Jeffree Star - Prom Night (Official Video)

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Hace 7 años

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Directed by: Robby Starbuck
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Jarrad Hajner
Jarrad Hajner Hace 19 horas
No one: Absolutely no one: Literally not a single soul: My recommended: PROM NIGHT
R Feyman
R Feyman Hace un día
Wish I could have gone to prom but they don't like LGBTQ+ people in hickville. Freaking love jEfFree's hair but I would glam it up with glitter and unicorns - because eff the haters.
Leithel H
Leithel H Hace 2 días
why are all his lyrics trashy? why is he obsessed with sexual antics! only way he could make money? he is trashy
Bubbleberry Hace 3 días
This as recommended to me with 'This Christmas Life' from Shane and,,,,, conspiracy?????
DJ AJ Hace 5 días
Yeh take a gun to school prom 🙄😶
Dazza W
Dazza W Hace 5 días
The song sounds a lot like Kesha's.
Lucas Hace 6 días
Anyone know the guys handle at 1:57 😈
Lena Lalic
Lena Lalic Hace 6 días
I can't believe that James Charles was 12 at this time
Cosette Munoz
Cosette Munoz Hace 6 días
Lanea Hace 7 días
Steal the crown!
Raelene Casarez
Raelene Casarez Hace 8 días
I'm so proud of Jeffree Star & how far hes come!!! Im now 19 and I seen him in concert when I was 13 and met him at warped tour in 2014 😭 he deserves everything he has and so much more ❤
Knoppy Hace 8 días
I was 16 when this came out I’m 23 now and still fucking jamming
Valeria Luna G.
Valeria Luna G. Hace 9 días
I was nervous in my prom so I started listening to this song to calm down. :3... Then I saw the lyrics. It was a good party tho
Pig Dragon
Pig Dragon Hace 9 días
..... holy fuck that's detox
Ilona Hace 9 días
Okay but he's not aging
Holy Naldy
Holy Naldy Hace 10 días
Was that detox?
Mykelle Barton
Mykelle Barton Hace 10 días
Does anybody see Detox I think that’s him ? 🤔
EmilyxPorter x
EmilyxPorter x Hace 10 días
I think jeffree should make a whole palette all about his music
Abdulrahman Adel
Abdulrahman Adel Hace 10 días
0:31 i just realized this is detox standing with the girls
Payge Hace 11 días
3:07 sounds like fantastic baby by big bang lol
Geneva Ayala
Geneva Ayala Hace 11 días
November 2019?
Zarah Libozada
Zarah Libozada Hace 12 días
WHO SAW DETOX from RPDR @0:33???
Panda Rach
Panda Rach Hace 13 días
I loved him since this song
Itz Pastel
Itz Pastel Hace 13 días
I wish Jeffree kept making music now! Its would be so cool
Kinga Báthory
Kinga Báthory Hace 14 días
OMG when I saw Detox next to the car
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves Hace 14 días
Most early 2010s thing ever lmao
Purple Rain
Purple Rain Hace 15 días
it feels like I am listening to K-POP !!
Kyle Martin
Kyle Martin Hace 15 días
Anyone here after The Conspiracy palette is released
JonnyDaChamp Hace 3 días
meee lmaooo
Colleen Andrawis
Colleen Andrawis Hace 7 días
Valeentina Hace 15 días
renea hale
renea hale Hace 15 días
One word: Iconic
Rafaela Sampaio
Rafaela Sampaio Hace 15 días
Akon was right after all...he would REALLY do it!
delta kris
delta kris Hace 16 días
Its been almost 8 years sense this vid 😂 im not even that old...
Carla Fancelli
Carla Fancelli Hace 16 días
Me gusta si vienen del vídeo de Rosy de la mistery box ❤️✨
Ellie Livingstone
Ellie Livingstone Hace 16 días
*This 👏🏻 is 👏🏻 everything 👏🏻*
Viktor Ranta
Viktor Ranta Hace 16 días
This song and music video just makes me so happy inside!! Jeffree is the cure for depression.
Alex:3 The black cat
Alex:3 The black cat Hace 16 días
I mean Jeffree still haves knifes in his bags years later XD
Michal Hace 16 días
I love Jeffree but this is so bad, he can't sing and it's so tacky, I think he's very classy nowadays and I love what he's doing now but watching this is painful
Modernjuliet247 Hace 17 días
So we gonna ignore detox
Kerry Birchall
Kerry Birchall Hace 14 días
I was thinking “is it?” She didn’t get enough screen time
NiteSniper Hace 17 días
The dislikes are James charles
scratchaboobear Hace 18 días
Not bad. I like it.
Stellashines83 Hace 18 días
I just randomly figured out that it’s detox in the back 😂 after watching this video for the 1000 time
Tina_Niicol Hace 21 un día
Katherine Hace 21 un día
Am I the only one that would think it'd be cool if Jeffree remade one of his music videos? But here's the catch, he does a makeup line based after it. For example, like this music video, the eyeshadow palette would be named after things in the song, instead of the MAC lipsticks, in the beginning, it would be his own. Also, the makeup being worn would be his own brand. That would be his way of advertising the new release. Though now that I typed it up, it seems kinda crazy and confusing, that's late-night thoughts for ya.
Martyna Game
Martyna Game Hace 21 un día
WHO 2019?
Ryan Singrossi
Ryan Singrossi Hace 22 días
Who else is here for Detox!
Seagull Hace 22 días
Granny M
Granny M Hace 22 días
I'll forgive this just because it was so long ago. Stick to selling make up gurl!
Abigail Buchmiller
Abigail Buchmiller Hace 23 días
Not mad that this is in my recommendations, love me some JS, but why?
Leoni Nashaat
Leoni Nashaat Hace 23 días
Wtf did I just watch...
Feliscity Monroe
Feliscity Monroe Hace 24 días
wow. end of 2019, and also my first time watching this.
xo_beauty _xo
xo_beauty _xo Hace 24 días
Who here in 2019 😂😂😂😂
Lara Hace 24 días
CGagnon5 Hace 24 días
this is the worst thing I've ever heard
North Hace 25 días
School shootings weren't really a thing back then. Times have sure changed...
joselyn Rodriguez
joselyn Rodriguez Hace 25 días
A bop ngl
anna eskes
anna eskes Hace 25 días
This is actually kindof a good song
tyler Monaghan
tyler Monaghan Hace 25 días
Who is here after the beautiful world of jeffree star
Isis Olivia
Isis Olivia Hace 25 días
AngelxXxStar _Hetero killer
AngelxXxStar _Hetero killer Hace 25 días
DETOX!!! 0:35
Polie Hace 25 días
Detox hello bitch Can’t believe detox is in this I think a the beginning that girl in car photo shoot with purple and blue hair
Tiffany Easterpr0
Tiffany Easterpr0 Hace 26 días
Taehgoo Hace 26 días
No one: Jeffree Star at 2:21: Puck
Anya Mutova
Anya Mutova Hace 27 días
Who is here after Shane's series? He started them with similar named songs: Trailer: "Prom Queen" Theme Song: Soundtrack from the movie Prom Night "Time of the Season" Coincidence? I think conspiracy🐷⭐
MariSleepsWithSIrens Hace 27 días
Damn this brings back memories. I've been following Jeffree since his beauty killer album and God damn his music kept my vibes up.
Gregory Albert
Gregory Albert Hace 27 días
Now that Shanes releasing the Collab I’m hoping Jeffree returns to music like he hinted in last years series
LuAnn G
LuAnn G Hace 27 días
This bitch has been lit for a while daaaamn!
Rxby_pxwers Hace 27 días
Why is this on my reccomended 😂
Kelsie Hace 27 días
Holy FUCK, that whole pink look and suit is EVERYTHING! OH, SHE READYYYYYY! 😍😍😍
Ruby Lang
Ruby Lang Hace 27 días
its-nikkiy Hace 29 días
0:36 is that detox?
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