Jeremy & Adie Camp - Whatever May Come (Livestream Performance)

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Jeremy and Adie Camp sing "Whatever May Come" for the first time, a song they wrote to process what's currently happening in the world. God is there for every heartbreak, every confusion, every fear. He is faithful every time.
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Whatever I face
Whatever the fear
whatever the cost
You always draw near
Whatever the pain
Whatever may come
Whatever may fall
Your love overcomes
I will call
I will call upon you
Whatever I face you are with me
I will fall I will fall on my knees
For every heartbreak you will hold me
Every wall will break
All the darkness shake
All the joy will be renewed
So every knee let’s bow
And raise a victory shout
For the king will make things new
Every mountain moved
Every lie be loosed
For your banner we’re lifting high

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JeremyCampMusic Hace 2 meses
Whatever the pain Whatever may come Whatever may fall Your love overcomes
Lina Cetrulo
Lina Cetrulo Hace un día
❤❤❤❤ beautiful song may God bless you & your family always ❤❤❤❤
Maureen Hace 4 días
Love you both..God bless
Julieta-Maria Rotar
Julieta-Maria Rotar Hace 7 días
Amen! You are so beautiful together, singing!😍 🙏🏿May the blessings of God fall upon you, and from your songs to be all of us blessed!!🙏🏿
Rita G
Rita G Hace 9 días
This quarantine has produced some great music
Ric Crouch
Ric Crouch Hace 13 días
JeremyCampMusic looking forward to more new music.
Miss Cray Cray Debbie *810*
Miss Cray Cray Debbie *810* Hace 11 horas
Kelly Sites
Kelly Sites Hace 23 horas
Gorgeous. Thank you!!!
Ester Hace un día
Thank you. It's Reminds me of the love of Christ in me 🙏😊
Arien Engelmann
Arien Engelmann Hace 2 días
Just such a beautiful song GOD is a Amazing GOD AMEN
Sariah Pariseau
Sariah Pariseau Hace 2 días
Christopher Torres
Christopher Torres Hace 2 días
Wow! This song is such a sweet melody of an overcoming victory through Christ. You both have done such a fantastic job with this song. Thank you!
Carrie Armstrong
Carrie Armstrong Hace 3 días
Jersmy i just lovd you! BLESS YOU
Laurian Sfatcu
Laurian Sfatcu Hace 3 días
Oh come on I'm sick and tired to see "christians" tattooed all over. What message they sent out? Celebrities? Morons. They are not worthy to be called christians. Period
Alejandra Arango
Alejandra Arango Hace 3 días
i love your story! i saw the movie!! thanks for sending god's message
Maureen Hace 4 días
Wow this is awesome, love it
Isioma Adaugo Enyioko
Isioma Adaugo Enyioko Hace 4 días
i love it
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez Hace 5 días
I use to work out at ballys in Vista w you n m go to Calvary even went to house when I lived o side w Jamie u probably don't rent me it was like what 12 or more years ago but I'm trying to quit drinking n all I do is cry. I share Jesus everyday addicts homeless n people at work I got out of detox n I lost 40 lbs but Gods got me ur music is so anointed I can't stop listening to it get me though each day especially walk by faith ♥️💜🙏🏼
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez Hace 5 días
God bless you! Thisadee cry n cry God is so Good
R Ryan
R Ryan Hace 5 días
It's not a Jeremy Camp song unless I hear Adie singing in it 😀
Donnie Jacks
Donnie Jacks Hace 5 días
I'm jealous she always get front seats lol. Loved your movie Jeremy. It's funny your movie confused my wife. Most Christian films have the "come to Jesus" moments and yours didn't. I had to explain to her a few times that you were already a Christian and was attending a Christian college. My wife is funny at times.
Pam Liedl
Pam Liedl Hace 6 días
Always my favorite artists ♥️
Debbie Marks
Debbie Marks Hace 6 días
Thank you. Thank you.
Tom Carrano
Tom Carrano Hace 6 días
This is not getting old..A heart cry to a sovereign, loving, faithful God. Amateur guitar players this helped me
Melinda Evans
Melinda Evans Hace 6 días
I have been so blessed with this song. I love to journal and these are words I have written. I love to see when someone puts the words in my heart to a song. I can listen to it over and over, which I have done since you put this online. Thank you for your timing, there has been a lot of heartbreaks this season.
Mindy Hace 7 días
Beautiful song. What if Adie sang the bridge or part of the bridge alone? The softness of her voice in the bridge could bring a different dynamic as the song builds up again with Jeremy's strong voice.
Elizabeth Larson
Elizabeth Larson Hace 7 días
His wife has a voice on her I can't sing I like this I get out of -tune sometimesy
Elizabeth Larson
Elizabeth Larson Hace 7 días
It's true about fear is a sin Zach Williams fear is liar that true God has everything we are all going to die someday we don't know when
steve kinkead
steve kinkead Hace 7 días
What a beautiful blend of harmonies and what a beautiful tribute to the goodness of our God in our walk with Him. Thank you for sharing.
Thomas Swanson
Thomas Swanson Hace 7 días
Can’t get this song out of my head. Great song, beautiful harmonies. Thank You!
michael arlen
michael arlen Hace 8 días
it bless me so much
W Smith
W Smith Hace 8 días
" We got this " floored me. I unexpectedly lost my wife Chris to a massive pulmonary embolism almost 5 yrs ago this Dec 23rd. We were together for 30 yrs. Married for 26. That was what we said to encouage each other. Thank you Jeremy and Adie for sharing Melissa's story. There are alot of similarities in hers and ours. I Still Believe because I Will Walk By Faith.
TheeAmberPlaysYT Hace 8 días
The movie they made about you it made me cry but I love the movie so much and u have the best voice you and tour wife have a blessed day.
Cristy Villarreal
Cristy Villarreal Hace 8 días
🙌🏽💜 Beautiful! God always draws matter the pain, no matter what comes, it is God’s love that will always overcome!! 😭
Bryan Christ
Bryan Christ Hace 8 días
Been a fan of your music for years now. Had a general idea of your story from things you've talked about at different shows. But until last night, after watching your movie with my wife.. Man! Your songs were already good but now knowing the back story and the faith it took and your walk. Even better.
Gary Robertson
Gary Robertson Hace 9 días
Absolutely awesome!
Marie VanHoose
Marie VanHoose Hace 9 días
I have been lost for so long. Recently watched I Still Believe. Your song makes me feel God. Thank you so much.
Mike L
Mike L Hace 9 días
Awesome song and great movie. God has rewarded you with a wonderful woman and you both are an inspiration to other couples keep it up. God bless you all.
Rita G
Rita G Hace 9 días
Wonderful. Inspirational. God bless you two😊
mjh12851 Hace 10 días
Thank you, Adie & Jeremy! What a beautiful song, and I love the acoustics in that room! You made my day! ❤️
TheGood Thurman
TheGood Thurman Hace 10 días
He looks like bradley cooper
toni Orellana
toni Orellana Hace 11 días
bendiciones i from el salvador bless Jeremy and Adie TRADUCER TO SPANIÑ YOUR INTERVENTION FOR LATIN WORLD
Anthony Clements
Anthony Clements Hace 11 días
Your story changed my life man.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Yara De almeida
Yara De almeida Hace 11 días
may god bless you😍😘
Yolande Niemand
Yolande Niemand Hace 12 días
Brian Adkins
Brian Adkins Hace 12 días
Nailed it - both of you :)
Tricia Sennyk
Tricia Sennyk Hace 12 días
Love this you two singing together,Thank you so much for your ministry! Loved the movie,!!
yvonne tapiwa kanouruka
yvonne tapiwa kanouruka Hace 13 días
Woooow powerful... God brought you guys together to minister to Him and his people. Keep at it. Your story inspired me. All I want is to be used by God
Martha Pena
Martha Pena Hace 13 días
I have always enjoyed Christian music; I have so many favorite singers. I also enjoy reading biographies but unfortunately I have yet to read yours. I will try to order it asap as I have recently seen 'I still believe ' and sobbed throughout the whole movie. I feel get to know people more once I read about their ups and downs in life. Totally amazed at how y'all found faith and strength through your trials with Melissa. May the Lord's blessings continue to multiply in your life.
Pierre Raymond
Pierre Raymond Hace 13 días
Invincible Hace 13 días
I am praying for your whole family I love your movie
cre8tivkj Hace 13 días
Beautiful! ❤️
Lydia Glovier
Lydia Glovier Hace 14 días
Love this song! You both sound great together!
Sara T
Sara T Hace 14 días
love it! So thankful He holds us!
Cindy Carroll
Cindy Carroll Hace 14 días
Amazing song!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
T N Hace 14 días
Jesus loves. Pary yell Sophia Maria
khuman mani
khuman mani Hace 14 días
today i have watch the movies ''i still believe you'' thats bring me here to watch ur song 😇😇😇👌👍🏻
Marc Cardillo
Marc Cardillo Hace 15 días
You guys are blessed
Animaljam10AJ Hace 15 días
Honestly..This song makes me cry
Sarah Frances
Sarah Frances Hace 15 días
Soo beautiful you are Adie !! And your voice heavenly ❤️
Arrie Mans
Arrie Mans Hace 15 días
I love your movie it was so sweet and so sad but so happy at the same time I'm so glad your doing well and happy keep going keep fighting and keep praying love u😊
Follenz_KUKI Official
Follenz_KUKI Official Hace 16 días
Jeremy i don't know you but when i see your story through the movie "I still believe" I came to knows that you area God fearing person and am more aware of God still holds me and I too can i say "I Still believe" God's plan and all my destiny ☺❤
Gwen Ewing
Gwen Ewing Hace 16 días
Just lovely
Katrina Julia
Katrina Julia Hace 16 días
So beautiful & Holy Spirit filled. So grateful I heard you mention this on Sadie's show & God led me there. Pray & hope to see recording & more songs from the two of you together. The movie - I Still Believe so blessed me. I watched it on Easter Sunday & so many tears. Thank you for share a deeply personal journey. Your song "Father" is on repeat many days at home while I sit, pray and/or work. Thank you deeply both of you.
Abigail HASSLER Hace 16 días
YOUR SONGS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heather Jimenez
Heather Jimenez Hace 17 días
Where is the ❤️ button!!🙏❤️
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Hace 17 días
Thank you Jeremy Camp, thank you for the service you continue to give to our Lord Jesus Christ. May He fullfil your hearts desires.
B Lam
B Lam Hace 18 días
Nice. Really like the acoustic guitar.
Dawn-E- Do
Dawn-E- Do Hace 18 días
Oh my goodness, her voice is amazing! ❤
sandi bearden
sandi bearden Hace 18 días
Beautiful!🙏 I recently lost my husband. He was killed in a motorcycle accident. As you know yourself this is a difficult journey. I have and still am going through so many emotions and questions. As my husband use to say to me all the time, "We got this,babe!" I hear him often still saying it to me. I thank God for loving me! I thank God for His mercy and grace! There's so many intricate things and ways God is showing, teaching, blessing me in the midst of the pain. Imperfectly perfect with a purpose and a destiny. Thank you for making the movie, I Still Believe. I just watched it and truly blessed me. Praising God in the midst of the storm and helping me to still believe even when I can't see! God bless you and your family!
Pam Liedl
Pam Liedl Hace 6 días
Praying for you during this difficult time! Adding you to my prayer journal 🙏❤️
serendipity soul
serendipity soul Hace 15 días
Hey sandi , i hope you're doing good , I'm so sorry for your lost , also so happy of the way you 're dealing with the pain , I'm sure your husband is so proud of your right now because " you Got this " I'm only 20 years old & to be honest through what we all are living in the moment with Covid , I think it's all God's plan , and I'm sure it's guiding us to the best . just wanted to remind you to keep believing & have faith , the same way he is controlling the universe , he is controlling your life & your destiny .
Adriana Chavez
Adriana Chavez Hace 18 días
❤️❤️❤️🌷🙏 😢Dios los bendiga siempre 💕
Victoria Garza
Victoria Garza Hace 18 días
You are my favorite artist you open my eyes it must've been a hard life for your first wife die I cried out my eyes thank you for helping me give my life to the Lord
Maria Flores
Maria Flores Hace 18 días
Jeremy your voice is so great
Pyroverbs205 Hace 18 días
Awesome song, but I must say Adie's singing is amazing. God bless
deje wenceslao
deje wenceslao Hace 19 días
What a very nice song, it moved me,God bless you Camp family
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