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Jeremy Camp in België in het Koninklijk Circus - Brussel
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chanez jullie
chanez jullie Hace 6 días
Just watched the movie 😥💔
Jan Marie Maneja
Jan Marie Maneja Hace 19 días
"I Still Believe " movie got me here. Thanks Jeremy for sharing your story. God Bless you more ...
Songs&Lyrics Hace 21 un día
I had just watched the movie last night and i cried like a baby.. 😭
Bilqeyis Muellime
Bilqeyis Muellime Hace un mes
I came here after watching the movie *I still believe*
arash Hace un mes
amazing. god bless
Isaac the Worship Warrior
Isaac the Worship Warrior Hace un mes
Honestly after watching the movie I had to come back to this video to remember if Jean Luc really was part of the real story. It was just phenomenal. And even though, I knew about this story ahead of time, I still got misty eyed twice, even my sister shed a tear at one point and I haven't seen her cry in years.
Cristina Micu
Cristina Micu Hace un mes
I have cried all the movie. The story is so beautiful and so sad. It’s awesome ❤️
Blissful Faith
Blissful Faith Hace 2 meses
Both of them beautiful souls from inside out and also Addie Camp! Yall are so blessed! God pours out His blessing when you put ur entire faith in Him!
pedro D banana
pedro D banana Hace 2 meses
BOT Terminator
BOT Terminator Hace 2 meses
Today i watched the movie. The best movie.
Kacper Plata
Kacper Plata Hace 2 meses
Beautiful Story RIP Melissa God Bless you Jeremy 🙌🙏💪
Alexie Martinez
Alexie Martinez Hace 2 meses
What’s that song when he was taking
Zacary Grasl
Zacary Grasl Hace 2 meses
Whose here after watching the movie?
teotfw 1950
teotfw 1950 Hace 2 meses
I Still Believe!I'm so glad....Im the one in a million whose soul was touched by Melissa's story. And millions would be touched too ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Itai Chironga
Itai Chironga Hace 2 meses
Watched the movie it's touching
Euzimar Augusto de Araújo
Euzimar Augusto de Araújo Hace 3 meses
lindo o testemunho do seu amor pela sua esposa, Deus e fiel.....
Suzan Mc
Suzan Mc Hace 3 meses
Can anyone tell me where I can watch this beautiful movie. Cinemas in Ireland are closed due to the virus. Is there a movie app etc where it will play ? Thanks guys, hope yer all doing well ❤️
Steffy S. James
Steffy S. James Hace 2 meses
You can watch it in Ived just done watching there
Suzan Mc
Suzan Mc Hace 3 meses
@Mad Dog thank you 👍👍
Mad Dog
Mad Dog Hace 3 meses
Amazon you can rent it. Xfinity streaming, ESwomen streaming
Suzan Mc
Suzan Mc Hace 3 meses
@xKidPanda thank you 👍👍
Suzan Mc
Suzan Mc Hace 3 meses
@映画JY thank u 👍👍
Jhodi Velasquez
Jhodi Velasquez Hace 3 meses
Just watched the movie and i literally cried😭😭😭 Such an inspirational story...thanks for sharing your life jeremy camp...god bless you...
Marya Grasya
Marya Grasya Hace 3 meses
This is the story that worth it. A story that I hope it continue but does not. 💔
CrazyVideoCompilationsTv Hace 3 meses
The "i still believe"movie brought me here😊
Prachi Chauhan
Prachi Chauhan Hace 3 meses
Your story is inspiration to many people ❤️ thankyou for telling us about melissa.. she was an angel ❤️
Erin Threlkeld
Erin Threlkeld Hace 3 meses
Just saw their movie
Rakesh Gautam
Rakesh Gautam Hace 3 meses
Great and true love story
Ron P
Ron P Hace 3 meses
When I am weak He is strong.
Alan Gregorio
Alan Gregorio Hace 3 meses
This movie was sad.
Sweet clouds
Sweet clouds Hace 2 meses
@TheMegsNicole ' ??? saying is they didnt show her personality or faith to the extent she lived it, that goes for just being with Jeremy or others doesnt.matter , and in general you cant show a whole person by only showing them around one person, I'm sure her and her mom had a deep relationship during this, why didnt they show that? they left out her family which is just awful and even if they wanted only her and Jeremy they still held back her personality and faith
TheMegsNicole '
TheMegsNicole ' Hace 2 meses
Sweet clouds The movie was focused on their story, their relationship. No one else and Jeremy wanted to focus only on that because he wanted to share HER story and THEIRS not the people around them
Sweet clouds
Sweet clouds Hace 3 meses
yeah, I came here to get to know Melissa more , see even in her sickness she was still joyous, sorry but that didn't really come.through in the movie, the didnt they have a scene in which the boys played for her at home? I think the movie could have been better with more joy
Ethan Thomas
Ethan Thomas Hace 3 meses
This helped me with my faith thank you so much❤️😢
Erin Threlkeld
Erin Threlkeld Hace 3 meses
Cheyenne Hamm it has me choked up and made me realize that I have to choose faith. There’s nothing else to do but trust
Live From The Fridge
Live From The Fridge Hace 3 meses
Who came in 2020 to watch this?
Nanai Phang
Nanai Phang Hace un mes
me after looking up for KJ Apa
Blissful Faith
Blissful Faith Hace 2 meses
I did!
Muneeb AK
Muneeb AK Hace 3 meses
Live From The Fridge downloaded 😅
Live From The Fridge
Live From The Fridge Hace 3 meses
Muneeb AK where can I see the movie? Theaters are close in my area
Muneeb AK
Muneeb AK Hace 3 meses
I just watched the movie now and came here, The movie was too emotional
Stefanie Glatts
Stefanie Glatts Hace 3 meses
Such a beautiful story,
Neh-Bih Sangbong
Neh-Bih Sangbong Hace 3 meses
Here because I'm watching the movie tomorrow
Blackpink Kaye
Blackpink Kaye Hace 4 meses
Their story will have a movie . “I still believe you” , can’t wait to watch it 🥺😍😍😍😍
headly 777
headly 777 Hace 3 meses
There is movie.. I still believe it
Blackpink Kaye
Blackpink Kaye Hace 4 meses
Their story will have a movie . “I still believe you” , can’t wait to watch it 🥺😍😍😍😍
setuson hembrom AJKK
setuson hembrom AJKK Hace 2 meses
Saw the movie!!!!made me cry #keepthefaith
Brenda Hace 3 meses
Me 2 I can wait to c it
Ann Russell Ross
Ann Russell Ross Hace 3 meses
Such a honest movie
John Vargas
John Vargas Hace 4 meses
Just saw the movie today it's beautiful
Skylar moon
Skylar moon Hace 5 meses
Ya estoy por ver la película 🥺💗
Arthur Vasquez
Arthur Vasquez Hace 10 meses
Love your music sir ! Much love from all of my family !!!
Adamsfamily Hace un año
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 She was so beautiful and so very young. Now she is forever young, no more tears, no more suffering. I can not imagine the pain and grief her husband and family felt. I never knew his testimony was so intense. I pray he stands strong in his faith.
Christine Horne
Christine Horne Hace 2 años
Good movie!
C O R Y 777
C O R Y 777 Hace 2 años
His music is so Spirit filled!!!! His music has blessed my life and has helped me get closer to our Farther God!! Not sure if you will ever read this bro, but I can thank you enough THANK YOU!!!!!! I pray for you, your ministry, your family and friends all the time!! Be blessed and love ya bro!!!!!
Elizabeth Ruff
Elizabeth Ruff Hace 2 años
Hi Jeremy I understand I have had more than 8 people die from cancer mostly on my mother's side. What type of cancer did she have? I love your music. I hope you will come to Statesville nc USA, we had a awesome God festival a few years ago we need to have another one. We are having a faith fest in wilkesboro nc my father's family is from that area keep believing for those who believe earth is a continuation of heaven love Elizabeth faith ☺❤
Kristan Rae Stops
Kristan Rae Stops Hace 3 años
we need to pray for the men of the world to remain faithful in GOD.. we need more Men that value women s faith for the Lord Jesus
Brandon Williams Music - Topic
Brandon Williams Music - Topic Hace 9 días
Chattsie Yamba
Chattsie Yamba Hace 3 meses
Kristan Rae Stops amen!
Ana Lésia
Ana Lésia Hace 3 años
Linda historia
Bobby Tillman
Bobby Tillman Hace 3 años
Such a wonderfully blessed testimony about Jeremy Camp and Mellissa's short marriage and the power of Faith and Worship the two shared ... Grab your Kleenex's folks ... I did ... Was their short marriage worth it ... If you were to ask Jeremy, I'm sure that he's say YES without hesitation ... They were able to marry the person that they fell-in-love with, however short it was ...
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