Jeff Hardy arrested after shocking accident opens SmackDown: SmackDown, May 29, 2020

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After Elias was found injured in a hit-and-run accident, Jeff Hardy’s emergence as the prime suspect creates uncertainty around the Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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Fletcher Simpson
Fletcher Simpson Hace 3 horas
It was not Jeff hardy it was alias he was faking it
DUEY Hace 12 horas
Why would y’all do this to this man
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway Hace un día
Jason Jordan can't wrestle anymore because of a botched neck surgery
Apo0lo X
Apo0lo X Hace un día
why they arrested him
Jibran Arslan
Jibran Arslan Hace 3 días
Who's accident
Iván Cristaldo
Iván Cristaldo Hace 4 días
Jeff Hardy es un alcohólico adicto
Iván Cristaldo
Iván Cristaldo Hace 4 días
N me gusta nada
Mr. T
Mr. T Hace 5 días
Would've been great if at the end Mr. T walks into frame and is like "I pitty the fool that drinks and drives! Stay in school!" 😂
Jp Sabarre
Jp Sabarre Hace 6 días
Is elias gonna be okay?
Caleb Torres
Caleb Torres Hace 6 días
But jeff probably got paid alot for this tho.
Caleb Torres
Caleb Torres Hace 6 días
That's not cool
Caleb Torres
Caleb Torres Hace 6 días
I'm sorry y'all, but these police officers needa leave Jeff alone already!!!! They just sent him to jail for something he didn't even do!!!!!!!😠
Sourabh Kamble
Sourabh Kamble Hace 6 días
One and only Jeff hardy
Matrisity Hace 6 días
I think This as a storyline is Hardy’s last run in WWE I’m almost positive he’s probably going to AEW we’re their more open about their character policies as how you can act on tv I think hardy will like it better than
J A V I X Hace 6 días
Fake ?
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Hace 8 días
Am sorry for jeff ☹️
Abbie4life Hace 9 días
Officer are stupid Jeff hardy is awesome
cesar hidalgo
cesar hidalgo Hace 10 días
No😭😭😭😭😭 Jeff Hardy poilce handcaff
U must be new to wwe then
SF YUNG VICKZ Hace 11 días
0:44 Comment if you also saw Jason Jordan 🤔
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison Hace 11 días
Whoa, Braun drove a Grand National! Nice!
BADBOY bruno2
BADBOY bruno2 Hace 12 días
Is this real
DC RG Hace 12 días
1:27 police officer on the right is happy like he knows its fake lol
Lewis Huyton
Lewis Huyton Hace 13 días
Who is that in that stretcher
Hoity Anderson
Hoity Anderson Hace 13 días
Braun... plz start pulling the hair back again.
amazing goat 2 jr
amazing goat 2 jr Hace 13 días
Is this real
amazing goat 2 jr
amazing goat 2 jr Hace 13 días
Is this true
David Bukassa
David Bukassa Hace 14 días
GooberVlogs Hace 14 días
Diane Cook
Diane Cook Hace 14 días
0:45 Who saw Jason Jordan
Imzinxlol Hace 15 días
احمدعادل عادل علي
احمدعادل عادل علي Hace 16 días
Didn’t you arrest Jeff Hardy .. well, why don’t you put your knee on a neck .... you do this with the Africans like us why don’t you put your knee on me tell me ...... God will be with the help of his family
Danny F
Danny F Hace 16 días
Why they arest him?
Danny F
Danny F Hace 16 días
Is this real?
chris milhorn
chris milhorn Hace 16 días
Jason Jordan Jamie noble and Finley all work backstage now ... that’s crazy to see
Autumn Briggs
Autumn Briggs Hace 17 días
Careful there Jeff. Don't resist or you may just end up with a knee to the neck...
īm Çàĺìòù
īm Çàĺìòù Hace 17 días
If u looked that was Elias he crashed over with a car the reason why he did the because there rivals
RoaR 34
RoaR 34 Hace 20 días
Honestly the angle is fine, provided Jeff comes out on top otherwise yeah yikes.
Jomar Muniz
Jomar Muniz Hace 20 días
1:13 wasn’t that guy on the left one of Seth Rollins side dudes or whatever😂
Maria Delgado
Maria Delgado Hace 20 días
Natalia Barland
Natalia Barland Hace 20 días
This is real not fake
Conner James
Conner James Hace 20 días
Jeff Hardy would never do that. He is to caring and nice.
Michael Hart
Michael Hart Hace 21 un día
Jeff took too many pain pills and got behind the wheel!
Ashley Harichund
Ashley Harichund Hace 21 un día
Ironic ppl saying this reminds them of rikishi and the rock.. n jeff hardy is wearing a rock tee shirt🤣
Lucas gese
Lucas gese Hace 22 días
Isabel OBREGÓN Hace 22 días
This was horrible
Isabel OBREGÓN Hace 22 días
Vince mcmahon stupid decisions
Shelly Piwowar
Shelly Piwowar Hace 22 días
Sheamus set Jeff hardy up sheamus ran him over
Margaret Rubacha- Villano
Margaret Rubacha- Villano Hace 22 días
Jeff I love you to death but go with your brother in AEW... I'll see ya there xo
King Link
King Link Hace 22 días
Of course it was sheamus
Krispin Wah
Krispin Wah Hace 23 días
I actually died of laughter during this entire segment. Braun's acting, the constant turning and shaking and when he said "sob"
Jatniel Samaniego
Jatniel Samaniego Hace 23 días
Omg poor elias and jeff hardy but is cause he as drincking but 😮
utkarsh bhatt
utkarsh bhatt Hace 23 días
Is that Jason jordon
Hussein 123
Hussein 123 Hace 23 días
Mix p Sksksksk
Kristoff Seisler
Kristoff Seisler Hace 24 días
why the hell are there always a couple of referees in places where it doesnt make sense in wwe?
Rob Support Mancini
Rob Support Mancini Hace 24 días
This is awful. Remember how good this storyline worked with hawk. Wwe is getting garbage like again. Terrible, just terrible.
Lucha Kalisto
Lucha Kalisto Hace 24 días
Shamus hit Elias with the car
John Rolph
John Rolph Hace 24 días
Its rikishi he did it for the rock
Mxlik Rvgler
Mxlik Rvgler Hace 24 días
Was that Jason Jordan? Where tf has he been?
RadSyiah Hace 25 días
Not cool. Why would they make a story line form this.
Sara Llewellyn
Sara Llewellyn Hace 25 días
Probably the worst acting I'd ever seen.
Originallymunch Hace 25 días
Can we stop using Jeff's past in storylines like this? It is NOT entertaining. Catering to the older audience is great, but these storylines of substance abuse have NEVER worked.
HalaFlower Hace 25 días
HalaFlower Hace 25 días
Wow its so cool he always broking cars
Damarion Plug
Damarion Plug Hace 25 días
Jeff got set up
Lemonade Sauce
Lemonade Sauce Hace 25 días
Jeff has been to jail enough lmao
Canelo Vargas
Canelo Vargas Hace 25 días
Jeff wearing that rock workout sweatshirt. Saving wwe. Incredible promo🙏👏
Joe Viggiani
Joe Viggiani Hace 25 días
Wrestling is just so bad nowadays. The wrestling business has been completely exposed. KAYFABE IS DEAD
Ian Mason
Ian Mason Hace 25 días
This is actually gross using someone’s personal past as a story line.
JoJo Urbina
JoJo Urbina Hace 25 días
Was that Jason Jordan I just saw???
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