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Jim responds to the feud between Bill Maher and James Corden, and asks the audience to vote in his new segment: Unpopular Opinions.
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Nomaan Tahir
Nomaan Tahir Hace 7 horas
I don't think we should necessarily shame people for any addiction but we shouldn't glorify them either. Body positive is one thing but there are people who will claim you can be healthy at any weight, but objectively that isn't true, the more overweight you the more at risk you are for diabetes/heart disease/numerous cancers and so on. The other claim is you can be beautiful and any weight, this is true but it is subjective, many people will find you beautiful if you are overweight and many will not and neither is wrong.
Cannibal Man
Cannibal Man Hace 16 horas
Fat people are fat skinny people are skinny ugly people are ugly and beautiful people are beautiful so are you saying fool for being who are or are you shameful of people telling you who are do you not recognize which one of these categories you stand in do you not realize what category are you standing you cannot seem someone who is proud of who they are we are just finding out that they are not proud of who they are beautiful ugly fat skinny and when they get towed then they get broken and hurt the wrong message is getting put out be proud of who you are what you are and know who you are don't think that you are skinny when you are fat and then someone tells you you're fat and then you feel ashamed know that you are fat and when they call you fat you say I'm yeah exactly of course I see in the mirror your remarks are stupid if you think I don't know that for myself or have people been around you telling you that you're beautiful and skinny and then when someone tells you you're fat you're like wait your mean know the people who didn't tell you this before are mean and you not understanding this makes you stupid not to shame you just to tell you this goes for the beautiful ugly skinny fat everybody so the lesson is be proud of who you are and no one could break you but if you're not proud of who you are then you're shaming yourself
El_Bartto Hace un día
Corden feeling bad because someone calls him fat, that's good for a idiot who loves to make fun of people in need in the 3rd world.
Mainak Bhattacharyya
Mainak Bhattacharyya Hace un día
U kinda said that u loved ur mom through your struggle..and then amused everybody... Bloody how Jim? .❤️❤️❤️
Citizen of Earth
Citizen of Earth Hace 6 días
Pedophile temple, well put sir!
S J Hace 8 días
4:35 my eyes have been blessed
Bibliophile_Writer Hace 9 días
All fine and good, except you can't just stop eating. If you don't eat, you will eventually die. And there are as many ideas about healthy eating as there are people with assholes. Shame has never made someone change long term. Sure, you might be able to make someone make short term changes by shaming them and making them feel horrible about themselves, but it's not sustainable. Humans are, like any other animal, always looking for the thing that makes them feel best. Why else would people do drugs or drink? If you didn't want to feel high or drunk, there's very little reason to do those things (though some alcohol tastes nice, but you likely would not drink enough to get trashed if you just wanted it for the taste). Shame. Doesn't. Work. I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. I was a relatively normal weight kid, though I started to gain weight when my parents discouraged me from being active because it "wasn't nice" (I was perceived as a girl then, and per my parents' culture girls are meant to be demure little things that lose weight by rarely eating, and then only eating bird size portions and waiting hand and foot for everyone else around them). I was also abused. My mum, dad, and brother did everything under the sun to me. In the colloquial meaning of the word I wasn't raped, but basically everything up to then. My parents were smart enough to be seen as pillars of the community, make good money, and to never leave marks that didn't fade quickly. No one believed me, no one helped me, so I ended up being 15 and being beaten every day, molested probably a handful of times from 12-16, and no outlet. I was expected to go to school, make straight As, be the perfect child, and say nothing to anyone. So of course I ate. And it wasn't a healthy choice, but it was the only one I had at the time that meant that I could keep some of my humanity. Everyone called me a liar, my parents would watched as my brother molested me at least once, and my parents beat me for making simple mistakes (making too many erasures on my homework as we went over it, not getting good marks on a test, etc.). No one overeats because they feel good. Overeating, like drinking too much, smoking, or any other addictive habit that humans use to forget how shitty their lives are, are not things people do because they have great lives. Shaming someone who already has a shitty life is not going to make them feel better. It's just going to make them want to comfort themselves, and comfort themselves typically with food/drink/drugs. People make good decisions when they love themselves enough to want to look after themselves. Your brain, neurologically, cannot and does not want to sustain a constant state of punishment. We want to feel good. That doesn't mean that overweight and obese people should never be asked to look after their health, of course; for most of the last decade I've been going to counseling and in the last year I got a treatment that has made noticing when I'm overeating and should stop eating so much easier. But I've had a hard time replacing the behaviour. Most psychologists would agree that when trying to end one habit, you should develop another to take its place that's healthier. It's why a lot of smokers gain weight while they're quitting. They can't smoke, so they eat instead. Logically, there's no reason I should want to lose weight and mind my health. I have no friends, no family, and no one that relies on my being around. But I would like to get to the point in my life where I love myself enough that I lose the weight and find a habit that I can turn to when I feel hollow and would normally want to eat. It's hard. I want to do it, but anyone that tells you that it's not hard is lying to you. So I don't begrudge people who don't want to do it, but rather try and do things that validate them as a person. I think it's good to set good examples for your children, but what about the people who aren't children anymore? You say it's utopian to work towards a society that doesn't shame people for the habits they have that are harmful to their health, but I think it's not doing enough to try to at least encourage people to think differently about themselves and others. It's just throwing up your hands and saying "that's the way the world is, just deal with it and maybe slowly things can change". And that attitude doesn't create meaningful change.
Charlie Bowman
Charlie Bowman Hace 10 días
This is a shit show
Najwa Hossain
Najwa Hossain Hace 12 días
I’m sorry about your mom. The issue with fat shaming is that it’s systemic, it primarily befalls the poor and it’s a thing people judge you for right off the bat without knowing how you behave at all. A coke addicted model will be treated respectfully and idolized until some behavior makes them unlikeable (and even then they will be liked). There are fat people who have to deal with thyroid issues. Fat people who work multiple jobs, are caretakers of multiple family members and are being poisoned by intentionally addictive cheap junk food ( easy to access food doesn’t have to be junk - look at Japan ). It’s superficial, classist and unempathetic to judge a person based on looks. period. Does that mean it’s not going to be a thing people do? No. But, I think we should judge able people based on the effects of their actions and intentions- them being fat and PERHAPS unhealthy , because not all fat people are unhealthy, doesn’t hurt anyone, even though it seems like your mom hurt you, and that’s unfortunate- you as her son get to judge her, but society shouldn’t .
Lightfire LP
Lightfire LP Hace 13 días
There is positive in shaming. Because of it i will never smoke in my life. Dont steal I wont take drugs and i dont be s murder. All These things get shamed
sarin82 Hace 14 días
Fat people need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and stop blaming society for their insecurity!
Karl Nabis
Karl Nabis Hace 18 días
Sinedstro Cythan
Sinedstro Cythan Hace 21 un día
Jim jefferies is like an intellectual drunk. Funny yet witty and direct
SoundCloud Copyright Free Music
SoundCloud Copyright Free Music Hace 23 días
Being fat is not healthy and not attractive. End of story.
NEG8 Hace 24 días
4:35 look at her.... fukkin look at herO.O
Football Tactics
Football Tactics Hace 29 días
Comparing obesity to cocaine addiction is pathetic.
ljorns 003
ljorns 003 Hace un mes
I watched this the second after I put my pizza out of the oven, how ironic. It's Salami tough.
Amazing Aku
Amazing Aku Hace un mes
Awareness should be there...but fat shaming -a big NO NO
Adam Berta
Adam Berta Hace 29 días
Yes, I really like Jim but this was a shitty take - even if he has good intentions. Raising awareness about the health problems that come with being overweight and helping people become healthy. No one will put down drugs because some random asshat calls them a junkie. Trying to hide behind good intentions by calling someone a fat cunt is just wrong.
mico wee
mico wee Hace un mes
I smoke, and the longer you smoke the less you think about the bad effects of smoking when having a smoke.
Sterling Forbes
Sterling Forbes Hace un mes
"who gives a F that a pedophile temple burned to the ground." So true... people were so saddened because it was a beautiful building... but don't think about what terrible acts have been committed. Perhaps it was God himself who burned it down... biblically it wouldn't' be the first time He destroyed a temple.
Thomas Larkin
Thomas Larkin Hace un mes
How's the lawsuit coming along, Jim?
Arturo Lego
Arturo Lego Hace un mes
Yep, never watching this host's show again
Daryus Alkene
Daryus Alkene Hace un mes
I fell asleep on a girl once, she was nice she said" you must be tired" I was very embarrassed
rikard loloçi
rikard loloçi Hace un mes
curtis the negro
Mickey Thompson
Mickey Thompson Hace un mes
Need to bring back slut shaming
joe public
joe public Hace un mes
No! Bring back sluts!
roger james hunter
roger james hunter Hace un mes
Can't make it in your country because people there KNOW your a cunt not controversial Jim Jefferies and James Corden? Try the USA. Both are garbage. Both need twatting.
G S Hace un mes
Intermittent fasting is the only solution to health and weight loss. Intermittent fasting is not starvation, Jeff.
Samuel Cake
Samuel Cake Hace un mes
4:35 Those jugs are amazing.
Gersson Marquez
Gersson Marquez Hace un mes
Edgy comedians always saying the truth.
Matthew B
Matthew B Hace un mes
Here's an unpopular opinion. Once you walk out your front door your feelings don't mean anything and I have the right too free speech.
G S Hace un mes
Shaming Only works on people that give a fuck about what people say.
sunkid02 Hace un mes
its not sad at all when anyone dies honestly
mechwarrior13 Hace un mes
His reasoning for this is beyond reproach lolol
Curtis Stapleton
Curtis Stapleton Hace un mes
Goddamit im black and my name is curtis also ..so what was the vote of the last poll?
Prptheawesome Hace 2 meses
Okay fat shaming is rude and counter-productive, but is it okay to roast someone for it? Roasting and shaming are very different things. For example, a fat bully in school called me pipsqueak. I responded by saying he’s incredibly obese and will die at the age of 30. In retrospect it seems harsh, but he was an asshole and would have done the same thing to me if we were in inverse positions. That one line took him off his high horse and (hopefully) persuaded him to not be fat. Obviously that’s not how it works, but one can only hope. Man I hated that guy...
G S Hace 2 meses
Keto diet ( low carb high fat ) intermittent fasting and walking that's it.
Mark Adams
Mark Adams Hace 2 meses
So are trans women women? I own the unpopular opinion that transgender women are not women and I personally challenge Jim Jeffries to please prove me wrong. I think that this ozzy is scared to challenge me.
joe public
joe public Hace un mes
@Mark Adams I've got no idea what he says about that: I'd have to watch a video or two... but I think I might share the same unpopular opinion as you! Each subject though is separate: we can (thankfully) share opinions on some matters and disagree on others. That's why I find the whole American thing of Republican vs Democrat ridiculous and out-dated. At long last, in France where I live, we've moved slightly away from the simplist left-right cleavage. Nowhere near enough... but at least people have no more faith in the original major parties and have started voting for parties that combine a bit of both, and there's quite a reasonable proportion of the population voting for more "fringe" parties. So there's hope!
Mark Adams
Mark Adams Hace un mes
@joe public it's just that my opinion appears to be unpopular and that Jim Jeffries is going politically correct IMO on the transgender issue(s), even sports!
joe public
joe public Hace un mes
How about commenting that somewhere that has transsexualism as a subject, rather than in a fat-shaming debate? Might get you more answers....
Cassandra Morrison
Cassandra Morrison Hace 2 meses
The Catholic Church did not build Notre Dame. It was built BY the people and the art was provided by Masters of Sculpture and Stained Glass and so on. Read up on the Cathedral Builders sometime you ignorant Aussie twat! www.amazon.com/Cathedral-Builders-English-French/dp/039452893X
joe public
joe public Hace un mes
@Balazs Szazi I like that phrase! The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.... but that's not what science is about: as Richard Dawkins says (more or less anyway) "I can't prove that the Easter Bunny doesn't exist, it's up to you to prove it does" Science is about gaining the maximum evidence possible through experimentation that can be reproduced by anyone else under the same conditions. Nothing is "obvious" in science: it's all been worked out through investigation. I can't argue further with faith though.... it's a dead end argument isn't it? "Well I believe... so it is". I'd call people with faith gullible.... but that's just my belief!
joe public
joe public Hace un mes
@Balazs Szazi I bet she is! Either that or she'll be surprised next time she logs in!
Balazs Szazi
Balazs Szazi Hace un mes
@joe public Ms. Morrison is having fun at our expense;)
Balazs Szazi
Balazs Szazi Hace un mes
@joe public My faith is also blind. I think that's also the trick of God. Believe the obvious is not a big deal. But to believe what is incredible, now that's something. Therefore I respect people with faith. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.
joe public
joe public Hace un mes
@Balazs Szazi Ok I get the misunderstanding. I'm being very anti catholic because that's what the subject was all about. Catholic church. If I gave the impression of being pro-muslim it's because I'm criticising my countries (past and present). I think religion as a whole is out-dated and shouldn't exist in the modern world (I wouldn't stop people from being religious, but I certainly don't approve of their methods of functioning. Whether it be muslim, hindu, jewish, christian, scientologist, raelian or cargo cult! They're all based on blind faith.
Julian Trigger
Julian Trigger Hace 2 meses
04:35 NICE! :D
T Mox
T Mox Hace 2 meses
Unpopular opinion: People still going to beaches should be driven into the sea with bulldozers and snow plows.
DameRedBento On Twitch
DameRedBento On Twitch Hace 2 meses
Again there is that very old assumption that the only way people are fat is because they overeat. NO ONE asks about my medical histories or conditions before they try to shame me, make fun of me, give unwanted unsolicited advice. They don't care the my thyroid is shot. That I have Hashimoto's and Pcos. They dont care that my body is estrogen sensitive. AND NEITHER DID MY DOCTORS. They were so focused on the fact I was fat and accusing me of over eating or sneaking food that they put me on Phen Phen at 15 and just a year later learned it strips heart muscle and can kill people as early as their 20's. They put me on BC pills, gave me massively body altering stomach surgery, and always the constant blame of "over eating". None of them listened even after they found I had stage 3 cancer that was producing More estrogen ( which puts on weight), gave me a hysterectomy that put me in menopause (more weight gain)... I, by myself figured out my autoimmune disease was lending to my weight. And as always I am still fat. I always will be. So how about instead of leaning towards shame people either shut the fuck up and let people be happy, or lean towards positive reinforcement which has actually proved to have much better results
Heidi Melcarek
Heidi Melcarek Hace 2 meses
Oops, that's not a lil fascist...why can't we make it so people don't want to kill themselves...?
Matt James
Matt James Hace 2 meses
Unpopular opinion: feminism isn't about equality anymore.
Haensel Undgretel
Haensel Undgretel Hace 2 meses
I am a fatty and YOU ARE RIGHT!
Jan Sýkora
Jan Sýkora Hace 3 meses
This was the first time I have seen the audience in this show and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, there was even a moment when I went" Holly sh!§.." Can you guess when It was? :D
Poor Boi
Poor Boi Hace 3 meses
1:34 well no, cause smoking looks cool, ofc I never really smoked, not insecure enough to chase social validation.
Forrest Sippey
Forrest Sippey Hace 3 meses
if it was as easy as just making a decision not to do those behaviors to feel good or not feel bad lots of people would be successful in changing. You have to understand how complicated this problem is. It is super difficult to change, I don't care who you are or what it is you are going to change. When things are then attached to the REWARD center of the brain is is almost impossible with out a lot of things coming together to support it and even then I would challenge that most people who appear to have changed have simply began to substitute another behavior for the one that has been so called changed. The REWARD center is responsible for survival, it is there to urge us to repeat behavior that is good for survival, or our selves and of the species. the urge I speak of is sometimes called CRAVING and to try and ignore or denied cravings is true suffering. so stop judging how people live there lives. capitalism is the reason we are all struggling with being happy. and no one is going to change capitalism. the war on drugs, classism, those who have and those who die working to that those that have continue to have. if everyone would look at each other with love and kindness and caring and no one had to suffer because they did not have, oh yes and no one was lazy and just wanted someone else to do for them we would be in a happy thin world with no substance misuse or fat people
Hace 3 meses
Why no comments?
David Tyrrell
David Tyrrell Hace 3 meses
Fat should be shamed, people not so much.
Brittany Lawless
Brittany Lawless Hace 3 meses
There's nothing unpopular about telling fat people to stop eating. Unfortunately, it's all the same misconceptions about food and diet which neglects to take into account genetic conditions, medical conditions, accessibility of healthy foods and appropriate healthcare, economic status, and a shit load of other things that people often don't want to muddle through because it's easier just to say "stop eating so much!" than to look at the actual issues.
Megaton Marx
Megaton Marx Hace 3 meses
I have been liking you more and more lately lol
Ruheschrei Hace 3 meses
I like. And let's mention sugar here. Which we don't need. Which is fulfilling every need to be a drug (it Is a drug!) and which they feeding us in every food you can imagine. Just so you eat more, get more addict and use medicine they sell also. :) welcome to capitalism.... Oh wait... Wasn't this about fat people? Fack xD conspiracy! Lol
hinken Hace 3 meses
4:35 wow
Nicholas Warack
Nicholas Warack Hace 3 meses
It’s just whatever works best for each person. Different strokes for different folks. Some are better if you shame them into submission, some respond better with encouraging feedback. You don’t prescribe the same thing to everyone across the board.
Tico Nice
Tico Nice Hace 3 meses
Fat Fuck Shaming 😋
G S Hace 3 meses
Give intermittent fasting a try that works and add a work out. Jim Jeffrey probably is practicing intermittent fasting the wrong way. He is starving himself.
JS Hace 3 meses
Notre dame has more brain than all of you
Jahn Warner Media
Jahn Warner Media Hace 3 meses
food addiction is not like any other addiction...heroin, cocaine, cigarettes, gambling...all different.
Confirmed Millenial
Confirmed Millenial Hace 3 meses
If everyone agrees with your unpopular opinion, wouldnt that make it popular opinion?
MJ Sibylline
MJ Sibylline Hace 3 meses
Shaming doesnt help the vast majority of those who are overweight. This also doesn't recognize the fact that fat disorders exist and in a society of shaming those who are obese, people with these diseases are often ignored and told they are "non-compliant" despite all their efforts to lose weight. Misdiagnosed and accused of being liars is super common. This isnt about being ashamed, it is about the usefulness of verbal abuse towards people you judge by appearances alone. Its abusive. Its hurtful and it's not okay in any circumstance. Lipedema, Lymphedema and Dercums are real diseases and they aren't that uncommon.
Harry Freedom
Harry Freedom Hace 4 meses
Health insurance is not a right. The obese and smokers should not be insured. Who agrees?
Ariana Khan
Ariana Khan Hace 4 meses
except not everyone who is “overweight” has a food addiction or is unhealthy. that’s an assumption that has been debunked many healthcare professionals. many extended size people eat healthy and work out regularly but due to their metabolism or genes are naturally not thin. and what about thin people who do have food addictions? they literally exist all over the internet, and yet they don’t get shamed. shaming someone who is thicker by rigid, mostly european beautiful standards is not the same thing as shaming someone who has a food addiction. it’s just a way to punch down and feel superior.
Rick Vis
Rick Vis Hace 4 meses
80% of obese people are in fact sick and will develop either diabetes, cancer or heart disease early in life. There is no such thing as naturally fat, when you don't eat you starve. When you eat to much carbs and fat you gain weight, when you eat to much protein and not enough fat and carbs you will lose weight and eventually starve. And it isn't a European beauty standard, it's a global beauty standard that people are attracted to people of a healthy weight. Being fat is only a status symbol in poor countries to show you have money for a lot of food.
Calla Antoinette
Calla Antoinette Hace 4 meses
Love it.
Craxin01 Hace 4 meses
Speaking as a fat person, the Fat Acceptance Movement needs to die NOW. We're goddamned killing ourselves as a nation to fatten not only ourselves but the wallets of garbage food marketers\manufacturers.
Mark Mesenger
Mark Mesenger Hace 4 meses
Dear Jim, I'm a fan of yours and that's why I watched your video. If some random guy decides to "care about me" and call me a fat #*@%! I'm going to punch him in the face! When most people hire a personal trainer (if you can afford one) you hire the trainer that shouts out "You can do it, your doing great, you can do one more!" Not "You worthless fat piece of #*@%! you're not doing it right, lift more, do it faster!" This is not motivational, your never going to want to exercise again. Bullying/ Shaming/Making fun of someone = Hurting someone. If you have tried every creative way that you can think of to help someone lose weight, and now your very last idea is I'll HURT them to HELP them! Then you're not the right person for the job, find an expert. Jim I still love you, keep the comedy coming.
Stone Osborne
Stone Osborne Hace 4 meses
That line about cigarette shame is too real, but fuuuuuuck it's a tough one to kick.
cassi farcas
cassi farcas Hace 4 meses
I've never heard someone shame a smoker as distastefully as I've heard people shame fat people, even though, when it comes to health, they are just as bad
Cooper Baird
Cooper Baird Hace 4 meses
The cocaine line was priceless lol
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer Hace 4 meses
Missionary is underrated When I learned the name I thought really? It's not vanilla like I saw joke about I thought it was like closed legs sex before I saw it That was boring to my imagination
Elmer Teves
Elmer Teves Hace 4 meses
The moment he mentioned his mom, I was really waiting for a polio joke lol.
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