Joe Rogan | Chappelle's New Special Had 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

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Taken from JRE #1346 w/Zuby:

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James Welty
James Welty Hace 5 horas
Chappelle is one of the very few real artists left at his stage of his career, which is the part when he gets to say "Don't call it a comeback, I've never left." His new special is platinum level amazing, and it struck several different chords. I love Dave's work because he forces me to really listen and think about things differently.
The only set of ppp have a problem with the comedy special are gay people and very sensitive ppl
No_onecares Bout_me
No_onecares Bout_me Hace un día
Don’t listen to critics period
K2 World
K2 World Hace un día
Dave is the man lol
Frisky Cookie
Frisky Cookie Hace un día
Did he just say Washington Post has valuable content? LOL
D-Day Fitness
D-Day Fitness Hace un día
I was really disappointed with his first 2 NetFlix specials. I thought his “funny” expired, but the 3rd is a MF CLASSIC! 🙌 Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years!
Jon Pearcy
Jon Pearcy Hace 2 días
Nice green shirt for his new home at Spotify
Johnny Five
Johnny Five Hace 2 días
PBS is objective but people will find it boring. We need to regulate news channels like we used to and add some regulation to the internet...opinonated news should have its own channel at night
Никита Отдельнов
Никита Отдельнов Hace 3 días
I watched it, laughed and forgot. Then I saw the news about Rotten Tomatoes - and I watched it again and told people about it
Kid Savvy
Kid Savvy Hace 3 días
Rotten tomatoes isn’t even credible anymore.
General PoonSpoon
General PoonSpoon Hace 3 días
I actually before going on this podcast watched joe rogans two specials on Netflix and right after wards watched Dave Chappelle's sticks and stones. Huh
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald Hace 5 días
well your the only guy doing it Joe lol
Richard Butchko
Richard Butchko Hace 5 días
Rogan created podcasting? False!
danwarb1 Hace 5 días
It was pretty weak.
Jason Lowther
Jason Lowther Hace 5 días
Rotten tomatoes is racist af 🤣
Justin Kennedy
Justin Kennedy Hace 5 días
The most white sounding black dude ever
chilliecheesecake Hace 5 días
All because of his trans jokes l bet lmao
Daniel Braaten
Daniel Braaten Hace 6 días
Dave’s comedy, delivery and writing was lazy and purposefully controversial while showing his ignorance. The reason people enjoyed it was because they’re against the small minority of people that are crazy liberals. It’s quantitatively not great comedy tho. I’m a progressive myself and it just wasn’t good. He was basically shooting fish in a barrel with no clever approach
Daniel Braaten
Daniel Braaten Hace 6 días
The Netflix special was not good though.
Kinky Kiwi
Kinky Kiwi Hace 6 días
Cancel culture is modern day lynching tell me i’m wrong
Emerald Eimear
Emerald Eimear Hace 6 días
I remember years ago Tomi Lahuren was a guest on the Daily Show. Tomi and Trevor had a grown up, calm, Intresting conversation of both sides. I respected Trevor having her on his show and respected Tomi for going on a shoe that means different to her. I hope we can get to a place where both sides can have a respectful discussion.
William Charboneau
William Charboneau Hace 6 días
It was one of the funniest specials since George Carlin or Richard Pryor.
Richard Hale
Richard Hale Hace 7 días
Dave Chapelle is not funny anymore
Jimmy O’Keefe
Jimmy O’Keefe Hace 7 días
Joe, I felt like you talked forever. I might just be too high I dunno.
Gale Daniel
Gale Daniel Hace 7 días
Guess what Joe. These people doing this crap are Bernie supporters as well as others. You're a Bernie supporter. You're part of the problem. And guess what else. Bernie and his supporters hate guns. You support a guy that wants to take your guns away. And let's not forget about all that money you have. Bernie supporters want your money to pay for their libtard education. You make no sense Joe. You need to denounce Bernie and every other libtard.
Kyle Kondit
Kyle Kondit Hace 7 días
Rotten tomatoes isnt not secretive about how they open reviews to critics before the public and no it isn't to suppress someone
Allan A. Chornak
Allan A. Chornak Hace 7 días
Well I mean unbiased and factual news doesnt mean itll be in the middle. American centrism is right wing because the political pull in America is so far right. If you posted the unbiased, factual truth, people on the right would REEEE about it because they'd think it's communist propaganda because it's left of center
Call Me Quackers
Call Me Quackers Hace 7 días
I didn't even know rotten tomatoes did that at all honestly I just watched the cause of his last special beforehand was good his new one was gonna be good too cause of course he's the legendary Dave chappelle
Samia Hace 7 días
I actually just went back and watched it last night because it's a such a great comedy special. Hilarious, the LGBTQ+ in a car anecdote and the Juicy smoyay bits crack me up EVERYTIME.
Tiger Unlimited
Tiger Unlimited Hace 7 días
Dude that special was badass
Mars Tamars
Mars Tamars Hace 7 días
Meanwhile he cites three of the most shady sources lol I agree with everything their saying but he could have chosen some more credible agencies
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Hace 7 días
Get Chris Chan on here Joe. We need to discuss Bundychu
ToruT65 Hace 8 días
Aba and preach are pretty good at that
Elliott Swaby
Elliott Swaby Hace 8 días
Journalists are actors that didn't make the cut. So they spend the rest of their lives talking shit about people who did make it. Jealous bitches crying because mommy lied to them and told them they were special
Alfredo Alcantar
Alfredo Alcantar Hace 8 días
😳 that’s really good just like the young turd I mean Turk nah 💩
Elle Kay
Elle Kay Hace 9 días
Haha! Dave Chappelle ALWAYS WINS! Even when it appears he doesn't DAVE CHAPPELLE totally brings it!!! Face it, 99.98% of us LOVE Dave Chappelle, the other miniscule are miserable people. LOVE Dave Chappelle!!!
El Taino
El Taino Hace 9 días
The term progressive has been high jacked. Not only by the looney left. But also moderate centrist neo liberals. Those 5 critics are not progressives. All this terminology means nothing. All these labels mean nothing. Dave Chappelle is THE GOAT.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Hace 9 días
I subscribed to this dude...thank Joe 😁
YQu're being TrQlled
YQu're being TrQlled Hace 9 días
What you describe is done by design Joe. The "NWO" is very real and it is their agenda. Also, PLEASE don't talk about WaPo or NYT being credible because it's not free... Those outlets have direct and available information ties to intelligence operations(read: brainwashing). Same with ALL other corporate media. It's all owned by the same group of people.
Purple Edge
Purple Edge Hace 9 días
2:46 hehehe ( ^.^)
Amitabh Mishra
Amitabh Mishra Hace 9 días
Fuck rotten tomatoes We need offensive comedy
Geoffrey Boyle
Geoffrey Boyle Hace 9 días
Isn't Washington Post and New York Times very left biased and not open minded
Nourah Hace 9 días
I never cared for Rotten tomatoes, they give good reviews for shitty movies. You can’t trust them
Special Agent Bill Maxwell
Special Agent Bill Maxwell Hace 9 días
Almost a year later, still only 35% by critics. (99% audience)
Doctor Duct tape
Doctor Duct tape Hace 10 días
Washington Post? 😂😂
Bosco26726 Hace 10 días
in a time where entertainers are afraid to bring up controversial topics even though they have potential to be the funniest bits in years out of fear of being struck by the cancel clown mob...Dave Chappelle stood up and said "dont worry people, i got this shit"
J P Hace 10 días
Dave is the mathafkn man
Dakingltroy Productofdade
Dakingltroy Productofdade Hace 10 días
Go to the ppl fck them critical bitches Dave is Gold new goat 🐐 or stand up
Christov Hace 10 días
I had the same reasons for watching the show - as soon as they all said that I shouldn't I watched it that night. It was absolutely hilarious and the critics need their head read.
Abe Reagan
Abe Reagan Hace 11 días
I knew rotten tomatoes was shit when they gave passion of the christ a 35% and broke back mountain 98%
Goodfella214 92
Goodfella214 92 Hace 11 días
Liberal agenda to silence anyone who does not agree with them.
Kyubbi Nine-tails
Kyubbi Nine-tails Hace 11 días
Nardwuar does his research, extensively.
Julian Pena
Julian Pena Hace 11 días
Fair enough
Turk Hace 11 días
it is no longer journalism, it is activism.
chili24137 Hace 12 días
That's why there's a critic score and an audience score, critics are much more after telling a story, and how things tie together, and even though it's a comedy special trying to run you through the emotions a bit more, just like a good comedy movie. That's why Aziz's special "Right Now" was so much more loved by critics than Dave's. Aziz made you "feel it" a little more.
Mathew Paul
Mathew Paul Hace 12 días and youtube ARE Skynet, what happens to skynet in the end, they get destroyed...
kale Hace 12 días
Everyone has an agenda they push... Even Joe. Unbiased is not human nature. For profit news has its own corrupting forces, same with public. Historians try factor Bias in when researching, but are also biased themselves. Media managers tends to have a right wing conservative bias and pressure, but the youth within the ranks tend to be progressive.
Luke Wood
Luke Wood Hace 12 días
Streisand effect. They tried to shut him down so much that some people went "why so rough on him? Something's off..." And watched him. Now people just go "man, shut your dumbass. I'll watch whoever I wanna watch"
William PB
William PB Hace 12 días
It's ridiculous! You say stuff in a comedy special that isn't politically correct and you get for it. Take it with a grain of salt. I thought Dave Chappelle's Sticks 'n' Stones was a great stand up show. It was really great! Dark, but great, and that's why people don't like. People forgot how to take a joke.
Lord Chumpington
Lord Chumpington Hace 12 días
The only Rotton Tomatoes score that counts is the audience score. Since RT has also been caught deleting audience scores, it isn't even really worth looking there either.
Eli Remz
Eli Remz Hace 12 días
Rotten tomatoes is wack.
G Nk
G Nk Hace 13 días
Honestly, I thought it was okay. Some of the PC police critiques were fair. But 1. It wasn't garbage just a bit bland and stale in my opinion. 2. Those insufferable lying little shits WOULD NEVER critique something that pushed their political message fairly. Some of what they said was on point but it applies 1000 times more to the politically correct abortions that they give 10/10 self righteous suppressive religious zealots. They are exactly who they claim to hate they're against free thought, they're racists, and they push an oppressive system.
Jamie Sachtleben
Jamie Sachtleben Hace 13 días
I remember the days when FOX had Hannity & Colmes man. Right and Left wing news given from a slight right FOX. The days xD
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader Hace 13 días
oh please, joe didst create this, he is one of many who has been doing this for a long time, he just has a large audience. Whoever this guy is should be less patronizing. Also there is no longer real journalism anymore. The exact thing that created journalism has eaten itself in a sad and self serving way.
vishastheomen Hace 13 días
Joe doesn't know how Rotten Tomatoes works 😂😆😂 Fyi, there's a critic score and audience score for everything, they didn't just make that up to fuck over Dave Chapelle
Kai Green
Kai Green Hace 13 días
You can't cancel the greatest stand-up that ever lived.
MRFIKSIT31 Hace 13 días
You can’t trust critics anymore. Dave is the best comedian that’s ever done it.
Slay Ridah
Slay Ridah Hace 13 días
Who takes rotten tomatoes seriously in 2020? Probably the same people who think covid 19 exists. Idiots.
Aztec218 Hace 13 días
Profitability is everything because that's what our capitalist system is based on. If you want journalists to ignore profitability you need to change the economic model.
Jaaa Beee
Jaaa Beee Hace 13 días
They gave up that battle pretty quick.
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