games
End User Games Hace 23 días
what if all those low ratings were just so you actually watch it
Raymond Lee
Raymond Lee Hace 23 días
Iam putting this msg up ova the Bob laza interview you recently posted... I'm Joe listen special ops guys drop there optics an it rolls to bobs foot??? Wow comon Joe don't get takin in with bullshit an be honest that you have studied the Billy meier case otherwise you wouldn't take interest Iam genuinely going to choke you out if you don't find the balls to invite Micheal horn on to your show I will fuck you up joe rogan an man the fuck up ya little bitch!!!
V13R4L Hace 23 días
that shit was hilarious
marlon perez
marlon perez Hace 23 días
Can we just say its CNN
poodtang2 Hace 24 días
Modern media is about selling a product to attract customers. They have to be as over the top controversial to keep people watching. Many my age age and younger get their news from the Internet. I'm 46 and hardly ever watch t.v anymore, and definitely not the news.
Jerrystolk Hace 24 días
The entire problem with authorities being unreliable is the fact that people look for authorities to tell them what to believe in the first place. The internet is good for more than just Instagram and learn how to fucking check sources and do a little more than 5 min of research. And let CNN, Fox news all the news papers and TV programming in general just die off. they always were useless unreliable cunts to begin.
Nazyair sengikar
Nazyair sengikar Hace 24 días
NYT is fake and so is WaPo they use facts and lie about it.
Nazyair sengikar
Nazyair sengikar Hace 24 días
Tim pools subversive ESwomen is the best for just straight news.
Angelo Santiago
Angelo Santiago Hace 24 días
Is scary to think that what you find in Google is based in someone's biased perspective..specially when is about history!!
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