Jeffree Star won't stop

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Cartier Tea

Cartier Tea

Hace 8 meses

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emma chamberlainemmaethmasister squad

NH2 Hace 7 meses
I think he was just joking. I mean, can’t he?
Sydney Venetsanopoulos
Sydney Venetsanopoulos Hace 7 meses
He was shading wet n wild for copying james?? Guys... come on
bluebutterfly Hace 8 meses
okay I might be the only one who thinks this but, shade and cancel culture isn’t relevant anymore... but I do love watching your videos and we can’t be putting you out of business so stir up the tea! ☕️
Jasmine Rivero
Jasmine Rivero Hace 8 meses
Jeffree definitely wasn’t shading James 😂😂 y’all need to stop
Victoria Ana
Victoria Ana Hace 8 meses
Nikkie did the same. Literally. He wasn't even shading James, he was shading wet n wild. Ya'll need to calm down.
Oh Hey
Oh Hey Hace 8 meses
What happened to “I’m nEvEr dOiNg tHiS aGaIn”
Skyla Stylinson
Skyla Stylinson Hace 8 meses
But ofc Nikki doesnt get attacked lol. The double standard is real 💀💀💀
Tank Gatza
Tank Gatza Hace 8 meses
Wait didn’t another beauty blogger say the same thing and James gave them a shoutout? Weird!! Why is this a topic start with the original person who said it then get back at.
rottingmolars Hace 8 meses
I think he was just joking in the beginning clip :/ people took it out of context
Conor Dixon
Conor Dixon Hace 8 meses
My fat ass laughed. HARD 🤣🤣😂
Coll 44
Coll 44 Hace 8 meses
So him and Nikki tutorials shaded James
death yeah
death yeah Hace 8 meses
You bitches who report on “tea” and you weirdos who consume it are brain dead. Who cares.
Nunugom Hace 8 meses
If JS didn't do anything, I'm gonna run out things to watch , I'm rooting for you JS! 💕
sjnla12 Hace 8 meses
When your 40 something and shading kids... gtfo @jeffreestar
Ashlynn Smith
Ashlynn Smith Hace 8 meses
Nikkie tutorials did that same thing. But hers wasn’t shade towards James. It was towards wet n wild and both of their videos are very similar. I’m sure Jeffree’s was towards wet n wild in this one too.
alycia anadia
alycia anadia Hace 8 meses
Tbh, we all know that Jeffree shades people. It’s pretty normal because he’s always been like this. I don’t even think it was that serious knowing his personality. He probably wasn’t even trying to be vindictive. Relax
Jewels Brewner
Jewels Brewner Hace 8 meses
I think it's funny! Its Jeffree Star he is everything. Who cares if he shades that dumb ass james!
Meari 🍓
Meari 🍓 Hace 8 meses
Love when people take things out of context, it’s the best!
Naadia Chalmers
Naadia Chalmers Hace 8 meses
it was funnny! calm to fuck down people . arff
Edy Tsukino
Edy Tsukino Hace 8 meses
I thought what he said was funny 💀💀💀 lmao it was even that much drama... he was just making fun of that situation
saff Hace 8 meses
can we please talk about jeffree star and how he sexually assaulted someone? as well as harassed people?
-.- Hace 8 meses
Honestly though, I don’t care what the Beauty community does anymore. *All them clowns sometimes*
Rock Chan
Rock Chan Hace 8 meses
I really don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed and cool about tearing down James career it’s really not cute I think it’s actually really disgusting, he hasn’t really done anything BAD and if he has tell me??
Giselle Gutierrez
Giselle Gutierrez Hace 8 meses
That to me sounded more like a sarcastic joke than shading but everything is always shade apparently 🤷🏻‍♀️
Lujayn Abdel Bar
Lujayn Abdel Bar Hace 8 meses
Lmao i just focused on his dog. He looks like tannie uwu
Joey Halvorson
Joey Halvorson Hace 8 meses
He wasn’t saying anything about James he was saying something about how wet n wild ripped it off
Cake Boyy
Cake Boyy Hace 8 meses
If anything he’s shading wet n wild I think it was a light hearted joke
Raymond Fajardo
Raymond Fajardo Hace 8 meses
yall are dumb asf... they really out here canceling jstar even tho he was on the same side as jcharles??? okay bye
kitty smile
kitty smile Hace 8 meses
What? I thought the shade was towards wet n wild? Like how nikki did it? Everyone is so overdramatic jesus.
ItsAlexRose Hace 8 meses
i don't see how he was shading james ????
rocky start
rocky start Hace 8 meses
I thought it was funny! He was making a joke!
Clean Freak
Clean Freak Hace 8 meses
SlendernansHyna Hace 8 meses
Um so we’re gonna act like we don’t live for the tea. Okeeeeeeeey.
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen Hace 8 meses
Jeffree is meant to have matured but holding a grudge is not growing up
Stephen Richards
Stephen Richards Hace 8 meses
there was drama about wet n wild remaking the james charles palette. aka joke/shade. why are people so damn sensitive. l
kimberly x
kimberly x Hace 8 meses
i hate those people that are like “ugh i’m sO oVeR the beauty community” like literally shut up lmaoo you still watch for the drama and no one forces you to watch.
Bridie Lynch
Bridie Lynch Hace 8 meses
I don’t think he was trying to shade James I think he was just simply commenting on how wet and wild literally copied james’ pallet. If anything I think it was meant to be a dig at wet and wild
gellianne usi
gellianne usi Hace 8 meses
The only reason as to why people are going to Jeffre is because people are starting to get sick of his attitude with the community and all that. People started to expect jeffree to be more mature and all that after the tati situation in my opinion I honestly think jeffree is trying way to hard now. Possibly trying to move past what happened. He let the fame kinda get to him and now he is looking desperate. No hate or anything this is just how i see things with jeffree now and it sucks.
lona dagoat
lona dagoat Hace 8 meses
It's not that serious they both trash🗑️
Bailey Duran
Bailey Duran Hace 8 meses
I think if you put your brain in a place reminiscent of five years ago and ask if this really matters or if it was a joke.... It would be a joke and we would all me laughing instead of mindlessly arguing 😂 I don't get why people think this is so bad. It's the same joke I'd make to my friends because it's a super and it was funny for me to see how James lost his shit over a dupe... Every one is different but I'm just saying, it's not that deep.
jordan Hace 8 meses
Jordann Swinney
Jordann Swinney Hace 8 meses
people will find anything to hate jeffree for. it’s sad.
Maseratigirll Hace 8 meses
I think everyone to opinionated on something that has nothing to do with them lol if James and him have beef okay ... lol that’s them
Urmom gay
Urmom gay Hace 8 meses
I stopped watching all beauty gurus cuz their all toxic to each other
Brandon Thornburg
Brandon Thornburg Hace 8 meses
How was this any different from when Nikkitutorials said the same thing?! America esssplain!!
Hannah Sparks
Hannah Sparks Hace 8 meses
I don't think he shaded James, I think it was more meant for Wet N Wild... It's not that serious.
Sophia Cahua
Sophia Cahua Hace 8 meses
I honestly agree with a lot of the comments saying he shaded the brand, not James. The comment was pointed towards the fact that the brand copied James’ palatte.
Cruzader Kuuhaku
Cruzader Kuuhaku Hace 8 meses
Girl, we need that intro/outro music please.
shadybb Hace 8 meses
“cut the toxic people out of your life” me: but the beauty gurus are *everywhere*
Haley 115
Haley 115 Hace 8 meses
Jeffree will say what he pleases, no matter what anyone thinks.
Amanda Rios
Amanda Rios Hace 8 meses
It was more a wet n' wild shade but y'all put anything up for views tho
Anna oop-
Anna oop- Hace 8 meses
Am I the only one that never liked jefree? Honestly he’s so annoying.
Faisal Hadi
Faisal Hadi Hace 8 meses
y'all jeffree totally shaded wet n wild, not james. i'm dead when people said to jeffre “you should grown as fuck” but they didn't even understand about what jeffree said, lmfao 💀
Bran dee
Bran dee Hace 8 meses
It was a joke, and it was meant to shade wet n wild. People are too sensitive. Learn to live and laugh a little. jeez.. lol
Polly ThePengiun
Polly ThePengiun Hace 8 meses
He wasn’t shading James. He was shading wetnwild 💀 the James Stan’s just need SOMETHING to flip about 😒
sariah mae
sariah mae Hace 8 meses
he shaded wet n wild. he just brought up that fact that wet n wild stole james's paltete and made a joke about it.
*screams in confusion*
*screams in confusion* Hace 8 meses
Somebody needs to thanos snap the beauty community
Aleyda L.
Aleyda L. Hace 8 meses
Ummm he was shading Wet n’ Wild not James.
Bruna Alexandra Pereira
Bruna Alexandra Pereira Hace 8 meses
Like he was not shading Jamie chorls... He was shading Wet and wild!!! People are saying that he is thirsty for drama when in reality, people are creating the drama, where it isn't!!! Mind your business, if someone should be insulted or offended is wet and wild, not you!!!
JIMIN HAS JAMS Hace 8 meses
Didn’t Nikki do the same thing? No one thought she shaded James
Bekka Gore
Bekka Gore Hace 8 meses
😂😂 there is no new James Charles palette 🎨, he said this right after Nate said “wet n wild” he was simply referring to “wet n wild” palette being the “new James Charles” palette being that even James himself said it’s basically exactly the same 😂 settle people nothing to be outraged about over here
sienna Hace 8 meses
why are people so pressed IT WAS A JOKE
Colin F
Colin F Hace 8 meses
people be reaching on this. i thought it was obvious that he was shading wet n wild
Sadie D.
Sadie D. Hace 8 meses
I thought he was shading wet n wild
Joey Q
Joey Q Hace 8 meses
It was clear he was shading wet and mild🤔
Maddie Um
Maddie Um Hace 8 meses
honestly like I didn’t even think Jeffree was really fishing for drama, still don’t. Like I thought it was just a joke and he was just making a joke?? like this is a joke i would make lol but Jeffree just happens to have a ton of followers
IlleagalBeagle Hace 8 meses
I thought it was just a joke. I didn't take it as him trying to start drama, but ok then
khaotic kylie
khaotic kylie Hace 8 meses
How was that even shade towards james tho?? 🤦🏻
Megan Clark
Megan Clark Hace 8 meses
idk why everyone’s so worried about jeffree and his comments when there’s more important things to worry about
EvanieByKerri Hace 8 meses
I didn't even bat an eye when Jeffree said that. N E X T
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