Jason Momoa Was Naked When He Found His Missing Pet Python

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Jason Momoa talked with Ellen about his sprawling home and the animals on the property - including a bull python that escaped its cage - which he ended up finding six months later! The "Aquaman" star admitted he was nervous being on the show for the first time. He also explained why he shaved off his signature beard, and discussed the new initiative he's leading to move from plastic water bottles to recyclable aluminum.

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Awesome Tomato
Awesome Tomato Hace 17 horas
Ok this guys has wolves.... I'm just a momentary speck in the multiverse
Dan Lum
Dan Lum Hace un día
Haʻaheo mākou iā Jason. Ku Kia'i Mauna!!! Stay Hawaiian!
zan752000 Hace 2 días
God Bless Lisa Bonet, just wow.
Sidneia Lima
Sidneia Lima Hace 2 días
Jason Momoa é lindo um ótimo ator súper alegre e muito carinhoso com suas fãs!LOVE JASON MOMOA!😍🇧🇷
Raji Fredrick
Raji Fredrick Hace 3 días
Canned water can seriously take off!
sweet Butterfly
sweet Butterfly Hace 3 días
He is too good looking for her....shes sure not a prize winner to bring home.
Colette Miller
Colette Miller Hace 4 días
Sexy Beast!
Villiaemrys 996
Villiaemrys 996 Hace 4 días
Jason Momoa: definition of cuteness!
musicisbrilliant Hace 5 días
Freakin' love him.
Alexandros Papadopoulos
Alexandros Papadopoulos Hace 5 días
Where is the beard my g?
truthfilter Hace 5 días
look at all those women sexually objectifying him
Mosammat Nazmun Nahar
Mosammat Nazmun Nahar Hace 5 días
Jason Mamoa should go on more interviews
b10rain Hace 6 días
"I thought I'd make millions... But really it's to protect the environment..." Ah yes... The humble millionaire. Lol!!!
christy Hace 6 días
Omg I love him🤗🤗🤗
Marilaina loacoach
Marilaina loacoach Hace 7 días
I think Ellen just turned Straight😂😂
Trish Korte
Trish Korte Hace 7 días
Omg he is such a sweetheart
Mjgirl55 Hace 8 días
I think for a second Ellen was rethinking her sexuality lol
lucille primrose
lucille primrose Hace 9 días
I want him to be my dad
Liv Hace 10 días
Remember when he was Khal Drogo
Nicole Juarbe
Nicole Juarbe Hace 11 días
Did Ellen filed for divorce after this ? 😂🤣 I would definitely think about it!!
sinj master
sinj master Hace 12 días
The first pic that Ellen showed looks like mrbeasts Jake the Viking
M Nim
M Nim Hace 12 días
Seriously there can be no perfection than this man. 😍😍😍😍
film wiz
film wiz Hace 12 días
omgggggggggg this man is perfect. have yalll seen him in the 80s/90s? my god.
Tre’ Blaze
Tre’ Blaze Hace 12 días
omg he’s such a teddy bear😍
anna vercoza
anna vercoza Hace 13 días
Kestraina F Nallo
Kestraina F Nallo Hace 13 días
Awwwwwww Ohh I wish to meet Joseph Jason momoa
Take Me To The Sea
Take Me To The Sea Hace 13 días
There are no words for how much I love this man
Brazen Bold
Brazen Bold Hace 14 días
Hes a peadophile. Was caught groping girls. Also caught abusing his own daughter. Look it up. Some caught on film too
QGXY Reverse 98
QGXY Reverse 98 Hace 16 días
So this talk show of Ellen sown , with Jason Momma is after the release date of Aquaman 2 ? I thought this video is about Jason Momma personal life , and before he was Aquaman cause the video show Justice league and Aquaman after his others movies roles .
Gettin BeyWay
Gettin BeyWay Hace 16 días
My future and dream hubby. Everything about him ❤️😍❤️
Ixi A
Ixi A Hace 16 días
Omg he is really MaNnn
Zasto Zato
Zasto Zato Hace 16 días
This guy doesn’t know to dance! Good looking sexy guy!
Fetina Wimberly
Fetina Wimberly Hace 16 días
Dijana Perkovic
Dijana Perkovic Hace 16 días
Illuminazeb Hace 17 días
He is nervous can see clearly. 👍
Fatimata Sowcisse
Fatimata Sowcisse Hace 17 días
Loooooooooove this guy ❤️😘😘❤️😘😘🌈🍭🍭🌈
Amy Gabriel
Amy Gabriel Hace 18 días
his wife is so LUCKY😀he’s so hot my God
Denice Söderlund
Denice Söderlund Hace 18 días
Så vacker man🐜
Ice Angelic
Ice Angelic Hace 19 días
He looks like a tedy bear 🤗
Sabiha Ahmed
Sabiha Ahmed Hace 20 días
I love this guy so much .
call_me Boboi Neihsial
call_me Boboi Neihsial Hace 20 días
Wooooooow 1st time with Ellen! I mean my 1st time Jason with Ellen wooow woooow wwwoooow 🙈🙉🙊
bobby Cray
bobby Cray Hace 21 un día
Who just saw his super bowl commercial
patriciaae99 Hace 21 un día
He's thickolicious!
NHMO OYTIS Hace 22 días
Gorgeous AND funny!
Staci Static
Staci Static Hace 23 días
Shout out to my childhood fave Lisa Bonet for snagging the finest, nicest, husband ever.
TheFd90 Hace 24 días
My brain and ovaries cant handle how HOT he is!
OpenYourMind Hace 24 días
I think Ellen will play for the other team just for Jason Mamoa
Don DAmato
Don DAmato Hace 26 días
0:28 that girl in yellow Ahhh! she's fine
Annita Hace 26 días
Love u 💋😂
Su Bby
Su Bby Hace 28 días
While watching SEE, I was like.. Wow! What a handsome man he is..
Sara Hri
Sara Hri Hace 29 días
Diploma Mathibela
Diploma Mathibela Hace un mes
This man though, handsome and scary at the same time... Amazing
M Hace un mes
It's totally unfair how sweet, charismatic and gorgeous that man is. God bless
FOREFRONT DA2 Hace un mes
The great baba voss
Angelyk Archeval
Angelyk Archeval Hace un mes
I love the velvet scrunchie lmao
TheeIslandGal sullivans
TheeIslandGal sullivans Hace un mes
Jason is the hottest man on earth!
Bella Bauvil
Bella Bauvil Hace un mes
This man is hot, hot, hot🙌🏽
Simone Chèrie
Simone Chèrie Hace un mes
Even a super shy Leo can't help but to draw attention
Charmaine Kombeo
Charmaine Kombeo Hace un mes
He is really cool
Scott Buzard
Scott Buzard Hace un mes
What a hack,scumbag
Lilian Ochan Olay
Lilian Ochan Olay Hace un mes
I love you Jason Momoa
Maya Nathansen
Maya Nathansen Hace un mes
I love that his scrunchie is matching his outfit
jane 86
jane 86 Hace un mes
He's so incredibly nice and sweet. What a great guy!
Ademir Segura
Ademir Segura Hace un mes
A number of women had their pipes burst
First Lady
First Lady Hace un mes
He is sooooo happy!
Mystry Of History
Mystry Of History Hace un mes
JASON MAMOA AND JAMESBOND ...she is like james bond
Chaudhary Rohit
Chaudhary Rohit Hace un mes
Here people saying tht bring Jason n Chris Hemsworth together in a film.. I'm here saying just bring them together on a talk show.. That will be incredible🔥
Queentee Onehundred
Queentee Onehundred Hace un mes
I love that he is a family man and he loves his wife he loved Lisa bonet long before he ever met her. They have such a beautiful love story. I love my black men but he is a beautiful man.
Fenris pro
Fenris pro Hace un mes
He's a really cute funny guy... at first when my friend says she's his fan i didn't believe. Cool episode! Momoa
Yousra Leghou
Yousra Leghou Hace un mes
He is just amazing
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