Jeffree Star faked everything about... well, everything.

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d'angelo wallacedangelowallacecommentaryJeffree Star faked everything about... well everything.

dangelowallace Hace un mes
alternative title: jeffree star blocked me so i decided to make a literal documentary about why i don't like him
Emily Hace 6 días
we stan a king that makes documentaries about people he doesnt like
Mithrax The kell of light
Mithrax The kell of light Hace 7 días
Nimiu Hace 11 días
We stan 😗 ✌
Mia Phasay
Mia Phasay Hace 15 días
Props to you and your content! You have such a great mind set and you speak so eloquently! Thank you for the good content! I subscribed 😊
Will eat Meth
Will eat Meth Hace 16 días
Thank you for awakening me to the truth. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm (me meditating because 2020 is scaring me)
Colin Woods
Colin Woods Hace 3 minutos
It kills me when guys like Jeff say, “Me using ‘that’ word wasn’t about race, I don’t even know how racism exists in people.” Jeff, you don’t get to decide if what you say is racist (it is).
Kaila Cantu
Kaila Cantu Hace 8 minutos
You're so fabulous omg
Keagan Engelbrecht
Keagan Engelbrecht Hace 10 minutos
Hydro Flask! VSCO girlll
Tracer is futa
Tracer is futa Hace 18 minutos
Background music song: Final Fantasy X OST - Besaid Island. You're welcome.
Candice Moten
Candice Moten Hace 24 minutos
Did yall see the video he posted today 8/9/20 it obvious he was talkn about this video 😂😂😂 he big liesssss
Keagan Engelbrecht
Keagan Engelbrecht Hace 30 minutos
The two hours later Kim K thing really made me laugh
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Hace 56 minutos
Jeffree star looks like a stand user
CatFish-Colours Hace un hora
I’m actually so disappointed in myself for buying the apology of: “they were white so I can say the n word to them!!” Like was a child then but still.
FlippyBlips Hace un hora
Who the hell would go to that extent, just to steal makeup
Nikki Beacth
Nikki Beacth Hace un hora
Jeffree is a compulsive liar and a untreated mentality ill person.
Nikki Beacth
Nikki Beacth Hace un hora
Such throughout facts full and well done airtight video
lou ludwig
lou ludwig Hace un hora
nobody: absolutely nobody: people who are mostly normal: kim kardashian: *hires someone to put makeup on her boobies while standing up for jeffree star for being racist* at least she appologized :)
Teddy Beary
Teddy Beary Hace 2 horas
off topic (mostly) but haha, i *live* in canada and don't need to change my location be jealous :)))))
Kerri Wright
Kerri Wright Hace 2 horas
In all fairness i couldn't remember my grandmother's age nor her birthday
aesthetic rxse
aesthetic rxse Hace 2 horas
Just found your channel lol now I know all the tea ☕️
Zee Anonymous
Zee Anonymous Hace 2 horas
okay the thing about his grandma: do we know its the same grandma? like people can have more than one. (tell me if I'm wrong I'm genuinely curious)
Nick-E Nicole
Nick-E Nicole Hace 2 horas
08:34 he recorded and uploaded his own "past" and shared it on the Internet. Wtf is he on about. 11:23 omg duh!! I've seen several black female YTers say this over the last few years and both (Star & Dawson aka the *spin communications* con artist) of their fans ofc jump into defense mode.
morgan peck
morgan peck Hace 3 horas
What a horrible person he hasn't changed he is still a racist.
morgan peck
morgan peck Hace 3 horas
I always thought Jeffery star was a nasty af and never bought anything of his.
morgan peck
morgan peck Hace 3 horas
Jeffrey is a sick monster
Adria Mikolyski Coulson
Adria Mikolyski Coulson Hace 3 horas
Me, waiting for Trisha Paytas👁👄👁
Theresa Bell
Theresa Bell Hace 3 horas
I want to be your friend so bad
ogzombiebreakfast Hace 3 horas
6:16 I am fully expecting him to say "I am totes sorry guyz" in that voice
ophëlia with the ehhh
ophëlia with the ehhh Hace 4 horas
Jeffrey Snapple speaks like your hippie aunt you see only once a year
Michael Rentiers
Michael Rentiers Hace 4 horas
Perhaps you have done this, but you can file a Freedom of Information Act request for any information they have on this claim. That would give you confirmation. It's a simple form. It'll take just a little time for a response.
UsagiMomo/SquishyCat/MayNayeo BORED 2 DEATH
UsagiMomo/SquishyCat/MayNayeo BORED 2 DEATH Hace 4 horas
Your voice is so calming
Arie Wilson
Arie Wilson Hace 4 horas
Peep Jeffrey's new YT video 👀
saucey_duck Hace 5 horas
Really slid into the sponsor right there
grub b
grub b Hace 5 horas
Ur the only ytber i dont skip the ads💞subscribed when it was an art channel
Madeline Stowell
Madeline Stowell Hace 6 horas
Jeff 😂
OoOo OoOoO
OoOo OoOoO Hace 6 horas
22:10 so how do you buy make up with a receipt when the product isn’t even out yet?
Feminine Lounge
Feminine Lounge Hace 7 horas
funny enough he started signed to AKON's record label before they said he has another talent.
Carleigh Limbach
Carleigh Limbach Hace 7 horas
Omg he just posted a new video. Honestly not even gonna bother watching, I'll hear about it in another drama video
Carleigh Limbach
Carleigh Limbach Hace 8 horas
I can barely watch a 10 min video... This was well done 💖
haha no
haha no Hace 8 horas
"...which we wont get into in this video" Literally every time he says this a part of my soul disappears 😂
Aseel Aj
Aseel Aj Hace 8 horas
I never get bored of replaying this video. Savage!! 🤣🤣
Marie Boland
Marie Boland Hace 8 horas
@dangelowallace What is your opinion on what we should do with the palette? I really loved the colors and ordered it on the recent re-launch like just before hearing generally he was in big trouble
Courtney’s Room
Courtney’s Room Hace 8 horas
Did anyone else follow jeffree star because other people did and they just wanted to fit in...
Fayla_Zoe Hace 9 horas
Other people: Innocent until proven guilty D'angelo: Jeffree is guilty until proven innocenT
Chikasu Hace 9 horas
No lie. D'Angelo Wallace. You are THEE ONE CONTENT COP.
Zypper Hace 10 horas
That self-promo in Jeff's video about the robbery was so fucking obvious lmao
Kasey Barrell
Kasey Barrell Hace 10 horas
Waiting on the Tati video.... lol take your time please. But damnnnnnnnitttt
Hector L Vilaro Perez
Hector L Vilaro Perez Hace 10 horas
love your vids. you are funny AF
sofi99 Hace 10 horas
I love listening to what you have to say. You're so articulate and analytical. I hope my kid grows up to be like you one day. Hell, I hope to be as cool and smart as you one day. I wish you make these videos on topics other than ESwomen drama/politics because I don't know any of these people and I think the world could benefit from your critical thinking on many more topics!
Leanne Martin
Leanne Martin Hace 11 horas
Hmmm a lot to think about. Thank you
Arusha E
Arusha E Hace 12 horas
I've never seen someone as young as you be so poised and articulate without seeming arrogant! I'm only vaguely aware of these people that you're calling out in your videos, but seeing how many subscribers/followers they have, I can see how dangerous they could be to the generation of today. Thank you for having an opinion and taking the time to explain how ridiculous these people's behaviour is!
Jen Eva
Jen Eva Hace 12 horas
thank you for this. you are right, its not about how often you make videos so much as it is about the quality of them. good to see internet sleuthing done right. subbed, ngl this was my first video ive seen of yours. what really pushes the narrative(for me) is how laid back and real you are vs how insane and fake jeff is.
Aster-Logan C
Aster-Logan C Hace 12 horas
Man the amount of times i've been called "faggot" and "tr//nny" and "queer" and god knows what else as a slur, and surprisingly I have not turned around and called them a slur, because two wrongs don't make a right, you know like we're taught as children?
A_FatPenguin Hace 13 horas
I can’t believe Kim recorded a video while someone was straight up applying make up to her boobs
B Thompson
B Thompson Hace 13 horas can't say that using a RACIAL slur isn't about race, the word is about race, context doesn't matter, who it was said to/about doesn't matter, the word being used at all matters. He literally had any other insult in the world to hurl at these chicks, he chose a disgusting racial slur...Yeah I'm going to have to say, that's racist. Oh but I'm sure if anybody ever threw the "F" word out hatefully around him it's unacceptable. At this point, Jeff should just own up to what type of person he is and live that life and then maybe he and any like minded people can just kind of go away, quietly please.
Cazzle Evo
Cazzle Evo Hace 14 horas
Jeffree : "I'm not going to fight with anyone else online" - Fast forward to August and he's fighting with Montana residents online! LOL!
Cazzle Evo
Cazzle Evo Hace 3 horas
@hindenburg2006 He wants to move there with several large businesses that he has in mind. The local residents have said that they want to keep Montana close to nature and not be overtaken with large businesses. In their words 'There is already one Los Angeles - we do not need another one' x
hindenburg2006 Hace 4 horas
WHAT?! About what?!!
MissesHaze Hace 17 horas
I remember when he posted those first videos on myspace & I've always hated him since then. I just...cannot. He's just a disgusting human being.
Cheila Spruill
Cheila Spruill Hace 18 horas
I swear his grandma has turned 103 so many times 💀
Cazzle Evo
Cazzle Evo Hace 14 horas
She's definitely 103 - you can find her name and age online. Her name is Mary Steininger and she is 103 - one thing that Jeffree isn't lying about lol
Karen Rodriguez
Karen Rodriguez Hace 18 horas
all the people I watched when I was younger are turning out to be pure Satan spawn. It feels like when you’re younger and you think your family is perfect and then you grow up and realize everyone is disfuncional lmao. Anyway glad I have the brains now to not support these horrible people
Hellocancer4 Hace 18 horas
3:40 We welcome you with open arms.
Loraine Drosophila
Loraine Drosophila Hace 18 horas
"Jeff" is what white privilege denial looks like.
icwsi Hace 19 horas
I really appreciate your detailed video about him
Denny Volleybasket
Denny Volleybasket Hace 19 horas
i love this movement we are all having here HAHA crazy how these ppl have these platforms like people SUCK like yall are youtubers, yea jeff, sit down smh
Charlotte Thorp
Charlotte Thorp Hace 19 horas
we stan a petty king
Maggie x
Maggie x Hace 20 horas
It's so embarrassing how he can't even remember his grandmother's age or birthday
Thomas Tank
Thomas Tank Hace 20 horas
Do one on 69 like he needs to stop being praised
Alexandra Monaghan
Alexandra Monaghan Hace 20 horas
me staring at my jeffree star gloss 👁👄👁 he fake but his gloss is BOMB
Kitty Hace 21 un hora
Ok so call me crazy, but Jeffree Star totally was trying to suppress a smile when confessing his 'mother' was actually his aunt; a Duper's Delight smile, or whatever it's called. He enjoyed deceiving his audience. Edit: 16:14 time stamp.
Jessica Wanyan
Jessica Wanyan Hace 22 horas
42:26 girl really went and said, do I have evidence, no I do not, but I choose to Believe because I Want To, thank
electrabeard Hace 23 horas
God, I stumbled upon the Shane Dawson video and now I’m on a rabbit hole of watching all of your videos. It makes me even happier that they’re from a PoC; subbed. 🙌🏻
sparky10901 Hace 23 horas
18:22 - It's not uncommon that security footage wouldn't be released. It makes complete sense not to show/disclose what areas your security cameras are covering.
sparky10901 Hace 23 horas
Also, any police reports would be public information, so I'm curious why you wouldn't have contacted the LAPD and done a freedom of information request so you'd know for sure instead of speculating?
Shaerra Faedark
Shaerra Faedark Hace un día
I am SO happy more people are diving into his scene/emo days because he COLLABED with Dahvie in music videos and stuff. Dahvie was a sick f*ck in those days and still is. Jeff was quite aware of it too. He was shunned in that community so he made his way into the "basic teenage girl" community just like Shane. It really upsets me. When I would try to tell people about his past, they would make excuses for him on the spot like?? How are you going to defend a person like him??
Gabriela Karl
Gabriela Karl Hace un día
Jeffree cannot become an unracist lol
Graciela Figueroa
Graciela Figueroa Hace un día
You had me at pointing out his tracks
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