Jeffree Star - Prom Night (Official Video)

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Hace 8 años

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Directed by: Robby Starbuck
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Kemit's Toes
Kemit's Toes Hace 17 horas
damn what's he got against Hannah beth
Jiggler Hace un día
Fine y’all saw the herd 5ey I need 1 more train that’s 8 spot train train train train trains demand xena stap bot sigh bc no fluttering buddy that’s appropriate
Dilraj Singh
Dilraj Singh Hace un día
I never went to prom but I still partied to this song.
tealbreeze101 lol
tealbreeze101 lol Hace 2 días
I love Jeffree stars music
JakesNation98 Hace 3 días
Thank god he stopped making music
Barb Losco
Barb Losco Hace 5 días
Dramatic much wow he sucks
Huda Zeb
Huda Zeb Hace 6 días
Being a miraculous ladybug fan i just noticed lila and jefferee star have something in common Them: OOPS I LIEDD😂😂😂
Harry Lidgard
Harry Lidgard Hace 8 días
I was singing this to myself when i fell off my bike. Seriously though such a good song.
juice Kermit
juice Kermit Hace 8 días
A good makeup artist now a good SINGER
MJM Hace 10 días
Jeffree Star taking down competition in illegal ways since early ages, circa 2012 colourised.
angel4bf Hace 14 días
smile and walk away yall 😀
Bakugo Jaeger
Bakugo Jaeger Hace 15 días
I refuse to accept that Jeffree Star music
Calming Asmr
Calming Asmr Hace 15 días
I am taking youtube down, I am giving everyone's views to those who lost their lives to the assehole. And let them dictate your life. Good riddance.
Calming Asmr
Calming Asmr Hace 15 días
And call yourself. A friend and lie to the public eye.
Calming Asmr
Calming Asmr Hace 15 días
Go make money off of others. Then then call her when you're dying.
Extremely Low Quality Content
Extremely Low Quality Content Hace 19 días
This didn’t age well
Quantum Dank
Quantum Dank Hace 21 un día
Vulcan Fire
Vulcan Fire Hace 21 un día
I want Jeffree within me
gbluecheez Hace 22 días
100 gecs could never
sabeen satttar
sabeen satttar Hace 23 días
He is so fucking good at singing wonder why he gave it up
yes Yes
yes Yes Hace 24 días
he has the nerves to call Choerry untalented when he sings like this😾
pe KSI
pe KSI Hace 26 días
pe KSI
pe KSI Hace 26 días
Crimson Eros
Crimson Eros Hace 27 días
Want more music like boom boom pow
niamh taylor
niamh taylor Hace 27 días
The lipstick nazi photo in the back just like 👁👄👁
Charmed Life
Charmed Life Hace 27 días
Cant relate
sakurashounen Hace 29 días
Shittiest song ever and that hair is just tragic.
Just Shade
Just Shade Hace un mes
I don’t “Stan” Jeffree but foooooook this song is CATCHY.
Islam Miah
Islam Miah Hace un mes
Is he a boy or a girl
Bakugo Jaeger
Bakugo Jaeger Hace 15 días
Mortem Bixch
Mortem Bixch Hace un mes
Lipstick Nazi in 03-10 seconds👀 never gonna support this immature 35 year old🗡
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins Hace un mes
Even though I don’t like him this song is lit
Maria Gloria
Maria Gloria Hace un mes
Diogo Martins
Diogo Martins Hace un mes
0:36 is that detox?
E Vidz
E Vidz Hace un mes
Prom in 2012: 💅👄👦👩🤴👸👯‍♀️👣🏫🍕🍷👗👔 Prom in 2020:👨‍💻 👩‍💻
viviann Hace un mes
ok boomer
It's Zarah
It's Zarah Hace un mes
i wish we could of seen the manipulator in jeffree sooner
Fitzana Williams
Fitzana Williams Hace un mes
i'm crying wtf lmao
Кристина Мельниченко
Кристина Мельниченко Hace un mes
repetitive reality
repetitive reality Hace un mes
disgraceful and to think that parents leave their kids to see this.. I'm outta words
John Harvey
John Harvey Hace un mes
I still wanna know when I can get my Lipstick Nazi pallet
shauna estes
shauna estes Hace un mes
Who else is here from tea spill 🤠
Lex Hace un mes
I bet Jeffree still has that yearbook but instead of classmates has every guru's picture there.
Debra Wanjiru
Debra Wanjiru Hace un mes
Omg this is iconic😂😂🔥🙌
anothereero Hace un mes
Literally Trisha Paytas makes better music
Jasmine Soza
Jasmine Soza Hace un mes
School shooting much?
Ketzer Moloch
Ketzer Moloch Hace un mes
Beschiessener geht nicht.
Jazz163 Hace un mes
Ashyx Draws
Ashyx Draws Hace un mes
Bruh it’s sad cause I think this song is kinda good and then I see the lipstick nazi up on his wall 😔
————— Hace un mes
Who tf cares
Ashyx Draws
Ashyx Draws Hace un mes
Mrs. Infamous 0:03
Mrs. Infamous
Mrs. Infamous Hace un mes
Robin Johnson
Robin Johnson Hace un mes
What the hell this was produced by Akon? Ps like if you're here from what's about to happen?
Oddly Alex
Oddly Alex Hace un mes
Still can’t believe that picture of him cutting himself is in the back at the beginning lol
Mihaela M
Mihaela M Hace un mes
anyone here after the tati drama
karina Hace un mes
anyone else find themselves here cause of recent tea??
Vi987 Hace un mes
Always stand Jeffree
Why Park Jimin If You Can Ride Jimin
Why Park Jimin If You Can Ride Jimin Hace un mes
In you're dreams 😂
Charlotte Lindsay
Charlotte Lindsay Hace un mes
POV: you’re here from the recent drama
- k a t h -
- k a t h - Hace un mes
as a person who has actually selfed harm, and still does at times, seeing the poster at 0:07 is so triggering to me. I can swear my legs suddenly felt weak and my heart actually started racing.
Brenda Ramos
Brenda Ramos Hace un mes
Many of us have been too. You don’t need to watch it 🤦🏽‍♀️
————— Hace un mes
He used to self harm too. 🤦‍♀️
Babie Of Chat
Babie Of Chat Hace un mes
Anyone else staring at detox?
Jack Leighfield
Jack Leighfield Hace un mes
Fabulous Nassar
Fabulous Nassar Hace un mes
I miss the 10s
Marylin Hillz
Marylin Hillz Hace un mes
Itzelina•_• 91
Itzelina•_• 91 Hace un mes
This would be fire If It was in the lady gaga fire time
Avril B
Avril B Hace un mes
Who told him he could sing? Because hunty its ALL autotune.
Bon Fyre
Bon Fyre Hace un mes
Australia never had prom king's or queen's or whatever they are called In Australia the tradition always was the excellence recognition and joke awards at an after party In fact in Australian tradition the after party is the thing everyone cares about I remember at my formal We call them formals not proms More people rocked up to the after party than the actual formal
um chile anyways so
um chile anyways so Hace un mes
anybody else here to see if that picture was really in the background...
salma Hace un mes
omfg is that detox lol :36
•BLOSSOM ROBLOX• Hace un mes
Wait is that detox like dead ass
Michelle Castillo
Michelle Castillo Hace un mes
Who gives a shit about the picture in 0:07? This video is old af and back then everyone in the emo/scene world was obsessed with creepy/cute stuff and often glamorized violence, self harm and mental illness. Jeffree himself has publicly said stuff like that it was his trademark, bc back then everything pink and smeared with blood was hot. It used to be like that, but now everyone has already grown up and no one cares about it anymore. See, none of you had an issue with this video but now you're suddenly upset and clapping back? After 8 years? Stop looking for drama where it isn't, i'm sick of people trying to cancel people EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY over stupid little stuff which isn't that important or even real.
Chanel Mashups
Chanel Mashups Hace 17 días
Sage Dill
Sage Dill Hace un mes
The music video was released in 2012 well past the myspace era. And the fact that he claims that picture is triggering for him and he has been getting that photo removed from the internet and begs people not to go look for it yet it's right here! It's right here in a music video that is only 7 years old... where he a 27 year old is not only showing depictions of self harm in a way that glorifies it but also glorifies spiking punch and school shootings!! Fuck off excusing this egomaniac that hey by the way is still covering up his involvement with a sexual predator.
The Steam Tea
The Steam Tea Hace un mes
It’s not just that. This and things he’s done recently just add to how he’s still the same person. Go do your research google is free hun 💅🏼🥰🥰
Sharlette Myers
Sharlette Myers Hace un mes
Auto tune though
Deanna Babiie
Deanna Babiie Hace un mes
The fact that all the comments are new and we’re all stuck indoors is just proof ESwomen is a life saver.
Deanna Babiie
Deanna Babiie Hace un mes
We are all only here to see the LIPSTICK NAZI poster of him cutting posted on the wall.. 7 years later - HA!
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez Hace un mes
lol yall talking about the poster but im gagging about detox🤩🤩
Sid Hace un mes
Why do the lyrics sound like he's saying "I'm like covid in your mouth"
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I hate the "I am not a robot" verification.
jeffree star tried to lie about THIS!?
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