Jason Momoa SMASHES Pumpkin Carving Contest w/ Brass Knuckles

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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After Late Late Show spent the afternoon the carving pumpkins, James Corden invites his guests Alfre Woodard and Jason Momoa to judge his staff's work. Spoiler alert: Jason Momoa loves to smash pumpkins.
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Malte Wanning
Malte Wanning Hace un hora
he's such a dick i felt bad for them
Naerwyn Hace 5 horas
Aidan Lamb
Aidan Lamb Hace 5 horas
James: why are you carrying knuckle dusters?!? Also James: slips knuckle dusters into his pocket
Robin Willer
Robin Willer Hace un día
Was macht Knossis Krone auf dem Kürbis?
Tan Shi
Tan Shi Hace un día
What if Jason trips while stepping on pumpkins
bad-ro Pedro
bad-ro Pedro Hace un día
all contestants got their pumpkins smashed meaning all got first place or less than one since one of them got his paumpkin not smashed by Jason Momoa
Jericho Redulla
Jericho Redulla Hace 2 días
What’s he talking about? That’s Steven Adams not Jason Momoa
Anthony Valarino
Anthony Valarino Hace 3 días
Cheap ass james Gordon reallyyyy no prize wow!!! You're fired!!!go back tooo England
Melena Soto
Melena Soto Hace 3 días
How does Jason Momoa make a scrunchie look manly?
Oceanne Chiasson
Oceanne Chiasson Hace 3 días
Pore Dawn James was realy mean whit her he deserves it!!!!!!!! And for the staff💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 hope they are ok???
Belem Plasencia
Belem Plasencia Hace 3 días
I love she just says that so calmly I'm gonna shove it up his butt
Alex Mortada
Alex Mortada Hace 4 días
Ok this was kind of a bullshit😕
wardog 99
wardog 99 Hace 4 días
Would anyone like to watch Jason go ham for 15 minutes? Yes please 😁
That mean
Gabriel Diogo
Gabriel Diogo Hace 5 días
Even tho it was scripted, I kinda feel bad ngl
Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds Hace 8 días
He ruins the good ones
Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds Hace 8 días
Jason is so horrible
Ionela Copaci
Ionela Copaci Hace 8 días
I feel realy bad for them...
Gabby Georgiewa
Gabby Georgiewa Hace 11 días
I thought Amy's pumpkin face was Trump's
Csongor Benedek Nagy
Csongor Benedek Nagy Hace 11 días
its funny that the shittiest won
Willy Torres
Willy Torres Hace 11 días
Pumpkins shouldn't be smashed, it must be eaten. Give it to the poor people.
Flexi_ Harv
Flexi_ Harv Hace 14 días
I felt for pheobe
Ian Wasson
Ian Wasson Hace 14 días
Most liked comment
RiZe OpS jex
RiZe OpS jex Hace 15 días
what was the song in the beginning of the video?
Olivia Hill
Olivia Hill Hace 15 días
The scrunchie just gets me, ya know
Rawan Alkahlout
Rawan Alkahlout Hace 15 días
Seriously... what an ass.
Toasty Cake
Toasty Cake Hace 16 días
Jason doesn't give a crap for pumpkins
xSmOkinGunZx Hace 16 días
Jason does not give a shit
JimmyJJ 1996
JimmyJJ 1996 Hace 16 días
Punch the cat, the movies was awful 🤣
Jesus on a Scooter gaming
Jesus on a Scooter gaming Hace 17 días
I wonder how the janitors feel
Isaac Prathumrat
Isaac Prathumrat Hace 17 días
I feel bad for the staff
No Soul
No Soul Hace 18 días
kinda feeling bad after all they done a great job and jason and others just smash all their hard works see the faces of staff after seeing their hardwork getting smash like 💩 . dont do these thing again caz u guys r hurting someone and i dont like jason anymore to watch anywhere after that barbaric and rude behavior.
James Kim
James Kim Hace 19 días
how to train in case of hunger game
Nenad Hace 20 días
I totally feel him if he wanted media to stop annoying him, do something stupid like and they wont call you every day anymore. Its not easy to be famous, especially for actors that are known for 1 strong role like he is. I bet that he hates when people call him Drogo coz most people see him as Drogo and that's what he hates, probably.
Reagan McDougald
Reagan McDougald Hace 21 un día
i swear this video is going at of the world and i loved the movie aquaman i prosmise you jason momma bless your heart
Vilmer Fornhem
Vilmer Fornhem Hace 21 un día
Noooo not henry
Phoebe kim ARMY
Phoebe kim ARMY Hace 22 días
He didn’t even say sorry
Phoebe kim ARMY
Phoebe kim ARMY Hace 22 días
The man with the pink shirt is so mean ,I would tell him to leave
Rogue x Gambit
Rogue x Gambit Hace 24 días
Did they really have to smash the pumpkin? Like.. tbh I don't really like any of the judges. Like.. idk
InkedUpAce Hace 24 días
I like Amy🥰
HazzaPlayz Hace 24 días
I met Henry down the pub recently. The fame didn't get in the way of him being a really humble and cool dude. Offered to get me a pint even.
Charis Gilmore
Charis Gilmore Hace 24 días
He's so fuckin EVERYTHING
The Entertainment Cave
The Entertainment Cave Hace 25 días
Jason Momoa is a douchebag , that Jonas brothers pumpkin was the best , poor phoebe
Cra5hOverride Hace 26 días
What stupid f*cking content.
Tracia A
Tracia A Hace 27 días
If his wife doesn't have sex with him twice a day something is wrong. Damn! Testosterone and sensitive side combined.
So1othurn Hace 27 días
Look. Henry is sooo happy he won! He died happy.
Nstag8trxhris Hace 27 días
Phoebe most definitely cried 😂😂😂
Reed Schneider
Reed Schneider Hace 28 días
the Jonas brothers would be pissed off at that pumpkin.lol...
Leandra N
Leandra N Hace 28 días
The whole video: JAsOn!!!
Josephine Wong
Josephine Wong Hace 29 días
Aniket Thapa
Aniket Thapa Hace 29 días
Most intense plot twist ever
Kaleihua Medeiros
Kaleihua Medeiros Hace un mes
Samantha Naranjo Rodríguez
Samantha Naranjo Rodríguez Hace un mes
I would've liked to been smashed by Jason Momoa too.
DJ Moves
DJ Moves Hace un mes
I'm guessing Jason hates pumpkins Cause they might call him Jason voorhees
C A R O N Hace un mes
No one is talking about 4:05 😂😂😂😂 had me weak. She’s so adorable 😂😂
umma a
umma a Hace un mes
Aqua Man pumpkin was the best. Poor pumpkin
precious k
precious k Hace un mes
The way Alfre flinched when he went to hug her
Tanner Michels
Tanner Michels Hace un mes
I wonder if any of this was staged
Luke Ham Ham
Luke Ham Ham Hace un mes
Jason Phoebe JASON PHOEBE the Jonas brothers would have been pissed of with that pumpkin 🤣🤣
Morris Rowe
Morris Rowe Hace un mes
So they keep the crap ones and destroye the good ones?
Zachary popowitz
Zachary popowitz Hace un mes
When you thought the prize is gonna be a raise
Brian Avina
Brian Avina Hace un mes
1:47 ryan that was a fight punch him in the face im smaller then you and still would of taken him
Arshia Asif
Arshia Asif Hace un mes
1:53 look at the fifth guy from the left's reaction lmao
Sammy Cotton
Sammy Cotton Hace un mes
Reginald Alosio
Reginald Alosio Hace un mes
*James Corden in the cook off sounded like Gorden Ramsey.*
Kirstin Urie
Kirstin Urie Hace un mes
I feel like producers told him to smash them and the producers didn’t tell anyone else that was involved. But then again it’s Jason Momoa
blulm831 Hace un mes
Jason Momoa can smash my pumpkins any day.
A&J Hace un mes
I think jason is facking crazy
Lisa Evans
Lisa Evans Hace un mes
Dawn WOW!
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