Jhené Aiko - None Of Your Concern (Official Video)

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None Of Your Concern
Music video by Jhené Aiko performing None Of Your Concern. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Diamondrolls Hace 31 un minuto
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Liberty Truth
Liberty Truth Hace un hora
Drake should’ve been on this beat
Brayla Palomo
Brayla Palomo Hace 2 horas
Am I being hurt anymore.. am I being hurt? ❤️ . . I love her style 🎼
Eleanor Martinez
Eleanor Martinez Hace 2 horas
When you're never gonna get here cause your alone and have no help like fam no mom or dad bros in prison and 3 kids with him cause of the bouncing back n forth between idk what Love? Friends?
Tyrin Thomson
Tyrin Thomson Hace 2 horas
You just gotta love her and that voice
atianna gonzalez
atianna gonzalez Hace 2 horas
Damn she’s hurt.. But these love songs been hitting differently lately 😭💕
Synchronicity Hace 3 horas
Sing girl
E M Hace 3 horas
Damn she so cute.
rhatz dy2629
rhatz dy2629 Hace 4 horas
What's her nationality??she look like a filipino
ROY WALTERS Hace 4 horas
where is that comment that say " singer used Ty dolla sign like parsley "
Raven Nolen
Raven Nolen Hace 4 horas
pernado auaz
pernado auaz Hace 4 horas
올해 최고의 노래인듯
Kim Jyun yes I’m Korean
Kim Jyun yes I’m Korean Hace 6 horas
Is it weird that I thought she was Asian 😂😂😂😂
Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks Hace 4 horas
She is, she is mixed with Japanese, by I think one of her grandparents.
Darwin Blue
Darwin Blue Hace 6 horas
50 shades of grey lol when she's hit the close button in the elevator at the end
Desiree Smith
Desiree Smith Hace 7 horas
I love this song but big sean sounds like he's running out of breathe lmao
I no I don’t yes
I no I don’t yes Hace 7 horas
Ion think she is over it as in she still wants him just an ideal him. When he said she knew he had those issues when they met it almost suggests that they both knew it wasn’t gonna last but might have been a common case of “will you save me? Yes I’ll save you” followed by “dang I can only save myself.” Also ion think his mentions of sex was to only say he only values her sexually but he mentions it as she has previously as an important aspect of their relationship and that’s okay. It’s okay to want and enjoy sex y’all especially with those you love.
caution 10-0
caution 10-0 Hace 7 horas
Every time I play this song I stop at big sean part X out
candace mae villa-wendt
candace mae villa-wendt Hace 8 horas
4EVERPESO Hace 9 horas
Dont let her lie to you she still deep in love
Levert Fairley
Levert Fairley Hace 9 horas
she is my celebrity crush i would not know what do if i saw her face to face
Delano DYLONIOUS Hace 10 horas
I done lost hope they were my favorite couple. There is no such thing as love anymore. She even cursed it's the first time I heard that from her. I give up.....Love ain't meant for everyone.....💔💔💔
TheUltimateYoloER Hace 10 horas
Fucking Sean Don well done mate ahahahah
James Owens
James Owens Hace 11 horas
Ended a 5 yr relationship with my ex and this gotta be the perfect representation of how I shit is... No bad blood shit just isn't the same.
Leah Renee
Leah Renee Hace 11 horas
I love this song SO much, I wish that everyone knew this song but the world is so much different in 2019 that it was when I was younger. I’m seriously VERY sad about it....... doesn’t ANYONE feel the same? The air is different..... I miss my childhood 🥺 and Middle School....
Yana Yagu
Yana Yagu Hace 12 horas
The Light7
The Light7 Hace 12 horas
Aries men are a mess 💀💀💀💀
Han 4:20
Han 4:20 Hace 15 horas
Umah ioo
Un-Popular Animator
Un-Popular Animator Hace 15 horas
That's besides the point I'm disappointed as a homie, what is it you see?" I felt it🌻
Gerald Wade
Gerald Wade Hace 17 horas
I rap I love too have her on a couple tracks with me
Gerald Wade
Gerald Wade Hace 17 horas
Love this joint right hear
Gerald Wade
Gerald Wade Hace 17 horas
She's going to tha next big singer like for real that's just how I feel
Gerald Wade
Gerald Wade Hace 17 horas
This my shit love app her. Music she really be jaming like for real
Shiloh the Nomad
Shiloh the Nomad Hace 18 horas
We want to be more for our women but we cannot be psychic. Men are not emotional creatures and we live in a society that forces us to be. There is a huge difference between healthy communication and counterproductive assumption. A lot of women do believe their contribution to a relationship is sex; and when you find a woman who is more than that, they assume that every woman holds that standard and men should know how to properly engage them in turn. Truth be told most men do not know what a put together woman looks like. Men are tired of women who are "seeking more" living in their own bubble of "positivity", "vibes" and "energy" leaving no room for conflict resolution. Also how can a man be open with women that are so fickle with relationships? Women are quick to seek out attention and giving away our deepest secrets for 20 minutes of fame from others when they cannot produce the love that should be inside;. Self-love comes before a relationship not after.
Mylifeoutloud 73
Mylifeoutloud 73 Hace 20 horas
Standing ovations to our most liked comment on this video... I always listen to this song until Big Sean comes on & pretty much ruins it for me. As women who love deeply, we really felt her love,pain & loss. We also heard his narcissism loud and clear. Confusing love and respect for some disrespectful but good D...how toxic & sad. Perhaps this is just too close to home & too soon for me & my own experiences. This world seems to have more women than men in it and we struggle to find what we want because we want respectable men that will love and protect us and that demographic seems to be getting smaller.💔#MakeLoveNotWar☮️💟☯️
C D Hace 21 un hora
This is a Twin Flame relationship for sure 🔥..They are beautiful for allowing us to witness this journey with them ❤️
F1ipsydez Hace 21 un hora
She's beautiful
Z4RK x_#
Z4RK x_# Hace un día
Wack ass song
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia Hace un día
Everyone in this comment section: I FELT THAT
S1ck0fant Hace un día
The room is my only escape, I guess that’s none of your concern.......
Ruby Reads Tarot
Ruby Reads Tarot Hace un día
Love ❤️
Dominikblah Blahblah
Dominikblah Blahblah Hace un día
Beautiful song just like always from Jhene! Did not miss big sean in his track with his missed notes 😂
XTRARTX Hace un día
Damn Sean ? really surprise for me but probably they love each outher too much !!!
Jasmine Stanton
Jasmine Stanton Hace un día
I Love This Song But Stupid Ass Men Ego Big Sean Messed This Beautiful Piece With None Sense
DaReal Jayyskrr
DaReal Jayyskrr Hace un día
Jhene the baddest female ever 🥺❤️🥀 🚫🧢
Verlissa Hunter
Verlissa Hunter Hace un día
I love her and her music!! So under rated & always a vibe!!
Ms. Mary Moore
Ms. Mary Moore Hace un día
This is what i needed to hear. Real music!!!
julian bu
julian bu Hace un día
I loved it the first time I heard i 💯💯💯💯😘😍
TBaby Jones
TBaby Jones Hace un día
Yes!...I’m going through the same thing right now that she is singing about but it’s time for me to love me & it’s fena be a new me & new beginning 2020 it is none of my concern anymore I love being by myself
Myia Mink
Myia Mink Hace un día
Anton Palmer
Anton Palmer Hace un día
Get yo bitch ass off my phone
親指 Hace un día
Do ya'll ever get nostalgia from something you've never heard/seen?
4TheLoveMedia Hace un día
What a beautiful song x
Michael Moreno
Michael Moreno Hace un día
is it me or did this audio change ? it sounds different from when i first heard it when it came out 🤷🏽‍♂️
Blush and Bones
Blush and Bones Hace un día
"I am not to blame, once I felt a way but not today I'm not afraid now i can say get yo bitch ass off my phone" I remember my 'ex' was the most toxic person to ever be in my life besides my dad. wow haha guess I never really had a positive male influence in my life. I sympathise for every female going thru EXACTLY the shit jhené sings about. My ex was always so convinced I was always doing something wrong or cheating, when he was the one doing it all along, all the time. Haha always felt like I was crazy and like I wasn't good enough. This song makes me feel a way
Winter Rose
Winter Rose Hace un día
Sis keep going! Love your work, your passion.. everything that u do is beautiful. ❤️
Deividas Martinavicius
Deividas Martinavicius Hace un día
Somehow i have heard just two songs of or with Jhene and i liked them both. Need to check more
bb bb
bb bb Hace un día
Thank you so much for your beautiful words. You don't understand how much this song means to me and how it made me open my eyes and take care of me. Thank you
Marquetta Rozier
Marquetta Rozier Hace un día
So so so love this song right now..thank you Jhene
Gracie Reaves
Gracie Reaves Hace un día
He’s an Aries he is selfish point, blank, period. So what if she knew what she was getting into she asked him to communicate with her but instead he left and went to Ariana so she filled her void it’s still his fault he ain’t treat her like the queen he was suppose to treat her so she said “get the fuck out of my phone, please leave me alone” listen to the lyrics he doesn’t care about her in a relationship but cares about her in a friendship they was friends before this if he knew he wasn’t in the right state of mind he shouldn’t have gotten into the relationship with her if he still felt a way about Ariana so no Jhené ain’t in the wrong Sean is listen to her son triggered he hurt her numerous times when all she did was try to love him fuck Sean he’s a good artist but Aries are selfish.
Pion Official
Pion Official Hace un día
From VietNam with love ❤️
Cloud759star Hace un día
Wtf is this and why is it in my mix when it doesn't remotely resenble my music?
stephanie spring
stephanie spring Hace un día
This song has helped me get through so much it's currently saving me from hurting myself
Игорь Карпов
Игорь Карпов Hace un día
Curtis Davies
Curtis Davies Hace un día
Its only nature that can free you and this video shows it all
sfreeman417 Hace un día
I love this song! I felt every word from Jhene Aiko! She is an amazing writer and when she gets together with Big Sean the lyrics and bars come to life! Their album together Twenty-88, Twenty-88 is fire!!! Amazing collaboration! They come from the perspective of both men and women, just Genius!
Fouad Was up
Fouad Was up Hace un día
I felt you fading the one of the best parts
Warcraft Rogue
Warcraft Rogue Hace un día
T.I or whoever at the end ruined jhene's beautiful track :(
Yulissa Ferreira
Yulissa Ferreira Hace un día
Sean's verse wasn't necessary.
gabby gigi
gabby gigi Hace un día
Big Sean seems to portray himself to be the kind of guy that will hurt you but leaves you with a lesson intentionally and honestly the worst kind of man I’ve experienced it myself 😞 but love you nae wish you nothing but positivity and love 🙏🏾♥️
facexpressionphotography30 Hace un día
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