Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Monologue - Week 4 of Isolation with Lady Gaga!

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In tonight’s #JimmyKimmelLiveFromHisHouse Jimmy talks about our fourth week of quarantine, a tiger from the Bronx Zoo testing positive for Coronavirus, Trump recommending that people wear masks in public (except for him), and Dr.Oz's choice of bandana color. Jimmy also talks to Lady Gaga from her house about the two-hour special she’s curating with help from the international advocacy group Global Citizen and the World Health Organization. “One World: Together at Home” will support health care workers in the fight against COVID-19. Jimmy will be co-hosting the event with his friends Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert on Saturday night, April 18th at 8pm ET|5pm PT on ABC, CBS, and NBC simultaneously with guests Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Burna Boy, Chris Martin, David Beckham, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, FINNEAS, Idris and Sabrina Elba, J Balvin, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban, Kerry Washington, Lang Lang, Lizzo, Maluma, Paul McCartney, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Shah Rukh Khan, Stevie Wonder and the Friends of Sesame Street will also be on hand to help unify and inspire people around the world.
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Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl Hace 24 días
Why she is looking like Jasmine Sandlas?
ghettofreeze Hace 27 días
Wonderful woman! I've heard that she can sing a little as well.
Diane Bannerman
Diane Bannerman Hace un mes
I think she is awesome
Kirsten Preys
Kirsten Preys Hace un mes
Lady Gaga is an amazing woman! 💜
David Acero
David Acero Hace un mes
7:08 LMAO I'm dying !
Emma Burley
Emma Burley Hace un mes
People who have contacted it should avoid EVERYONE! WTF! The United States are screwed! Giving it or getting it from a tiger?? WITAF? I have no words!! You’re all throwing yourselves into a ground.
J K Hace un mes
I only wished lady gaga n the rest of sponsors knows who to support . Why support WHO? Who corrupted n misinformed USA? Why not give $,2000 to each household ! Not just one organization.. this kind of donation doesnt really help make miracles in this world... imagine if i have billions.. i will assigned my men to distribute cash $2,500 each month to each household until Covid is Over !!!
jess jesse
jess jesse Hace un mes
Lockdown = evil masterplan to crash tinny shops , crash medium shop , how powergrab billionair takeover shops reset new marketing slavessystems ! Get awake dums celebs guys ? Or stay stooopeth your future dude ?
Rebekah Webster
Rebekah Webster Hace un mes
I want to say something about how unhelpful his comments largely are concerning the president, but I figure there are plenty more people in the comments who agree with him...disappointing.
Michael G
Michael G Hace un mes
That voice over was fantastic Jimmy..lol
NA Fierce
NA Fierce Hace un mes
His house is super cozy.... the view, long fabulous couch...
Mana Hava
Mana Hava Hace un mes
What? Gave money to W.H.O.? Who committed premeditated murders killing many by Wuhan virus! You’re crazy idiots!
Javier Contreras
Javier Contreras Hace un mes
This guy puts anybody in good mood.
joey phase
joey phase Hace un mes
Jimmy. Don’t do this
Joliie Hace un mes
I love that Jimmy just had to end it or he would get to emotional... it is truly some strange times to be alive and I wonder how tomorrow will be... how will this change us as a world, will the next gen look at movies from before covid and ask, mommy is it true you didn't use hand sanitizers every 10 minutes?
Kevin Holmes
Kevin Holmes Hace un mes
These people are sick!
helmedon Hace un mes
What happens when you quarantine artistic, creative people with great influence.
Jason the man
Jason the man Hace un mes
Lady kaka.
Jason the man
Jason the man Hace un mes
Avoid contact with tigers..
Oss Delmar
Oss Delmar Hace un mes
I’m sorry but with the current situation of things, it would be the ultimate embarrassment, if you’re an actual known billionaire in $ or so or big corporation not to help! I wonder where all these billionaires and their money are when the world needs help with healthcare, medical reform, legal system reforms, educational support outside of the covid19 spotlight or of the spotlight of any western news worthy drama? Africa, Asia and Latin America have been suffering from the blood sucking of other countries and civilizations for decades, sometimes for centuries without ever benefiting from any of this money. With the hundreds of millions raised through the current pandemic, don’t people think there’d be enough masks, tests and much more to save the planet? Of course there would be. But all these UN, WHO and others are funded by the same power hungry jerks who in the end pretend to feed the mouths they’ve starved! Real change comes from lobbies and government reforms not from independent organizations with big titles and funds that end up in obscure places. Gaga seems sweet as can be as a person but the hypocrisy of America and its powers is mind boggling. People should watch interviews of Oprah before she became a saint/billionaire and see how much of a “spreader of kindness” she was for example. These guys are just egotistical troopers who push wide open doors and are harmless to the powers that be who use them as instruments and clowns for the circus they call democracy. 🙄
LoneWolfSigma Hace un mes
LoneWolfSigma Hace un mes
Zoe Fang
Zoe Fang Hace un mes
Who is tuning in to One World Together At Home???
Diana D
Diana D Hace un mes
"Breakfast in a bucket, we're all eating like the president now." 🤣☠
Rochelle A.
Rochelle A. Hace un mes
wow she... wow she... wow she... WOW WOW WOW _______________
Gal Gandos
Gal Gandos Hace un mes
Ladygaga for the president... !!!
Jennifer de Garmo
Jennifer de Garmo Hace un mes
Wow! Thank you Lady Gaga and all! We really appreciate the amazing fundraising you are doing for the organizations that can make the most difference right now. So thoughtful. Thank you.
John Falcon
John Falcon Hace un mes
By the way, Lady Gaga's new clone looks nothing like her old self. Pitiful.
John Falcon
John Falcon Hace un mes
I was a big fan of Lady Gaga until Donald Trump became President of the United states. Now, I'm just a big Donald Trump fan, no time for the ignorant selfish idiots of hollyweird. I only play their GTAV game to pretend I am murdering them , for stress relief. That's why they all have to hide in bunkers. Because they have dug their own grave.
John Falcon
John Falcon Hace un mes
Why do famous people love to say things to make everyone hate them? Hey, Jimmy. I dare you to come out of your bunker and insult the president to my face.
John Falcon
John Falcon Hace un mes
hey Jimmy, noone cares. =3
walktheworld Hace un mes
It is great she is helping in this situation. I just hope that she keeps on helping with her songs or with other events the many problems the health system in USA has. Otherwise, I could only but think that she does it to be in the media and to promote her new album.
Necromancer189 Hace un mes
Somebody please explain why does she not look normal like this..Most of the time she dresses like alien.
Eduardo Viajero
Eduardo Viajero Hace un mes
this makes Lady Gaga just look like a clown with an army stylist which included Architects and embalmers. She should strive to keep her image credible. But she ran out of ideas too soon.
J Hace un mes
WHO to lady gaga we need help over here, um ok but I just sing that ok
Jerome C
Jerome C Hace un mes
Lady Gaga : "I want to help anyway I can." *raises $35 million.
The Holy Mole
The Holy Mole Hace un mes
Nothing but respect for my president.
Adam Gee
Adam Gee Hace un mes
Hey Jimmy. Are you guys still coming up to the cottage? Bring Lady Gaga with you. It's not the wealthy part of Muskoka.... no yacht... just pontoon boat. Spielberg and that Crawford chick hangs out here. Lol. We can get high and go fishing.
brainey001 Hace un mes
It's finny how some retail corporations are staying open and doing so much for the community and the public in general but once the quarantine is over not a single person will shop there out of appreciation and everyone will get back to shopping where they used to and be the entitled bitchy customers they always were
Pete Aldape
Pete Aldape Hace un mes
Dam she's sexy.
No Comps
No Comps Hace un mes
I'd like to quarantine my junk in Gaga's throat!
Stephy Fairy
Stephy Fairy Hace un mes
I love her sooo much... my goodness ♥ always looked up to her and so very proud! Go Mother Monster!! ♥
juan barrera
juan barrera Hace un mes
Crazy fact about felines. They are immune to HIV. But not immune to Coronavirus.
Amanpreet kaur
Amanpreet kaur Hace un mes
She is just this amazing amazing human. Stephanie has not forgotten being human after amassing wealth and fame unlike million others. In fact, she understands how she is more responsible considering the power she has. I wish other so called ambassadors and influencers and celebs feel the same way.
yas cab
yas cab Hace un mes
I understand this is a virus not a flu, what about amoxicillin. When I had a viral infection, which is kind of pain on the chest or even phlegm. The doctors prescribe it. It’s like an antibiotic. Okay for soar through gargle with warm water in it baking soda and lemon juice
Mohamed Farouk
Mohamed Farouk Hace un mes
She looks so beautiful without heavy makeup.
Mr Flamboyant
Mr Flamboyant Hace un mes
who would’ve thought! u go ga ga !
Anon Ghost
Anon Ghost Hace un mes
What would sleepy joe do ?
Avengers End Game
Avengers End Game Hace un mes
ShahRukh Khan wowwww
K A Hace un mes
1:16 ! Love it!
peter nielsen
peter nielsen Hace un mes
Half the comments are chinese bots
peter nielsen
peter nielsen Hace un mes
WHO is china
STAng7788 Hace un mes
Lady Gaga without the rockstar makeup look so beautiful & her heart of gold makes her.....perfect
Emiliano Quijano
Emiliano Quijano Hace un mes
It used to be called the Mexican wave because it was used for the first time during the 86' WorldCup.
N ST Hace un mes
I’ll say it now, Lady Gaga is hot AF
E H Hace un mes
35 million from BIG corps. Do not donate to these clowns....they us the money for their own gain.
John Villalovos
John Villalovos Hace un mes
The devils play
Cast Iron
Cast Iron Hace un mes
She is by far my favorite artist. My wife and I want to see her at her Vegas show this fall if it’s still going.
zoltan nagy
zoltan nagy Hace un mes
Great job ! Virus shows the best from great people and the worst from horrible stupid people.
Imran Babar
Imran Babar Hace un mes
Amazing! God bless!
johnnyborealis Hace un mes
don't trust the W.H.O.
Craig Kanning
Craig Kanning Hace un mes
I couldn't love her anymore than I do right now. Gaga, you are an amazing person and this is an incredible thing you're doing. And $35M in seven days is unbelievable. Thank you kind soul.
Dewey Pierson
Dewey Pierson Hace un mes
These videos are, mercifully, for the benefit of those who never made it past 6 years old, cognitively. Those who need someone in an authority position to remind them to wash their hands after they wipe their poopy butt or go pee-pee and many whose parents never taught them basic personal hygeine. (Sorry all you 6 year olds, at least you DO have an excuse)! Those who leave the nasty, germ-filled restroom, where they have just wiped and touched their privates, without washing their hands WITH SOAP, are living up on the airy levels of nastiness and disregard for personal hygiene. They then go on to shake hands, touch computer keyboards and their face, text the latest gossip to their friends, write at work with a community pen and on and on, so others can share in their putrid habit of not washing hands! Purposeful indifference is the only term to describe such unconcern for self and others! Does anyone think such actions could help slow the spread of ANY virus or germ? Dwight Pierson, B.A. Art Morehead State University, Digital Electronics Tech Training, USAF, Father of 5 humans and 16 cats, Grandfather of 9, And General Purveyor of and Believer in... Common Sense.
Neil Tappenden
Neil Tappenden Hace un mes
Bless you lady ga ga looking very good to
erin corinne
erin corinne Hace un mes
The president of stupid ass-a-Stan for 2020
Jeffrey Ash
Jeffrey Ash Hace un mes
What a big heart you have Lady Gaga.
Aaron Hace un mes
Lol people finally get to see what a moron you are with out all your high-tech laugh tracks and soundtracks , no more mr. Funny I bet you're ratings drop when you get back lol Moron
MikeNCCC1 Hace un mes
Jimmy Kimmel is great BUT: those curtains are beyond horrid....
Alexandre Daigle
Alexandre Daigle Hace un mes
obazas Hace un mes
When lady gaga is normal, she’s very beautiful
Lisa Lamorey
Lisa Lamorey Hace un mes
Inside and out!
EkDujheKeLiye Entertainment
EkDujheKeLiye Entertainment Hace un mes
Honestly I wouldn't recognize her if she would pass by me .
fahadmehmoodgujjar Hace un mes
We Broke up
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