Jay Rock - Shit Real (Official Video) ft. Tee Grizzley

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Directed by Jack Begert
'REDEMPTION' out now: smarturl.it/REDEMPTIONJayRock
Produced by Top Dawg, Dave Free, Angel Rosa, Sam Canter, Tyler Sobel-Mason
A TDE Films/AJR Films/Psycho Films Production
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Music video by Jay Rock performing Shit Real. © 2018 Top Dawg Ent., under exclusive license to Interscope Records
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thuglife •
thuglife • Hace 2 días
Okay so dope 🔥🔥🔥 2019
Lee-Andre Mario van der Byl
Lee-Andre Mario van der Byl Hace 3 días
GOD is always GOOD...
D Gonzalez
D Gonzalez Hace 5 días
jay rock have the best cinematographic videos
Felix Pruteanu
Felix Pruteanu Hace 5 días
This nicca is fucking underrated he going blow blow in a year
Zone 00
Zone 00 Hace 6 días
“Should i grab the gash or mack that ass” story of my life
Zarati de Paz
Zarati de Paz Hace 7 días
Sweet Christmas!
Zarati de Paz
Zarati de Paz Hace 7 días
Jay look like Luke cage at the pump!
R.I.SE. Litvincuk
R.I.SE. Litvincuk Hace 10 días
King's Media
King's Media Hace 11 días
Besides the Holy Spirit I aint worried about a Soul
David The Boxing Guy
David The Boxing Guy Hace 13 días
AHHHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTT! Things are about to get real! My favorite rapper is Jay Rock. My dad's favorite rapper is Tee Grizzly. This is amazing! This is real! Wow. Just Wow. Damn! DAMN! DAMMMMNNNN!
Fabrice Fardet
Fabrice Fardet Hace 11 días
Hell yeeah!!!
Leone Turpin
Leone Turpin Hace 14 días
Broo honestly if tee grizzly rap this by his self this would go hardeerrr
Skl Kidd
Skl Kidd Hace 17 días
Tee killed it
God is good!!
donkor thomas
donkor thomas Hace 20 días
Mackwop retarded
rae Hace 21 un día
i feel like i can fight everyone at school with this song
Maurice Davis
Maurice Davis Hace 21 un día
Tee Flow is so hard I wish this song and his verse was longer
Lil Non
Lil Non Hace 21 un día
When this nigga pumpin gas the back window magically back 😂😂
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson Hace 25 días
P I M P... ... .. RIP TO MS.BROWN
Kuba Kubanczyk
Kuba Kubanczyk Hace 26 días
This is Cllasic
25ACP CJ Hace 27 días
Legends say they still ridin
Emmanuel Awuzie
Emmanuel Awuzie Hace 28 días
Ishmael Khan
Ishmael Khan Hace 29 días
wish it was longer then 3 min
Juan Gómez
Juan Gómez Hace un mes
Rap IS Alive
John Mcrosin
John Mcrosin Hace un mes
They got that rear screen changed quickly. 😂
MR GUN 101
MR GUN 101 Hace un mes
What's the song inside the car?
Amrit Lakra
Amrit Lakra Hace un mes
This shit is real÷ ITS BANG$
Sevenseven always7
Sevenseven always7 Hace un mes
Getaway been faster if Jayrock got behind the wheel instead of pimpin on the hood
right 2 live
right 2 live Hace un mes
I hand fbke suhdnnz hi ldnb
overdruk Hace un mes
Snorlax hard💀
Corvo.A Hace un mes
Place looks like Paleto Bay
82PEEPS Hace un mes
What's the song playing in the car at the beginning?
Corey Hace un mes
Besides the Holy Spirit, I ain’t worried bout a soul
TheTREBrand Hace un mes
Damn this shit goes!!!!! That FLOW/CADENCE opening the track up is on point and nostalgic as shit.
mehdi el bayle
mehdi el bayle Hace 24 días
Thru fact all in this song are good the instrumental is insane ✊🏼✊🏼 shit real really a classic
Jermaine Blalock
Jermaine Blalock Hace un mes
Always thought T Grizzlley was a white rapper. His voice and flow is straight corny
Hussain Al-Janaby
Hussain Al-Janaby Hace un mes
Jermaine Blalock yeah he ain’t that good. All his shit sound he same
King Royalty
King Royalty Hace un mes
This the real stuff
Tyler Charleston
Tyler Charleston Hace un mes
Mackwop inna cut. #Wopulation
Srt4Cab3 Hace un mes
Eh. Thumbs down for the thugs.
Still Fresh
Still Fresh Hace un mes
damn, roads in USA are really good
visual productions
visual productions Hace un mes
Proud of tee for this collab
Joshua Azar
Joshua Azar Hace un mes
"But the bitch ass was so phat. I'm like, I'm gonna follow her on instagram!"
Steve Mejia
Steve Mejia Hace un mes
KITU REAL TV Hace un mes
Niklas Søndergaard
Niklas Søndergaard Hace un mes
Like how the clock rewinds at 1:26
Coy Walker
Coy Walker Hace un mes
Besides the holy spirit, I ain't worried bout a soul💪🏾
Terry Dotson II
Terry Dotson II Hace un mes
This wasn't on the CD
matteo milo
matteo milo Hace un mes
ibuy4unow Hace un mes
Eastside, BH dub, you know about us Get shot, or get robbed, we get dollars Brick of blow, flip an Oz, hardly sniff it though 2 for 5 on a Friday, give and go Bitch niggas wanna come and get a taste They don't get it 'til they catch a red bottom to the face No case, young nigga shootin' shit I done dealt in '88 with the temporary plates Foreign cars but we dodge like bullets Get to it, no talking, just do it No swoosh, just killers off that kush Me and Grizzley on the track we're both from the black book All dirt, numbers scratched off that pistol Selling crack viles out ya momma back window Momma talking loud bout the shit that he into She ain't gotta ask every month, what that rent do You ain't know it real niggas don't sit still If you knew a niggas story you would get chills If you knew some of them secrets you would get killed You ain't knowing shit real nigga, shit chill, shit chill You ain't knowing shit real nigga, shit chill, shit chill You ain't knowing shit real nigga Say you wanna get rich, no matter the risk, no matter how far the trip, ok (Okay, let's get it) Say you just wanna be on, you want the Rollie froze, you would never break the code, okay nigga In Campanella, tell these niggas I'm at home there (that's the crib nigga) Blood, tell these niggas I'm at home there (that's the motherfucking crib nigga) Only joint rolled, nigga that's good everywhere One nigga, 2 stretch, bitch I double dare Money on the counter, chops on the floor Besides the holy spirit, I ain't worried bout a soul These niggas got a lot of mouth ain't got no money though (no money though) And tell these niggas we can beef but don't get bloody though (it's gon' get bloddy) 90 days ago I was just in prison, I got out with a vision and now I'm with Jay Rock and Kendrick (Ain't it a blessing) Out in Cali tapping in with the realest When really I wasn't supposed to see the end of my sentence You ain't know it real niggas don't sit still If you knew a niggas story you would get chills If you knew some of them secrets you would get killed You ain't knowing shit real nigga, shit chill, shit chill You ain't knowing shit real nigga, shit chill, shit chill You ain't knowing shit real nigga
John Doh
John Doh Hace un mes
What’s the first song playin at the beginning in the kar?
Ali Maaref
Ali Maaref Hace un mes
Robert North
Robert North Hace un mes
This jam is the shit ‘All good’ got to promote this jam👍🏼🌍🌈I praise to God that things will turn out good 🙏🏼
jeffery ramirez
jeffery ramirez Hace un mes
Jay Rock & YG should make a album...
Anup kamble
Anup kamble Hace un mes
Y did this didn't blew ...#underrated
professorchaos5689 Hace 2 meses
When did this get added to the album? It wasn't there on release
Marcus Escobedo
Marcus Escobedo Hace 2 meses
it be like that sometimes...
Really Real
Really Real Hace 2 meses
Jeezy G
Jeezy G Hace 2 meses
Nick N
Nick N Hace 2 meses
"My bad nigguh, God is good, God is good" 🤣🤣🤣
recipien D
recipien D Hace 2 meses
Hobison Hace 2 meses
Recc more songs like this
YoungBaby Boy6
YoungBaby Boy6 Hace 2 meses
Stephen Spooner
Stephen Spooner Hace 2 meses
sometimes i feel like Jay Rock is too real for mainstream
Dylan Schaeffner
Dylan Schaeffner Hace 2 meses
Shit real is a 💣🎹🎵🎹🎼🎹🎶🎹🎤
Ouch series
Ouch series Hace 2 meses
holy shit
Kenneth Barnett
Kenneth Barnett Hace 2 meses
This whole time, I’m sittin here pumping gas , you smokin a blunt tho Lmao
Lisette K
Lisette K Hace 2 meses
the holy spirit omg yesss i felt that line!!!
Afrodissiac Hace 2 meses
Yo what's the intro track fam?
SadCum Hace 27 días
Jay Rock - ES Tales
Sean Wyte
Sean Wyte Hace 2 meses
Nutn but 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Prince Ocke
Prince Ocke Hace 2 meses
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero Hace 3 meses
Basically a dumbass guy like that robs for money sick video good song but ask yourself where we at rn ? Where are you at rn in your life ,doing what, for how long ??? Ask that to yourself everyday and your life will change
Brahim Hace 3 meses
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