Jim Halpert, The Office's Consciousness

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Get a full month of MUBI FOR FREE: mubi.com/thetake (With the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union) | Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) from The Office always knows when to gives us a well-placed Jim face. He’s one of the more rational members of the cast, but does The Office’s primary straight man have a blind spot for his own life? In this video, we find out why the most knowing man of the office needs to know more about himself. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/thetake
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The Take
The Take Hace 2 meses
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Little Dipper
Little Dipper Hace un mes
Y'all should really do a video about Jim and Kelly's Friendship
Reilly Lynch
Reilly Lynch Hace un mes
Jim doesn't want to move up because he makes more money off of comisions
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman Hace 2 meses
Review characters from 'city of god' please.
Jacob Groetsch
Jacob Groetsch Hace 2 meses
Do a video on Karen please
TK Wallace
TK Wallace Hace 2 meses
Fascinated by the argument that inertia (Pam) + detachment (Jim) = a fantastic marriage. People _never_ talk about two individuals’ greatest flaws or issues they have to struggle against as the basis for compatibility. Same way your “Bridesmaids” video on Meghan suggests that needing or being needed is one of the strongest foundations for adult friendship. Neither view is aspirational enough. I’m not sure yet what I think about them, but I’m really glad you made videos that bring them into consideration.
üçok Hace 2 días
never thought a video on my recommended list would change my view of my life
KB Flash
KB Flash Hace 6 días
clearly a jim didn’t dissect jim
Júlia Dórea
Júlia Dórea Hace 6 días
felicity250285 Hace 8 días
Jim’s an enneagram 9
Doug Israel
Doug Israel Hace 10 días
At least fifty percent of the humor of the show comes from Jim's ironic detachment. Which is why it suffered so much in the season where he was mostly written out and in later years when he changed so much.
Gabriel Willians™
Gabriel Willians™ Hace 11 días
I think Jim is my favorite character in a tv show ever
Saran K
Saran K Hace 13 días
Jim was abit of a arse. Some of his pranks went to far, and then had the nerve to say Dwight went too far the one time Dwight got his own back
Baf Baas
Baf Baas Hace 13 días
To be honest, i never liked Jim. Hes a bully.
Josh Gott
Josh Gott Hace 13 días
Came to watch old office clips, left learning why I relate to this character in more ways than I realized, deep seated issues and all. Did I become Jim?? Damn. Lol
Luís Hace 14 días
I've cried a little watching this because the way Jim uses irony is the same the depresion made me use humor as a defense mechanism
raegan Hace 15 días
if you were to put jim and pam’s personality’s together, you would get me
Don’t Worry, We’ll Talk About It
Don’t Worry, We’ll Talk About It Hace 17 días
*I say we fill Michaels office with bees*
Mar Ortiz Caceres
Mar Ortiz Caceres Hace 19 días
Chicas las amo❤️!!! Necesito subtítulos ASAP❤️
Don Eli
Don Eli Hace 20 días
Big tuna!
Maria Victoria Luzano
Maria Victoria Luzano Hace 22 días
please please do fleabag huhu the characters are interesting
Vitor Chaves
Vitor Chaves Hace 23 días
This one kinda hurted, did not expect that.
Count Vader
Count Vader Hace 27 días
we all love jim
lillybog Hace 28 días
Dwight is actually great at understanding people and what drives them as well as their thoughts towards him (especially demonstrated in the garage sale episode) he just doesn't subscribe to any of the same ideas they do because he arguably has the most spine out of any character on the show. His only major weakness is how naive he is and how egoboosting arbitrary attribes are for him
Code Hace un mes
holy shit.
clock o
clock o Hace un mes
This is painfully relatable
Marsar Hace un mes
I feel personally attacked with this one
MidnightVea Hace un mes
Please someone help me: when does the 14:48 scene happen? It's LITERALLY making me crazy.
Azhybek Aitaliev
Azhybek Aitaliev Hace un mes
Would say Pam is braver than Jim ?
José Afonso
José Afonso Hace un mes
My favorite character of all time.
Vini Sampaio
Vini Sampaio Hace un mes
Even if Jim being a very fun character, I still hate this archetype. The ironic bastard who points at everybody, but lives a artificial life. Its so telling about people today.
Savage Guinea Pig
Savage Guinea Pig Hace un mes
Ari Hicks
Ari Hicks Hace un mes
these videos sound so pretentious.
TeaBox Hace un mes
Am *I* Jim Halpert?
9paperbackwriter Hace un mes
i felt attacked by this video
James Hannafin
James Hannafin Hace un mes
does she mean conscience?
Lunazul Hace un mes
Can makers of these kind of videos understand that sometimes the character does not take certain action for the sake of the story?? If he goes for Pam the 1st season then we would have a different office, same with not taking other job opportunities... then it means he would not be at the office and the dynamic of the office would be different...
Cristian Iancu
Cristian Iancu Hace un mes
You've basically turned English literature into fun
Red Hace un mes
Jeezus, makin Jim look like a villain.
S. J .T
S. J .T Hace un mes
Wow! I just realized me and Jim have a lot in common.. *wOW!*
Alexandrina Popusoi
Alexandrina Popusoi Hace un mes
This became so uncomfortable at points because I realized I’m a Jim type. Sometimes I felt like I was being read and that shit is terrifying
Star Wars Network
Star Wars Network Hace un mes
After watching this I relate to Jim more than ever.
Emma MacDonald
Emma MacDonald Hace un mes
Voltz_the_pikachu Hace un mes
"So, I either get more involved or I take a sick day... Leaving Dwight in charge. Oh God." Legend
PD Zombie
PD Zombie Hace un mes
Great asu usual, girls. Thanx!!!
mark hudyma
mark hudyma Hace un mes
Good video until you got to the man hate part.
A NK Hace un mes
Shhhhhhhh.... Jim is perfect.
AdamG1983 Hace un mes
The best character development was Jim's hair
ericareagan1 Hace un mes
What a Type 9
Sophia Lock
Sophia Lock Hace un mes
I couldn't STAND Jim's character. He was so manipulative and calculatingly "charming". He observed others to weaponise the information to cement this image of "Mr nice guy". Pam saw through it and almost dangled herself infront of him to see how long it would take him to act. They are each others equals with manipulation and power play. They are the wolves in sheep's clothing in society.
Red Aaron
Red Aaron Hace un mes
I think Jim is the perfect embodiment of what most rational people are like. Doing a not horrible but also not a good job, constantly watching others and judging while also being empathetic, gets things done but also has fun, and not willing to fix their own lives. I find a lot of people are stuck in hypocrisy and wasted potential. They aren't people you would hate but also people you wouldn't look up to as a role model.
A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions
A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions Hace un mes
The straight man ususally isn't much of a character but a tool for the author, that's what I like about Jim, they play the fact that he's the straight man as a flaw and end up making a whole great character arc around that
Andrew Huseby
Andrew Huseby Hace un mes
I've got amazing powers of observation
Matt Rezab
Matt Rezab Hace un mes
Thank you for pointing out that Jim is the "straight man" or "base" of the series. No one else figured that out by episode 2 in 2005.
Peyton B
Peyton B Hace un mes
Stabby the unicorn
Stabby the unicorn Hace un mes
I've rarely related to a fictional character this much
Paul Majano
Paul Majano Hace un mes
I did look up to Jim, until Michael left, then I stopped watching.😂
isYT adrug?
isYT adrug? Hace un mes
cried watching this and i don't know why
Will McCollough
Will McCollough Hace un mes
One of the defining moments of Jim is when he tries to manage the office for a day. While it's easy to mock Michael for his management style, it's far more difficult to actually implement the changes you think make sense. It ends up blowing up in his face, because he's never actually engaged with the work.
Feeling Good
Feeling Good Hace un mes
"Hi im jim im actually the ceo of the company "
Sarah O
Sarah O Hace un mes
I always thought the reason nobody in the show (especially Jim) left the job they hated was because of the state of the economy when the show took place. That’s part of what makes the series relatable and timeless- almost everyone has been in a job they don’t like because it’s the one they got and they have to pay the bills. You get annoyed daily but tolerate it because you don’t have a choice.
Herb Tenderson
Herb Tenderson Hace un mes
...A guys afternoon in...a *GAI*
Ethan H.
Ethan H. Hace un mes
Jim is the voice and embodiment of the viewer Also he, unlike most characters, looks directly Into the camera as opposed to just past it when doing interviews
Dip Shit
Dip Shit Hace un mes
Netflix should release the Office in other countries too, i have watched 5 and a half seasons when i was on vacation in america but wasn't able to see the last seasons. Kinda sad
jayscoding2 Hace un mes
I feel very attacked
Kien Nguyen
Kien Nguyen Hace un mes
This channel is seriously legit. The amount of research and depth of analysis is staggering.
jayscoding2 Hace un mes
I was happily watching this video then I remembered my friend told me I'm a good observer.... My life is a tragedy.
Margaret Tejeda
Margaret Tejeda Hace un mes
😘Wonderful memories brings to him.
Nathaniel Banton
Nathaniel Banton Hace un mes
I am a large slightly pretentious black male so whenever I say I relate to Jim (the perceivably chillest and most attractive male on the popular show, the Office) most people are adhere to the idea. After watching this video, I can clearly see that though we have our differences, Jim and I share a great deal of similarities
Just Marie
Just Marie Hace un mes
Ironic detachement? traumatised kids say hi!
happySINGINGpeople Hace un mes
Would you please please PLEASE do a video and Michael and Ryan's relationship? Throughout the whole show?
Akash Sarma
Akash Sarma Hace un mes
Oh my i m jim
Caden Pavlovcic
Caden Pavlovcic Hace un mes
Wow, I never knew this
Otavio Mascarenhas
Otavio Mascarenhas Hace un mes
I like how this channel destroys the way I look into some movies or characters...
Juan Pablo Gonzalez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Hace un mes
Haven't seen the office, but I cannot believe that this nerdy boring looking guy is the same hot super stud married to Emily blunt
The hype house Kidnapped me
The hype house Kidnapped me Hace un mes
Juan Pablo Gonzalez - 💀 he was always cute tho
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