Ji Hyo Used to Push Someone Away too.. [Running Man Ep 490]

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Erika Kim
Erika Kim Hace 22 horas
While everyone is so happy laughing to each other jokes i felt bad for kwangsoo for missing it HAHAHAHAHA
Limau Oren
Limau Oren Hace 3 días
Only family jokes like this
Mob Tube
Mob Tube Hace 3 días
That face on her thou
Jytrone hush
Jytrone hush Hace 4 días
9M Hiro
9M Hiro Hace 4 días
Jae suk and jong kook keep teasing jihyo maybe trying to wake up bad ji hyo, but maybe she still hirbenate for now...xD
hood954 Hace 4 días
Haha's cackle is hilarious
Cloe Cunningham
Cloe Cunningham Hace 5 días
Running Man fan should really be more understanding and accept that Running Man is a comedy-type and that always make mistakes, obviously because theyre human.
gummybearmonster01 Hace 6 días
that little comment just confirms that Gary and Running Man fam are reconnected. that's all that matters.
JC Ch.
JC Ch. Hace 6 días
This is real variety they said what they want to without editing it or something just to make it look good for the viewers. .they give honest opinion about each other and the 10 yrs or more friendship cant break them by that simple word.. Honestly for me as a fan im glad kjk said that ..cause it only mean that they still have connection with their brothers even to jongki that leaves in early episode😊
Sharleen Febiola
Sharleen Febiola Hace 7 días
is it just me or anyone else noticed that seokjin hit his right head but touched his left head like it's the one thats been hitted?😂 it's still funny tho😂
Rohan Shivkumar
Rohan Shivkumar Hace 9 días
You've really got to respect Kim Jong Kook for this🤣
M.D. F
M.D. F Hace 11 días
Just look at Ji Hyo’s face. She knows and agrees on what Jong Kook was saying. She knows she made the mistake of playing around and pushing Gary around. Plays around with him. You only realize something is precious and important when you lose them. I always thought they should have been together. But now, I think she doesn’t deserve him. Gary was lucky to have found someone better after her. His wife is more beautiful then Song Ji Hyo. Also, I think if Gary would have married Ji Hyo instead, their sons or daughter would probably not be as smart as Ha Oh. The kid is literally a genius.
Faith Chaya Landong
Faith Chaya Landong Hace 8 días
M.D. F lets try not to push people down :) idk what have led u to be this pressed. But everyone is beautiful in their own way.. and i think we have no right to judge how people raise their kids..
2NE1 is a WINNER that has an ARMY of VIP WANNABLE
2NE1 is a WINNER that has an ARMY of VIP WANNABLE Hace 11 días
This was so funny😂😂😂😂💕
Zia Castillo Musa
Zia Castillo Musa Hace 12 días
the regret in song ji hyo's face thooo. haha jk
dark light
dark light Hace 12 días
seokjin still fell sorry to what happened to Gary stumbling for years before meeting his wife
Vega Battohsai
Vega Battohsai Hace 12 días
This one moment they mention Gary have all the impact of So Min and Se Chan moments combine.
Asnovinia Wana
Asnovinia Wana Hace 13 días
Look down after one else seem RM show turn dull and nt interesting...... Look back to wht RM success until now its because sincerity not publicity..... I love old RM...the old member stay together w/out adding new member tht not quiet suitable.... To me the new member seem more scene rather than old...than sometime the scene not so helping to increase laughing towrds viewers.....sometime make nonsense quote and to much talking....make us thinking the Old RM so much better than Now.. am I rigth ??
Anne Dcast
Anne Dcast Hace 13 días
I notice somin likes jongkook and now why running man making a new couple for se chan and somin. I'd rather like jk and jhyo. Or jk and somin. Enough of sechan and somin. Stop it please. Don't force them or make a joke about sechan and somin. Not good.
Ether Nano
Ether Nano Hace 15 días
I believe jihyo and gary had something before. But jihyo didnt want to become official cause they are in a team called runningman, if they dated, and broke up, both of them would suffer along with the team.
kendall Marfori
kendall Marfori Hace 15 días
who would say that KJK oppa is being disrespectful towards Gary? have you seen the show before when Gary was still there? the way he teases him back then was far much worse than this shit and he says it in Gary’s face but there was no such issue 🙄 you we’re never a legit fan of running man if you think this is being rude
Melati A.
Melati A. Hace 15 días
Only super bestfriends can make this kind of comments/jokes, without hurting the person 😅😅 salute to the original member's friendship
arly mathers
arly mathers Hace 18 días
Jihyo was being left out lately, it seems like shes not part of the show anymore, even lee kwang soo you can see that everyone was focusing on somin only, we want the old rm. Its okay jihyo we still love you. I used to like rm but after noticing their treatment to song ji hyo hmmmmmmm i don't like it anymore. Everyone is saying that it's because shes not talkative hmm its just because she doesnt want attention.
BPunisherFox Hace 15 días
treatment this treatment that, no its not because of somin, jihyo have mamy scenes because she is with gary and monday couple moment + ace moment, now theres no gary anymore fc her screentime is less, stop beimg petty and blame other member like somin
dear selene
dear selene Hace 18 días
Fugee Kue
Fugee Kue Hace 19 días
Lol another classic moment. I really don't have a preference whether it's its Gae-ri or not. I'm sure most fan's have moved on.
Chendry iswanto
Chendry iswanto Hace 20 días
Only true fans know dat jokes 😂
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 Hace 20 días
1:51 oh no... 👏🏻😂
Chiya Hace 20 días
idk but I love how sukjin admit tht he really hate someone who play with other feelings. I mean it hard to hear tht words from man
kmzai Hace 22 días
Those who said KJK disrespect Gary are those who don't watch the show for 10 years hahaha they don't understand how the members talk to each other.
Han Teong Ng
Han Teong Ng Hace 22 días
The show didn't censor it mean they get he consent from Gary...
Tempura's Wonderland
Tempura's Wonderland Hace 22 días
KJK, Haha and Gary are all drinking buddies before and they bully Gary alot in the show. Gary might look super serious but he can take jokes like this, especially when it comes to Jihyo he even started to joke around about their loveline. so guys please dont be a killjoy. haha
koog008 Hace 24 días
Wow. Jong kook. Best line ever in rm. So strong
Oshea Martins
Oshea Martins Hace 24 días
Instagram is truly the worse, people be judging harshly jk for that comment smh.. meanwhile in here everyone's protecting him.. low iq instagram users wouldn't love this comment section at all lol
xmodmodifier Hace 24 días
Why is this video keeps getting recommended? Does youtube know I would always click it?
vennoe Hace 24 días
"you should never play with someone's feelings" -ji suk Jin, 2020 -
Escanor Hace 26 días
Monday Couple nostalgia ❤️😭
U-know Kpoppin'
U-know Kpoppin' Hace 26 días
Rewatching this clip while reading comments and found out ppl are saying he’s rude yet this was one of the moments that had me cracking. What’s wrong with these people?? 😔😔😔
Mere Seeker
Mere Seeker Hace 28 días
1:25 even se chan looks so done with this forced loveline between him and somin.
Jean Gutierrez
Jean Gutierrez Hace 29 días
Kim Jongkook was so brutal 😂 I did not expect him to mention Return of Superman in Running man
Rohan Shivkumar
Rohan Shivkumar Hace un mes
That was so brutal. So good JK.
Junggiya_bae Rifka
Junggiya_bae Rifka Hace un mes
As a runningman fans, i've watched TROS episode Kang Gary's son, Kang Hao before kjk's mention it. Hao is super smart as a baby 2 years old. Go watch it. And you'll be in love with Kang Hao.
netizen always right
netizen always right Hace un mes
I need background music when jihyo had nothing to say
Dart Hernandez
Dart Hernandez Hace un mes
Oh snap. He done and said it..lmao
120 Paul
120 Paul Hace un mes
start from 1:50
Mohd Shafari
Mohd Shafari Hace un mes
Its hurt so deep.poor jihyo.
Zara Delisha
Zara Delisha Hace un mes
I hope Kang Gary will watch this..
Sam DIN Hace 25 días
Of course he'll watch this from the livingroom...While kiss his wife beside him and pat his son on the lap. What a peaceful life for him
OnJongHosh Hace un mes
Ji Hyo being mentioned in TROS and now RM. When this happens, I think of Gary's wife. I hope she won't be sad about this. She should just think that Ji Hyo is like an ex-gf so she has nothing to worry about. An MC shipper like me doesn't push it anymore.
Hahahaha!so funny!
Nurfatinah Zulkifli
Nurfatinah Zulkifli Hace un mes
hahaha, straightforward giler😂
Vortex Campro
Vortex Campro Hace un mes
Suddenly I miss cute baby Ha O~
Nur Arrisa
Nur Arrisa Hace un mes
The level of joke Im choke
Lady Haha
Lady Haha Hace un mes
Dude when KJK mentioned Return of Superman, I DIED!!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop laughing!!!
Daniswara A. Majid
Daniswara A. Majid Hace un mes
Yjs can see that Song Ji Hyo is uncomfortable with the topic. And she kinda looked sad about it too. Either she regret her decision or her mom nag at her for pushing Gary away. That's why YJS tried to change the topic but I still wish for the topic to be talked more Haha
syaimaqa Hace un mes
When jae seok n kjk said it..its just make me crack😂😂 repeat watching this all again
kimbaplover Hace un mes
My dumbass little heart still flutters thinking about gary and jihyo. Coulda shoulda woulda but I'm glad they're both happy and is still friends.
my prince han
my prince han Hace un mes
Jong Kook, that's so strong 😂
SejeongStan Hace un mes
is it only me that really feels the somin and sechan shipping is too forced. It felt like running man nowadays is just blatantly shipping, where somin was shipped with kwangsoo before his announcement then now is shipped with sechan.
mrs nanak
mrs nanak Hace un mes
I still think kjk was spot on there 😂😂 am sorry but am with kjk!
april00026000 Hace un mes
This is what 10 years of friendship looks like, I swear some of y'all act like you've never had close friends before. What's a friendship without a little bit of banter lmao. KJK said nothing disrespectful at all
Angel Dd
Angel Dd Hace un mes
We as a part of RM family understand this joke. Actually this joke is in my style. I guess I also would say that if I had a chance. Kekeke
krystal goh
krystal goh Hace un mes
i used to ship monday couple up till gary left the show and got married, while im happy for gary i am still never really over monday couple because they were an important part of running man and in my teen years. and one question i have always been curious about is whether monday couple was ever real (behind the scenes, or maybe one party really liked another) just that it didnt work out in the end. but now seeing jihyo's reaction when they asked her why did she "push gary away" made me seriously wonder whether her response "we are different" in such a dejected tone meant that monday couple was real and not business, or does she mean somin-sechan is real and not business? the sadness in her tone was real.. be it real feelings (in the past) or friendship, something must have changed between them for sure. and tbh, monday couple is really different from somin and sechan. while she did play along sometimes, jihyo was never as proactive as somin. and monday couple was more known for their chemistry as seen in the games they played last time rather than purely just a random loveline
Buyog Vlogs
Buyog Vlogs Hace un mes
I don’t know who need to hear this but that just made a closure to my Monday couple 🥰 I knew from the start they loved each. A love of a very close friendship
Miss Nur
Miss Nur Hace un mes
The comment show that they still contact with each other even though they appear in different show...and they must be glad to see gary opened up about his family...
Mia Amore
Mia Amore Hace un mes
C_ Puppet
C_ Puppet Hace un mes
Stupid obsessed fans lol
asnyda nyda
asnyda nyda Hace un mes
KJK's true... Look at SJH's expression. Regretful for some reason. He's too happy now. Wonder how gary's pain by her before. Wonder how does ROS affect SJH now.. Did she watch it? How members acception by Gary's new variety show. Moreover it's parental show. They didn't even knew Gary was married. How sad is it for them. They were before a family. But, some reason barely happened as obstacles. We didn't knew what exactly happened between them. Gary chose a great way to lighten his life. Love Hao. He's great kid.
Enstro Hacu
Enstro Hacu Hace un mes
why are so many bitches getting turned up for this? dumb ass people
HopesARMY Hace un mes
Damn kinda wish Jihyo would've clapped back like she used to that was so funny 😂😂
John minlal
John minlal Hace un mes
Oh.. Gary😂 this is so funny and sad at the same time😆
Chau Truong Thai
Chau Truong Thai Hace un mes
maybe KJK shouldn't joke on SJH about this, and there are many ways to joke (because they only acted on the variety show's loveline, like KJK, which it belongs to the category of personal privacy, is it real or not, no one knows, all just guessing and curious). In recent episodes, KJK often decry SJH, which reduces the human value of thí variety show.
forever young
forever young Hace un mes
hahahahahaha jahat ehh jongkook
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